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   The 25th Year! Legends & rising s tars!
         We remember …Rusty Jacobs, founder of The Wood’s Tea Co. (1951-2007)

               This symbol                indicates artists selected for the Vermont Arts Council Juried Artist

American Sign Language
by Holly Maniatty, CI/CT and Rebecca Damon, CI and Elyzabeth Smith
American Sign Language is a performance in itself! Check out "performances" by our intrepid interpreters, Holly,
Rebecca and Elyzabeth. Be sure to stop by and meet them! Song, storytelling, and theatre performances are
interpreted for the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing at the shows listed below and indicated in the Festival-at-a-Glance.
For more information, TTY/TDD assisted, call the Flynn Center at 863-5966, or the State of Vermont relay system at
1-800-253-0195 (they can assist you in calling our office at 863-6005.)

12-12:50       Very Merry Theatre's Peter Pan                    7-7:40         Jernigan Pontiac–HACKIE

1-1:40         Vermont Stage Co. Winter Tales                    8-8:40         Kamikaze Comedy

2-2:40         Kids on the Block Vermont                         8-8:40         Gillette & Mangsen

2-2:40         Jon Gailmor                                       8-8:40         Joe Citro: First Night Fiction

4-4:40         Jernigan Pontiac–HACKIE                           9-9:40         Kamikaze Comedy

4-5:40         PETESTOCK                                         9-9:40         Jon Gailmor

4:30-5:30      Rusty DeWees SCRAWLINS                            9-10           Rusty DeWees SCRAWLINS

5-5:40         Dug Nap LIVE!                                     10-10:40       Bluegrass Gospel Project

7-7:40         Willem Lange                                      10-10:40       Dug Nap LIVE!

7-7:40         Bluegrass Gospel Project                          11-11:40       Anais Mitchell

     FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
35th Parallel
First Baptist Church: 9, 10, and 11
Described by Showcase Magazine as “One of New England's most innovative ensembles,” 35th Parallel takes the
listener on a sinuous journey around the globe. Multi-instrumentalists Mac Ritchey and Gabe Halberg weave a sonic
spell, winding a musical trail through the Middle East, North India, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. The band’s
signature MediterrAsian sound blends Middle Eastern oud and Indian tabla with a variety of other non-Western
instruments. With the subtle use of ambient soundscapes and electronic effects the musicians create a dynamic
backdrop over which they play an extensive repertoire of original and traditional songs.

"Pure sonic sorcery." - Seven Days

Abi & Joan
Edmunds School Cafeteria: 1-1:40 & 3-3:40
The dynamic duo Abi Sessions and Joan Robinson chose their best hits from past First Night shows for this lively
and engaging telling of traditional folktales and contemporary stories. Sure to delight the whole family!

Karen Amirault Dance Company & KIDZ!
Contois Auditorium, City Hall: 1-1:40, 3-3:40 & 5-5:40
Copy tba

Atlantic Crossing
Unitarian Universalist Church: 6-6:40 & 8-8:40
For over a decade, this Vermont band has been thrilling audiences and dancers with traditional songs and
instrumental music from New England - music which has its roots in the Celtic British Isles and in French & Maritime
Canada - together with original compositions inspired by these traditions. Rich harmonies and compelling rhythms
imbued with a deep love of the tradition, high levels of creativity and emotional expression, and a healthy dose of fun
are the hallmarks of an Atlantic Crossing performance.

"... a refreshing and unique take on traditional dance and vocal music ... some great poetry and music ... always
driving, enthusiastic and expertly played. Just try to listen without moving something. I can’t do it!" - Mark Sustic,
Founder, Champlain Valley Folk Festival

Banjo Dan & the Mid-nite Plowboys
College Street Congregational Church: 5-5:40 & 9-9:40
Welcome to New England bluegrass at its best. Since the 1970s Banjo Dan and the Mid-nite Plowboys have
consistently delivered some of the finest, most dynamic and most original bluegrass music ever heard in this corner
of the country. With countless performances under their belts and an extensive catalog of acclaimed recordings, the
Plowboys have developed strong name recognition, a large fan base, and a reputation as top-notch entertainers. It’s
a reputation built on soulful lead singing, spot-on harmonies, fiery picking and a stage show full of energy, variety
and humor.
"Banjo Dan's forte is warmth and humor. Why aren't there more good times like these?" - British Bluegrass News

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Nancy Beaven
KeyBank Lobby: 6-6:40 & 9-9:40 (The Burlington Coffeehouse)
Veteran Vermont songwriter Nancy Beaven was born and raised in Virginia and arrived in the Champlain Valley in
the 1970s, recorded a well-loved album on Burlingtown Recordings, and then spent a decade in Ireland composing
and performing. Nancy is back in Vermont, still has one of the sweetest voices you’ll ever hear, and is still writing
gorgeous songs. We are proud to bring Nancy back to Burlington’s First Night. Hear her for yourself!

Big Heavy World ROCKOVER
FlynnSpace: 7-9:45
The ROCKOVER at First Night: Big Heavy World gathers Burlington's edgiest bands for a smart, high-energy
rockout featuring: Valkyrie - our very own post-hardcore instru-Metalists. Charging through instrumental songs that
swoop from serene lulls to incredible crescendos, they play heavier tunes that are along the lines of Mono or
Godspeed You Black Emperoro. Maui in Ithaca - progressive/indie style loud rockers give it their all. Playing for a
variety of audiences and breaking new ground in the local scene; this band is not to miss. Manuevers - these guys
are Burlington's response to post-hardcore heroes At The Drive-In, working non-stop to create intelligent and
melodic hardcore with salsa beats. Come see Jeff Foren perform backflips on stage. Wolfpac! – Self-proclaimed
lycanthro-core, Wolfpac! is a throwback to mid-nineties screamo with just a pinch of about every other genre label
you can throw out there. Become a child of the night.

Bluegrass Gospel Project
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 7-7:40 & 10-10:40
What happens when you bring together six of the best traditional acoustic musicians and vocalists in the Northeast,
focus their repertoire on the free improvisation and sublime vocal harmonies of the spiritual side of Appalachian
string band music, and deliver their performances to live audiences? Well, it seems you get a piece of heaven. The
line-up is impressive: Northern Lights founder Taylor Armerding on mandolin and vocals, country and bluegrass
veteran Jim DiSabito on upright bass, prize-winning banjo player Steve Light, Coco & the Lonesome Road Band
alumnus Paul Miller on guitar and vocals, noted Vermont fiddler Gene White, Jr., and nationally-acclaimed
songwriter and singer Patti Casey. This exceptional group celebrates the high lonesome sound of gospel-inspired
bluegrass music!

"Whether your interests are sacred or secular, their music ripples with human emotion and imponderable mystery,
beautifully evoking the plaintive pilgrim that wanders, yearning and hopeful, through the heart of American musical
tradition." - THE BOSTON GLOBE

Burlington City Art’s Firehouse Center
135 Church Street: 1-6
Come join the festivities! Be the coolest looking kid in the Drums & Dragons Parade by making your own funky mask
and spirit stick! Leave your mark on a giant painting or add to a cool collage- it’s all FUN! Stick around and watch
some family flicks projected on a big screen all afternoon!

1- 6 EXHIBITION: 2007 Barbara Smail Award winner, Vermont artist Jennifer Koch presents her multi-media works,
box constructions, and woodcuts in a solo exhibition, on view from Dec 14– Jan 26.

1- 4 ENORMOUS PAINTING: Get crazy! Leave your unique mark on a giant canvas! Grab a brush, choose your
colors and be creative. It’s your chance to make a splash in a very BIG way.
1- 5:30 FIREHOUSE FAMILY FLICKS: A continuous showing of classic kids’ films and popular animations.

1- 5:30 MASK MAKING: Feathers! Sequins! Glitter! Fun! Make a masterpiece you can wear. Take your creation and
join the Drums & Dragons Parade at 6pm at the top of Church Street.

1- 5:30 SPIRIT STICKS: Get into the spirit! Make a colorful spirit stick fit for waving in the Drums & Dragons Parade!
     FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Burlington City Art’s Print and Clay Studio
250 Main Street: 1-5pm
Fun! Fun! Fun! Hands-on activities for everyone at BCA’s Print and Clay Studio! PRINTMAKING: Design and take
home your own special New Year’s print! Learn about the printmaking process - it’s like drawing…only better!
POTTERY WHEEL and HAND BUILDING WITH CLAY: Give it a whirl throwing a bowl on our pottery wheels and
help design a miniature Burlington by sculpting buildings, cars, trees, people and more! It’s fun to play with clay!

Burlington High School Jazz Ensemble
FlynnSpace: 3-3:40
A standout at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, the BHS jazz students play a varied repertoire of jazz ensemble
literature. Burlington students who excel instrumentally also perform in the Champlain Valley District Music Festival,
the New England Music Festival, and the Vermont All-State Music Festival. The BHS Jazz Band is currently raising
funds to support a February trip to Mississippi for a joint concert venture with the Moss Point Mississippi High School
Music Department.

Burlington Taiko     and the Burlington Taiko Youth Ensemble                       (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Flynn Center Main Stage: 3-4 & 10:30-11:30
The Burlington Taiko Group performs traditional Japanese drumming mixed with energized choreography to create
an unforgettable experience. A perennial favorite of First Nighters, this dynamic group is designing an explosive
opener to bring luck to all and celebrate the New Year. Come and be thrilled by the power and energy generated by
Burlington Taiko! Burlington Taiko and BTG Apprentices will also once again be drumming and dancing their way
down Church Street at 6pm.

Cardboard Teck Instantute with Prof. Ben t. Matchstick
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
For three years, the Cardboard Teck Instantute has been hacking the mainframe of boxes in an attempt to astonish
citizens by "thinking outside the box". This year, CTI unveiled it's first "monsterpiece", as Professor Ben t. Matchstick
and his intrepid crew of Instantutians have created a replica of the Imperial Walker (commonly called the AT-AT)
from the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This 12 foot tall behemoth will be dropping the jaws of all the
snow troopers as it lumbers through the First Night Burlington parade. Tell Cardboard Teck congrats on their use of
the force by shouting the CTI battle-cry: "Go Razorsharx!"

Cartoon Fest at Merrill's Roxy Cinemas
Merrill's Roxy Cinemas: noon to midnight
All day and night Merrill's Roxy presents 12 hours of classic Looney Toons including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky
Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote, Tweety & Sylvester and Pepe Le Peu. Loads of fun for the
whole family, free with your First Night Button!

The China Project – a multi-media blog from The Young Writers Project
FlynnSpace: 2-2:40 & 6-6:40
When young musicians in the Vermont Youth Orchestra went to China to perform in a whirlwind 15-day tour, they
shared their sounds, photos and writing with the outside world as they went. A live blog,, featured their music, observations and reflections -- and some great humor -- as
they went from Beijing to Hong Kong. During these two sessions, students will share photographs, video and sound
from the trip and will read some of their blog entries and answer questions about this historic trip to China. If you're
interested in music, if you're interested in China, and if you're interested in what our talented young artists have to
say about China, come to this special event.
      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Circus Smirkus                                                         (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Memorial Auditorium Main Floor: 12-1 & 4-5
Join us for an exciting episode of high adventure and low comedy---Smirkus style. The young aerialists, acrobats,
and contortionists will amaze and astound while the clowns will make you laugh till your pants fall down. This First
Night teams up talented friends from the Burlington area with the regular Smirkus crew to offer traditional youth
circus at its most joyful. Thrill to the timeless magic of the Big Top and help kick off the celebration of Circus Smirkus’
21st Anniversary year.

Joe Citro: First Night Fiction
First Congregational Church Theater: 8-8:40 & 9-9:40
A regular since First Night began, author and VPR commentator Joe Citro is an expert in local weirdness. He writes
and speaks about the "Dark Side" of the Vermont experience. We'll dim the lights as Joe reads from recent works
involving the state's most chilling and mysterious "things that go bump in the night."

City Market's Warm-Up Tent (Hot Food for Families!)
82 South Winooski Avenue: 11am - 10pm
The Big White Tent is easy to spot and an easy stop for First Nighters looking for quick and hearty fare – and
AFFORDABLE. Grab and go, or rest a spell…Enjoy yummy macaroni and cheese, McKenzie hot dogs, snacks, fruit,
Vermont Artisan coffee, Lake Champlain Hot Cocoa, and giant warm chocolate chip cookies. A portion of the
proceeds benefits First Night! Food, fun and a convenient stop for fuel in the First Night festival frolic!

Constitution Brass Quintet
First United Methodist Church: 3-3:40 & 5-5:40
Celebrating its own silver anniversary, The Constitution Brass Quintet will present a program of audience favorites
from 25 years of popular concerts in parks, opera houses, gazebos and First Night performances. The program will
feature music from Broadway shows, Ragtime, Dixieland jazz and beautiful music from the Brass Band Era
interspersed with humorous historical commentary. Student composers from the Vermont MIDI project will be
featured in each show.

Rusty DeWees, The Logger         (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Flynn Center Main Stage: 4:30-5:30 & 9-10
Whether you've seen him on film, caught his live Logger act, heard him on radio, or read his newspaper column,
there's more to Rusty DeWees than any one medium can reveal. “A voice as rollicking, raw, and thought-provoking
as that other Vermont hell raiser, Ethan Allen. This book is a window into the hidden Green Mountain State beyond
the ski slopes and changing leaves, and it will leave you with laughter and longing. But Rusty DeWees is more than
just a regional treasure, he's an American original.” - JOHN FUSCO, author of Paradise Salvage, and screenwriter of
Crossroads, Young Guns, Thunderheart, Hidalgo, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Dianasongs by Vermont DIVAS                             (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30
This very special tribute concert brings Diana Winn’s new CD release, Turning Back Beautiful, to the Flynn stage,
with stirring performances by some of our favorite Vermont DIVAS: Tammy Fletcher, Diane Zeigler, Patti Casey,
Juliet McVicker, Anais Mitchell, Christine Adler, Ana Guigui, Liz Winn, Jessamine Levine, and Pam McCann, plus
Gregory Douglass, several young rising stars, and a band of all-star musicians. In a year of Legends, this is truly a
Legendary concert: a dozen powerful vocalists singing the expressive work of this veteran singer/songwriter – a
gorgeous collection of ballads, uplifting choral sounds, and solid soul. Don’t miss this unique show of Vermont
women’s voices en force! And be sure to see the DIVAS sing in their own sets at the First Congregational Church
      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Gregory Douglass
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 4-4:40
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30 (part of Dianasongs)
KeyBank Lobby: 10-10:40 (The Burlington Coffeehouse)
Gregory Douglass' passionate amalgamation of contemporary folk, pop, and rock has been compared to Tori Amos,
Jeff Buckley and Patty Griffin. With 6 critically acclaimed, independent CDs under his belt, the 26-year old Vermont
native evokes the songwriting skills of an "old soul" and "the voice of an angel" (Seven Days). Douglass’ numerous
accolades include being a finalist for both the 2005 International Songwriting Competition and 2004 Independent
Music Awards; and winner of the 2003 GrammyFest in New York City, as well as being the inaugural performer on
the American Red Cross 2003 "Save A Life Tour.” Douglass has toured with They Might Be Giants, and has shared
the stage with India Arie, Melissa Ferrick, Jason Mraz, and Catie Curtis to name a few. Instinct Magazine says that
Douglass’ sixth and newest album Up & Away “channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way
that's terrifyingly mature for someone so young

Glennis Drew & John Holland - Celtic
First Congregational Church Chapel: 6-6:40
Celtic & North American traditional folk music from two musicians playing flutes, guitar, mandolin, bodhrain and

The Dragon Lady - Judy Newman!
Drums & Dragons Parade on the Church Street Marketplace: 6-6:30
Firehouse Finale in City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50
Our very own Dragon Lady has worked with a variety of artists and community groups, and is the creative force
behind birthing our dragons and teaching them to dance! For a decade, Judy has been creating outrageous and
eccentric costumes and props for celebrations large and small, including the Mardi Gras Parade and Night of the
Living Dead. Thrill, delight and dance with these timeless emblems of rebirth and renewal! Cast out all bad things,
call in all the good you want, and meet our dragons at our Firehouse Finale!

Church Street Marketplace: 6-6:30
Firehouse Finale in City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50
Join The Junk Jam at the head of the parade – B.Y.O. JUNK! Bring an instrument or any type of noise maker and
jump in and get percussive! Showcase your creation from a MAKE & TAKE Workshop in the Firehouse or Memorial
Annex! Dance with DRAGONS of all sizes, created by community groups led by The Dragon Lady- Judy Newman!
Move and groove to the sounds of Sambatucada and Burlington Taiko! Witness the power of procession, spectacle
and pageantry to transcend cultural barriers. Join us in casting out all bad things and calling in all the good you want,
for yourself and the world, in the City Hall Park Firehouse Finale!

Electric Youth Dance
Edmunds School Gym: 2-2:40 & 6-6:40
Electric Youth Dance Company hails from St. Albans and is celebrating their 18th anniversary by entertaining YOU
with their newest collection of dances. EYDC's repertoires include hip-hop, modern, jazz, lyrical and tap. No ordinary
dance studio, EYDC has performed at many venues including Disney’s Magic Music Days in Orlando, and as a pre-
game entertainment for the Boston Celtics! COME ENJOY...IMAGINE...INSPIRE... BELIEVE... DANCE!

Equinox Theatre Fire Spinners
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
Equinox Theatre Company will be spinning glowing
balls of light and dancing down Church Street in outlandish festival garb. They will be promoting the annual Green
Mountain Renaissance Faire. Equinox is a non-profit community theatre dedicated to bringing unique and exciting
live theatre events to the area.

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Face Painting by Sara Glasgow & Friends
Memorial Auditorium Annex: noon-4:30
"Come be transformed by the fantastic volunteers trained by Sara Glasgow of Face Art and Rebecca Reil! Come
early and then show it off in the parade! These imaginative face painters are back with many new designs. Have the
talented artists make YOU into a work of art! Get a quick decoration or a grander design! And with a painted face
you are welcome to join the Parade - gather at the top of the Church Street Marketplace just before 6pm - look for
the signs!"

Family Fun Activities at the YMCA
Greater Burlington YMCA: noon-6
Come play at the Y with your children with fun activities for all ages. Little ones will especially enjoy the popular
Mickey Mouse Bounce Castle from Vermont Bounce Inc. The family gym atmosphere allows kids to burn energy and
have fun with soft gymnastics equipment, parachute games, soccer and basketball, and more with the Y Staff.

Fire & Ice Sculptures by The Snowflake Factory
Firehouse Finale, City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50 (all day installation)
The Snowflake Factory is comprised of current Vermont State Snow Sculpting Champions and past event winners,
working together to shape the ice and snow into exotic scenes, forms, and species. Working with the elements that
nature provides, they put the wonder in Winter Wonderland! This year’s sculpture should be HOT enough to melt
itself…bring your cameras to witness the volcanic action!

FIREHOUSE FINALE – Junk Jam Stage, Fountain of Light, Meet the Dragons & more!
Firehouse Finale, City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50 (all day installation)
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
The Parade will be led by The Junkman and his Junkjammin’ posse. Please join! In City Hall Park, The Junkman and
his Junkjammin’ posse will gather at the Jam Stage for an outdoor Junkjam -- BYOJ (Bring Your Own Junk). A series
of lighting sculptures will fill the park with radiance and wonder! Meet the Dragons! Witness the Fountain of Light!
Watch out for Neonman! Fire & Ice Sculptures will delight! All this and more will crescendo with a musical Finale
leading up to the Fireworks on the Waterfront at 7pm. Join the Silver Celebration You’ll Remember - Be there!!

Fireworks by Northstar (2 shows)
Burlington Waterfront: 7pm and midnight
Welcome the New Year with a BANG! Bring the kids at 7pm or stay up 'til midnight (or do both!) for brilliant displays
of color over Lake Champlain. Many performances end at 6:40 and 11:40pm to allow time to get a good spot to
watch. We recommend the parking garages! This is the perfect way to welcome in the Year 2008 at your 25th First
Night, the "Silver Celebration You'll Remember".

Tammy Fletcher: MOUNTAIN GIRL
First Congregational Church: 1-1:40 & 3-3:40
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30 (part of Dianasongs)
Tammy Fletcher can sing…it's as simple as that. Her stellar performance of our National Anthem at Boston's Fenway
Park made it a true song of hope and glory. She has an uncanny ability to adapt to different genres and sing with
ease, be it rock and roll or opera, country or the blues; she's done it all... For this First Night she’s got herself a little
side project called "MOUNTAIN GIRL". We've seen her with her band The Disciples, with the Soul Revue, and in the
Gospel Extravaganza - now witness Tammy at her intimate best in a beautiful church setting, with minimal
instrumental accompaniment, and the maximum of her soul-stirring vocal powers!
“When you hear her sing, you are transported to a place where tone rules. Her honest delivery goes straight to your
heart and your skin is tight from the chills she leaves you with.”
      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Flynn Center's FlynnArts Studios: 9am-1:40pm
Each hour on the hour these 40-minute classes expose children & parents to the joy of dance (ballet, creative
movement, hip-hop, and contemporary dance/choreography), theater (creative drama/acting), and parent-child
music-making. Open to ages 1-13, these classes let kids try out the performing art of their choice in a supportive
and fun environment. Try it for the day, or to see if a Winter/Spring class might be a good fit for your child. Faculty &
staff are on hand to answer questions and help with class placement. Contact or 802-652-
4537 to pre-register or for more info. Drop-ins welcome if space remains!

9-9:40am        Creative Dance & Drama (ages 3-5)

10-10:40am      Creative Dance (grades K-1)
                Parent-Child Music Class (ages 1-3)
11-11:40am             Fantasy Ballet (grades K-1)
                Contemporary Dance (grades 2-5)

12-12:40pm      Ballet (grades 2-5)
                Creative Drama (grades K-1)

1-1:40pm        Hip-Hop (grades 5-8)
                Play Makers (grades 2-3)

FlynnArts Dance Company
Contois Auditorium, City Hall: 2-2:40
This auditioned company of talented teen & adult dancers from FlynnArts performs modern-based work around the
state, under the direction of Lynn Ellen Schimoler. New dancers can audition to join the Company next
September. Don't miss this sizzling show to see what they're all about!

FlynnArts JAZZ Combos
FlynnSpace: 12-12:40
This rockin' showcase combines the smooth work of teen FlynnArts jazz bands directed by Tom Cleary, Shane
Hardiman and George Voland. The groups share their rich improvisation skills and wonderful jazz standards with
First Night audiences, with talent that will literally blow you away. New students can join the bands in early January,
so come see what they're all about!

FOOLZ                                                                               (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
(Dapper Dane & Woodhead -- Comedy Jugglers & Masters of Mayhem)
Flynn Center Main Stage: 1:30-2:30
Two performers: one outwardly calm, the other wound tighter than a spring. If there is a dim-witted innocence about
them, it’s because their childlike charm permeates their world, placing them in situations where something almost
always goes wrong. Veterans of film, television, radio and the stage, Dapper Dane & Woodhead have performed for
audiences on six continents. Their new show, “FOOLZ”, is a character-driven amalgam of theater, music, comedy
and juggling that visually demonstrates the power of cooperation between two performers with different dispositions.
Dapper, fluent in four languages, is a Danish comic juggler with enormous dexterity and casual ease, while his
partner, Woodhead, weaves a tapestry of chaos, slapstick and ‘eclectic’ music with the menacing uncertainty of a

Funniest and most original act I’ve ever seen.
-- Gregory Hines
How did you do that?
-- Eddie Murphy
Best Juggling ever heard on radio.
-- Garrison Keillor
      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Fountain of Light by Michael Boisjoli of ATLAS FIREWORKS
Firehouse Finale, City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50
The Firehouse Finale is the newest centerpiece of our 12-hour festival. And at the center of the Finale lies the City
Hall Park Fountain. All will be delighted when Milton native Michael Boisjoli transforms this archaic relic into an
intense, electro-pyrotechnical living work of art. Be there to witness the fun and the fountain of light!

Jon Gailmor
First United Methodist Church: 2-2:40 & 9-9:40
Unitarian Universalist Church: 4-5:40 (PETESTOCK)
From the criminally absurd to the personally poignant, Jon Gailmor’s performance will cover every emotion (and
some that haven’t been felt, yet). Audiences will be totally involved, through sing-alongs, clap-alongs, grunt-alongs
and scream-alongs. His songs are fraught with humor, meaning, nonsense and sincerity. Prenatal through
prehistoric listeners will be uplifted by Jon Gailmor’s old and new originals, as well as his interpretations of classics
and traditional tunes. He will send his audience into 2008 feeling immensely hopeful and ridiculously talented.

Gemini Trapeze / Nimble Arts                                          (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Memorial Auditorium Main Floor: 2-3 & 6-7
The Vermont based Nimble Arts troupe, founded by the aerial duo Gemini trapeze, leads you through a dazzling
spectacle of aerial artistry, acrobatic daredevilry and vaudevillian humor. Come to the Circus Cabaret and see
Nimble Artists who have performed with noted companies including Cirque Du Soleil, Ringling Bros., and the Pickle
Family Circus!

“If you haven’t seen their show, you should. This is the real deal.” – Jacques Rapide, Paris Times

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
Unitarian Universalist Church: 4-5:40 (PETESTOCK)
College Street Congregational Church: 6-6:40
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 8-8:40
Steve has been a songwriter since the 1960's, with songs recorded by dozens of artists, from John Denver to
Tammy Wynette. He is author of "Songwriting and the Creative Process," a standard text in songwriting seminars
around the country. Cindy is steeped in traditional ballads, rich in myth and legend. Together, they have been called
"just about the classiest duo around" by England's Folk Roots Magazine. Be prepared to hear everything from
ghostly ballads to modern sagas (like the true song about Rudy the cat and the garbage disposal), from traditional
songs to country-tinged originals. Steve sings in a gentle baritone driven by his rhythmic fingerpicked guitar, and
Cindy adds her "voice that can warm a New England winter," along with her guitar, concertina and banjo. Together,
they create a captivating sound marrying Steve's pop-savvy groove with Cindy's sweet understanding of the
tradition's delicate melodic demands, all with a good dose of humor thrown in.

Elaine Greenfield: Present & Future
First Baptist Church: 4-4:40 & 8-8:40
Elaine Greenfield, First Night veteran and regional classical music icon, is a widely acclaimed pianist, noted for her
sensitive musical imagination, compelling artistry, and effortless technique. As piano soloist, lecture recitalist, and
collaborative artist, Ms. Greenfield has performed nationwide, with noted appearances at Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall,
Steinway Hall, Washington DC’s Phillips Collection, Boston’s Gardner Museum, and innumerable concert venues
coast to coast. This past season found her in California, Arizona, Ohio, Wisconsin, and N.Y. Ms. Greenfield has been
televised and broadcast over international radio, including the BBC, NPR, WGBH, & WNYC. The New York Times
praised her "crystalline clarity, tonal warmth, graceful airiness, and rhythmically strong” playing, with…”a formidable
technique..." In addition to offering First Night her own solo playing, Elaine brings to her program a surprise from her
studio... a sampling of gifted pianists of the future! Featured will be music of Mozart, Mendelssohn, and
Ginastera. Enjoy!
      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Green Mountain Chorus
First United Methodist Church: 1-1:40 & 6-6:40
This year marks the 60th year the Green Mountain Chorus, chartered in 1947, has existed in Burlington. Ours is an'
everyman' chorus with members from all walks of life--ministers, carpenters, CPA's, lawyers, computer programmers,
and on and on. We encourage all men who love to sing to join our chorus, for ours is a lifetime hobby. For example,
we have current members who have been in the Society singing our unique barbershop harmony for over 60 years
themselves! We also have father-son members and uncle-nephew members as the youth have come on board to
enjoy the singing and camaraderie. It is a Legends and Rising Stars organization in its own right. We compete as a
member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, based in Nashville, Tenn., and we rank in the top 5 of all 65 choruses
in the Northeastern District of the Society. Our goal is to compete in the Society as well as entertain our Vermont
public. Our chapter seeks to continually improve by bringing in outside coaching as well as through the excellent
efforts of our Director, Greg Morrill, and assistant directors Pat Heise and Chuch Laufer. Don't be intimidated by our
sound---after a few short weeks you can be singing along with us--give it a try! Every Tuesday, 7PM, St. F.X. School
in Winooski--call 655-2949 for info.

Ana Guigui
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 12-12:40
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30 (part of Dianasongs)
A performance by Ana Guigui is a treasure to discover. Carole King meets Laura Nyro with the soulful feel of Aretha
Franklin and the pop appeal of Gloria Estefan. Ana will play piano and sing her original songs from her CD, Love is
on the Line. Ana's dream was to make an album reminiscent of the Carole King Tapestry days when bands
recorded live in the studio and captured the true feel and essence of songwriting. An independent pop release, the
CD is an eclectic combination of pop songs that cross the genres of country, Pop and R&B in an A/C format. The
songs range from raunchy rock of, Love is on the Line, to the hauntingly beautiful The Luckiest. Produced by Andrew
Gold, who co-wrote the original songs with Ana, the CD also features powerful pop songs by Bonnie Raitt, Ben Folds,
and Stephen Bishop. Born in N.Y.C. and currently based in L.A., Ana was classically trained in piano, flute, and viola
before maturing into an accomplished singer, songwriter, keyboardist and actress. She currently tours as a
keyboardist/vocalist with Christopher Cross.

"Ana Guigui, the fetching thrush of the Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band, delivers a dynamite rendition of the title
song so intense it'll make Shirley Bassey forget about Auric Goldfinger . . . " - jazz critic Gil Hunter, Inbeat Monthly

Fantastic musicianship with a voice that wraps itself around your soul and feeds you with warmth. Great songs, great
singer, this should be on everyone’s ipod. -- Robbie Wise

More often than not, songs about love fall into the ballad category and leave me feeling sad. These songs are full of
variety both in music and lyrics. They invite you to embrace different scenarios on love and romance, and are
fantastic listening. I relate and I enjoy. -- Carol Madle

Ana Guigui was playing keyboard and singing backing vocals for Christopher Cross last night. She also sang a
beautiful duet with him! My first thought: Ana is as wonderful on stage as she is off. Following thoughts: Boy, is she a
heckuva piano player and singer (and songwriter) or what! Christopher, with the likes of Ana on board, sounded
BETTER live than the recordings! -- Florence Yoo

Steve Hartmann
First Congregational Church Chapel: 8-8:40 & 10-10:40
Singer-songwriter out of Philadelphia described by most as the gray between an acoustic Dave Matthews, Dameon
Rice, David Grey, and Shawn Colvin – driven yet calming. Steve’s songs have a strong medicinal value that
embraces the realness and simplicity of everyday life. Sure to bring a delicate touch of acoustic groove and grace to
the First Night stage.

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Jim Hogue as ETHAN ALLEN
First Congregational Church Theater: 1-2:40
Ethan’s back and Jim Hogue will bring him to life at First Night Burlington. The show, The Gods of the Hills, is a
compelling military history from the commanding officer of the capture of Fort Ticonderoga, an imprisoned rebel
bound for the gallows, a witness to the starvation and murder of American prisoners, a philosopher who saw the
opportunities for liberty and public good on the one hand, and for servitude on the other. He was the leader of the
Green Mountain Boys who, with them, carved out the Republic of Vermont.

“Jim Hogue is brilliant as Ethan Allen. The Vermont History Expo audience was entranced by the presence of their
iconic hero.” - Sarah Dopp, President, Vermont Historical Society

Illuminati (lanterns) by Graham Keegan
Firehouse Finale, City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50 (all day installation)
In the southeast corner of City Hall Park, candlelit lanterns suddenly appear -- a glowing, ethereal procession of light,
illuminating a grove of leafless fruit trees, an inviting midwinter's harvest of warm radiance. Based on the events of a
dream, the glowing lanterns illuminate a location for fated first meetings and sincere reunions. Burlington artist
Graham Keegan opened a lot of eyes at First Night with his incredible artwork “Grove of Globes” in City Hall Park.
Beautifully lit globe/lanterns fill the park for all to experience and appreciate. A moving and multi-dimensional work of
art – evocative, beautiful, illuminating.

In Accord
First United Methodist Church: 8-8:40 & 10-10:40
Family favorite fun-loving, a cappella ensemble returns to First Night for its 11th year! Plus Jon Gailmor will return for
a guest appearance! The performance will include a mix of folk songs, spirituals, show tunes, and pop classics.
Come join In Accord for a musical adventure that's fun for the whole family.

Incognito - jazz!
First Congregational Church Chapel: 4-4:40
From Miles to Booker-T: these High Schoolers from Central Vermont play jazz with a passion! Listening to them
makes you feel like you are in a cozy night club on the south side of your favorite jazz metropolis! It’s easy to
understand why already in their young careers they have been in demand to perform in jazz settings from Barre to
Burlington. Taught by some of the best Jazz Educators in Vermont they are both honored and excited to be able to
play for you as Rising Stars in this years First Night!

Henry Jamison-Root
First Congregational Church Chapel: 7-7:40 & 9-9:40
Milkman’s Union is the indie pop project of Henry Jamison-Root. He performs live with a rotating lineup. The
performances are as ambitious as they are intimate and audience members are sometimes moved to tears. Tears or
not, “Jamison-Root's talent is impossible to ignore.” -- Seven Days’ Ethan Covey

The Junkman: Junkjam, Jam Stage and Nightclub
Donald Knaack (The Junkman) exclusively uses junk and recycled materials to create music with infectious grooves
and creative rhythms, called Junk Music. Junk Music has transcended traditional music boundaries with
performances at The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, The United Nations, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, CBS
Sunday Morning, Sundance Film Festival, The Great Went and Lemonwheel with Phish, and The Van's Warped
Tour. The Junkman has also composed two critically acclaimed compositions for choreographer Twyla Tharp.

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Junkjam & Jam Stage
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
The parade will be led by The Junkman and his Junkjammin’ posse. Please join! In City Hall Park, The Junkman and
his Junkjammin’ posse will gather at the Jam Stage for an outdoor Junkjam -- BYOJ (Bring Your Own Junk - see

Junk Music Dance Nightclub
Contois Auditorium: 8-11
Hip hop, dance and more...a night club/dance experience with The Junkman, Jack D. Elliot and VFX aka Tony

In a community Junkjam, all get into the beat and experience the power of simple group rhythms. No music
experience required! It’s not possible to make a mistake! Everyone jams and has a great time!
Suggestions for choosing junk: 1. Garages, basements, kitchens etc are the best places to look for junk; 2. Choose
objects comfortable in one hand; 3. No splinters or sharp edges; 4. Choose several objects from different materials
(metal, wood and plastic are best); 5. Sound quality is what you want, sound that rings and has presence in a crowd.
With different sounding objects, you can change your sound and spice-up the rhythms; 6. Suggested: pots, pans,
skillets, scrap pipe or slabs of metal, wood scraps, pieces of furniture, plastic buckets, metal tubs; 7. Strike your junk
with: wood dowels, small tree branches, spoons, thin metal rods. The most important thing is to strike an object with
a stick that is less dense than the object. You would not strike wood with a metal object.

Kamikaze Comedy
Edmunds School Gym: 8-8:40 & 9-9:40
Kamikaze Comedy celebrates its thirteenth year of spontaneous frivolity, performing improv in the vein of Drew
Carey’s “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Join this colorful cast for a blast from the past, present and future!! The
Kamikazes use simple scenes, or “games,” then ask for audience participation. Anything can happen, and a whole
lot does: sing-a-longs, superheroes, game shows, oddly dubbed foreign films, dubious infomercials, and quirky
police interrogations. Former and present Kamikazes re-unite for a show unlike any other (and never to be repeated
again and again!)

Kids on the Block - Vermont
Edmunds School Cafeteria: 2-2:40 & 4-4:40
Returning to celebrate First Night's 25th year, Kids on the Block-Vermont (they’ve been around for 25 years too!) will
use 3' tall puppets to talk about Cerebral Palsy and how Mark gets around in his wheelchair, and Body Image: media
messages, seeing people for who they are (not what they look like) and how to be and stay healthy. Come with your
questions and camera - the puppets are happy to have their photos taken after the show!

Kilimanjaro in Concert                                  (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Flynn Center Main Stage: 6-7
Speaking of Legends, Vermont supergroup Kilimanjaro is the only artist in this year’s festival who played in the Flynn
at First Night 1984, the very first First Night Burlington. It was a sold-out show then, and it will be sold out this year as
well, so get your tickets early! One of the high points of First Night ’07 and of the 2006 Burlington Discover Jazz
Festival, this group is well-known for its stylish original compositions blending jazz, pop, R&B, soul and rock. After
three U.S. tours and a number of European appearances, the band put it's successful touring career on hold for
almost 20 years in order to play with the much loved blues icon, Big Joe Burrell. Now, the band is back in the studio
recording a new CD which they will feature at First Night, along with some of the tunes that put them at the top of the
jazz charts. Kilimanjaro is guitarist Paul Asbell, keyboardist Chas Eller, bassist Tony Markellis and drummer Lucas
Adler, as well as some special guests. (Be sure to watch out for appearances by the guys throughout the festival: the
whole group with Dianasongs; Tony with Sarah Pedinotti; and no doubt other surprises!)

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Willem Lange
College Street Congregational Church: 4-4:40 & 7-7:40
New England humor: If you don't get it, it ain't because it ain't funny; you just don't get it. Known to many as the "I
gotta get back to work" Vermont Public Radio commentator, Willem brings his unique brand of humor back to First
Night by popular request.

Mark LeGrand
College Street Congregational Church: 12-12:40 & 2-2:40
To date, Mark has released over 30 original songs on three highly-acclaimed CDs. Mark will be performing his own
brand of "Thinking Man's Honky-Tonk" this year for his first, First Night Burlington! Houston Texas publication, 3rd
Coast Music gives Mark's latest CD, Cold New England Town four stars and comments, “Imagine Lou Reed growing
up in rural Vermont and writing country songs... this is a thoughtful and thought-provoking album by a distinctive
singer-songwriter. — John Conquest

“Each and every one of these songs — all penned by LeGrand — is a little gem. All Dressed Up is a crowning
achievement.” — Pamela Polston, Seven Days

The Limes (7-Piece Soul-Funk-AlternaPop)
Memorial Auditorium Main Floor: 8-midnight
Host Band for the Teen Talent Competition 8-10:30 and then The Limes for dancing ‘til midnight!
Join us for the first-ever RISING STAR SEARCH: First Night’s Teen Talent Competition! And enjoy the fresh, funky,
danceable grooves of Vermont’s hottest young band, The Limes, who will provide the music for the Finals, then play into
the night for dancing. Under the leadership of well known musician Brian Boyes, The Limes deliver a powerful, accessible
groove and sound. This up-and-coming phenom features some of Vermont's finest young talent and will be the house
band for a fun new television show on the horizon called "Feed the Beat." From viperHouse to the globe-trotting Village
Harmony, The Limes sound draws upon its diverse membership, whether playing original twists on the classic Motown
sound or homegrown mixes of alternative-pop and funk. The Limes have consistently broken attendance records at
several of Vermont's best venues. Anchored by a rock solid rhythm section of bass, guitar, vintage keys and drums, with a
layer of horns and two sensational singers, a Limes show guarantees high energy, enthusiasm and infectious grooves.

Living Masterpieces by Kurt Simmers and Edi Nelson Ramirez
Church Street Marketplace: 2-9
Put yourself in the paintings and take a picture, it will last longer! Look on the Church Street Marketplace - local
artists Kurt Simmers and Edi Nelson Ramirez are the master creators of ten large canvases with holes in the right
places for YOU and your friends! Bring your camera, bring a smile, and become part of the First Night Living
Masterpieces - fun and funny for everyone! Enjoy ART! Become a work of art!

Lyric Theatre Cabaret presents: Lyric Legends and Rising Stars
First United Methodist Church: 12-12:40, 4-4:40 & 7-7:40
New England's largest community theatre company brings you a cabaret style performance of songs from classic
musicals both old and new. Accompanying some of Lyric's most legendary performers will be members of
LyricKids: talented youngsters who will be the ones to watch and listen for in the years to come. Catch a Rising Star,
catch Lyric Theatre!

The Magnolias
Edmunds School Gym: 1-1:40 & 5-5:40
Take some hillbilly rock, a pinch of girl group harmonies, some heartache songs, rock solid guitars, a thumpin' bass,
one handsome man who likes to sing with women, two Grandmas, a batch of great songs that make you feel good.
Mix it up in a bowl, and what do you get? The Magnolias. All ages are especially welcome. The Magnolias feature
Juliet McVicker, Mary McGinniss, Rose Lucas and Handsome Mark Ransom.

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Make & Take Art Workshops by Sara Glasgow & Friends
Memorial Auditorium Annex: noon-4:30
More fantastic transformations by the artistic volunteers trained by Sara Glasgow of Face Art and Rebecca Reil!
Make a funky hat and wear it in the Drums & Dragons Parade! Come gather with us at the top of the Church Street
Marketplace just before 6pm - look for the signs!

Mansfield Six - jazz!
First Congregational Church Chapel: 3-3:40
This new exciting middle school jazz combo of six very multi-talented, Rising Star musicians from Mater Christi School will
make you think you were at the Blue Note Café in New York City. They play classic jazz like; Song for My Father by
Horace Silver, Blue Bossa, Killer Joe, Watermelon Man, as well as, more modern rock styles including Smoke on the
Water, Secret Agent Man and Sunny. Taught by Barb Heath at Mater Christi on Mansfield Avenue (hence the name),
these young musicians are very excited to play for you, their First Night debut!

Colin McCaffrey
Unitarian Universalist Church: 4-5:40 (PETESTOCK)
Key Bank Lobby: 7-7:40 (The Burlington Coffeehouse)
Raised on a small Vermont farm, Colin in a musical family traveled New England performing Gospel, Irish and
American folk songs. His love of stringed instruments and harmony singing gradually drew him into mountain music,
Quebecois fiddle tunes, Cajun, Country, and Bluegrass. No stranger to Swing, ethnic world music, or Rock ‘n’ Roll,
he developed a well-rounded career as sideman for Big Table, Uncle Gizmo, The Sevens, The Clayfoot Strutters,
and Assembly; Colin remains intimately connected with the vibrant folk tradition of fiddle tune based music in the
world of Contra dancing. His songwriting fuses bluegrass, country, folk, zydeco, and roots rock into a unique regional
hybrid. For folk music at its finest, this Colin can’t be beat.

"Colin's music is steeped in a lifetime of knowledge and love for a number of great American musical traditions, and
in his own musical adventures he shows keen respect for them without in the least being bound by them."
- Pete Sutherland

"A rootsy standout among the singer-songwriter set, McCaffrey, 35, is an East Montpelier multi-instrumentalist who
plays just about everything...mixing old-time bluegrass, folksy Americana and a comforting vocal tone that falls
somewhere between Peter Rowan and James Taylor, McCaffrey is a Green Mountain treasure worth unearthing.
-Tom Huntington, Burlington Free Press

"His voice, reminiscent of James Taylor punctuated by a bit of high, wide, and lonesome, resonates with a beautiful
clarity...his writing, spare, catchy, and clever - is a pleasure to the ear; his songs are poignant and witty.
- Rob Williams, Valley Reporter

Merrill’s ROXY Cinemas – a First Night Cartoon Fest
Merrill's Roxy Cinemas: noon to midnight
This is one of our most popular features! A double feature? How about a multi-feature! Take a break; take a seat with
a beverage and popcorn! All day and night Merrill's Roxy presents 12 hours of classic Looney Toons cartoons
including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote, Tweety & Sylvester
and Pepe Le Peu. Loads of Fun for the whole family, free with your First Night Button!

Jim McGinniss & The Redeemers
Unitarian Universalist Church: 12-12:40 & 3-3:40
Copy tba

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Anais Mitchell
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 6-6:40 & 11-11:40
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30 (part of Dianasongs)
Anais Mitchell is an artist who is happening. If you haven’t heard about her, you haven’t been listening. At last year’s
First Night she mesmerized two packed houses with her meticulously written songs and distinctive, almost childlike
voice. Anaïs walks on stage with an acoustic guitar and arrant grace evocative of both Sandy Denny and Cyndi
Lauper in the same stride. Voices hush and heads turn in unison to catch the self-assured vixen with the bright,
childlike smile as she steps forward to place a hand on the mic – and take it back again. In a gesture of coy flirtation
and pure poetry, she drops her gaze and lets fingers light on strings instead, breaking open a bittersweet melody.
The first syllables escape her mouth, and it isn't long before you realize: this is no chick folksinger. This is no fly-by
indie rock grrrl. You are in the presence of an artist. A classic. Anais Mitchell is an artistic legend in the making.

”It's rare enough for a young songwriter to come along who is a genuine artist…It's doubly rare for that artist to strike
a nerve with audiences. And so people are talking about Anais Mitchell.” - Herb Blumenfeld, Sing Out!

“A songwriter of startling clarity and depth, equally skilled at turning a melody or lyrical phrase into what you didn't
know you needed until you heard it... fearlessly Dylan, Cohen, and Welch, Mitchell weaves her stories
into an effortlessly beautiful and cohesive tapestry with the skill of an artisan's carpenter, showing no seams.”

Mount Mansfield Union High School Choral Hour
First Congregational Church Theater: 3-3:40
The Mount Mansfield Union High School Music Department presents the MMU Choral Hour featuring the MMU
Select Chorus and members of the Woman’s Madrigals and Men’s Chorus performing music ranging from Baroque
to Brazilian folk. Also featured will be student directed a cappella ensembles singing your favorite hits from popular
music to classical choral literature. Come enjoy these Rising Stars in a beautiful acoustic setting!

Mount Mansfield Union High School A Cappella
First Congregational Church Theater: 6-6:40
The Mount Mansfield Union High School Music Department presents the MMU A Cappella!

dug Nap LIVE – with Nerdbird!
First Congregational Church Theater: 5-5:40 & 10-10:40
What’s Nerdbird? That’s what happens when you combine dug Nap’s raps, rants, raves, spoken word, poetry, and
songs with Clement Yonker’s guitars, and live manipulations of various electronic gadgets and gizmos. Come spend
a fun-filled, quirky, eclectic, cathartic, and sometimes scary New Year’s Eve with dug Nap and Nerdbird!

Naquele Tempo
First Baptist Church: 12-12:40 & 1-1:40
Open the doors of the First Baptist Church while Naquele Tempo is performing and you will be enticed by the
infectious sounds of Brazilian, Cuban, South American and West African music. The group performs both traditional
and original songs in such varied styles as Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Son and Danzon. You might even get a
chance to play along! Naquele Tempo’s lively show is designed to entertain, educate and involve audience members
of all ages and there is no previous experience required. The group is co-led by flutist Dominique Gagné and
guitarist Rafael Flores and features bass, piano and an ever-expanding percussion section. Join in on one of the
instruments from their homemade recycled percussion collection, or bring one of your own!

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Firehouse Finale in City Hall Park: 6:30-6:50
Darkness falls on City Hall Park; the lighting sculptures glow; the pounding beat of Drums & Dragons gradually fills
the air as our Finale begins! Suddenly, what’s that? Up in the Firehouse windows? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s
NEONMAN! A glowing, crazy character unlike any you have ever witnessed! Who is this Creature of the Night? From
the comedy duo FOOLZ, it’s the Dapper Dane aka NEONMAN! Recently featured at HBO’s Comedy Festival with
Jon Stewart and Penn & Teller, this hi tech optical illusion never fails to wow an audience.

“Better than Blue Man Group.” -- Graham Ellis, Hawaii’s Volcano Circus

Neonman is a performance piece created by Henrik Bothe (aka Ricky Wells, the Dapper Dane) of Denmark. In a
blackout, a glowing flexible stick figure appears on the stage. He manipulates luminous objects and chases his head
around the stage. Neonman tries to help a plane land with catastrophic results. The performance includes juggling,
stick twirling, physical comedy and, some might say, magic! The lights go out. The soundtrack starts. Out of the total
darkness emerges Neonman. A fantastic optical illusion? Is it a person? Is it a robot?

Julie Ness OPERA!
First Baptist Church: 2-2:40 & 5-5:40
Spend New Year's Eve with some of the most famous Prima Donna's of opera! Witness the tragedy of Violetta, the
self indulgent revelry of Manon, and the socially outcast but beloved Baby Doe. Hear beautiful music from Verdi,
Massenet, Moore and others sung by soprano Julie Ness, with piano accompaniment by Daniel Weiser. Ms. Ness'
credits include operatic and orchestral works performed throughout the United States, including Carnegie Hall. She
recently became a Vermonter after moving here from Manhattan last year and has a private voice studio in White
River Junction.

Northern Bronze Handbell Ensemble
First Congregational Church Chapel: 5-5:40
Handbells are often heard in church and worship settings, but Northern Bronze utilizes these unique instruments
for a wide variety of musical genres. Can bells boogie? They will, and they'll offer up a program ranging from Bach's
"Minuet in G," to a lively, foot-tapping arrangement of the spiritual "Do Lord," to a moving tribute to our veterans with
a hauntingly dramatic version of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." They love to share their music and invite
all to join them.

The Nose
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
Leaping out of the pages of Nikolai Gogol is our newest Parade character, The Nose! “A man is abandoned by his
nose which is ashamed of him and develops a life of its own.” Thus runs the story – at First Night the nose runs
down Church Street, on feet that is! Brought to all of us by a fantastic Burlington-area theater troupe!

Rik Palieri
KeyBank Lobby: 5-5:40, 8-8:40 & 11-11:40 (The Burlington Coffeehouse)
"Totem Pole" Rik Palieri makes his home in Vermont's mountains. He has recorded six CD's, hosts "The Song
Writer's Notebook" on TV, and has published a book "The Road Is My Mistress, Tales of a Roustabout Songster".
Rik has toured 1001 schools and the largest Folk Festivals in the world. He plays a wide array of instruments - banjo
and guitar, Native American Love flute, Ozark Mouth bow and Polish Bagpipes. Rik delights in sharing his love for
songs and stories, old and new, traditional and contemporary. He has worked with legendary American folkies such
as Pete Seeger, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Jimmie Driftwood, Utah Phillips, Ralph Stanley, and with rocker Bruce

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Richie Parlato
Memorial Auditorium Annex: noon-4:30 (with Face Painting)
Copy tba

Sarah Pedinotti Band (with Tony Markellis, bass)
Flynn Space: 10-midnight
Sarah Pedinotti is a talented young singer/songwriter on the rise from Saratoga Springs, NY. Listed on Billboard’s
Top Ten Critic’s Choice in both 2005 & 2006, she has recently garnered a lot of attention from record executives,
radio stations and industry press. A New York City debut in August to an S.R.O. crowd at The Living Room
showcased her eclectic roots-rock fusion of Americana, folk and rock and exceptional ability to breathe new life into
the old tradition of American songwriting and storytelling. Her unique vocal style resonates with echoes of Rickie Lee
Jones and Maria Muldaur.

“She’s Sarah Pedinotti and if you haven’t heard of her yet, well, you’re going to!” - The Albany Times Union

PETESTOCK: The Music of Pete Sutherland
Unitarian Universalist Church: 4-5:40
For our 25th, roots musician and songwriter Pete Sutherland, one of northern Vermont’s most restless musical minds,
brings the now-legendary gathering known as PETESTOCK to New Year’s Eve. This edition features First Night
Legends Patti Casey, Colin McCaffrey, Will Patton, Jon Gailmor, Social Band, Steve Gillette & Cindy
Mangsen, plus Tammy Fletcher & Chuck Eller! The Champlain Valley-born Sutherland is well-known as a fiddler
and multi-instrumentalist through countless appearances over the past 30 years at fairs, festivals, dances and First
Nights. He has toured and recorded with Metamora, Rhythm In Shoes, the Clayfoot Strutters, the Arm and Hammer
String Band, the Woodshed All-Stars, Ira Bernstein and many more, all-the-while teaching and studio producing! His
songs have been performed by the likes of Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Sally Rogers, Nightingale, Cathy Fink, and
Marcy Marxer. The PETESTOCK concept originated to draw together some of the players and singers of this diverse
and prolific original repertoire. Sutherland describes the program for this edition of PETESTOCK as “Roots music
portraits of Vermont's colorful past, featuring a gathering of some of the singers and players featured on (his) brand
new CD Another Great Awakening.”

Jernigan Pontiac: HACKIE
First Congregational Church Theater: 4-4:40 & 7-7:40
Since 1997, local cabdriver, Jernigan Pontiac, has been telling stories of the untold amazing people who pass
through his taxi. His Seven Days column, "Hackie," has won a New England Press Association first-place award, in
which the judges wrote: "Brilliant! What an amazing writer. He offers a first-person perspective into things we can
only wonder about." Join Jernigan, the elusive cabbie himself, as he reads from his newest book, Hackie 2: Perfect
Autumn, and answers all your questions about cab driving and life.

RISING STAR SEARCH: First Night’s Teen Talent Competition Finals hosted by Tim Kavanagh
of Late Night Saturday on WCAX-TV
Memorial Auditorium: 8-midnight (Finals 8-10:30 then dancing to The Limes)
Overture! Dim the Lights! This is it, the Night of Nights! And oh, what heights we’ll hit! On with the show – THIS IS IT!
The Very first RISING STAR SEARCH reaches its culmination in this, the Finals. Fourteen Vermont teen artists in
seven categories will perform LIVE before five celebrity judges and a full house of friends, family and talent scouts.
The categories are SONG/WORD (solo & group; DANCE (solo & group); INSTRUMENTAL (solo & group) and
OTHER. The artists are, well, you will have to attend to find out! We can tell you that Vermont’s most popular new
band, The Limes, will supply the house music for the show, and a rocking set of dance tunes for the after show party!
Come one, come all – experience the BEST of First Night’s Rising Stars!

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Sambatucada! hosts Samba Dance Party
Edmunds School Cafeteria: 8-8:45 Samba lessons; 9-9:45 & 10-10:45 Samba dance
   plus Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
MOVE to the percussive danceable sounds of Burlington's own samba street band! Patterned after Brazilian
Carnival percussion orchestras, Sambatucada! is guaranteed to get you moving to their hot, pulsating rhythms. You
will not be able to resist the huge sound of 20+ drummers playing their contagious brand of Afro-Brazilian percussion.
Start by dancing with them at 6pm in the Drums & Dragons Parade; then sway on up the street to the Samba Dance
Party, with Samba Dance Lessons by Carla Kevorkian at 8pm. A Brazilian Carnival extravaganza!

Social Band: Idle and Blessed: Exploring Rest in a Restless World
Unitarian Universalist Church: 1-1:40 & 7-7:40 plus 4-5:40 (part of Petestock)
"Burlington's lively band of singers" has been delighting First Night audiences for many years, and we're pleased to
have them back for our 25th! Under the direction of Amity Baker, they bring their rich and engaging sound to choral
works from a wide range of genres, creating joyful, high-quality performances. This year, listeners will be treated to
several new choral works commissioned from Vermont composers around the theme "Idleness and Rest: Exploring
Rest in a Restless World." You may also hear early American shape-note hymns, French Canadian chansons, and
choral works from other times and parts of the world. Prepare yourself to be transported and uplifted!

Spotlight on Dance
Contois Auditorium, City Hall: 12-12:40 & 4-4:40
Spotlight on Dance will once again perform an evening of exciting, high-energy dances in Tap, Jazz & Ballet. The
troupe will dance to a variety of music, including some favorites from the latest Broadway shows. We know this
show will have you dancing out the door!

Taize Prayer for World Peace
Cathedral Church of St. Paul, 2 Cherry Street: 6-6:45
Come pray for world peace in an ecumenical gathering as the New Year begins. Experience contemplative prayer
enhanced by the beautiful chants of The Taize Community, an ecumenical center for peace and reconciliation in
France. Taize prayer combines chant with simple repetitive phrases, encouraging participation by all. Scripture
readings and silence are interwoven, fostering a reflective and prayerful spirit. Join and pray for world peace and
reconciliation. No First Night button required.

Temporary Tattoos by Face Art
Memorial Auditorium Annex: 6-9
Join Sara Glasgow, Rebecca Reil and their talented Volunteers as they create Body Art just for you! With products
used in the movie industry you can leave with "ink" that lasts 2 - 7 days! Choose from a wide range of designs
including a new offering of dazzling Glitter Tattoos! Come underground to just hang or to get art that will last!

Lowell Thompson
College Street Congregational Church: 1-1:40 & 3-3:40
Lowell Thompson grew up on a steady regimen of punk, but soon realized that rock n' roll was what he was destined
to play. He has drawn comparisons to Jeff Tweedy, Beck and Gram Parsons, but his songwriting transcends
boundaries and is all his own. Playing, producing and recording everything on his first EP, the twenty-two-year-old
Thompson showed versatility not only as a musician, but as a songwriter. A unique and soothing voice powered by a
‘heart on sleeve emotion” (Seven Days), Thompson took 1st place in the Advance Music Singer/Songwriter Acoustic
Guitar Search of 2004.

"Lowell's music transcends the boundaries of genre. It is beautiful chameleon music. When you hear his songs you
can picture a folk version, a country version, a rock version...he could even pull off a polka version. His sound and
stage presence makes you stop talking and want to find out who the HELL he is."
   -Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Twist of the Wrist
First Baptist Church: 3-3:40 & 7-7:40
Join well-known Vermont musicians Elizabeth Thompson, Barbara Wager, and Robert Resnik for their third
appearance at First Night Burlington (once upon a time they were known as “The Monkey Consort”)! Twist plays
medieval, renaissance, and modern European vocal and dance music on hurdy-gurdys, melodeons, and a whole
encyclopedia of wind instruments. Come hear Twist of the Wrist play new music that sounds hundreds of years old,
and great old dance music made new again!

VKAT Kids & Dragons from Mater Christi School and Christ the King School
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale, Church St. Marketplace and City Hall Park: 6-6:50
Returning for their third year in the Drums & Dragons Parade are students, family members, and staff from the
Vermont Kids Against Tobacco Programs at Mater Christi School and Christ The King School in Burlington. MCS
and CKS are Catholic schools serving students pre-school through 8th grade. The Vermont Kids Against Tobacco
Program is a grant-funded program offered by the Tobacco Control Program of the Vermont Department of Health.
VKAT supports activities to help reduce tobacco use among youth and promote health and wellness in our
communities. “We had a blast doing the dragon parade!” - Tyler Wood, VKAT

Vermont Stage Company Winter Tales (with The Young Writers Project):
FlynnSpace: 1-1:40 & 5-5:40
There’s nothing like having a story read out loud to you, especially in the dark days of winter. Vermont Stage
Company, in partnership with the Young Writers Project, asked students around the state for their poems and stories
about winter and the holiday season in Vermont. We’ve chosen the best of these Winter Tales, and you can join us
to hear professional Vermont Stage actors read these literary gems in the cozy setting of FlynnSpace. Come
celebrate the holidays, the wonders of the written and spoken word and the talents of our Vermont student writers at
this very special event.

Vermont Youth Orchestra                            (Guaranteed Seat Ticket™ required)
Flynn Center Main Stage: noon-1
Troy Peters, conductor; Owen Kevra-Lenz, violin; A Celebration of American Music: Festive works by Aaron
Copland, Morton Gould, and others, plus film music from "The Pirates of the Caribbean". Montpelier violinist Owen
Kevra-Lenz will be featured in the first movement of Samuel Barber's beautiful Violin Concerto. Catch our favorite
Rising Stars! Ring in the New Year with the VYO!

Tom Verner, magician
Memorial Auditorium Annex: noon-4:30 (with Face Painting)
Tom Verner is the founding director of "Magicians Without Borders" which brings love, laughter and magic
to refugee and orphan children around the world. Tom creates magic for children of all ages and his shows
combine magic and laugher with lots of audience participation. Discover the universal language of magic
in a show that is filled with wonder and surprise, as Tom brings his inspiration to the Annex.

Very Merry Theatre Company presents PETER PAN
Edmunds School Gym: 12-12:50 & 4-4:50
Drums & Dragons Parade and Firehouse Finale: 6-6:50
Vermont’s only traveling theater for young actors brings excitement and pageantry to audiences throughout the state.
These talented thespians, ages 6-15, perform original adaptations of classical stories and plays. Peter Pan is Very
Merry’s triumphant fourth engagement at First Night. The Teen Troupe brings the colorful and beloved characters of
Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily and The Lost Boys to life in this creative musical rendition of the
classic tale. And don’t miss the magic as the Peter Pan characters join Drums & Dragons in the 6pm Parade!
     FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Tonya West, Blues Poet
FlynnSpace: 4-4:40
A shopping cart in the weeds . . . a lone motorcyclist . . . summer kitchens and spruce trees by the thousand. Tonya
West renders everyday images into blues poetry, singing and speaking from the heart about homelessness and
addiction, hope and wishful love. A Vermont native of Acadian heritage, Tonya’s younger years were spent in
Canada and Florida where her memories began. She will share with you equal inspirations from the South and
North: the perfumed warmth of orange blossoms and the sea, to rugged outcrops and coasts. Tonya has attended
workshops with Geof Hewitt, author of Hewitt’s Guide to Slam Poetry and Poetry Slam, and Haitian-American
performance artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph, a National Poetry Slam Champion. Locally, she performs at Radio Bean
and with the indie rock band, Aggressive Perfectors.

Diana Winn, Friends, and Kin
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 2-2:40
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30 (Dianasongs by Vermont DIVAS)
Diana brings together a beautiful blend of family and friends in a performance that will make you feel like you're
sitting in on the warmest of family get-togethers. Joining Diana are sister Liz Winn, songwriter/daughter Jessamine
Levine, NYC opera singer/niece Jennifer Winn, singing drummer/friend Pam McCann, and 14-year-old vocal protégé
Anneli Blume, for a rare "Sisters in Song" showcase. To hear the angelic harmonies, wonderful originals, and
classics like The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Down to the River to Pray, get to the Vermont DIVAS site in the Sanctuary
by 2pm!

Unitarian Universalist Church: 2-2:40
First Baptist Church: 6-6:40
Come hear spirited a cappella singing from a chorus of five voices. Womensing's democratically chosen song list is
varied enough to include spirituals, rounds, African melodies sung in Zulu, tunes from China to Colombia, and
original compositions. Much of the repertoire is drawn from the musical heritage of the members: French Canadian,
Chinese, Italian and American. With arrangements that juxtapose solo and ensemble voices and with harmonies
that range from simple to layered, the group draws in audiences of all ages to travel the globe on its vocal
journey. "Womensing's songs are joyful outpourings of harmonized music that carry with them themes of friendship,
love, nature and human freedom."

WoodlandDance Co.
Edmunds School Gym: 3-3:40 & 7-7:40
Returning to First Night for their second appearance, WoodlandDance is truly a Rising Star – a teen/young adult
performance group with energy and excitement to spare! Experience dancers, singers, and musicians!

The Wood's Tea Co.
Unitarian Universalist Church: 9-9:40, 10-10:40 & 11-11:40
One of our all-time favorite bands, this lively Vermont folk group weaves a musical trail through rousing sea chanties,
roots Americana, spirited bluegrass and haunting Celtic ballads in performances that get people singing, laughing
and clapping along. Pulling from a cache of over a dozen instruments, they keep the pace and variety interesting and
are renowned for extraordinary musical skills, vocal harmonies and their ability to draw the audience into their
performance. Despite the tragic losses of two members, Chip Chase last year, and founder Rusty Jacobs this
summer, The Wood’s Tea Co will continue its performance schedule for 2007-2008. Tom Mackenzie who performed
with the group for seven years has re-joined and brings back his world class hammered dulcimer and banjo skills as
well as clever song and instrumental compositions. Please join First Night and Wood’s Tea in a very special
celebration of First Night Legends.

     FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Wrecking Ball: Brett Hughes, Gordon Stone  & Tyler Bolles
College Street Congregational Church: 8-8:40 & 10-10:40
Brett Hughes has been quietly refining his electro-acoustic roots music jam sessions at Radio Bean, joined by the
likes of Gordon Stone, Tyler Bolles, Steve Hadeka, Marie Claire, Neil Cleary, and Mike Gordon. While Mike has
obviously been the attention grabber, he is just as much a fan as the rest of the audience. And who wouldn’t be?
Resurrecting legitimate country with strains of early rock, Wrecking Ball keeps alive the spirit of yesteryear and
exposes this age-old material to new listeners, AND plays a gorgeous set of original tunes. Brett Hughes has been
around the Burlington music scene for quite a while with The Decentz, ViperHouse, Chrome Cowboys and Monoprix,
and recently toured with Shannon McNally. If you don’t know Gordon Stone, where have you been? Gordon and
Brett won Emmy Awards for their soundtrack for Windy Acres in 2005. Tyler is worth the price of admission too.

The Young Tradition (co-presented by Events for Tom)
Edmunds School Cafeteria: 5-5:45, 6-6:45 & 7-7:45
The Young Tradition is a series of concerts over the past 5 years that benefit the Tom Sustic Fund, supporting
families of children with cancer. The concerts feature 25-years-and-under musicians, singers and dancers in folk and
traditional styles. For First Night, audience favorites will perform 15 minute segments.

Kate Frattelone (5 & 7)
Kate is 15 and has been playing fiddle for 10 years. She has studied with Jerry Holland, Sarah Blair, Pete Sutherland,
John Mowad and Sarah Hotchkiss. Kate has played all types of music, including New England, Cape Breton, Irish,
Appalachian and Southern. She has played in the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra, and is also a dancer, singer, song
writer and a painter.

Glass of Water (5:15, 6:30 & 7:15)
Emily, originally from Greensboro, VT, and Sophia, most recently from Maine, met to sing in a stairwell on the
Cornell University campus three years ago. Now, as "Glass of Water," they sing a wide range of traditional and
tradition-inspired tunes including ballads from Appalachia and the British Isles, shape note hymns, and anything they
can arrange for tight, a cappella harmonies. "They have a remarkable knack for creating distinctive arrangements
and weaving intricate vocal lines. Their blithe singing shows a deep affection and respect for their eclectic sources."

United Celtic Dancers (5:30 & 6)
Founded 10 years ago by Alice McNeish, the group is now led by champion dancer Zack Warshaw of South
Burlington. It is a performance group in no affiliation with any registered, competitive Irish or Highland dance school,
dedicated to the perpetuation, education and showcase of the traditional dance forms of the Celtic isles, mainly Irish
Step Dance and Scottish-Highland Dance. Dancers will perform various dances in traditional and contemporary
arrangements that display the proper timing, rhythm, footwork and posture required for individual and group success
in competition.

Anna Roberts-Gevalt (6:15 & 7:30)
Anna has always been singing. She picked up violin in 3rd grade, and played it, along with viola, all the way through
high school. Following a whim she bought a banjo, diving into traditional American playing, singing and dance. Her
violin playing has been refocused to fiddling. A junior at Wesleyan U. in Connecticut, she strolls campus with her
banjo, and majors in English and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality studies.

The Young Writers Project
 - The China Project – a multi-media blog with The VT Youth Orchestra (see above)
 - Vermont Stage Company Winter Tales (see above)
 - Young Songwriters with Jon Gailmor, Diana Winn and Pete Sutherland (Jon, Diana and Pete
include in their shows material from collaborations with students from the Young Writers Project.)

The Young Writers Project is a grassroots nonprofit that aims to help students write better and gain an audience for
their best work. Student work appears weekly in five daily newspapers in Vermont: The Burlington Free Press, Times
      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *
Argus, Rutland Herald, The Valley News and the Brattleboro Reformer. YWP also partners with Vermont Public
Radio, Vermont Stage Company, Vermont Symphony Orchestra, the Vermont Songwriters Association, Vermont
Public Television and others to find additional venues for student work. YWP has an interactive Web site,, where more than 1,500 registered students share writing, comment on each other's writing
and art and engage in discussions about life, the news, school and books -- to name a few topics. YWP does
classroom workshops and online classrooms. YWP is made possible through the generosity of the Vermont
Business Roundtable, a policy think tank of business and educational leaders of the state who believe good writing
skills are vital to succeed.

Diane Zeigler
First Congregational Church Sanctuary: 5-5:40 & 9-9:40
Flynn Center Main Stage: 7:30-8:30 (part of Dianasongs)
Catch Diane Zeigler in a rare performance! Having recently given birth to her third child, Zeigler has limited her
concert schedule - but fans of acoustic music know she's worth the wait. The winner of 8 national songwriting
awards, Zeigler is also a skilled performer with a quick laugh, and her live shows offer a full spectrum of
entertainment and inspired musicianship. She returns to First Night accompanied by bassist Geoff Sather and
dobroist Adam Frehm.

"One of the clearest, most vividly gorgeous voices on the contemporary acoustic music scene...and one of the most
talented songwriters New England has produced." - The Music Matters

"…contemporary folk music at its best." - Chicago Tribune

"Adam Frehm’s dobro work glides smoothly the sound its grit and swagger." -

      FIRST NIGHT 2008 *

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