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					Study Guide: The Age of Exploration.
World History

   Explorer Charts: (Available on my website and we discussed them in class; pgs.
       o Portugal
       o Spain
       o France
       o England
       o Dutch

   Impacts on Exploration: (We discussed these in class, they should be in your
   Positives vs. Negatives: (In class we highlighted our impact charts about what
    was positive during exploration and what was negative.)
        o Positive: Economy: A HUGE positive of exploration.
                Commercial Revolution (Pg. 403-404)
                Balance of Trade (Pg. 442)
                Mercantilism (Pg. 474)
                Laissez-Faire (Pg. 522-523)
                Spain’s Role in the Economy (401)
                Rise of the Dutch (402-404)
                Capital (549)
                Profit (403)
        o Negative: Slave Trade
                Triangle Trade
                Effects of Slavery
                Morality of enslavement
                Impacts

   Louis XIV (442-446)

   Colbert and the economy (442-446)
                Mercantilism
                Exporting
                Importing
                Subsidies
                Tariff
                Balance of Trade

   Terms:
       o Conquistadors
       o Treaty of Tordesillas/Line of Demarcation
       o Dutch East Indies Company