Pocket Rocket Part II by keara


									Pocket Rocket Part II
A’PEXi Gives Mister 2 A Second Wind
Text & Photos By Robert Choo
    In Part I we introduced the lat-
est addition to our stable of project
vehicles, a 1991 Toyota MR-2
Turbo. The MR-2 powerplant is a
2.0-liter 16-valve twin-cam tur-
bocharged engine (3SGTE). In
stock form the 3SGTE makes 200
horsepower and 200 lbs-ft of
torque at the flywheel. The first
item on the agenda was to bring the
MR-2 engine back up to speed, so
we took a trip to JG Engine
Dynamics to use the company's
Dynojet Dynamometer.

         MR-2 vs. Dynojet
    With the MR-2 securely
strapped on the Dynojet, it ran the
rollers to 151.4 horsepower and
159.9 lbs-ft of torque. Studying the    a peak horsepower of 161.7 and the     from ACT. Mueller Fabrication is
horsepower and torque curve we          curve was strong throughout the        also going to be called upon for a
noticed the MR-2 was struggling         rpm band.                              billet aluminum flywheel.
past 5500 rpm and we surmised the                                                  After doing some research on
MR-2 was down on horsepower.                    Carlsbad Raceway               all the available products for the
We decided to give the Toyota a             A quick trip was taken to          MR-2 Turbo we contacted A'PEXi
quick tune-up before adding any         Carlsbad Raceway for some base-        for some bolt-on performance
performance parts to the vehicle.       line quarter-mile runs. An ice chest   products. Eric Hsu of A'PEXi sug-
With an extra set of NGK plugs          with two bags of ice was brought       gested that the RS Muffler, Super
handy, we gapped them to                along to help cool the insufficient-   Intake and Super Blow-Off valve
.031inches and installed them into      ly-sized factory intercooler in the    should be the first things to install.
the cylinder head. The new plugs        90-degree-plus weather. On its         The RS Muffler features a special
made an extra four horsepower—          maiden run, the MR-2 was only          megaphone design that increases
not bad for spending only eight         able to muster a 15.6 at 92.71 mph.    the size from three inches before
bucks. However, the horsepower          We did, however, miss the second-      the muffler to four inches after. The
output was still not what we had        gear shift. By the end of the day we   design helps to increase top-end
hoped for and the curve still           salvaged a 14.468 quarter-mile run     performance and will not sacrifice
seemed to be struggling past 5700       at 95.81 mph backed by a 14.723        low-end torque. The Super Intake
rpm. We suspected the air flow          run at 94.04 mph. We soon realized     also features a special design,
meter to be the problem. After con-     the transmission was going south       namely dual funnel technology. A
fiscating a unit from another MR-       as we encountered a grinding sec-      funnel is located at the top and at
2, we quickly installed the flow        ond and third gear. Before we come     the base of the filter. The funnels
meter. With the new air flow meter      back to Carlsbad we hope to have       help to create a smooth transition
installed, the 3SGTE engine made        the transmission fixed by Anaheim      from the atmosphere to the intake
1 Courtesy of TURBO / 11-98             Gear and install an Extreme clutch     pipe. A Super Blow-Off valve was
                                              throttle body with a big-bore throt-
                                              tle body from JG Engine
                                              Dynamics. The new throttle body
                                              made an extra 3.4 peak horsepow-
                                              er, but increased performance
                                              throughout the powerband was
                                              realized and we noticed a smoother
                                              power curve all the way to redline.
                                              The bolt-on parts increased the out-
                                              put of the 3SGTE engine to 178.2
On its maiden dyno pull the MR-2 was          horsepower 10.2-percent increase.            The new Super Air Intake from A'PEXi
only putting down 151.4 horsepower and                                                     increased air flow into the turbocharger
159.9 lbs-ft of torque to the wheels. After
                                              Since the vehicle was going to be            while filtering all the harmful elements
giving the MR-2 a quick tune-up we were       using a test pipe at the racetrack we        that would damage the turbo.
able to bump up the horsepower output         debated on how much horsepower
to 161.7.
                                              the pipe would make. After
recommended to help decrease the              installing the test pipe, the Toyota
chances of any compressor surges              spun the rollers to the tune of 191.8
and help keep the turbocharger                horsepower. That's 13 extra horses
spooled between shifts.                       at the peak and over 22 horsepow-
                                              er at redline.
   Round 2: MR-2 vs. Dynojet                      We have produced over 40
    XS Engineering was called                 horsepower and 40 lbs-ft of torque
upon to fabricate a custom test pipe          since the day the MR-2 was pur-
                                                                                           To prevent any possible compressor
for track use only. While there, we           chased (see dyno chart A). We                surge an A'PEXi Blow-Off valve was
installed the RS Muffler from                 hope to take the car back to                 installed. Compressor surges can dam-
A'PEXi and headed out to JG                   Carlsbad and bust out some high              age the compressor wheel which can
                                                                                           lead to the death of the turbo.
Engine Dynamics for a dyno run.               13-second timeslips with only a
The exhaust system made an                    few bolt-on mods. With the help of
increase of 8.6 peak horsepower               the new clutch and flywheel,
and 15 horsepower at redline,                 rebuilt transmission and the extra
bumping the peak output of the                horses under the hood it should be
engine to 170.3 horsepower. With              an easy task. In the next installment
the air filter installed, the MR-2            we will be adding some trick sus-
spun the rollers to 174.8 horsepow-           pension components from Tanabe.
er. Content with the output figures           Stay tuned as we attempt to be one           The 3SGTE engine now produces 191.8
we moved on to replace the factory            of the fastest street-legal MR-2s in         horsepower and 198.7 lbs-ft of torque to
                                              the country.                                 the wheels. With 30 extra horsepower
By adding the A'PEXi RS muffler we                                                         over the first trip to Carlsbad, we should
were able to boost the horsepower lev-                                                     be seeing 13-second timeslips in the
                                              A big-bore throttle body from JG Engine      near future.
els to 170.3, up 8.6 horsepower from
                                              Dynamics not only increased the horse-
before. At 7000 rpm the horsepower lev-
                                              power output of the MR-2, it also
els jumped up 15 horsepower.
                                              smoothed out the horsepower and
                                              torque curves. The new throttle body
                                              removes the restrictive lip on the adapter
                                              piece connecting to the throttle body.

                                                                                           Turbo timers are a great way to help
                                                                                           cool the turbo down without waiting in
                                                                                           the vehicle. The new A'PEXi turbo timer
                                                                                           can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 10
2 Courtesy of TURBO / 11-98
  The Source
  Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)
  1747 East Ave. Q, Unit E-7, Dept. THP
          Palmdale, CA93590
             (805) 947-7791

            Anaheim Gear
         1271 S. Talt, Dept. THP
          Anaheim, CA92806
            (714) 778-1103

             A’PEXi USA
 130 McCormick Ave., St. 107, Dept. THP
        Costa Mesa, CA92626
           (714) 444-4378

          JGEngine Dynamics
 431 S. Raymond Ave., St. 102, Dept. THP
           Alhambra, CA91803
              (626) 281-5326

           Mueller Fabricators
        10672 Pearl St., Dept. THP
         Garden Grove, CA92640
             (714) 530-9555

       Mackin Industries (Tanabe)
       9921 Jordan Cir., Dept. THP
       Santa Fe Springs, CA90670
             (562) 946-6820

               Nitto Tires
       1055 West 7th St.,Dept. THP
         Los Angeles, CA90017
             (800) 581-2984
            XS Engineering
        4030 Palm St., Dept. THP
          Fullerton, CA92835
             (714) 992-4133

3 Courtesy of TURBO / 11-98

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