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					                          2004 Poster Presentations

 Name of Student &               Poster Title                   Department

     Jill Russell       “Incidence of Dental Injury       Anesthesiology
                        Related to General Anesthesia     Department
 Nebraska Wesleyan Over a 14-Year Period at a
      University        Major U.S. Teaching Hospital”
    Rachel Dickey       “Construction of a Transfer       Biochemistry and
                        Vector Carrying MDR1 and          Molecular Biology
University of Nebraska- MDR1pi Genes for Their Co-        Department
        Lincoln         expression in Sf9 Insect Cells”
    Sadari Fisher      “Isolation and Characterization Biochemistry and
                       of Thermophilic Bacteria from Molecular Biology
  Dillard University   Yellowstone National Park ”     Department
 Jennifer Gonzalez     “Human Lipocalin 2: A              Biochemistry and
                       Potential Marker and Target for    Molecular Biology
 St. Mary's University the Diagnosis and Therapy of       Department
                       Human Pancreatic Cancer”
    Tiffany Griffin    “Regulation of MUC4                Biochemistry and
                       Expression in Human                Molecular Biology
  Dillard University   Pancreatic Cancer Cells:           Department
                       Potential Role of Methylation
                       and Deacetylation”
    Keelia Rhoads      “Markers for the Diagnosis of      Biochemistry and
                       Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma”         Molecular Biology
   Illinois Wesleyan                                      Department
 Pamela Villalobos “Characterization of Dimer             Paul Sorgen, Ph.D.
                       Formation in the Caroxyl           Biochemistry and
 St. Mary's University Terminal of Connexin 43”           Molecular Biology
   Nick Anderson        “Exercise Training Enhances       Cellular and Integrative
                        Arterial Baroreflex Sensitivity   Physiology Department
University of Nebraska- by an Angiotensin II Dependent
        Lincoln         Mechanism”
   Megan Chacon        “High Glucose Concentration        Cellular and Integrative
                       Causes a Down Regulation of        Physiology Department
University of Nebraska nNOS”
      at Omaha
 Fisayo Adejuyigbe “Protein Fingerprint in                Center for Neurovirology
University of Nebraska Stimulated Murine Bone             and Neurodegenerative
      at Omaha         Marrow-Derived Macrophage          Disorders
                       With Sciatic Nerve Fragments”
    Erik Bowman        “SPECT Evaluation of GBR
                       12909 Inhibition of ß-             Center for Neurovirology
 Nebraska Wesleyan CIT/Dopamine Transporter               and Neurodegenerative
      University       (DAT) Interactions”                Disorders
    Sara Gordon

University of Vermont
 Michel Kwarteng “Immunohistochemical                   Center for Neurovirology
 Stanford University Characterization of Novel Rat      and Neurodegenerative
                        Brain Explant Tricultures       Disorders
                        Developed for the Study of
                        Dopamine and Glutamate
     Tim McAuliff       “The Role of Astrocytes in      Center for Neurovirology
                        Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Neurodegenerative
University of Nebraska Type-1 Associated Dementia”      Disorders
       at Omaha
   Tolulope Olade       “TRAIL Mediates Apoptosis in    Center for Neurovirology
                        HIV-infected Macrophages”       and Neurodegenerative
University of Nebraska-                                 Disorders
    Zhe “Julia” Xu      “Modulation of Giant            Center for Neurovirology
                        Depolarization Potentials by    and Neurodegenerative
  Millard North High Chemokine SDF-1|A in the           Disorders
         School         Neonatal Rat Hippocampus”
   Jordan Bowling       “Role of Nitric Oxide-Guanylate
                        Cyclase Pathway in the Survival College of Dentistry
   Amherst College      of Human Astrocytoma Cells”
    Patrick Jones       “EDL2 and PGL3 Basic                College of Dentistry
                        Luciferase Activity in Cell Lines
  Dillard University    Tu167, Tu167GLN, DM14, and
   Sharon Agers         “Differentail Scanning              College of Pharmacy and
                        Calorimetry Investigation of        Eppley Institute
 Omaha South High the Unfolding of poly rA·poly rU
        Teacher         and poly rA·2poly rU:
                        Energetics, Salt, and Hydration
    Sarah Betzold       “Melting Behavior of a DNA          College of Pharmacy and
                        Complex Containing Triplex and      Eppley Institute
University of Nebraska- Hairpin Loop Structures:
         Lincoln        Energetics and Hydration”
   Amanda Cooley        “Ciliary Body Changes in            College of Pharmacy
                        Galactose-Fed Dogs”
 College of St. Mary
 Makena Hammond “Periocular Routes for Retinal              College of Pharmacy
     Virginia State     Drug Delivery”
  Darrel Moreland “Design of Cross-linked                   College of Pharmacy
 Creighton University Polymer Micelles for Drug
Aishwarya Prakash “Star Polymer Unimolecular                College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Micelles as a Novel Drug
       at Omaha         Carrier”
   Allison Strobel    A Chemical Exploration of             College of Pharmacy
                      Trioxolane Antimalarials”
University of Nebraska
       at Omaha
    Nathan Suehl        “Unfolding of d([C3TA2]3C3T):       College of Pharmacy &
                        Interconversion of the i-motif      Eppley Institute
University of Nebraska and Hemiprotonated CC+
       at Omaha         Duplex Below Physiological
  Samuel Wilcinot       “The Use of Fatty Acids to          College of Pharmacy
                        Increase Solid-State Solubility
  Dillard University    of Hydrophobic Drugs in PLA
    Phillip Willsie     “Preparation of Starting            College of Pharmacy
                        Materials for the Isolation of an
University of Nebraska- Intrinsic Aldose Reductase
        Lincoln         Inhibitor”
    Joseph Blas        “Anticancer Peptides Design     Eppley Institute and
                       Based on Antimicrobial Peptide College of Pharmacy
  McPherson College Templates in the Antimicrobial
                       Peptide Database (APD)”
     Joseph Blas       “Expression and Purification of Eppley Institute
                       Tumor Suppressor Protein
  McPherson College TIP30 for Structural Studies by
                       NMR Spectroscopy”
 Abigail Henderson “Structural Basis of Multidrug Eppley Institute
                       Resistance in Cancer”
     York College
   Sheela Jayappa      “Tumor-Stromal Interactions as Eppley Institute and
                       Modulators of Pancreatic Tumor Pathology & Microbiology
 Creighton University Growth and Progression In        Department
 Abhishek Kashyap “Annexin II – Nanoparticles for Eppley Institute
                       Sustained Regulation of
  Millard North High Annexin II in Cells”
  Mercedes Lopez “Role of DNA CpG Island               Eppley Institute and
 University of Puerto Methylation in Transcriptional Biochemistry and
     Rico at Cayey     Repression of Tumor             Moledular Biology
                       Suppressor Genes in Lymphoma Department
                       Cell Lines”
       Christine       “Normal Mammogenesis and        Eppley Institute
Ngaruiya University of Lactation in Mutant Females
   Nebraska-Lincoln    That Lack Both Copies of the
                       Whey Acidic Protein Gene
    Yadira Ortiz-      “Identification of DNA          Eppley Institute
      Castellano       Sequence Motif for TRF2Binding
                       by SELEX”
 University of Puerto
    Rico at Cayey
   Ashley Poelma      “Cloning, Retroviral Transfer,   Eppley Institute
                      and Functional Analysis of a
    University of     Tamoxifen-Inducible Cre
     Rochester        Recombinase”
    Sheryl Rosa         “Analysis of the Effect of the  Eppley Institute
                        Apc Min Mutation on the
 University of Puerto Expression of the Estrogen
     Rico At Cayey      Receptor alpha Gene in the
                        Gastrointestinal Tract”
   Stephen Wigley       “CD24 Expression in a           Eppley Institute
                        Metastatic Pancreatic Tumor
  Dillard University    Cell Line
     Willie Glaze       “Characterization of BMP4 in    Genetics, Cell Biology
                        the Chick Embryo”               and Anatomy
  Dillard University                                    Department
      Chantal N.        “The Induction of Emphysema Internal Medicine
  Afuh University of in the C57BI/6 Murine Model        Department
   Nebraska-Lincoln     Using Procine Pancreatic
     Natalie Black      Adverse Effects of Minocycline Internal Medicine
                        Among Rheumatoid Arthritis      Department
University of Nebraska  Patients Enrolled in a          (Rheumatology &
       at Omaha         Longitudinal Cohort”            Immunology)
      Brian Cory        “Efficacy of Ultrasound and     Internal Medicine
                        Microbubbles in Dissolving      Department (Cardiology)
University of Nebraska- Intravascular Thrombi in Living
         Lincoln        Sysems”
   James Cronican       “Hepatic Expression of Iron-    Internal Medicine
                        Regulatory Genes in Transgenic Department
     Arizona State      Mice Models of Genetic
       University       Hemochromatosis”
 Melissa Diamantis “Phenotypic Variation of the         Internal Medicine
 University of Texas at ICA Operon in Staphylococcus Department (Infections
         Austin         Epidermis: Evidence of Random Diseases)
    Robert Garvin       “Mechanism and Potential        Internal Medicine
                        Clinical Applications for       Department and Eppley
    Texas Christian     Microbubble Adherence to        Institute
       University       Dysfunctional Endothelium”
 Alexandra Gasnick “Identification of Side             Internal Medicine and
                    Population (SP) Cells in a         Genetics, Cell Biology
   Regis University Murine Mammary                     and Anatomy
                    Adenocarcinoma Cell Line”          Departments
  Anne Gustafson    “Illumination, Function, and       Internal Medicine
                    Eye Pathologies”                   Department (Geriatrics)
 Fordham University
     Matt Hahn      “Role of Betaine in Preventing     Internal Medicine
                    Alcohol Induced Liver Injury”      Department (Alcohol
Rockhurst University                                    Research Center )
    Justin Jones      “Aligning With National           Internal Medicine
                      Standards: Establishing a         Department
Iowa State University Common Language for Medical
     Rachel King      “Lipopolysaccharide-induced       Internal Medicine
                      Liver Injury in the               Department
 Creighton University Asialoglycoprotein Receptor
                      Deficient Mouse”
    Sylvia Lasley     “Gender Differences in the        Internal Medicine
                      Frequency of Obesity in Santee    Department (Diabetes,
                      American Indian Youth”            Endocrinology and
   LaVada Pilcher      “Hepatitis C and Diabetes        Internal Medicine
                       Mellitus in a Native American    Department
University of Nebraska Urban Clinic”
       at Omaha
 Kristin Lenczowski “Pro-fibrotic Responses are         Internal Medicine
  Nebraska Wesleyan Inducible with                      Department
       University      Malondialdehydeacetaldehyde      (Rheumatology)
                       (MAA) Modified Proteins”
     Megan Losee       “Characterization of             Internal Medicine and
                       Mesenchymal Cells From Bone      Genetics, Cell Biology
     Truman State      Marrow and Crushed Bone          and Anatomy
       University      Using Flow Cytometry and         Departments
    Kimberly Maas      “Evidence of                     Internal Medicine
                       Immunosuppressive Properties     Department
   Midland Lutheran    of Sera from Patients with       (Hematology/Oncology)
        College        Renal Cell Carcinoma”
     Sara May         “Three-dimensional Collagen       Internal Medicine
                      Gel Culture Conditions and        Department
 Nebraska Wesleyan Their Affect on Contraction by
      University      Human Lung Fibroblasts”
  Curtis McKnight     “Hepatitis C Viral Protein        Internal Medicine
                      Regulates Hepcidin Gene           Department
 St. Louis University Expression Both in vitro and in
   Rachel Meeks       “Smoking Cessation for            Internal Medicine
                      Alcoholics in Early Recovery:     Department and
 University of Notre Bupropion SR As a Smoking          Veterans Affairs
        Dame          Cessation Aid in Alcoholics”
  Malorie Messer      “A Mouse Model of Alcohol         Internal Medicine
                      Exposure: Effects on the          Department (Pulmonary
   Vassar College     Ciliated Tracheal Epithelium”     & Critical Care)
   Joel Michalski   “Interluekin-6 Expression by Internal Medicine
                    HBEC Stimulated by Whole and Department
Wayne State College Chemical Components of
                    Cigarette Smoke Extract”
    Jeana Pecha         “Construction of a Vector        Internal Medicine
                        Encoding a Truncated Form of     Department (Diabetes,
University of Nebraska- Rat Insulin-degrading Enzyme”    Endocrinology &
        Lincoln                                          Metabolism)
 Carolyn Schaeffer “Potential Role of Lipid              Internal Medicine
University of Minnesota Mediators in Inflammatory        Department
                        Response to Organic Dust”
 Nicholas Schaffer “Construction of a Hepatic Cell       Internal Medicine
University of Wisconsin Line That Can be Induced to      Department
       -Madison         Express Cytochrome P450 2E1”

    Noah Porter

 Nebraska Welseyan
Cameron Schweitzer “Characterization of Primase in       Internal Medicine
                        Helicobacteri Spp”               Department
    Dana College
    Karl Spurzem        “Effect of Adenosine and the     Internal Medicine
                        A2A Receptor on Bronchial        Department (Pulmonary
University of Nebraska- Epithelial Cell Migration”       & Critical Care)
   Andrea Stieren       “Ethanol Metabolism Alters       Internal Medicine
                        STAT1 Phosphrylation in          Department
  Midland Lutheran      Recombinant Hep G2 Cells”
   Tyrone Cherry        “Comparison of Liver and Brain   Munroe Meyer Institute
                        Proteins for Normal and FALDH
 North Carolina State Knockout Mice”
   Angeline Petak       “Possible Role of Glycogen       Obstetrics & Gynecology
                        Synthase Kinase-3ß (GSK-3ß)      and Internal Medicine
University of Nebraska- Phosphorylation on               Departments and VA
        Lincoln         Progesterone Synthesis”          Medical Center

   Andrea Wilson      “Effects of Sex Steroids on        Pediatrics Department
                      Renal Tissue”
University of Nebraska-
  Christina Alcorn      “The Contribution of a           Pharmacology
                        Metabolite of Desipramine to     Department
 Creighton University Its Antidepressant Effects”
 Stephanie Bohmer “Learned Helplessness as a             Pharmacology
                      Model of Juvenile Depression”      Department
    Luther College
    Amanda Gau        “Donepezil is a Low Affinity       Pharmacology
                      NMDA Receptor Antagonist”          Department
 Creighton University
  Tracey Harbert      “Real Time PCR Assay Design      Pharmacology
                      for Relative Quantification of   Department
 University of Iowa   BDNF”
   Nicole Jauss       “Expression and Function of      Pharmacology
                      Recombinant RyR2”                Department
 Concordia University
      Rico Lewis       “HIV Integrase Knockdown by Pharmacology
                       siRNA”                         Department
  Dillard University
 Jennifer Mihaljevic “Studies of Beta Agonist and     Pharmacology
                       Clucocorticoid Asthma Drugs on Department
 Nebraska Wesleyan cAMP and on EGF Receptors in
       University      Airway Cells”
    Stacey Parker      “GPCR Regulation of EGFR in    Pharmacology
                       Epithelial Cells”              Department
     University of
  Nebraska Medical
     Shelley Tifft     “Studies of Epithelial Cell    Pharmacology
                       Proliferation Inhibitors of    Department
University of Nebraska Human Airway”
       at Lincoln