Chernobyl Accident by Cannabisrapper


									Chernobyl Accident
Questions to Answer
Worth 10 points
Due: 9/23/08

   1. In five sentences give an overview of the Chernobyl Accident.
   2. Why was the Chernobyl accident so unique to the world?
   3. How did the accident occur? What were the primary radioactive materials
      released? How did emergency responders try to limit the release of materials?
   4. What groups were most affected by the radioactive release?
   5. How did the evacuation of people in the surrounding area proceed?
   6. List five major environmental pathways of human radiation exposure.
   7. What are some of the major impacts of the Chernobyl accident?
   8. Was the plant closed after the accident? What is the current use of the plant?

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