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					                                                         St. Francis’ Canossian College
                                                   Curriculum Planning for E.P.A. / Economics
Form 5 Economics
Subject Teachers: Miss L.Chan, Mrs P.Yeung, Miss E. Wong                                                     Department Head: Miss L. Chan
No of Cycles per cycle: 5

Subject Objectives

At the end of the course, students should be able to
1. recall the basic terminology of Economics, essential facts relating to Economics and economic institutions.
2. understand and interpret economic information presented in numerical, verbal and diagrammatic forms by using the basic economic concepts and analysis; as
    well as to translate such information from one form to another.
3. apply basic economic concepts and analysis to economic problems and issues.
4. distinguish facts from values and to make reasoned decisions.
5. organize and present economic ideas and statements in an accurate and logical way.

Teaching Resources
Textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, question banks, fact sheets;
Reference books, past papers;
Newspaper cuttings, magazines, government publications;
Wall charts, posters, transparencies;
Audio tapes, video tapes, CD-ROMs, internet resources.

Assignment: Workbook, Textbook Exercise, Past papers, Collecting information, news report and other exercises.

Evaluation: Performance in Class, Assignments, Quizzes, Tests and Examinations

  Topic/Objectives          No. of     Teaching                                  Activities                                           Assignment
                            Cycles     Resources
1. Introduction             Cycles
                                                                                                                          Search information from
1.1 Meaning of GDP            1       CD-ROM            Set: News articles related to GDP.                          about the
                                      Worksheets        Slide show on the purpose of computing GDP.                        HK economy
1.2 Three approaches in       2       Fact sheets       Give hypothetical cases for students: based on definition of      Textbook exercises.
   measuring GDP                      Pamphlets         GDP, decide whether GDP is affected                               Past paper questions
                                      Notes             Demonstration on the computation of GDP                           Workbook
1.3 Other measurements        2       News articles     Data-response questions                                           Cycle 5 First Test
  of GDP                              Statistics        Class practice
2. Business cycles          Cycle 6

2.1 Unemployment              0.5     Textbook          Set: News articles related to unemployment, inflation and         Textbook exercises
                                      Notes             GDP fluctuations.                                                 Workbook
                                      ETV programs      Use hypothetical cases to illustrate the meaning of               Past Paper Questions
                                      New articles      unemployment.
                                                                                                                          Quiz
                                      Pamphlets         Demonstrate how unemployment rate is calculated.
                                      Worksheets        Discuss: reasons for the changes in unemployment rate.
                                                        ETV program on Unemployment

2.2 Inflation (deflation)     0.5   Textbook            Set: students are asked to do the cartoon exercises.
                                    Cartoons            Students report answers.
                                    Fact sheets         Summarize the effects of inflation.
                                    News articles
Related HKCEE Questions: 98-7,9,11;     99-7,9,10,11;   00-6,7,9,10;    01-6,9,11;     02-10,11,12

  Topic/Objectives         No. of    Teaching                                  Activities                                        Assignment
                           Cycles    Resources
3. Money and Banking       Cycles

3.1 Nature and functions     1      Game cards       Set: Role-play on exchanges of goods.                           Textbook exercises
   of money                         Textbooks        Bring out the meaning and disadvantages of barter, and the      Past paper questions
3.2 Types of money and              Notes            functions of money.                                             Workbook
  Definitions of money              Worksheets       Explain the evolution of money                                  Complete worksheets
  supply                            Old coins        Show how money supply is calculated                             Quiz
3.3 How currency is                 Banknote         Use of flow charts to show the issue of money
   Issued in HK                     Bankbook         Complete worksheets
                                    Flow charts
                                                                                                                     Collect information about monetary
3.4 Types and functions      1      News headlines   Set: ask students for the names of banks in HK                   authority and banks in HK
  of banks                          Video tape       Brainstorming functions of banks and types of banking  
3.5 The central bank                CD-ROM           services.                                                       Collect news on the banking industries
                                    Notes            ETV: the story of banks                                         Textbook exercises.
                                    Worksheets       Point out the importance of a supervisory body of banks:        Past paper questions
                                                     central bank.                                                   Workbook.
                                                     Summarize functions of central bank                             Quiz
Related HKCEE Questions: 98-6,9;        99-5,6,11;   00-5,10;       01-5,10;        02-6,7,10,11

  Topic/Objectives           No. of       Teaching                                 Activities                                            Assignment
                             Cycles       Resources
4. Credit Creation           Cycle
4.1 Assumptions                         Textbook           Set: Show a picture illustrating the idea of credit creation.      Textbook exercises
4.2 Maximum Lending                     Notes              Use balance sheets to show the process of credit creation.         Past paper questions
    ability of an                       Worksheets         Statistics showing the deposits of the HK banking system and       Workbook
    individual bank and                 Pictures           the currency in public circulation                                 Cycle 9 Common Test
    the banking system                  Statistics         Class practice

5. Public Finance
5.1 Sources of               10-12      Textbooks          Set: Brainstorming on types of government expenditure in           Collect Pamphlets for the recent
    Government revenue                  Worksheets         HK.                                                                 budget.
5.2 Classification of                   Pamphlets          Use of flow charts to summarize the types of government            Past paper questions
    Taxes                               Budget             taxes.                                                             Textbook exercises
5.3 Principles of Taxation              ETV                Demonstration: computation of salaris tax. Complete                Workbook
5.4 Aims and Effects of                 News articles      worksheets
                                                                                                                              Quiz
    taxation                                               ETV on 2000 budget. Discussion: Effects of the 2000
                                                                                                                              Cycle 13 Third Test
5.5 Types of Government                                    Government Budget on the HK economy

Related HKCEE Questions: 98-5;        99-8,10;       00-8,9;       01-7; 02-8,12

  Topic/Objectives         No. of      Teaching                                Activities                                         Assignment
                           Cycles      Resources
6. International Trade     Cycles
6.1 Why trade occurs         1        Worksheets      Set: select objects from students’ desks. Bring out the
6.2 Theory of                         Textbook        importance of trade.                                         Textbook exercises
    Comparative                       Notes           Questions for discussion: Given the case of HK, find        Related HKCEE Questions:
    advantage                         News articles   evidence of trade and reasons for trade.                    99-9; 00-11; 01-9; 02-9,12
6.3 Terms of Trade and        1                       Computation of gains from trade.
    gains from trade                                  Students complete worksheets.                                  Workbook
6.4 Trade protectionism                               News article: discuss reasons for protectionism                Quiz
                                                      .                                                              Find data on trade from on
7. International           Cycles                                                                                     /index.html
   Finance                 15-16                      Set: Show banknote of foreign currencies.
                                                      Brainstorming: why do we need foreign currencies             .
7.1 Types of exchange         1       Textbook        Explain the 2 types of exchange rate system                 Related HKCEE Questions:
    rate systems                      Notes           News articles: why does exchange rate change?               98-8,10,11; 99-6,10;                01-8;
7.2 Linked exchange rate              Worksheets      Use of Flow chart to illustrate the linked exchange rate
    system                            Pictures        system.
7.3 Balance of payments       1       Statistics      New articles on Balance of trade in HK and China               Textbook exercises
    accounting                        Pamphlets       Data response questions on Balance of payments accounting      Workbook
                                      ETV                                                                            Quiz
                                      News articles                                                                  Summer Assignments
8. Overall revision        Cycle 17

9. Mock Exam               Cycle 18