Trail of Tears Bike Sponsor Form by tii11225


									April 11, 2001

Dear Friend,

This April, Intel-ebration Expeditions has a team following the Cherokee Trail of Tears from Tennessee to
Oklahoma on bicycle, and we are coming to a computer near you.

Each day we will post to our web site ( journals by our team members, photos,
video clips, and interactive assignments from participating classrooms. We have thousands of students and adults
following our expedition on the Internet. A select number of schools along our route are receiving personal visits
from the expedition team.

Students are exploring the issue of displaced persons through the experience of the Cherokee people. The
curriculum provides opportunities for students, teachers, and others to become personally involved in service
related to the issue of displaced persons.

We invite your participation:
    (1) log on to our web site and follow the team as they trace the Trail;
    (2) send us questions through the “Interact” link on our web site; or
    (3) provide financial support for our expedition and the Cherokee Memorial Park at Blythe’s Ferry near
        Dayton, TN.
All donations received through May 30, 2001 will be distributed as follows: 70% for Cherokee Memorial Park
and 30% for the Trail of Tears Expedition. All donations received after May 30, 2001 will be used to support the
expedition. Donations may be received from individuals or groups (such as classrooms).

Thank-you for joining us in teaching children (and adults) about the issue of displaced persons!

Larry D. Burton
Intel-ebration Expeditions Director


Donor Name _______________________________________ Amount of donation $_________

Donor Address ___________________________ City ______________ State ___ Zip ______

q   I pledge ______ per mile the team rides. (Approximately 900 miles)

q   I pledge       ____$100            ____$75            ____$50             ____$25             ____Other: _______

Make your check payable to Andrews University and note that it is for Intel-ebration Expeditions – Trail of Tears.
Mail your check with the lower portion of this letter to:

Administration Building
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0660

Office Use Only: This is a donation to restricted account #211660

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