ACORNrebrandingchart_Master May 2010 by breitbart

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        Major ACORN Af filiates (National)
  ACORN Housing Corp. Inc.                                    Project Vote hasn’t changed its
      Affordable Housing Centers of                           name yet.
  America Inc.
                                                              Fun Facts: PV orchestrates ACORN’s
  Fun Facts: AHC is being probed by                           voter fraud campaigns. Barack
  HUD. It funnels your tax dollars to other                   Obama worked there.
  ACORN affiliates. It helped cause the
  subprime crisis.

  American Institute for Social Justice                       ACORN Institute hasn’t changed
  hasn’t changed its name yet.                                its name yet.

  Fun Facts: AISJ trains budding young                        Fun Facts: AI encourages Americans
  community agitators.                                        to get on the public dole.

                         ACORN State Chapter s
                               Confir med Rebrandings
AR: Arkansas Community                MN: Minnesota Neigh-                     NY: New York Communities
Organizations                         borhoods Organizing for                  for Change
CA: Alliance of Californians                                                   PA: Pennsylvania Neighbor-
for Community Empower-                MO: Missourians Organizing               hoods for Social Justice; and
ment (ACCE)                           for Reform & Empowerment                 Pennsylvania Communities
                                      (MORE)                                   Organizing for Change
CT, MA, RI: New England
United for Justice                                                             TX: Texas Organizing Proj-
                                            Yet To Rebrand                     ect
DC, MD: Communities Unit-
ed                                             AZ CO DE FL                     WA: Organization United for
                                               MI NV NJ NM                     Reform (OUR) Washington
LA: A Community Voice                          NC OH SC TN

         chart by Matthew Vadum, Capital Research Center -; updated May 11, 2010

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