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					                                 Central Bank of                                                                                      4        Wednesday 7th March, 2007

                                   Sri Lanka                                                                                              Grade 5 Scholarship Examination
Established under the Monetary Law Act, No. 58 of 1949, the Central Bank is considered as the premier financial institution in

                                                                                                                                               2006 — cut off marks
the country with its present staff including 315 graduates, 143 post-graduates (PhD/Masters), 16 lawyers and 58 accountants.
Most of its activities are fully automated and all officers are linked through sophisticated computer networks.
As per its Strategic Plan, the vision of the Central Bank is to be a credible and dynamic Central Bank contributing to the
prosperity of Sri Lanka. The key objectives of the Central Bank are to maintain economic and price stability and financial
system stability with the aim of creating a conducive macroeconomic environment for sustainable long-term high growth in the                                                                                                                        Cut off
                                                                                                                                                School Name                                              Address                                    Mark
In addition to providing strategic leadership for the financial sector, the Central Bank provides prudential and pro-active policy          1. Vishaka Balika M.V           .                            Colombo 4                                  175
recommendations to the government with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, earning respect for its objectiv-               2. Mahamaya B.M.V         .                                  Kandy                                      172
ity and apolitical stance. In doing so, the values maintained by the Central Bank are its commitment to inspirational leadership,
transparency, accountability, integrity, commitment to professional competence, lifelong learning, knowledge sharing and
                                                                                                                                            3. Devi Balika M.V    .                                      Colombo 8                                  169
innovation, consistency and accuracy, operational autonomy, continuous commitments to results and commitment to partici-                    4. Maliyadeva Balika M.V                .                    Kurunegala                                 168
patory work practices.                                                                                                                      5. Sirimavo Bandaranaike Balika M                            Colombo 7                                  166
                                                                                                                                            6. Southland Balika M.V               .                      Galle                                      165
                                                                                                                                            7. Holy Family Balika M.V                 .                  Kurunegala                                 164
      The Central Bank now has several Opportunities for                                                                                    8. Girls High School                                         Kandy                                      163
                                                                                                                                            9. Sujatha Balika V    .                                     Rahula Road, Matara                        163
            Young Professionals to join its team as:                                                                                        10. Anula Balika M.V      .                                  Nugegoda                                   162
                                                                                                                                            11. Sangamitta M.V   .                                       Wekwella Road, Galle                       161
                                                                                                                                            12. Rathnawali Balika M.V               .                    Gampaha                                    160
                                    • Management Trainees and                                                                               13. Ferguson Girls High School                               Ratnapura                                  160
                                                                                                                                            14. St. Joseph's Balika M.V             .                    Kegalle                                    160
                                    • Banking Assistants (Trainees)                                                                         15. St. Paul's Balika M.V         .                          Milagiriya, Colombo 5                      159
                                                                                                                                            16. Viharamaha Devi B.V              .                       Kiribathgoda                               158
 If you are an enthusiastic team player with leadership qualities, have an achievement ori-                                                 17. Pushpadana Balika M.V                 .                  Kandy                                      156
 entation and a citizen of Sri Lanka with the following qualifications, you have a chance to                                                18. St. Thomas Girls High School                             Walpala, Matara                            156
 join the Premier Financial Institution of the Country.                                                                                     19. St. Joseph B.M.V   .                                     Nugegoda                                   155
                                                                                                                                            20. Yasodara Devi Balika M.V                   .             Gampaha                                    155
                                                                                                                                            21. St. Anthony's Balika M.V                 .               Gampaha                                    155
                                                                                                                                            22. Kegalle Balika M.V        .                              Kegalle                                    153
1.         Management Trainees Leading to Staff Officer Grade I                                                                             23. Samudradevi Balika                                       Nugeoda                                    152
1.1    Required Qualifications:                                                                                                             24. Gothami Balika M.V           .                           Temple Rd., Colombo 10                     152
                                                                                                                                            25. Swarnamali B.M.V         .                               Kandy                                      152
       1.1.1 A Special Degree with 1st Class/2nd Class (Upper Division) or above or high Grade Point Average (i.e. 3.5 and
                                                                                                                                            26. Ananda Balika V     .                                    Maligakanda Rd., Colombo 10                151
             above out of a maximum of 4.0 points) obtained from a recognized University in the disciplines of Economics,
             Banking & Finance, Engineering, Management (Commerce, Public/Business Administration), Accounting, Math-                       27. Sri Sumangala Balika M.V                    .            Panadura                                   151
             ematics, Econometrics, Quantities Methods, Statistics and Law with Attorney-at-Law                                             28. Yasodara B.M.V   .                                       Kinsy Rd., Colombo 8                       150
                                                                                                                                            29. Holly Family Girls School                                Wennappuwa                                 150
                                                                                                                                            30. Viharamahadevi B.M.V                .                    Kandy                                      149
              A Post Graduate Degree at Master’s or higher-level obtained in one of the above disciplines from a recognized
                                                                                                                                            31. Princes of Wales College                                 Moratuwa                                   148
                                                                                                                                            32. Sri Sangamitta Balika M.V                    .           Matale                                     148
                                                                                                                                            33. Rippon Balika V   .                                      Galle                                      148
       1.1.2 Passed Finalist of one of the following professional bodies:                                                                   34. Visaka B.V  .                                            Sapugaskanda                               147
             - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICA-SL)                                                                 35. Newstead Balika M.V             .                        Negombo                                    147
             - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICA-EW)
                                                                                                                                            36. Hemamali B.M.V      .                                    Kandy                                      147
             - The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA-UK)
             - The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA-UK)                                                                 37. Seethadevi B.M.V      .                                  Kandy                                      145
             - The Society of Management Accountants of Sri Lanka                                                                           38. Visaka Balika M.V       .                                Bandarawela                                144
             - The Certified Public Accountants (CPA) USA/Australia                                                                         39. Swarnapali Balika M.V               .                    Anuradhapura                               140
             - Institute of Internal Auditors (Final Examination leading to Certified Internal Audit Certification) - USA                   40. Kuda Kusum Balika M.V                   .                Bandarawela                                139
             - The Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR), USA leading to the award of charter as
                a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA);                                                                                        Boys Schools
                                                                   OR                                                                       1. Royal College                                             Colombo 7                                  174
       1.1.3 A Special Degree with 1st Class or 2nd Class (Upper Division) Pass obtained from a recognized university in                    2. Dharmaraja V      .                                       Kandy                                      173
             Computer Science with a minimum of 1 year experience in developing computer applications for a reputed                         3. Ananda College                                            Colombo 10                                 169
             institution with a large computer system or a large networked system;                                                          4. Kingswood College                                         Kandy                                      168
                                                                   OR                                                                       5. Maliyadeva Boys College                                   Kurunegala                                 168
       1.1.4 A Special Degree with 1st Class or 2nd Class (Upper Division) Pass obtained from a recognized university in                    6. D. S. Senanayaka M.V        .                             Colombo 7                                  165
             engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering with a minimum of 1 year experience in designing/                      7. Nalanda M.V    .                                          Colombo 10                                 164
             development/installation/maintenance of local area and wide area computer networks.                                            8. Richmond College                                          Galle                                      164
                                                                   OR                                                                       9. Rahula College                                            Matara                                     164
       1.1.5 General Degree with 1st Class or 2nd Class (Upper Division) from a recognized university in Computer Science                   10. St. Annes M.V   .                                        Kurunegala                                 164
             as a subject for the Degree and with a minimum of 2 years experience in developing computer applications for                   11. St. Sylvester's College                                  Kandy                                      162
             a reputed institution with a large computer system or a large networked system;                                                12. Isipathana M.V     .                                     Colombo 5                                  161
                                                                   OR                                                                       13. Thurstan M.V    .                                        Colombo 3                                  160
                                                                                                                                            14. Mahanama M.V         .                                   Kollupitiya                                158
       1.1.6 A Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) with a minimum of 3 years experience in developing
             computer applications for a reputed institution with a large computer system or large networked system;                        15. Vidyartha College                                        Kandy                                      158
                                                                                                                                            16. Mahinda College                                          Galle                                      158
                                                                                                                                            17. Kegalle M.V .                                            Kegalle                                    156
       1.1.7 Associate Member of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (AIB/DBF-IBSL) or the Chartered Institute of Bank-                   18. Asoka V .                                                Colombo 8                                  155
             ers — UK (CIB-UK) with a minimum of 1 year executive experience in a Commercial Bank.
                                                                                                                                            19. St. Thomas Boys College                                  Matara                                     154
1.2    Age: Below 30 years as at the closing date of the applications (6th April 2007).                                                     20. Bandaranayaka M.V        .                               Gampaha                                    153
1.3    Remuneration: An all inclusive fixed allowance of Rs. 45,000 per month for the training period of two years during                   21. St. Aloysius College                                     Galle                                      152
       which period they will be on probation. Thereafter, they will be absorbed into the Staff Officer Grade I. In addition to the         22. Prince of Wales College                                  Moratuwa                                   150
       other fringe benefits, the gross remuneration of Staff Officer Grade I would be around Rs. 63,500 per month.                         23. Joseph Vaz M.M.V       .                                 Wennappuwa                                 154

                                                                                                                                            Mixed Schools
2. Banking Assistants (Trainees) Leading to Non Staff Class                                                                                 1. Bandarawela M.M.V                .                        Bandarawela                                158
   Grade II                                                                                                                                 2. Taxila M.M.V      .                                       Horana                                     157
                                                                                                                                            3. Maliyadeva Model School                                   Colombo Road Kurunegala                    156
2.1    Required Qualifications:                                                                                                             4. Dharmapala M.V           .                                Pannipitiya                                155
       Passed six subjects in G.C.E. (O/L) at one sitting with at least with 5 B Passes including Mathematics, English and                  5. Dharmashoka M.M.V                  .                      Ambalangoda                                153
       Sinhala/Tamil,                                                                                                                       6. Matara M.M.V        .                                     Matara                                     152
                                                              AND                                                                           7. Kuliyapitiya M.M.V             .                          Kuliyapitiya                               151
       At least one of the following qualifications:                                                                                        8. Anuradhapura M.M.V                   .                    Anuradhapura                               151
              (i)        G.C.E. (A/L) at least with 3 C Passes at one sitting.                                                              9. Dharmapala M.V           .                                Bandarawela                                151
              (ii)       CBF of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL)                                                                10. Pinnawala M.M.V           .                              Rambukkana                                 150
              (iii)      Licentiate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICA-SL)                                         11. Bandaranayaka M.M.V                   .                  Veyangoda                                  149
              (iv)       Intermediate Stage of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA-UK)                                  12. Rajakeeya V   .                                          Horana                                     149
2.2    Age: Not less than 18 years and not over 22 years as at the closing date of the applications (6th April 2007).                       13. Seevali M.M.V      .                                     Hidellana, ratnapura                       149
                                                                                                                                            14. Sri Darmaloka M.M.V                 .                    Kelaniya                                   148
2.3    Remuneration: An all inclusive fixed allowance of Rs. 25,000 per month during the training period of two years.                      15. C.W.W. Kannangara M.M.V                 .                Mathugama                                  148
       Thereafter, trainees who are found to be suitable will be absorbed into the Non Staff Class (NSC) Grade II level. In                 16. Ibbagamuwa M.M.V               .                         Ibbagamuwa                                 148
       addition to the other fringe benefits, the initial gross remuneration of NSC Grade II would be around Rs. 37,000 per
                                                                                                                                            17. Ananda V  .                                              Chilaw                                     148
                                                                                                                                            18. Dhammissara M.M.V                 .                      Nattandiya                                 148
                                                Selection Procedure                                                                         19. Devananda M.V        .                                   Ambalangoda                                147
                                                                                                                                            20. Sir John Kothelawala M.                                  Kurunegala                                 147
                           By a competitive examination and one or more interviews.                                                         21. Lumbini V   .                                            Colombo 5                                  146
                                                       Applications                                                                         22. Thakshila M.W.                                           Gampaha                                    146
                                                                                                                                            23. Weeraketiya M.M.V             .                          Weeraketiya                                146
                                                                                                                                            24. Sri Rahula V   .                                         Katugasthota                               145
       If you have the above qualifications and wish to apply, your application in the prescribed form should be sent by
       registered post to reach the undersigned on or before 06.04.2007.                                                                    25. Dudley Senanayake M.M.V                 .                Tholangamuwa                               145
                                                                                                                                            26. Japalawatta (Janadipathi) M.M.V             .            Minuwangoda                                144
       The prescribed application form could be obtained from the undersigned at the address given below by sending a self-
       addressed stamped envelope (9"x4" in size). Specified application forms are also available at the following places:
                                                                                                                                            27. Harischandra M.V            .                            Temple Road, Negombo                       144
                                                                                                                                            28. Gurukula M.V       .                                     Kelaniya                                   143
       •      Regional Office                                       •       Regional Office                                                 29. Rajakeeya M.M.V          .                               New Town, Polonnaruwa                      143
              Central Bank of Sri Lanka                                     Central Bank of Sri Lanka                                       30. Walisinghe Harischandra M.V               .              Anuradhapura                               142
              35, Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha                              341, 1st Stage, New Town                                        31. St. Joseph’s M.V      .                                  Bandarawela                                138
              Matara                                                        Anuradhapura                                                    32. Poramadulla M.M.V              .                         Rikillagaskada                             136

       •      Central Bank of Sri Lanka                             •       Centre for Banking Studies
              Regional Office                                               Central Bank of Sri Lanka
              8, Vidyala Place
                                                                            58, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha
                                                                            Rajagiriya                                                Balance of trade in favour
                                                                                                                                      of China – Chambers
       Alternatively, prescribed application forms could also be downloaded from the Central Bank Website.
       Please indicate name of the post that you are intending to apply on the top left hand corner of the envelope.
       Any application not meeting the required qualifications or received after the deadline will be rejected without notice.
       Further, applicants, who do not possess the required qualifications as at the closing date, will not be eligible to apply.
                                                                                                                                           The Federation of Chambers of                    The Federation also said that it was       mark in toto the balance of trade does not
                                                                                                                                      Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka, in a          appreciative of a tangible development in      show a sufficient growth in respect of Sri
       Any form of canvassing will be a disqualification.                                                                             statement issued yesterday, on the comple-        connection with President Rajapakse’s visit    Lanka’s exports. As a result there is no sig-
       The Bank reserves the right to decide the number of positions to be filled or postpone/cancel the recruitment.                 tion of the visit by President Mahinda            to China and it had gained market access       nificant narrowing of trade gap between the
                                                                                                                                      Rajapakse to China, said Sri Lanka’s bal-         for products from Sri Lanka, as indicated in   two countries”, the statement said.
                                                                                                                                      ance of trade with China was heavily              the official communiqué issued at the con-          It also said that under the circumstances
                          Director — Human Resources                                                                                  weighted in favour of China                       clusion of the visit.                          the decision of the Chinese Government to
                                                                                                                                           “Our exports are virtually stagnant. So          The Federation was of the view that        provide market access to local products is
            Central Bank of Sri Lanka, No. 30, Janadhipathi Mawatha,                                                                  far, Sri Lanka’s own efforts at precise identi-   Chinese official intervention could have a     potentially beneficial and hoped that the Sri
                            P.O. Box 590, Colombo 01.                                                                                 fication of Chinese markets for local prod-       positive impact on the current picture of      Lanka export trade will soon take adequate
   Telephone: 2477225, 2477573 Fax: 2477715, e-mail: Central Bank Website:                           ucts have not met with the required degree        trading between the two countries. ”Though     measures to initiate action in order to capi-
                                                                                                                                      of success”, the statement said.                  such trading exceeded the billion dollar       talize on this development.