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             BUSINESS PLAN 2008-2011



The establishment of successful sub-regional private and public sector managed destination management structures has been a key aspect of government
policy for tourism devolution in England. It is one of the key objectives of Towards 2015: Shaping Tomorrow’s Tourism the 2005 tourism strategy for the
South West. Dorset, defined as the administrative areas covered by Dorset County Council, including the Districts and Boroughs of Weymouth and
Portland, Purbeck, Christchurch and East, West and North Dorset, as a leading sub-regional destination fully endorses the commitment to securing these
objectives. The Dorset tourism partnership will be known as Destination Dorset (DD).

Objectives for creating Destination Dorset:-

      To continually improve the quality of the destination visitor experience that truly delivers a „wow‟ factor.

      Develop an holistic and all encompassing approach to the sustainable management of tourism.

      Co-ordinate and secure various sources of funding to maximise investment in tourism.

      To stimulate investment and best practice in technology to benefit all involved with the tourism economy.

      Improve employment prospects in tourism with a commitment to increase non-seasonal, skilled and year-round tourism based employment.

      Encourage greater participation through a new tourism partnership membership scheme of all private sector players.

      Build trust, confidence and the will to achieve common aims by all involved with tourism working together to achieve a successful class leading

      To maintain public sector and local authority investment, remove duplication and promote economies of scale across the whole sector to improve
       the efficiency of current spending.

      Promote the sub-region as a single destination more effectively based on customer focused needs and visitor experience satisfaction.

      Facilitate improvements in quality, sustainability and visitor care.

      Provide improved organisational performance monitoring, public realm and service development.

      To shape the destination and become the voice for tourism in Dorset.


Our Vision
Dorset will become a leading destination regionally, nationally and internationally in the eyes of visitors, community and industry through offering visitors
experiences that are of a world class quality and distinctive nature.

Guiding Principles

The concepts of sustainability, quality, competitiveness and partnership working are key elements of this business plan and are firmly embedded into the
strategic direction of the future south west regional destination. By adhering to these principles tourism will be delivered within accepted environmental
limits, whilst maintaining the outstanding quality of our environment through delivering a vibrant, profitable tourism economy which benefits all. Visitor
management and quality are also the two most significant milestones identified for Dorset‟s involvement in the 2012 Olympiad and are equally
acknowledged for their importance.

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
It is intended to capture and build upon the importance of the once in a lifetime tourism opportunity presented to Dorset as it provides the sailing venue for
the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. DD will seek to influence the delivery of transport infrastructure improvements and to ensure that participation is
held in the most sustainable way. Tourism research indicates that the profile of a venue and the surrounding area may benefit for up to six years before the
event and the tourism legacy may also benefit afterward for a further six years. To secure these benefits the development and management of an optimal
branding and image strategy together with the requisite level of exposure pre and post games will be paramount. Such opportunities come rarely to sub-
regional destinations; it is vital that DD is highly proactive to reap potential dividends.
DD is integrated into the organisational structure for the delivery of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Dorset, and the development and delivery
of plans to ensure a beneficial and sustainable legacy for the area. It will have a particularly important role to play in ensuring that visitors to the area
before, during and after the 2012 Games enjoy a world class experience. Visitors will include athletes, their support and technical teams, officials, media
and spectators. The „experience‟ will include all aspects of accommodation, information and communication, food and drink, entertainment, transportation
and general welcome in Dorset.

Strategic Aims
DD has developed five strategic aims to manage future tourism activity as a single destination and provide a focus for action and delivery. The first aim is
about creating a structured partnership organisation that is fleet-footed, responsive to change and will make efficient use of skills and resources at its
disposal whilst respecting local individuality. The second is about investing in market intelligence, valuing it and acting upon it. Other aims are to create an
organisational culture to grasp opportunities, addressing issues in relation to destination management and marketing of the destination.


1.    Organisation
      Dorset will establish a private/public sector partnership to represent and lead tourism in Dorset. DD consisting of public, private and voluntary
      sectors will become the strategic focus of tourism in the county and will act as the primary voice and motivational force behind tourism. It will be a
      membership organisation, open to appropriate tourism related businesses and organisations, and promote the „join once‟ principle agreed with
      regional partners across the South West of England. DD will regularly review its organisational structure and governance with a view to evolving
      over time as the partnership matures and the external operating environment.

2.    Quality
      Improving and assuring quality of the visitor experience will be an over arching principle in everything the partnership does. Dorset will use its
      status as the sailing events venue for the 2012 Olympic Games to achieve international recognition as a must-visit destination, that offers a warm
      welcome and high levels of customer care that enhance the visitor experience. We will seek innovation in providing quality services that meet
      international standards, backed up by high quality visitor accommodation that always exceeds minimum quality standards. DD will also assess and
      monitor the quality of destination infrastructure and encourage the maintenance of high standards in the public realm.

3.    Marketing
      DD will adopt a county wide approach to destination marketing and create an identifiable and distinctive brand that clearly differentiates Dorset. It
      will adopt a marketing orientation that delivers real customer focus and delivers effective marketing solutions to reinforce memorable visitor
      experiences. To maximise tourism effort and efficiency the partnership will pool resources and work in collaboration with neighbouring destination
      tourism partnerships, where appropriate, to achieve competitive edge.
4.    Intelligence
      DD will develop an up-to-date intelligence led understanding of the performance of the sector, its businesses and consumers to underpin the co-
      ordination and delivery of the partnership. The partnership will utilise a variety of research sources and partners to identify customer insights, future
      challenges and trends, market change and the environmental impact of tourism activity, planned and actual. It will value market intelligence and
      encourage the private sector to share information as a tool to prioritise product development and marketing actions.

5.    Sustainability
      DD will act as a leader and catalyst in the field of sustainable tourism development at the sub-regional level. The organisation will take a lead and
      will be recognised as a destination known for its progressive stance on sustainable tourism. It will take steps to ensure that sustainability is
      engrained in the culture of all tourism providers and should not be viewed by the industry as merely a bolt on to business activity. It will deliver truly
      sustainable tourism in the county that meets the needs of the visitor, industry and community alike with regard to best practice, environmental limits
      and through considerate and sensitive management of the destination.



Destination Dorset is a private, voluntary and public sector partnership and membership organisation, formed to improve the performance of the tourism
sector within Dorset (as defined by the administrative area of Dorset County Council). It is non-statutory and self managing, directed by the Executive
Board. The tasks of the Executive Board are to:-

      Devise, approve, and implement the business plan for Destination Dorset, ensuring effective use and co-ordination of resources.
      Monitor and evaluate the delivery of the business plan, and the state of the tourism sector within Dorset.
      Secure the commitment and resources necessary to deliver the business plan, through membership subscriptions, funding bids and service level
      Provide a voice and single point of reference for the Dorset tourism sector.
      Manage the destination management system, data capture and stewardship.
      Manage the membership scheme of the Partnership and communicate effectively with the wider membership, including an annual report on delivery
       of the business plan.
      Recruit, appoint and guide Partnership dedicated staff (where identified through the business planning process).

The Board will comprise of fifteen members; eight private or voluntary sector individuals representing the thematic and geographical range of tourism
interests from across Dorset, and a representative from each of the seven local authorities (Board members may send nominated alternates where the
named representative is unable to attend). The Board will not normally have more than two members representing attractions, serviced accommodation,
self-catering providers or guiding or event related business. If a local authority chooses not to participate in the Partnership that place on the Board will be
open to a further private or voluntary sector representative.

The South West of England Regional Development Agency and South West Tourism will be invited to attend the Board in an observer and advisory
capacity. The technical and financial support of these bodies will be crucial to the evolution and success of DD.

A thriving and sustainable visitor economy has far reaching impacts on the economic and social well-being of local people and their environment, and is
integral to creating a sense of place. Local Authorities have a vital role to play in leading and co-ordinating destinations and creating and maintaining safe
and attractive places for local people and visitors. The Dorset local authorities are committed to supporting DD, by working with local businesses and
improving skills to develop the visitor economy, embedding the needs of the visitor economy in place shaping plans, ensuring the provision of a modern
visitor information service, and investing in those areas of place management that only the local authorities can deliver.

The Dorset local authorities have responded positively to a challenge from Government and signed up to a better two-tier working pathfinder initiative. This
is designed to deliver better services, improve efficiency, and promote the economic prosperity of the area. Acknowledging that visitors to Dorset do not
recognise local authority boundaries, the local authorities will improve co-ordination of effort and resources to support the visitor economy through DD.


In addition to the on-going tasks of the Executive Board identified above, it must undertake the following high priority tasks within the first year of the
business plan:-

      The establishment of the membership scheme for DD, incorporating a benefits package for members, and generating revenue to assist
       implementation of the action plan.
      Ensure effective communications with the trade, to achieve ‘buy-in’ to DD, and increase membership and participation in partnership
       activity. This will be achieved through the implementation of a Communication Strategy, which will ensure regular two-way
       communication between the trade and the Executive Board.
      Review effectiveness and value for money of the services provided by the Industry Support Unit at SWT, and decide upon future
      Liaise with destination management organisations around South West to obtain benefits of joint activity and benchmark performance.
      Play a productive, key role in the Dorset’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games management and legacy plans




         To build participation in nationally recognised quality schemes across all sectors
         To work with Dorset‟s local authorities to encourage sign up to the Partners for England Place Making Charter and to lobby for continued support
          and investment in tourism.
         To work through and with the Dorset New Forest Tourism Partnership to contribute to up-skilling within the local tourism (and related) workforce,
          through the provision and promotion of existing and identified training, to meet the needs of the visitor economy
         To raise quality in the wider tourism industry, e.g. the creative arts, transport, retail, etc, and to recognise and reward quality at a local level in all
          tourism related sectors

Suggested ‘quick wins’:

         Work with VisitBritain on incentive/promotion campaign to increase participation in the National Quality Assurance Scheme (NQAS)
         Run training and workshops for attractions to encourage sign up to VisitBritain Code of Practice
         Compile web-based Dorset Business Advice Pack for tourism related businesses

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                        Year 2 Tasks/Actions   Year 3            Lead & Key Contacts      Resources          Target & Key Milestones
(2008 - 2009)                                               (2009 - 2010)          Tasks/Actions
                                                                                   (2010 - 2011)
Undertake audit (desk research) of accommodation                                                     DD                       Staff Time         Audit completed to agreed
establishments to determine numbers in each sector                                                   Research/Intelligence                       timescale
and NQAS v Non-inspected.                                                                            Group
                                                                                                     Rachel Limb
                                                                                                     Local Tourism Officers
                                                                                                     DMS Data Steward
Carry out audit (desk research) of attractions, including                                            Lara Nixey               Staff Time         Audit completed to agreed
museums, and historic/natural sites. Identify those in                                               DD                                          timescale
VAQAS, those signed up to VB Code of Practice and                                                    Research/Intelligence
determine staffing levels (paid –v- volunteers).                                                     Group
                                                                                                     Local Tourism Officers
                                                                                                     DMS Data Steward
                                                                                                     Market Research Grp,


Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                       Year 2 Tasks/Actions                       Year 3                 Lead & Key Contacts          Resources                 Target & Key Milestones
(2008 - 2009)                                              (2009 - 2010)                              Tasks/Actions
                                                                                                      (2010 - 2011)
                                                                                                                             B’mth Uni
                                                                                                                             Historic Env. Mgr, DCC
Agree unified approach across Dorset on NQAS,                                                                                Adrian Parry                 Staff Time                Agreed Dorset policy on
including agreement on how to promote all schemes                                                                            Rachel Limb                                            quality schemes to be in
consistently on Dorset websites and in guides to ensure                                                                      DD Marketing & Branding                                place by April 2009.
they are understood by visitors.                                                                                             Group
                                                                                                                             Local Tourism Officers
                                                                                                                             VisitBritain (Pam Foden)
                                                                                                                             Shane Blackwell (QIT)

Liaise collectively with VB to help secure better deals    Further roadshows or similar to be held,                          Adrian Parry                 Staff Time + some         Set targets for NQAS
for local businesses, eg. Voucher or incentive schemes     as appropriate, to continue promotion of                          Rachel Limb                  funds for venue hire,     participation by end March
etc. and work with VB/QiT on series of promotions –        schemes.                                                          Local Tourism Officers       catering, etc             2009 (following audit), ie x%
roadshows, case studies, etc to promote participation in                                                                     Visit Britain (Pam Foden)    Suggest £1k be set        increase in graded
NQAS, based on pilot schemes in Weymouth &                                                                                   Shane Blackwell (QIT)        aside per year.           properties by end 2010.
Portland and Rural Dorset.                                                                                                                                Some funding may be
                                                                                                                                                          available via Tourism     100 businesses to have
                                                                                                                                                          Skills Network.           attended seminars by 30
                                                                                                                                                                                    April 2009.
                                                           Work with VB on VAQAS discounts for                               Paul Pinnock                 Staff time                X no. of attractions
                                                           local attractions and to encourage                                Best of Dorset Attractions   Venue Hire, catering,     inspected under VAQAS
                                                           Dorset attractions to sign up to VB                               Wessex Top Ten               etc Suggest £1k           scheme by end 2010.
                                                           Code of Practice, through provision of                            Attractions Group                                      (Baseline and target % to be
                                                           appropriate workshops and training.                               Liaise with CATA/DATA                                  determined on result of
                                                                                                                             VisitBritain (Peter Wass)                              audit.)
Work with SWT, VB and NewMind to provide initial and       Work with SWT, VB and NewMind to           ON-going DMS           Trevor Hedger                £2,000 for training in    List of Dorset data stewards
regular up-date training for data stewards to ensure       provide up-date training for data          training as required   TIC Managers and staff       2008/09                   agreed by end of 2008,
consistent accuracy and quality of data held on DMS.       stewards to ensure consistent accuracy                            Tourism Officers             £2,000 2009/10            initial training by end March
                                                           and quality of data held on DMS.                                  SWT/VB                                                 2009
Produce a specialist on-line Dorset business advice                                                                          Lara Nixey/Rachel Limb       Staff Time + printing     Advice Pack available by
pack for new and/or existing tourism businesses.                                                                             Local Tourism Officers       costs to be covered by    end of March 2009.
Available via internet to DD Members and for Tourism                                                                         Other Local Authority        each local authority as
Officers.                                                                                                                    Departments                  and when sent out.
                                                                                                                             Fire & Rescue Service
                                                                                                                             DNF Business & Skills


Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                         Year 2 Tasks/Actions                  Year 3          Lead & Key Contacts        Resources                Target & Key Milestones
(2008 - 2009)                                                (2009 - 2010)                         Tasks/Actions
                                                                                                   (2010 - 2011)
                                                                                                                   Business Link

Undertake an audit of the number of Blue Badge (and                                                                Dorset Blue Badge          Staff Time               Audit completed by end
other) tour guides available and their expertise, inc.                                                             Guides                     + resources to           March 2009, any identified
languages. Identify gaps in knowledge and/or expertise                                                             SW Language Network        encourage                courses arranged by end
and encourage further uptake of guiding qualifications.                                                            (Philada Rogers)           participation if gaps    2009.
                                                                                                                   Gary Fooks, 2012 Legacy    identified
                                                                                                                   DNF Business & Skills
                                                                                                                   Dorset Adult Learning
                                                                                                                   Tourism Skills Network
Work with DNFTP and TSN to build database of                                                                       DNF Business & Skills      Staff time               To have listing complete by
training opportunities – perhaps through the                                                                       Tourism Skills Network                              Dec 2008 and online by
DMS/websites.                                                                                                      Local Tourism Officers                              March 2009.
                                                                                                                   B’mth Hotel School +
                                                                                                                   other colleges
Analyse database of training schemes to identify any                                                               DNF Business & Skills      Staff Time +             Completed by:
gaps in provision, work with key training agencies to fill                                                         Tourism Skills Network     Resources. Funding       End 2008 – part of
gaps.                                                                                                              Local Tourism Officers     available through DNF    workforce development plan
                                                                                                                   B’mth Hotel School +       and TSN.                 for County.
                                                                                                                   other colleges
Include ‘free’ training course options within Destination                                                          DD Partnership             Staff Time + some        To have training offer built
Dorset membership package, particularly Welcome                                                                    Development Group          allowance for training   into 2009/10 membership.
Host/Customer Care.                                                                                                Rachel Limb                costs.
                                                                                                                   Debbie Horlock
Work with Dorset Safety Advisory Group, trading                                                                    Tourism Officers           Staff Time + funding     To have agreed policies in
standards, planning and licensing divisions to co-                                                                 Dorset Safety Advisory     for any guidance         place by 2011.
ordinate policy across Dorset.                                                                                     Group                      notes/forms
                                                                                                                   Local Licensing Officers
                                                                                                                   Trading Standards
                                                                                                                   Planning Officers
                                                                                                                   Licensed Victuellers
                                                                                                                   DD Marketing/Branding
Identify existing local awards schemes, e.g. Dorset          Work with current awards schemes to                   Andrew Coupe               To be determined.        X no. of tourism related


Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                       Year 2 Tasks/Actions                         Year 3          Lead & Key Contacts       Resources    Target & Key Milestones
(2008 - 2009)                                              (2009 - 2010)                                Tasks/Actions
                                                                                                        (2010 - 2011)
Business Awards.                                           ensure (sustainable) tourism elements                        Paul Pinnock                           categories
                                                           and work with DD Marketing Group to                          DD Marketing Group                     Or
                                                           promote participation in, and recognition                                                           X no. of tourism related
                                                           of, these awards.                                                                                   entries.
                                                           Identify/explore quality marks in other                      Pat Pryor                 Staff Time   Report available by October
                                                           related sectors to see if these can be                       Tourism Officers                       2009.
                                                           more widely applied and better                               Economic Development
                                                           promoted – e.g. Family Friendly                              Officers
Explore opportunities to promote local food and drink to   Build identified opportunities into                          Chalk & Cheese (D2)       Staff Time
both local businesses and visitors, including              Business Plan.                                               DD Sustainability Group
membership and promotion of relaunched Direct from                                                                      Dorset Food Links
Dorset scheme.                                                                                                          Taste of the West
                                                                                                                        Dorset Strategic

MEDIUM/LOW PRIORITIES to be considered in 2009/10

         NQAS „Alternatives‟;                    Work with VB on their proposed Day Visit Assessment Scheme, Review local Bournemouth Scheme to see if Dorset
                                                  could operate through locally trained assessors.
         Course Promotion                        Work with DNFTP & key partners to identify better methods and marketing channels for promoting key training,
                                                  particularly customer care, courses to local industry.
         Licensing Upgrades                      Investigate scheme with local licensing officers to build customer care, safety and other appropriate courses in
                                                  licensing conditions for event organisers, publicans and taxi drivers.
         Mystery Shopper                         Look at feasibility of local „mystery shopper‟ scheme, perhaps in liaison with local newspaper.

                                                                                                       - 10 -

Marketing & Branding


         To increase overall value of tourism in Dorset
         To increase average spend per visitor
         To increase out-of-season number of visitors
         To ensure visitor „circulation‟ between both coastal and rural Dorset (both in terms of visits during the day and overnight stays)
         To enable Dorset to develop a strong and differentiated identity of its own, emerging from the “2nd best to Devon/Cornwall” it arguably has now
         To increase the adoption of sustainable tourism e.g. car-free stays

Suggested ‘quick wins’:

         Logo/Branding
         Dorset website
         Dorset PR campaign
         Dorset Attractions Pass

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                               Year 2 Tasks/Actions                Year 3 Tasks/Actions                Lead & Key          Resources                 Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                                      (2009 - 2010)                       (2010 - 2011)                       Contacts                                      Milestones
Destination Dorset Logo: devise and agree, prepare                 Promote and monitor usage.          Promote and monitor usage.          Loraine Morris      £7,500 initial fee        Achieved
guidelines for trade usage and dissemination.                                                                                              Marketing Matters   £2,500 for further work

Strapline: Research & devise

Visitor research and segmentation survey to inform DD              On-going targeting and              On-going targeting and              Loraine Moris       £15,000                   Achieved
activity and priorities.                                           monitoring                          monitoring                          Arkenford

Tourism product development – from Arkenford & other               On-going product development        On-going product development        Tourism Officer     Staff time                To be determined
research, identify key themes (e.g. activity/sporting, cultural,   and link to promotional activity.   and link to promotional activity.   Group               £10,000 2008/09           following identification
heritage) to be developed for Dorset-wide promotional                                                                                      Marketing Group     £5,000 /annum             of themes.
activity, and develop appropriate support programmes e.g.                                                                                  Private sector      2009/10/11
pdf leaflets on website.

Dorset website development, to provide single point of             On-going product development        On-going product development        Trevor              £20,000 set-up in         Business Plan to be
contact for information, marketing, etc. Fed from local            and link to promotional activity.   and link to promotional activity.   Hedger/WDDC staff   2008/09                   agreed Autumn 2008

                                                                                                        - 11 -

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                              Year 2 Tasks/Actions              Year 3 Tasks/Actions              Lead & Key            Resources                 Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                                     (2009 - 2010)                     (2010 - 2011)                     Contacts                                        Milestones
authority based databases. Include elements relating to                                                                               input                 £15,000 per annum         New website launch
local food & transportation options as alternatives to the car.                                                                       Tourism Officer       thereafter                03/2009
                                                                                                                                      SWT/SWRDA             NB Implications of
                                                                                                                                      NewMind               withdrawal of SWRDA
                                                                                                                                                            funding will need to be

PR activity ; subscription to journalist alert & press release    On-going PR campaign.             On-going PR campaign.             Loraine Morris        £2,000 subscription       Quantification of value
distribution via agent such as Travmedia.                                                                                             Tourism Officers      + £5,000 costs.           of PR, in terms of
                                                                                                                                                                                      coverage and website
Printed literature : review & evaluation of existing printed      Design and print based upon       Design and print based upon       Tourism Officer       2009 Guides funded by     No. of Guides
literature e.g. Holiday Guides, Map & Guides, welcome             decisions agreed.                 decisions agreed.                 Group                 District Councils         distributed.
packs, thematic guides; proposal to be made for future            Evaluation of impact of printed   Evaluation of impact of printed   Marketing Group                                 Conversion rates.
production.                                                       Guides and publications.          Guides and publications.          Research – provider   £25k to be made           Economic impact.
Holiday Guides 2009; District based guides to incorporate
DD branding and whole Dorset content.                                                                                                                                                 2009 Guides –
Dorset lead generation initiatives to promote out-of-             Evaluation & implementation of    Evaluation & implementation of    Tourism Officer       £30,000pa                 No. of leads pursued.
season breaks (e.g. national newspaper supplements, email         programme                         programme                         Group                                           Conversion rates.
campaigns).                                                                                                                           Marketing Group                                 Economic impact.

Investigate scope for joint activity with South West Trains

Central response centre: Investigate efficiencies and             Dependent upon outcome of         Dependent upon outcome of         Tourism Officer       Staff time                No. of transactions.
benefits to be derived from a central response centre             2008/09 task and resource         2008/09 task and resource         Group/TIC             £20,000 per annum         Cost per transaction.
(fulfilment either via external or existing resources)            availability.                     availability.                     Managers Group

Dorset Attractions Pass; feasibility study (embed                 Dependent upon outcome of                                           John Houston          £2,500 for feasibility    Decision on whether or
sustainable tourism criteria & benefits, such as public           feasibility study.                                                  Tourism Officers      work                      not to proceed 09/08.
transport).                                                                                                                           Dorset Attractions
                                                                                                                                      Transport providers
Residents week/month; annual programme of events for              Evaluation & implementation of    Evaluation & implementation of    TourIsm Officer       £5,000 per annum          Take-up of offers.
local community to sample and support tourist attractions.        programme                         programme                         Group                                           No.s of residents
Consistent approach across Dorset.                                                                                                    Dorset Attractions                              attending programmes

                                                                                                     - 12 -

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                        Year 2 Tasks/Actions               Year 3 Tasks/Actions               Lead & Key         Resources       Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                               (2009 - 2010)                      (2010 - 2011)                      Contacts                           Milestones
                                                                                                                                                                     of events.
                                                                                                                                                                     Resident attitude
Overseas marketing; maintain current Dorset New Forest      Overseas marketing; maintain       Overseas marketing; maintain       Loraine Morris     £30,000         Value of media
activity, especially in build-up to 2012.                   current Dorset New Forest          current Dorset New Forest          Marketing Group                    coverage.
Participate in SWRDA review of overseas marketing (Autumn   activity, especially in build-up   activity, especially in build-up                                      Conversion rates.
2008).                                                      to 2012.                           to 2012.

Group Tourism : relevant information to be included in                                                                            Tourism O fficer
website build.                                                                                                                    Group
                                                                                                                                  Marketing Group

Exhibitions:                                                                                                                      Tourism Officer    £3,000 08/09    Attendance no.s
                                                                                                                                  Group              £10,000 09/10   Brochure distribution.
Evaluate 2009 attendance at NEC.                                                                                                  Marketing Group                    Website hits.

Consider Dorset-wide literature exchange.

Assess attendance at 2010 Best of Britain event as launch
for DesDor.

MEDIUM/LOW PRIORITIES to be considered in 2009/10

        Cruise tourism                         Priority for Weymouth; general Dorset linkage should be via DNF overseas marketing programme
        Business tourism                       Weymouth considered key focus, dependent upon current development and planning activity. Potential
                                                linkage with Bournemouth/Poole. Consider scope for investment.
        Educational tourism                    Include in 2nd stage of website development
        Exhibitions                            Assess potential of other exhibitions to fit in with thematic activity

                                                                                                - 13 -

Intelligence & Research


        ensure good understanding of context and competitive scenario in which Destination Dorset will compete
        ensure good understanding of visitor to the sub-region and identify issues to address

Suggested ‘quick wins’:

        Publicising/making existing data available via intranet

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                Year 2 Tasks/Actions                     Year 3 Tasks/Actions                          Lead & Key           Resources    Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                       (2009 - 2010)                            (2010 - 2011)                                 Contacts                          Milestones
Establish SWT future activity following                                                                                                    Loraine Morris

UK statistics/general background; disseminate       UK statistics/general background;        UK statistics/general background;             Steve Adamson        £3,000 per   Agree dates for
data available from VB/SWT, commission & make       disseminate data available from          disseminate data available from VB/SWT,       MRG (B’mouth Uni)    annum        dissemination.
available annual report from MRG on                 VB/SWT, commission & disseminate         commission & disseminate annual report from   Website                           Agree programme
statistics/trends on to website                     annual report from MRG on                MRG on statistics/trends.                     management                        with MRG.
Volume/Value of Tourism                                                                      Volume/Value of Tourism                       SWT (assumed)                     Provision of Dorset
     - no of visitors                                                                             - no of visitors                                                           and District reports
     - economic impact                                                                            - economic impact                                                          every two years.
Bi-annual survey from SWT.                                                                   Bi-annual survey from SWT.

No. of tourism businesses/bed spaces; verify                                                                                               Rachel Limb/2012     Staff time   Verification complete
estimates provided by SWT.                                                                                                                 Visitor                           and agreed 03/09
                                                                                                                                           Tourism Officers
Ensure that the land use planning implications of   Dissemination of information to policy   Dissemination of information to policy        David Walsh          Staff time   Coordinate with LDF
changing trends, sector needs and visitor demands   planners                                 planners                                      LA policy planners                timescales
are fed into the Local Development Framework
process of local authorities
National/SWT accommodation occupancy                                                                                                       Tourism Officer      To be        SWT Position

                                                                                              - 14 -

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                   Year 2 Tasks/Actions                         Year 3 Tasks/Actions                           Lead & Key         Resources    Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                          (2009 - 2010)                                (2010 - 2011)                                  Contacts                        Milestones
survey: increase participation of trade.                                                                                                           Group              determined   clarified.
                                                                                                                                                   SWT/SWRDA                       Action agreed to
                                                                                                                                                   Private sector                  increase
                                                                                                                                                   members                         participation.
Visitor survey                                         Continue with two yearly survey              Continue with two yearly survey (fieldwork     MRG/Loraine        £20,000      Survey agreed,
      - profile                                        (fieldwork annually) but finetune to         annually) but finetune to facilitate visitor   Morris                          undertaken, analysed
      - image perceptions                              facilitate visitor profile to segmentation   profile to segmentation and monitor image      Tourism Officers                and disseminated.
      - motivations                                    and monitor image perception changes.        perception changes.
      - activities
      - competitive destinations
      - satisfaction vs expectation
      - public realm
Continue with two yearly survey (fieldwork annually)
but finetune to facilitate visitor profile to
segmentation and monitor image perception

MEDIUM/LOW PRIORITIES to be considered in 2009/10

         Future Trends                                   Assess best way to understand future trends
         Destination competition monitoring              Identify best way to capture data.
         Business Confidence Barometer                   Check status of surveys formerly done by SWT. Consider need and feasibility for six monthly Dorset business
         Attractions                                     Visitor numbers; check status of SWT surveys and establish monitoring by Dorset attractions.
         New business start-ups
          & product investment                            Identify how best undertaken e.g. link to LAA/MAA work.
         Private Sector sources                          Sharing of data or trends emerging from private sector research, such as Natural Trust survey.
         Industry outside Dorset                         Consider benefits to be obtained from occasional survey.
         Community survey                                Set up on regular (every 3 years) basis, with completion on-line.
         Public realm                                    Included by Visitor Survey, but trade views not currently surveyed – consider means and cost of inclusion.

                                                                                                     - 15 -



         To ensure integration of sustainability objectives into Destination Dorset‟s structure, activities and outputs.
         To promote and increase „green‟ accreditation in Dorset (through validated schemes).
         To promote and increase responsible businesses and visitors.
         To promote and develop responsible tourist travel.

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                                  Year 2 Tasks/Actions                     Year 3          Lead & Key             Resources Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                                         (2009 - 2010)                            Tasks/Actions   Contacts                         Milestones
                                                                                                               (2010 - 2011)
Develop and adopt a DD Environmental Policy and operational                                                                    Julia Pulman / Sue     Staff time   Policy adopted 12/08
commitment.                                                                                                                    Dampney
                                                                                                                               Working Group
Ensure sustainable tourism principles are followed. To be                                                                      All Working Groups     Staff time   Annual audit
demonstrated to the Executive Board by working groups.
Run workshop for the DD Board, working groups and TiCs on                                                                      Emma Whittlesea        Staff time   Workshop Spring 2009
sustainable tourism to increase capacity and skills.                                                                           Working Group
Identify linkages with the 2012 Olympics sustainability actions for                                                            Working Group          tbc          tbc
the SW region.
Support and promote the Jurassic Coast Trust Visitor Payback                                                                   Julia Pulman           Staff time   Support programme
Scheme e.g. offer ‘opt-in’ box on website when booking                                                                         Marketing Group                     agreed 03/09
                                                                                                                               Jurassic Coast Trust
Promote and increase up-take of GTBS and Bellamy schemes                                                                       Jo Martin / Jo Edom    Staff time   Business Cumulative
(consider subsidy for businesses pursuing accreditation):                                                                      Working Group          £2,500       targets for green
GTBS baseline as of 30.4.08 was 24                                                                                             DNFTP                               accreditation: 08/09: 65,
Bellamy Baseline as of 30.4.08 was 31                                                                                          Dorset Holiday Parks                09/10: 80, 10/11: 100
                                                                                                                               Group                               Weymouth area target
                                                                                                                               Best of Dorset                      related to 2012: Mar 09 –
                                                                                                                               Attractions                         10/ Mar 10 – 17/
                                                                                                                               TICs                                Mar 11 - 25
                                                                                                                               FSB                                 TIC GTBS Target: By year
                                                                                                                               Dorset Business                     10/11 80% of TICs to have
                                                                                                                                                                   GTBS award

                                                                      Develop ‘green accreditation’                            Jo Martin              £2,000       Annual training event

                                                                                                      - 16 -

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                                                 Year 2 Tasks/Actions                               Year 3          Lead & Key           Resources Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                                                        (2009 - 2010)                                      Tasks/Actions   Contacts                       Milestones
                                                                                                                        (2010 - 2011)
                                                                     training/awareness and promotional activity                        Working Group
                                                                     for all validated certification schemes to both                    Marketing Group
                                                                     the consumer and local businesses.
Develop Dorset Visitor Charter and Dorset Visitor Communication                                                                         Julia Pulham / Sue   Officer time   Ready to roll out by 04/09
materials linking to and working with the Future Footprints                                                                             Dampney              £2,500
campaign - ‘Discover what makes Dorset special’                                                                                         Working Group
                                                                                                                                        AONB Teams
Embed Visitor Charter messages throughout the County:                                                                                   Julia Pulman         £2,000         Evidence of VC messages
      Into all District Guides                                                                                                         Working Group                       embedded
      Messages/articles in District newsletters                                                                                        Future Footprints
      Promotional display for TICs                                                                                                     SWT
      Materials to promote messages to the visitor                                                                                     AONB Teams
Set up web links promoting suppliers lists to help businesses                                                                           D2                   Staff time     Links in place by 03/09
procure and support local products and food producers, identifying                                                                      Marketing Group
where you can source different items and helping to identify the                                                                        South West Food &
gaps/problems.                                                                                                                          Drink
                                                                                                                                        Direct from Dorset
                                                                                                                                        County Council DCC
                                                                                                                                        Procurement Team
                                                                     Articles in trade newsletters and e-bulletins to                   Working Group        Staff time     Articles appearing as from
                                                                     the tourism businesses linking to Dorset                           Marketing Group                     06/09
                                                                     Food Week and specific initiatives                                 Tourism Officers

MEDIUM/LOW PRIORITIES to be considered in 2009/10

        Influencing planning policies to ensure sustainable tourism is embedded in planning process and documents.
        Develop a Dorset Sustainability Business Charter and promotional material.
        Develop green accreditation training /awareness and promotional activity for all validated schemes to both the consumer and local businesses.
        Develop trade and visitor focussed web pages promoting the Visitor Charter.
        Publicise and distribute green business support materials and information to local businesses.
        Develop sustainable tourism champions in each District.
        Develop goodwill actions and communications material to encourage visitors to offset their holiday carbon footprint.
        Identify and develop new car free days and trails to reduce use of the private car.
        Develop information for those travelling by air and ferry of the public transport opportunities and benefits in Dorset, including offers and incentives.

                                                                                                    - 17 -

         Visitor Management


        To enhance existing TIC network and services.
        To assist Dorset Tourist Information Centres to work in partnership and provide structured support for information provision.

Suggested ‘quick wins’:

        To create a formal Dorset TIC Managers Group with regular scheduled meetings to investigate and advise on DMS issues, best practice and future
         visitor management initiatives.

Year 1 Tasks/Actions                  Year 2 Tasks/Actions                                     Year 3 Tasks/Actions             Lead & Key        Resources           Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)                         (2009 - 2010)                                            (2010 - 2011)                    Contacts                              Milestones
TIC Managers to consider likely service requirements for visitor from 2010 onwards including                                    Dorset TIC        Staff Time
volumes and accessibility requirements.                                                                                         Managers
                                                                                                                                Nick Thornley
                                                                                                                                2012 Visitor
                                                                                                                                M’gement Sub
                                                                                                                                David Walsh
                                                                                                                                Simon King
Work with Tourism Officers to determine single ‘Business Model’ for Dorset TICs to cover                                        Dorset TIC        Staff time          To have agreed
bookings and commissions.                                                                                                       Managers                              business model in
                                                                                                                                Group                                 place for 2010.
                                                                                                                                Local Tourism
                                                                                                                                Other TIC
Support 3 TICs to go through          Support 3 TICs to go through GTBS, through sharing TIC   Support 2 TICs to go through     Dorset TIC        Staff time          8 TICs completed
GTBS, through sharing TIC case        case studies, providing funding and advice.              GTBS, through sharing TIC case   Managers          £1,755 over three   GTBS
studies, providing funding and                                                                 studies, providing funding and   Group             years
advice.                                                                                        advice.                          Jo Martin
                                                                                                                                Tourism Working

                                                                                               - 18 -

Year 1 Tasks/Actions   Year 2 Tasks/Actions                                      Year 3 Tasks/Actions   Lead & Key        Resources                    Target & Key
(2008 - 2009)          (2009 - 2010)                                             (2010 - 2011)          Contacts                                       Milestones
                       Identify those TICs signed up to VisitBritain ‘Official                          Dorset TIC        Staff time
                       Partners’ scheme. Establish minimum criteria for other                           Managers
                       Dorset TICs and set out road map to ensure they can                              Group
                       join Official Partners programme.                                                Adrian Parry
                                                                                                        Local Tourism
                                                                                                        Other TIC
                                                                                                        (Tracey Taylor)
                       Assess possibility of introducing ‘Dorset’ branding to                           Dorset TIC        Staff Time – resources
                       TICs – uniforms, headed paper, etc                                               Managers          required if any
                                                                                                        Group             branding identified
                                                                                                        Adrian Parry
                                                                                                        Local Tourism
                                                                                                        Other TIC
                       Explore introduction of ‘mobile TICs’ both for the                               Dorset TIC        Initially just staff time,   To have assessed
                       Olympics and for other key sites/events.                                         Managers          funding may be               feasibility/costs etc by
                                                                                                        Group             required later.              end of 2009.
                                                                                                        Local Tourism
                                                                                                        Other TIC
                                                                                                        Dorset County
                                                                                                        Council -
                                                                                                        (Mobile Library

                                                                                 - 19 -


Financial resources.

        These figures are estimates based upon the actions identified through the business planning process, and committed funds from regional and local
         bodies and authorities.
        No income from SWT membership scheme in 2008/09 has been included, but increasing thereafter (based upon DD membership scheme attracting
         additional members).
        LA funding includes current DNFTP support (no reduction on LA contributions). LA allocations may not be fully aligned to expenditure headings for

                                                                       2008/09                               2009/10                                2010/11
SWT/SWRDA                                                              £80,000                               £50,000                                £50,000
Local Authorities                                                      £80,000                              £100,000                                £130,00
Membership subscriptions                                                    £0                               £30,000                                £50,000
Revenue generated from marketing                                            £0                               £10,000                                £10,000
TOTAL                                                                 £160,000                              £190,000                               £240,000

Partnership                                                            £20,000                               £10,000                                      £
Quality                                                                 £4,000                                £4,000                                £10,000
Marketing                                                             £105,500                              £153,000                               £193,500
Intelligence & research                                                £23,000                               £23,000                                £40,000
Sustainable tourism                                                     £7,000                                £5,000                                £10,000
TOTAL                                                                 £159,500                              £195,000                               £253,500

                                                                           - 20 -

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