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					              St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
                      Rev. Brian Tokoph, Minister       920-231-3080
              1250 Leonard Point Rd    Oshkosh WI 54904

                                       CHURCH COUNCIL

Anne Gassere 231-5579            Bob Trampf 235-4507                Toni Anand 235-0085         
Don Benson 420-0762              Faye Lindemann        456-2276     Marcia Marks 233-0259      
Marion Abraham      231-1266     Jeff Schneider 231-6037            Andrew Josephs 216-3133

                                       APRIL 2010 TIDINGS

In a recent book that I am reading, "Tending to the Holy," Brother Lawrence, a Christian
Mystic Monk from the 14th century, shares his views of the special relationship he had with
God. According to Brother Lawrence: "The most holy and necessary practice in the Christian
life is the presence of God, whether in the kitchen, running an errand, buying provisions, or
receiving communion." Brother Lawrence asserted that our calling as Christians is simply to
be attentive to God's presence in our lives.

The Apostle Paul in I Thessalonians 5:17, advises that we talk with God in prayer every day.
There is no better time than the Easter Season to develop a daily time of prayer, to reflect on
what God says to us from the Bible.

Like anything we wish to become effective at, we need to be intentional about setting aside
a time of reflection each day. The way we grow as spiritually healthy Christians is through
Christian disciplines of Bible reading and prayer. This can be a time of spiritual renewal.

Brother Lawrence advised that, "Whatever we do, even if we are reading the word or
praying, we should stop for a few minutes - as often as possible - to praise God, to enjoy God
there in the secret places of our lives."

My prayer for our faith community, this Easter, is that we may all feel the love and
transforming power of Jesus Christ in a way that would make a difference as we celebrate
the risen Christ!

In the Hope of the Resurrection,
Rev. Brian Tokoph
                  St. Paul’s Church Council Meeting - Thursday, March 11 th, 2010

Present: President Bob Trampf, Vice-president Jeff Schneider, Secretary Andrew Josephs, Don Benson,
Anne Gassere, Faye Lindemann, Marcia Marks, Church Secretary Liz Joachim, Pastor Brian Tokoph, and
Christian Education Director Sherri Landig. Absent: Toni Anand, and Marian Abraham.

President Bob Trampf called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and Pastor Brian Tokoph opened the meeting
with a prayer.

Minister’s Report: Pastor Brian submitted a written report which is on file in the office.

Secretary’s Report: Anne made a motion to accept the minutes and was seconded by Faye. Approved by
unanimous consent.

Correspondence: Thank you note received from Conference Minister David S. Moyer for our contribution
to the Haiti relief fund. A thank you note from the Juedes Family for the camp scholarship. The Irion family
wanted the congregation to know that John left a memorial gift to the choir in honor of Hildegarde who was a
long time member of St. Paul’s choir.

Treasurer’s Report/Bills: Faye made a motion and was seconded by Andrew to pay the bills. Approved
by unanimous consent. Since money was requested from the sustaining in the last quarter of 2009 for the
sanctuary heaters and not as much is needed we are going to rewrite the request. There was $1000 requested to
fix the sanctuary heaters so the new request will be for $500 for Cristy Schneider scholarship, $372 for the FPU
leader packet, and the remaining $128 for possible organ repairs. Anne made a motion to rewrite the request
and Marcia seconded. Approved by unanimous consent.

Christian Education Director’s Report: Sherri submitted a written report which is included in its
entirety in the Tidings. Remember VBS will be July 19 th- 22nd .

Old Business:
Safe Sanctuary Policy: The committee consisting of Brian Tokoph, Sheri Landig, Don Benson, Marcia Marks,
and Anne Gassere will be meeting 3-23-10 at 6 p.m.
Sound System/projector update: Everything is finished and we are just waiting for the final bill. The lectern, 4
microphones and hand held now work at both services.
Mission Statement Review: We are still trying to get the old Mission Statement back from Brad.
Ministerial Relations Report: The committee is working well. Bob, Marcia, and Anne have worked closely
with Pastoral Relations Committee.
Inactive member update: Liz is removing the people who have either requested to be removed from the active
list or have not responded.
Polling place update/Town of Algoma: Council has agreed to not to pursue being a polling station for the Town
of Algoma since we are not able to meet all of their requests.
FPU Update: The class has begun with 8 couples going through the program.
2010 Committee Review: Bob and Jeff will be meeting to discuss any changes.
Domain Name Update: Bob and Liz will meet with Bobbi Reepsdorf to discuss final issues with the web site.
Softball team/league update: We have signed up for the co-ed city league to play on Tues. nights starting in
April. St. Paul’s will not have to foot any money for the team.

New Business:
Schneider family camp scholarship request: Marcia made a motion to approve the family scholarship and
seconded by Anne. Approved by unanimous consent.
Food Pantry location: Members Helping Members food pantry will be located in the air handler room.

Sanctuary heaters: Dave Cameron looked at the heaters and determined that they will only need the thermostat
Organizations and Committee reports:
        Kitchen/Coffee committee: I am going to be asking for help and scheduling a good thorough kitchen
cleaning in the near future. Barb Jones
        Fellowship committee: Spaghetti supper was a success with 60 people present. Thanks to the members
of St. Paul’s who volunteered their time. Special thanks to Toni Anand for her extra efforts in making sure
everything was ready and the food was hot. Fellowship is planning Casino Night for 3-20-10. Dinner will be at
6 p.m. with the games and “white elephant” auction to follow. The Oshkosh Town Hall has been reserved and a
cost of $6 per person. Murder Mystery Dinner to be held 4-24-10. I am working on finding volunteers for the
Easter Breakfast. Liz and Bill Joachim have agreed to make a pan of egg-bake so I need 5 other volunteers.
Anyone wishing to help can call Val at 920-904-0871 or 920-235-4507. Submitted by Val Trampf.
        Missions committee: Immersion Trip scheduled for April 10th. Pillow day for March 7 th was cancelled
due to nobody signing up. Salvation Army meals are going great. Mission Moment for March will be Camp
Sandy Wheels. FPU is going great. Next meeting will be in April. Submitted by Amanda Benson.
        Buildings and Grounds committee: Jeff is going to plan a clean up day in May or June to give the
church a good cleaning outside.
        Members Helping Members committee: The committee met on 2-14-10 to discuss the criteria for
distribution of available assets to those in need and how to obtain food and capital to fund this project. First we
have advertised the need for food for the pantry in the tidings as well as in the weekly bulletins and also for cash
contributions. To date the food donations are coming in and we are working with the council to finish off the
area for their storage and distribution. The monetary donations are coming in but not as fast as the food
donations. If the money does not come in to keep up with demand we will have to do a fund raiser. T he policy
that we have set forth for the distribution of these assets is as follows: We will serve the needs of the
congregation as they need it. We cannot be a weekly grocery stop, if someone’s needs are such that they need
weekly help we will try to set then up with Social Services to help them with a long term solution. The
committee will address all requests as a group. If a request is received we will all make the final decision.
Requests can be made to any member on the committee. Submitted by Dick Voakes.

For the good of the church: Jeff has been very happy with how smoothly the Salvation Army meals have

Adjournment: 9:05 p.m. and the Lord’s Prayer
Submitted by Andrew Josephs, Secretary

                               Think Spring & Think SCRIP
      Warmer weather is finally coming our way!! Have you been thinking about the
flowers you’ll be planting this year or maybe some home improvements you’ll be
making? When making your plans don’t forget to order a SCRIP card! There are
SCRIP cards for Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menards for your building materials as well as
ShopKo and Wal-Mart for your flowers. Maybe you’ll want to reward yourself after all
that hard work with a dinner out on the town. There are lots of restaurant options with
Red Robin, Applebee’s and Perkins to name a few. Order a SCRIP card and while you
spruce up your home you’ll be helping St. Paul’s too! The April ordering dates are:
April 11 and April 25th Thank you!

                             CHOIR NEWS                  Murder Mystery Dinner
                          A big thank you to
                          the choir members
                          for singing Palm               Are you ready for a night of who-dun
                          Sunday,    Maundy        nit and laughs? Join us for the Murder
                          Thursday and Easter      Mystery Dinner on Saturday, April 17, 2010,
                          Sunday.                  6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Let’s see who
                                                   the victim is this year? The cost is $6.00
                          The choir will not
                          have practice on         per person which includes dinner, beverages
                          Wednesday April 7th      and entertainment. A sign up sheet is on the
                          and will not sing for    message center in the Narthex. Hope to see
                          service on Sunday        you there! Fellowship Committee
April 11Th. There will be choir practice at 6:45
and bell choir at 7:45 on Wednesday April
14th, 21st, and 28th.                                    St. Paul’s Men’s Club continues to
                                                   meet the 1st Saturday of each month (9 AM) at
The choir has been working on some new             Two Brothers’ Restaurant. Soon it is time to
anthems which will be sung at services in the      start thinking about summer projects at the
Spring season following Easter.                    church, including the lawn mowing of our yard.
                                                   They welcome all men interested in attending,
Larry Klausch Choir Director/ Organist             whether you’re a member of St. Paul’s or not.
                                                   Join us Saturday, April 3rd .

          An Easter Offering Garden                Happy April from the Mission Committee!
        The Sunday school children, grades 2nd
- 5th, have created a "Helping Hands Garden".
                                                          In March we were able to donate
We want God to know how thankful we are for
                                                   $500 to Camp Sandy Wheels, which is enough
all that we have. The children have decided
that our special offering should go to the         for a one week scholarship for
Humane Society to help our animal friends.         one camper! In April, we will focus on Project
We are asking for spare change to be placed in     Self-Help and Awareness, with the goal of
our flower garden found by the SCRIP table. If     donating $500 to that organization as well! If
you would rather donate a needed item, please      you are interested in helping out with missions,
see the wish list by the garden. We will be        please come to our next meeting--April 12th
collecting until Easter Sunday, April 4th. Look    at 5:30. We'll be talking about organizing a
for the posters that our children have created!    pillow work day
Thank you for your support!                        and the church
                                                   wide rummage
            Spaghetti Supper                       sale, both for
       The Lenten Season started off nicely        May. Again,
with the spaghetti dinner following by the Ash     thank you to
Wednesday service. Thanks to Larry and the         everyone who
choir for making the service special. I want to    has supported our mission projects in any way
thank Toni Anand for her extra efforts in          – without your help, it would not be possible!
preparing the dinner, as well as Ruth Hauser,
Michelle Robien, Nicole Josephs and Joanne         Amanda Benson
Voakes for making the delicious meal. Thanks
also to all those who helped clean up!

                                             Automatic Transfer Authorization

                                               Have you considered having
                                          your    weekly     church     giving
                                          automatically transferred to St.
      Ted and Hildegarde Irion            Paul’s from your bank accounts?
      On February 27, 2010, an Order
                                               It’s as easy as phoning the
of Thanksgiving for the Life of           church office for an authorization
Theodore H. Irion was held at St.         form  (231-3080).      Several   St.
Paul’s United Church of Christ. On        Paul’s members already contribute
June 26, 2009, a service was held at      regularly to our budget this way
St. Paul’s for Hildegarde Irion, his      so their giving continues even
wife.     Ted Irion was the son of        when they are away or unable to
Reverend Irion who was a pastor of St.    attend worship. Why not give it a
Paul’s for over 50 years. Ted grew up     try?
a part of St. Paul’s. He was a very
talented    architect,   photographer,
artist, and inventor. We are lucky to
have several of his paintings in our      PLEASE SAVE:
church.                                           Festival Foods receipts -
                                                         (Box in Fellowship Hall)
      Both Ted and Hildegarde were                Pop cans - put in church garage
faithful members of the choir for many            Morton Drug Receipts - Sign up at
years.    Hildegarde had a beautiful
                                                         Morton Drugs
alto voice and performed solos for
many   weddings, funerals and special             Pick ‘n Save receipts - Sign up at
church occasions. Singing in a church                     Store
choir    is    a   special    way    of
communicating with God in prayer while
sharing your talent with others. We
were    all   very    fortunate    that          Please pray for these members/friends
Hildegarde shared her talent with us.
                                                  of St. Paul’s who are in need of prayer:
Both Ted and Hildegarde were very firm
in their religious beliefs and in                 Anita Faust, Carol Schmid, Dorothy
their support of St. Paul’s. We were              Bunker,     Irene    Messer,    Jeanette
very blessed to have had them as a                Cummings, Mary Boss, Carol Cameron,
part of the St. Paul’s church family.             Jean Ariss, Mabel Reichard, Dan Tesch,
We have also been blessed after their
death with a special gift from their
son, John who presented us with a
check to be used by the choir as a
tribute to his mother. Our thanks go
to John from the choir for this gift.             Bob Voakes, Pastor Brian Tokoph, Skip
We thank God for the lives of Theodore
                                                  Anderson and Lois Liverman.
and Hildegarde Irion and people like
them who make up the history of St.
Paul’s.                                             +++++++++++++++++++++++
               Written by Marcia Marks
                                          Hospitalized during March were Rev. Tokoph
                                         and Harriet Jones. Both have returned home.

Easter flowers
Remembered Earl Liverman
given by Sherri Landig.                             March 7       Remembered Ray, Thelma and
                                                    Dale Sinotte given by Susan Lefeber
Remembered Earl Liverman given by
Lois Liverman                                       March 14     Remembered Robert Kentopp
                                                    and Chad Jolin given by Karen Kentopp
Remembered John F. Boss given by
Mary Boss                                           March 14 Remembered Charles Esselman

Remembered Althea Tesch given by                    March 21     Honored the baptism of Eli
Irv Tesch                                           William Joachim given by his grandparents Bill
                                                    and Elizabeth Joachim
Remembered our grandmothers,
Helen, Eunice and Elizabeth given
by Rod and Michelle Robien                            MEMBERS HELPING MEMBERS/FRIENDS
                                                           Thank You to all St. Paul’s members
Remembered David Schmitt given by                   that have donated food and money to the
Kris, Bob, Caitlyn and Alyssa
Schafer                                             Members Helping Members/.Friends. The food
                                                    pantry is very close to being totally functional
Honored Brecca Bettcher given by                    thanks to the efforts of the council finding a
Mom and Dad                                         location for us and Michelle and Rod Robien's
Honored Brinley Bettcher given by                   work to get everything set.
Mom and Dad                                                We do still need the support of St. Paul's
                                                    Members to help put money into a fund for
Remembered John and Gertrude Ryf,                   those that need our financial help as much or
Wilbur and Margaret Joachim given                   more than help filling their food needs.
by Bill and Elizabeth Joachim                              We have helped several of our
Remembered Wallace and Lucille                      members in need to date so your help in
Wriedt given by Debbie Wriedt                       supporting this group to help your fellow
                                                    members is definitely needed.
Remembered Richard Gabbert given                           Please feel free to contact any of the
by Elizabeth Gabbert and daughters
                                                    members listed for anyone that would need
Remembered Mr. and Mrs. Edward                      your/our help.
Buhrow given by Karen Kentopp                         Remembered NEED KNOWS NO SEASON
                                                               Thank You for your support
Remembered David Schmitt given by
Mary Schmitt                                          Michelle Robien, Dick Voakes, Kate Dustrude,
Remembered Jack and Lorraine                            Molly Walters, Mike Juedes, Pastor Brian
Becker given by Ellen Becker and
Mary Schmitt                                                =========================
                                                    We extend our sympathy to Praise Band
       Osh-Vegas was a jackpot with 30              member Pat Rabe on the unexpected death
people attending. We had a great d inner and a      of her sister. Services were held at First
              lot of laughs throughout the night.   Congregational Church on Sunday, March
              Everyone        enjoyed    playing    28th, 2010.
              Blackjack, Poker, In-between,
              Dice and Bingo. No one left
empty handed with their white-elephant prize!
Thanks to all who came and who helped make
the evening a success.
       The Fellowship Committee

                                                    BALANCE SHEET – February 2010
           March Giving                         ASSETS
March 7  $2800                                       West Pointe Bank       $   6,974.84
                                                     Wells Fargo Adv Funds $ 16,413.62
March 14 $1835                                       CD                     $ 20.439.80
March 21 $1837                                       I Bond                 $   5,000.00
March 28  N/A___                                PHYSICAL ASSETS
 TOTAL $6472                                                Land           $ 100,000.00
                                                            Building       $2,048,200.00
                                                TOTAL ASSETS               $2,197,028.26
Festival   Food     receipts     are  due
Wednesday, April 7 . Bring them to              LIABILITIES
church or mail to the office by then.                 SS & Med Taxes
                                                      Federal taxes
                                                      State Income Taxes         $ 336.77
                                                TOTAL LIABILITIES                $ 336.77
      You are invited to attend the Good
Friday Ecumenical Worship service held at
Bethany UCC (145 W. 24th Ave at noon on April

                                                Eli William Joachim was consecrated in the
       How Are We Doing Through                 Holy Sacrament of Baptism at St. Paul’s on
            February 2010?                      Sunday, March 21, 2010 with Rev. Brian
                                                Tokoph officiating. He was born October 26,
Income                   $23,120                2009, the son of Brian and Emily (Simmons)
Expenses                 $20,785                Joachim. Sponsors were Heidi Miller and Katie
                         $ 2,335                Simmons.

Pledged Income expected $ 22,149
Pledges Income received $ 19,363*
*This is pledged income ONLY. Does not
include other misc income received.
                                                Myron Jovaag       April 5
                                                Jodi Petersen      April 6
                                                Don Davies                 April 9
             February Bulletins                 Rod Robien                 April 11
       March 7 – Remembered Gordon
                                                April Tesch                April 14
Reichard given by Mabel Reichard and family
       March 21 – Honored the 9th birthday of   Sara Spaulding     April 18
Brecca Bettcher given by Mom, Dad and           Mike Juedes        April 22
Brinley                                         Sherri Landig      April 25
                                                Susan Lefeber      April 26
                                                Jenna Abraham              April 27
                                                Amanda Benson              April 29
                                                Nicole Josephs             April 29
                                                Val Trampf                 April 30

            April Anniversaries
Gordon & Jackie Wischow
       April 26           #52
Dennis & Carol Krause
       April 18           #46
Carol & LaMonte Schmid
       April 29           #38
Stephen & Lynn Neyhard
       April 30           #22
Barry & Jean Harvot
       April 29           #21
Joe & Annie Kentopp
       April 25           #12

     Rev.     Tom    Mcfarland      for
providing    pulpit    supply     while                         KEEP US UPDATED
Pastor Brian was hospitalized.                            When you or any friend or member of
     Nicole     Josephs     for     her           St. Paul’s moves, would you PLEASE inform the
continued   hard    work    with    the           church office? When you fail to do so, it costs
successful    SCRIP    fund     raising           the church additional postage when your mail
program.                                          is returned to us along with your new address.
     Bobbi    Reepsdorf     and    Rena           Please keep us informed!
Gomach for their computer help                            Also, if you have not provided us with
with   the   website    and    in   the
                                                  your email address, please do so. This again
     Confirmands who ushered at                   saves the church considerable postage with
10:30:    Nick Cirrcionne, Caitlyn                committee announcements, meetings, etc.
Schafer, Alyssa Schafer, Hannah                   Please     send    your   email   address    to
Benson and Krista Anderson.              - Thanks for your help.
     Kate     Dustrude     and     Lynn
Rollmann    for    March     communion
preparation and flower delivery.                         The event of the Resurrection
     Bobbi Reepsdorf for scripture                brought a new perspective to the vision
reading at both services during                   of man. No longer was he restricted to
March.                                            the little distance of an earthly existence.
     Van drivers during the month                 The horizon melted away, as it were, and
of March.                                         he could glimpse beyond the clouds the
                                                  golden glory of eternal life.
                                                                              Esther Baldwin York
      Our Lord has written the promise of
the Resurrection, not in books alone, but
in every leaf in springtime.                            Happiness is a hard thing because
                                  Martin Luther   it is achieved only by making others
                                                                                    Stuart Cloete


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