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									     Labour Law
 for Non-Lawyers

August to September 2006
               SDL Structure
              (Skills Development Levy)

                  100% SDL - 1% Payroll

20% NSF                                              10% Admin
                 70% Employer Grants                   Fasset

Y7: 1 Apr 06 - 31 Mar 07                 Unclaimed Levies (also used
                                         for discretionary grants)
Mandatory Grant
ATR 05/06 & WSP 06/07       (Annual Training Report & Workplace Skills Plan)

50% - was due 30 June 2006        (still open for newly registered employers)

SCG Discretionary Grant    (Strategic Cash Grant)

20% - due 31 March 2007
Criteria and forms on website
                 Scarce Skills Guideline
                   Unclaimed Levies
Crucial              Fasset’s SSP
                                         Strategic areas decided
importance of
                     (Sector Skills       annually by Fasset
Critical and
                     Plan)                Management Board
Scarce Skills in
the Fasset           has Scarce          CPE (Continuous Professional
sector, BEE          Skills list,         Education) also available to
Codes are            download off         SDL-exempt members who
linked               website              register with Fasset as an
This list is vital   More black and
                                         Used for Social Projects e.g.
for all within       disabled
                                          Grade 12 rewrite, work
the Fasset           individuals
                                          readiness programmes
sector for           needed in the
proper               sector as a         Strategic Cash Grant
interventions        current need,       Learnership Cash
                     guided by the        Grant
           Learnership Cash Grant
                LCG 2006/07
   For Black (Indian, African or Coloured) and/or disabled learners
   Two forms - 1 for SDL payers and 1 for SDL exempt
   Exempt employers to register with Fasset irrespective of
    whether they had an SDL number before (forms on www)
   Length of learnership linked to amount. 1 YR = R10 000,
    2 YR = R15 000 and 3 YR = R25 000 (once-off per learner)
   Allowable learnerships - Fasset and selected others
   Fasset learnership example: Chartered Management
    Accountant qualification offered by the Chartered Institute of
    Management Accountants (CIMA)
   e.g. non-Fasset learnership registered = National
    Certificate in Tourism (not applicable to this grant,
    but available learner registration)
           Learnership Cash Grant
                LCG 2006/07
   Learner must commence the programme between 1 April 2006
    and 31 March 2007
   45% of grant rejections due to learners not commencing the
    learnership in the correct period (see above)
   Timeframe for registering learnership agreements has
    changed to 30 days, incomplete forms are returned
   Levy payers must have completed a WSP - 26% of rejections
    are due to companies not having a correctly completed WSP
   Extensions will be granted if the request is received on or before
    the deadline date
   Firms may apply for an unlimited number of eligible learners
   Only firms with less than 150 employees may apply
             Learnerships Update

   There are 930 learnerships available nationally
   22 of these are Fasset learnership programmes
   Any employer may choose any learnership – but choosing a
    Fasset learnership allows access to Fasset grants
   The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a Fasset Quality
    Assurance Partner - their Office Administration learnership is
    now open for enrollment (contact Andrew 021 421-1110)
   The Debt Collectors learnership is being piloted by Fasset with
    enrollments scheduled for next year (contact Aboo at Fasset)
   There are tax incentives to taking on learnership
    programmes, with added tax incentives for taking on
    disabled learners
Exempt & SDL Paying Benefits

                                       EXEMPT   SDL
                        ATR & WSP      No SDL   
              Strategic Cash Grant     No SDL   
           Learnership Cash Grant              
            Continual Professional
        Education (CPE) Soft Skills            
                    CPE Legislative            
        Social Project Beneficiaries           
Adult Basic Education & Training               
  Skills Development Facilitator               
                 (SDF) Training
              Upcoming Events

   SDF Networking Event – topic to be decided
    (scheduled for November 2006)
   Budget and Tax Update - March to April 2007
   Soft Skills CPE - May 2007
   Please complete evaluation forms - feel free to
    suggest topics for future Fasset events (CPE or SDF
    Any Questions?

       Thank You
Call Centre: 086 101 0001

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