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									                                                                           Document Shredding Service
                               Neighborhood Parcel LLC
                       553 Main St Tewksbury MA 01876


                                                         Document Shredding Service

                                                         Shred what you want and when you want! No
                                                         matter which option you choose, our document destruction and
                                                         shredding service is safe and secure. There’s no need to remove paper
                                                         clips, binders or any other items. Our shredders can devour just about
                                                         anything, saving you time and money. After each shred, you receive a
                                                         Certificate of Destruction that verifies the successful destruction of your
                                                         confidential materials.

                                                         Keeping customers and employees information secure is more than good
                                                         business. It's the law. New Massachusetts Legislation concerning
                                                         document and information privacy is becoming more rigorous and
                                                         continues to be strictly enforced. Organizations that fail to comply will
                                                         incur severe penalties and jeopardize their business.

                                                                         Privacy legislation includes the ultimate destruction of
                                                                         confidential information. Shredding is the preferred
                                                                         method of document destruction in and around Boston
                                                                         MA. Information contained in documents must be
                                                         destroyed so that it cannot be recreated or fall in wrong hands.

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