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Nutritional Supplementation for


									                 Nutritional Supplements for Lean Muscle Mass
These guidelines apply to those seeking to increase their lean muscle mass as
well as strength and power athletes, e.g., football, track & field throwers, etc.
The supplements discussed here are all natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals
that supplement the needs of strength and power athletes and those building lean
muscle mass who have greater demands for nutrients than the average person or
occasional recreational athlete.
As a world-class Masters athlete in track and field, with a heavy year-round
training regimen and competition schedule, I can tell you that these products
have helped me attain and maintain peak performance and conditioning. In
addition to athletic success, I also have tremendous energy and mental focus for
work and other activities.
Your training goals, priorities and budget                will   dictate     a   nutritional
supplementation program that is a right fit for you.
The Basics
Intense workouts require a regular supply of essential nutrients and antioxidants like the
Herbalife Multivitamin Complex . A great companion product is Herbalife Cell
Activator that works synergistically with the Multivitamin Complex by enhancing
assimilation of essential nutrients and optimizing cellular energy production. [Get it now
at ]

Strength and Stamina
The hormone testosterone is key for general strength and stamina, especially in males
who have more of it than women, but who also have declining levels after age 30.
Herbalife Male Factor 1000 is a proprietary blend of herbs (including oat, nettle,
ginseng) to support the body’s natural production of testosterone for vitality, stamina,
and muscle strength. [Get it now at ]

Supercharged Stamina
Nitric Oxide is the hottest supplement in bodybuilding because of the increase “pump”
and vascularity (those eye popping veins) from increased blood flow to the muscles.
Only one product on the market, however, has all the ingredients in its formula that the
Nobel-prize winning research identified as optimally triggering the production of Nitric
Oxide. Dr. Louis Ignarro, 1998 Nobel laureate in Medicine, developed Niteworks with
Herbalife after over 25 years research yielding discovery of this one molecule’s
importance to good health. Increased Nitric Oxide production improves oxygen-rich
blood flow to every organ and muscle by making the arteries more toned and flexible. It
basically makes your body a very well-oiled machine with great energy and stamina. For
those with medical conditions, this may help lower your bad cholesterol and high blood
pressure. Niteworks is meant to be taken at night when your body’s Nitric Oxide
production from food and exercise is at its lowest. [Get it now at ] (main site)             (weight loss) (nutrition store)                    (home biz)
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Pre and Post Workout Drinks/Fuel

15-30 minutes prior to your weight workout consume a good carbohydrate source with
“good sugars” e.g., fruit juice or one of the carbo-loading drinks. Solid apples and
oranges, etc. generally don’t get the job done as well; they’re fine for energy “pickup”
but not at the intense level you will be exercising.
15-30 minutes prior to your workout (weight or cardio activity) consume Herbalife
Liftoff that is designed to activate the brain’s neurotransmitters so that you have
sharp mental energy and focus. This effervescent (fizzy tablet dropped in water) energy
drink is a much healthier alternative to the high-sugar “energy drinks” in the stores (e.g.,
Red Bull). It has an exclusive energy blend of taurine, guarana, caffeine, Panax
ginseng and Ginkgo biloba. Only Herbalife has been able to develop an energy drink
with levels of Panax ginseng and Ginkgo biloba that improved mental performance in
clinical tests. [Get it now at ]

The ideal time to feed your muscles to replace the depleted glycogen storage and feed
it protein and/or amino acids (the building blocks of protein) is within 30-45 minutes after
your weight workout. While one can purchase large containers of protein at most large
discount and health food stores, the real issue for building lean muscle mass is the
quality, absorbability, and usability of the protein, i.e., getting it to the muscle. Just like
there are octane variations of fuel between the corner gasoline station and what
NASCAR and Formula I racing teams use competitively on the track, there is a big
difference with off-the-shelf brands of protein. Most protein on the market is “whey”
protein (from animal products) that is absorbed very quickly. Herbalife’s Bulk &
Muscle has a proprietary blend (Protomyosin) of whey, egg white, and soy protein for
timed-release and maximum absorption. It also has the highest possible PDCCA
(Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid) score (1.0) for protein quality and contains
herbs and nutrients for peak performance. One protein drink within 30-45 minutes of
your workout and another during the day will help you build and maintain lean muscle
mass. If you’re serious about getting results you can see and feel, this advanced
formula supplement is a must. [Get it now at ]

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