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                                     G R E AT E R                          N E WA R K                             C O N S E R VA N C Y

                                                                    SPRING/SUMMER 2010
                                                                    Join us at a variety of programs offered at the Prudential

                                                                    Outdoor Learning Center and journey toward a life-long

                                                                    appreciation of living things and commitment to nature.

                                                                    Greater Newark Conservancy brings the wonders of

                                                                    nature and the urban environment to life through

                                                                    interactive, hands-on activities throughout the year.

Calendar of Events

Adult Workshops
Field Trips
Family Time

Greening Outreach
City Gardens Contest
Discovery Box Loan Collection

Group Field Trips
Professional Development Workshops

Office:                                                              Program Site: (unless otherwise specified)           Visit our Website:
Greater Newark Conservancy                                           Prudential Outdoor Learning Center         
972 Broad Street, 8th floor                                          32 Prince Street, Newark
Newark, NJ 07102
                                                                     FREE On-site Parking
(973) 642-4646
(No mail accepted at program site. Please send all correspondence to office.)
Conservancy Staff                                      Welcome to Greater Newark Conservancy
                                                       Founded in 1987, Greater Newark Conservancy promotes environmental stewardship to improve
                                                       the quality of life in New Jersey's urban communities through environmental education,
 Robin L. Dougherty                                    community gardening, beautification of neighborhoods, job training opportunities and
 Executive Director
                                                       environmental justice advocacy.
 Jagruti Mehta
 Director of Finance                                   Our guiding principle is to encourage and highlight community empowerment, pride and
 Michele Robinson                                      self-sufficiency and to foster a lifelong appreciation of our natural world for thousands of urban
 Director of Programs                                  residents each year.
 Brian H. Morrell
                                                       Greatest emphasis is placed on working with schools, community groups, youth
 Director of Development
                                                       organizations, senior citizens, intergenerational groups and adolescent urban youth.
 Suzanne F. Anderson
 Grant Consulant
 Margaret Carpen
 Annual Fund and Special Events Manager                Letter from the Executive Director:
 Brian David
 Database Manager                                      As I sit here with snow piling up outside, it is difficult to imagine that by the time you read this
                                                       spring will be here. I hope you have used the time indoors to plan your garden—whether you love
 Desireé Johnson
 Office Manager                                        native landscapes or unique vegetables, gardening is a great way to improve the environment and
                                                       get healthy at the same time! And if you purchase your plants from the Conservancy, you will help
 Education                                             support our education, job training and urban agriculture programs!
 Robert Sikora
 Director of Education                                 By the time you read this, Newark gardeners will eagerly be planning their entries for the 20th
                                                       Annual City Gardens Contest which starts in June. Classes will be learning about the environment
 Michelle Kovatch
 Outdoor Learning Center Manager                       outside in their school Living Laboratories. Our Junior Rangers will be planning their Spring Block
                                                       Party educational activities and our Youth Gardeners will be learning to prepare healthy snacks by
 Anne Ajamian
 Education Program Coordinator                         starting seeds and transplanting them into their own gardens! Meanwhile the staff will be looking
 Sarah O’Leary                                         forward to presenting you with some great spring programs!
 Education Program Coordinator                         This season, we will offer some old favorites and introduce some soon to be new favorites. Come on
 Alisha Rogers                                         over to create your very own “living wreath” or visit the Great Falls in Paterson with us. The high-
 Environmental Educator
                                                       light, and kick off for the planting season will be our Spring Block Party, a new spin on an old sta-
 Community Greening                                    ple. In addition to the Plant Sale taking place that day, we will have musical entertainment with
 Lee Stronstorff                                       free and fun activities for your family. (Be sure to pre-order your plants for best price & selection!)
 Community Greening Coordinator
                                                       In addition, the Conservancy will be hosting its biennial “Green” Gala on May 26 at Nanina’s in
 Bethy Whalen                                          the Park. This event helps raise the much needed funds that keep the Conservancy going
 Community Greening Assistant
                                                       everyday—from creating community gardens that produce fresh veggies to teaching children
 Horticulture                                          about nutrition to helping an urban teen get real life job experience—your support helps us
 Alice Wade                                            continue this valuable work. The honorees at this year’s Gala (see back cover) are very special
 Assistant Horticulturist                              friends who have supported the Conservancy’s mission of promoting environmental stewardship
                                                       to improve the quality of life in New Jersey’s urban communities.
 Job Training
 Herbie Zabala                                         Wherever your interests are—workshops, trips, Block Party or the Gala—we hope to see you soon!
 NPRI Program Manager
 Carlos Hidalgo
 PRI Crew Supervisor
 Jerry Smith
 PRI Crew Supervisor
                                                       Robin L. Dougherty

2.           Greater Newark Conservancy Spring/Summer 2010 Programs
Greater Newark Conservancy Calendar of Events                                                      Spring/Summer 2010
All events take place at Greater Newark Conservancy's Outdoor Learning Center, 32 Prince St., Newark, NJ, unless otherwise
specified. Call (973) 642-4646 for additional information.

  7       Let’s Get it Started: Seed Starting for your Garden, 6:30–8pm
 10       Family Time: Waiting for Wings to Soar, 1–2pm
 10       Flower Barrel Delivery, 9am–5pm
 24       Thinking Inside the Box: Square Foot Gardening, 10am–12pm
 28       Living Wreath Workshop, 6–8pm

  6       Site Analysis, 6–7:30pm
 15       Spring Block Party & Community Plant Sale, 10am–1pm
 15       Can’t Contain This: Container Gardening in the City, 11:00am–12pm
 19       Nature’s Medicine: Herbs, Essential Oils and Raw Foods, 6:30–8pm
 22       Flower Barrel Delivery, 9am–5pm
 26       Greater Newark Conservancy’s Green Gala at Nanina’s in the Park

  5       Flower Barrel Delivery, 9am–5pm
  6       Forest Hill Garden Tour & Plant Sale
  8       City Gardens Contest Entry Deadline
  9       From Trash to Garden Treasure, 6:30–7:30pm
 12       Trip: The Great Falls of Paterson, 12:30–4:00pm
 19       Family Time: The Great Garden Safari, 1–2pm
 24-26    City Gardens First Round Judging

 10       Flower Barrel Delivery, 9am–5pm
 21       Dirty Rotten and Filthy Rich: The Composting Cure for Your Soil, 6:30–7:30pm
 24       Trip: Rutgers Public Gardens Tour, 10:30am–2:30pm

 5-7      City Gardens Second Round Judging
  7       Family Time: Greater Newark Tomato Tasting, 1–2pm

 Home Garden Supply Pickup, Flower Barrel Pickup and Tree Giveaway
 Tuesdays, April 6 thru June 15, 3–6pm

                                                                      Greater Newark Conservancy Spring/Summer 2010 Programs   3.
 Adult Workshops, Field Trips & Family Time

Workshops                                                list of essential oils for everyday use and suggested
                                                         raw foods to begin using in their diet. We’ll also dis-
                                                                                                                   Family Time in the Garden
LET’S GET IT STARTED: SEED STARTING                      cuss practical ways to start your own herb garden.        WAITING FOR WINGS TO SOAR
FOR YOUR GARDEN                                          FROM TRASH TO GARDEN TREASURE                             Saturday, April 10
Wednesday, April 7                                                                                                 Time: 1 – 2pm
                                                         Wednesday, June 9
Time: 6:30 – 8pm Fee: $7                                                                                           Fee: $10 – includes parent and child – second child $2
                                                         Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm Fee: $5
Come start some unique flower and veggie seeds.                                                                    Butterflies come alive as you and your child learn
                                                         Did you know that a used cream container could
Before planting you’ll learn the science of seed ger-                                                              of the life cycle of the butterfly - from tiny eggs
                                                         make an excellent herb garden? Join us to learn
mination, seed treatments, materials and equipment                                                                 hidden in leaves, to hatching caterpillars and
                                                         new gardening techniques using recycled materials,
for seed starting. You’ll start seeds for yourself and                                                             cocoons, to hungry butterflies in search of flowers
                                                         found in everyday trash. With hints and tips for cre-
some for the Outdoor Learning Center.                                                                              in our gardens. Program includes the story
                                                         ating a more eco-friendly and sustainable garden.
                                                                                                                   reading, Waiting for Wings to Soar, by Lois Ehlert,
THINKING INSIDE THE BOX:                                 DIRTY ROTTEN AND FILTHY RICH:                             Butterfly Craft, Butterfly Safari, and weather
SQUARE FOOT GARDENING                                    THE COMPOSTING CURE FOR YOUR SOIL                         permitting – a Butterfly Release. Healthy snack
Saturday, April 24                                       Wednesday, July 21                                        included. For children ages 4 to 7, with an
Time: 10am – 12pm Fee: $5                                Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm Fee: $5                               accompanying adult.
Interested in gardening but have limited space?
Worried about contaminants in your soil? Learn
                                                         We may not be able to provide you with a three            THE GREAT GARDEN SAFARI
                                                         month plan for instant wealth but we can help give        Saturday, June 19
about this simple, attractive and popular method         your garden one! Learn about the art of compost-
of raised bed gardening that can be done in any                                                                    Time: 1 – 2pm
                                                         ing and how it will make your garden soil rich            Fee: $10 – includes parent and child – second child $2.
space large or small. All gardening levels welcome.      beyond your wildest dreams. Participants will take
                                                                                                                   Explore our enchanting garden to discover a world
LIVING WREATH WORKSHOP                                   home a free bag of fresh compost straight from the
                                                                                                                   of wonder. The Garden Treasure Hunt is an engag-
Wednesday, April 28                                      Conservancy’s garden.
                                                                                                                   ing activity for both adults and children. Includes
Time: 6 – 8pm Fee: $20                                                                                             a healthy snack and take away crafts. For children
You will create a beautiful wreath using plants          Field Trips                                               ages 4 to 7, with an accompanying adult.
such as hens & chicks, sedums and other                  *Time includes departure from and return to OLC,
colorful succulents. These “living wreaths”              32 Prince Street.                                         GREATER NEWARK TOMATO TASTING
can be enjoyed year round either hung on wall                                                                      Saturday, August 7
                                                         THE GREAT FALLS OF PATERSON                               Time: 1 – 2pm
or used as a centerpiece.
                                                         Saturday, June 12                                         Fee: $10 – includes parent and child – second child $2
SITE ANALYSIS                                            Time: 12:30 – 4:00pm
                                                                                                                   There isn't just one “Jersey Tomato”. There are
Thursday, May 6                                          Fee: $12 (Must be paid by June 4th)
                                                                                                                   over 150 varieties – red and yellow, orange and
Time: 6 – 7:30pm Fee: $5                                 What would you say if someone told you that               green, purple and black, white and striped, tiny
Want to redesign your landscape but not sure             Newark’s Passaic River flows into a 77 foot waterfall     and tremendous. You and your child will explore –
where to start? Then this is the workshop for you!       in downtown Paterson? Yes, it’s true! In fact The         and taste – many tomato varieties. Fun family
Come and find out how to begin the process of            Great Falls of Paterson was recently designated as        recipe demos from around the world. For adults
designing your garden. You will learn the basics of      a National Park. We’ll tour this amazing waterfall,       with children ages 4 to 7.
site analysis through hands-on interactive activities.   connect its place along the Passaic and stop by the
                                                         local museum for a historical perspective.
CONTAINER GARDENING IN THE CITY                                                                                     Registration:
(SPRING BLOCK PARTY)                                     RUTGERS PUBLIC GARDENS TOUR                                Location:
Saturday, May 15th                                       Saturday, July 24                                          Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will be
Time: 11am – 12pm Fee: Free                              Time: 10:30am – 2:30pm Fee: $12                            held at the Outdoor Learning Center, 32 Prince
It’s time to start growing up! Learn about ways to       With over 50 acres of beauty and 10 themed                 Street, Newark, NJ. Free, on-site, fenced in
create gardens using simple containers, window           gardens you can get lost in the garden displays            parking is available.
boxes and flower pots including our popular              of New Jersey’s very own public garden. Take a             Registration:
flower barrels. Demonstrations will be given.            guided tour with Conservancy staff or create your          Participants MUST PREPAY all fees to be consid-
You will have a chance to purchase plants                own guided adventure.                                      ered registered for a workshop or trip. Workshops
and flower barrels at our Spring plant sale.                                                                        and trips can be cancelled due to insufficient regis-
                                                                                                                    tration or inclement weather. Call (973) 642-4646,
NATURE’S MEDICINE: HERBS, ESSENTIAL                                                                                 ext. 33 for workshop or trip updates and to confirm
OILS AND RAW FOODS                                       SAVE THE DATE!                                             it is being held.
Wednesday, May 19                                        On Saturday, September 25 we will offer a trip to          Trip and Workshop Cancellation/Refund Policy:
Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm Fee: $5                              the New Jersey WILD Outdoor Expo, a free event             In the event a trip or workshop is cancelled by
Dena Corbin of Natural Ground 1 will discuss the         designed for visitors to discover ways to appreciate       the Conservancy, fees will be refunded or a credit
health benefits of raw foods and ways for partici-       and enjoy the outdoors. At the Expo, participants          applied to a future workshop or trip. If a regis-
pants to improve their diet. During the workshop         can go canoeing, kayaking, view environmental              trant cancels 48 hours or more in advance, a full
participants will also get the chance to smell and       exhibits, go birding or fishing and much, much             refund or credit toward a future workshop or trip
sample essential oils. Upon completing the workshop      more. The event is free but there is a $10 charge for      will be issued. If a registrant cancels less than 48
participants will leave with recipes using herbs, a      transportation. Please call to reserve your seat!          hours in advance or does not attend a workshop
                                                                                                                    or trip, no refund or credit will be issued.

4.         Greater Newark Conservancy Spring/Summer 2010 Programs
 Community Greening                  (individuals, families, organizations and block associations)

Greening Outreach                                       FLOWER BARREL DELIVERY DATES
                                                        Beautify your property with barrels made for
HOME GARDEN SUPPLY PICKUP AND                           planting lush blooming flowers! The Conservancy
TREE GIVEAWAY                                           delivers flower barrels to individual home owners
Before starting your home garden come on down           and businesses on specific delivery dates only.
to the Outdoor Learning Center on the following         To ensure delivery place orders at least a week
dates and receive garden supplies. Supplies are         in advance of desired delivery date. Use the
limited per person. There is a suggested donation       Registration form on page 11 and be sure to
of $5 per bag of mulch or compost. Also, FREE           indicate pick up or delivery date.
trees will be given to Newark residents.
Tuesdays, April 6 thru June 15, 3 – 6pm
                                                        Delivered barrels MUST be prepaid.
                                                        Price includes delivery, barrel, soil and starter
                                                                                                                    CITY GARDENS
Come to the Greater Newark Conservancy’s
Community Plant Sale for this season’s best
flowers and vegetables! Please pre-order to
ensure the best selection and prices. Order
                                                        flowers. Please note that there is a $5 discount
                                                        for barrel pick up; soil and starter flower will
                                                        NOT be provided on pick up orders.
                                                        (Newark residents & business only)
                                                        Plastic Barrel $35
                                                                                                                CELEBRATE 20 SEASONS WITH US!
forms will be mailed in March. Please call if           Wooden Oak Barrel $35                                  For twenty years Greater Newark Conservancy’s City
you do not receive one.                                 Delivery only: 9am – 5pm                               Gardens Contest has celebrated the rich diversity of
Saturday, May 15th                                      Saturday, April 10                                     Newark through the City Gardens Contest. From
Time: 10am – 2pm                                        Saturday, May 22                                       pavements to rooftop, churches to children, small
                                                                                                               space to large, many proud Newarkers have showcased
                                                        Saturday, June 5
                                                                                                               their labor of love and the fruits of their labor. Whether
                                                        Saturday, July 10                                      you’re a longtime winner or a new enthusiastic
                                                        Pick up at Outdoor Learning Center                     gardener, there is a category for you! Showcase your
                                                        Tuesdays, April 6 thru June 15, 3 – 6pm                Gardener’s Spirit and join us this year in celebrating 20
                                                                                                               seasons in full bloom!
                                                                                                               Deadline to enter: June 8th
           Garden Tour of Forest Hill Historic District                                                        First Round of Judging: June 24th – 26th
                   Sponsored by Forest Hill Community Association                                              Second Round of Judging: August 5th – 7th
                                                                                                               Awards Ceremony: October 21
                                     Sunday, June 6 at 11am
                                                                                                               Not ready to showcase your garden? Volunteer as a
           Tickets may be purchased on the day of the event at 334 Highland Avenue.                            judge. Flexible times and scheduling are available.
                      Tickets are $10 for members/$15 for non-members.                                         Contact Lee at 973-642-4646 ext. 31 or email
            The Conservancy will host a plant sale in conjunction with the program.                   or visit:
                 For more information and updates visit                                    and download an entry form.

                             Discovery Box Loan Collection (school classes and after-school programs)
  Discovery Boxes contain one month’s worth of lessons, lesson materials (for 25 students), classroom display materials and a comprehensive Teacher's Guide.
  All Discovery Boxes correlate to the NJCCCS (NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards), which are included in the Teacher’s Guide.
  Delivery of Boxes: Discovery Boxes are delivered for free to Newark schools and picked-up at the end of the loan period. Teachers at schools outside of
  Newark may arrange to pick-up Discovery Boxes, Monday through Friday, between 8:30-5pm at the Conservancy.

  FOOD SCIENCE Grade level: 5–8                         NELSON MANDELA FREEDOM GARDEN                         URBAN WILDLIFE Grade level: K–6
  Study nutrition, the science of food product devel-   Grade level: 5–8                                      Introduce your students to the joys of nature
  opment and the many careers in food science.          Journey to Nelson Mandela’s South Africa. Learn       through learning about the diversity of urban
                                                        the important role                                    plant and animal life.
  LENAPE LIFE Grade level: 3–6                          gardening played during his 27-year imprison-
  Unearth the rich culture of the Lenape people.        ment.                                                 WONDERS OF WEATHER Grade level: K–3
  Experience their music, language and crafts.                                                                Observe weather and discover the fascinating
                                                        SEEDS Grade level: 3–8                                world of meteorology.
  MANAGING OUR GARBAGE Grade level: 5–8                 Explore the world of seeds from pollination to
  Examine the solid waste problem threatening our       dispersal. Use seed catalogues to learn about
  environment. Learn the importance of and how-to       planting methods and germination.
  reduce, reuse and recycle.

                                                                                             Greater Newark Conservancy Spring/Summer 2010 Programs                         5.
  Prudential Outdoor Learning Center Group Field Trips (school classes, scout troops, youth organizations, community and religious groups)
 Program Schedule:
 Pre-K and K Programs are 60 Minutes                   Pre-K and Kindergarten                                   Grades 4 to 6
 All Other Programs are 90 Minutes
                                                       VEGGIES                                                  WATER WISE
 Monday – Friday                                       Your students will learn about veggies; what parts       Students will develop an increased awareness of
 Morning 9:30–11:30am                                  we eat, what they look like in the ground. After         drinking water. Beginning with an interactive
 Afternoon 12–2:00pm                                   reading “Growing Vegetable Soup,” students plant         Water Cycle Game, your students will discover the
 Saturday – Sunday                                     veggie seeds to take back to school.                     impacts of non-point source pollution, and limits
 Morning 9:00–11:00am                                                                                           of water filtration.
 Afternoon 12–2:00pm                                   HIKES FOR TYKES
 Registration (pre-registration required):             October to November / April to June                      WORM IN THE CITY: URBAN RECYCLERS
                                                       Students travel on a nature journey to discover a        Students discover how these wriggling creatures
                                                       garden filled with the colors, textures, and shapes      turn garbage into rich compost. In examining an
 $100 for Pre-K and Kindergarten Programs /
                                                       of plants and flowers. After a story, students           active worm bin, your students will explore a rich
 Maximum 20 students
                                                       become animals of the garden in a engaging game          compost ecosystem with food web; and examine
 $200 for Grades 1 to 8 Programs /
                                                       to collect their food.                                   the worm’s anatomy and natural history.
 Maximum 25 students. Larger groups
 can be accommodated upon request.
 Scholarships are available for Field Trips.
                                                       WE NEED BEES                                             Grades 5 to 8
                                                       You and students discover the wonder of bees!
 Please call for an application.
                                                       After captivating bee story, students become bees        GARDENING WITH NELSON MANDELA
 Call Greater Newark Conservancy at (973) 642-         – collecting pollen with their very own pollen bas-      Introduce your students to South Africa,
 4646 to reserve your date. Book six or more pro-      kets and even learn the bee waggle dance.                apartheid, and Nelson Mandela – Prisoner,
 grams and receive a 15% discount off the cost.                                                                 Rooftop Food Gardener. Your students will explore
 Location: Outdoor Learning Center                     Grades 1 to 3                                            the biomes, plants, and culture of South Africa.
                                                                                                                Discover why Mandela saw the garden as a
 32 Prince Street, Newark, NJ
 Program Descriptions:                                 URBAN HABITATS                                           metaphor for certain aspects of his life.
                                                       Join us for the wild side of the city. From
 • All lessons correlate to NJ Core Curriculum
                                                       Ladybugs to Mammals, Birds to Earthworms, your           HEALTHY EATING: THE POWER OF GOOD
   Content Standards (NJCCCS);                                                                                  NUTRITION
 • All programs can be adapted to meet special needs   students will explore where and how plants and
                                                       animals live in our urban environment. Students          Students learn that food is like fuel to our body
 • Adult programs available through special                                                                     and explore which type of food provides the most
   arrangement                                         will learn about the behaviors, adaptations, habitat
                                                       requirements, and characteristics of urban               benefits. Your students will learn what to eat,
 • All programs are interdisciplinary                                                                           when to eat it, how much to eat and more.
 • Unless otherwise noted, all programs run rain       wildlife.
   or shine.                                           WHAT’S THE BUZZ                                          OUR CHANGING CITIES
                                                       Your students will explore the fascinating world of      Students learn the history and environmental
                                                       insects. Metamorphosis, insect anatomy, and insect       impacts of land use. Given the “tools” to design a
                                                       impacts on human society are among the topics            sustainable city – students make decisions about
                                                       covered by this program. Program culminates in an        buildings, businesses, services, and housing.
                                                       insect safari.                                           Students prepare a map and give presentations on
                                                                                                                different aspects of their renewed city.

  Professional Development Workshops (teachers and adults)
 • The hands-on, interdisciplinary lessons in our workshops build outdoor knowledge and skills, increase
   environmental awareness and confidence, and develop environmental leadership abilities for K-12 teachers.         Call us to customize and
 • Workshops are FREE (unless otherwise specified) to individual teachers and include all workshop materials.        schedule a workshop at your
 • Some books sold separately. The Conservancy does not profit from book sales.
                                                                                                                     school for your teachers.
 • Workshops can be adapted for special needs students.
 • Special arrangements can be made for group trainings and for on-site In-Service days.                             Please call Robert Sikora,
 Location:                                                                                                           Director of Education, at
 Greater Newark Conservancy Outdoor Learning Center
 32 Prince Street, Newark, NJ
                                                                                                                     973.642.4646, ext. 21 to discuss
                                                                                                                     scheduling, program content
 Workshops include:                                                                                                  and fees.
 • Nurture Nature • Five Senses Education for Preschool Providers • WET: Water Education for Teachers
 Call for complete lists of workshops.

6.         Greater Newark Conservancy Fall 2009/ Winter 2010 Programs
     Laurita Winery, New Egypt
     Friday, March 26th • 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
     Enjoy wine tasting, delicious food, jazz music and the gorgeous setting of Laurita Winery, an
     eco-friendly winery that uses solar power. Approximately 60% of the winery is made from
     recycled or salvaged materials.
     Festivities of the evening include: • light fare to tantalize your taste buds • Blackwell’s Organic gelato
     • Ducky Life tea samples • wines of Laurita Winery • Silent and chance auctions
     Tickets are $40/person in advance and $50 at the door. Buy tickets online at or call EarthShare New Jersey at 609-989-1160.

Greater Newark Conservancy Program Registration Form
1. Complete registration form below. Be sure to include phone number so we can contact you in case of questions.

MAIL COMPLETED FORM TO:                            FAX COMPLETED FORM TO:                           REGISTER BY PHONE:
Greater Newark Conservancy                         Greater Newark Conservancy                       Greater Newark Conservancy
Attention: Registration Department                 Attention: Registration Department               Telephone: (973) 642-4646
972 Broad Street, 8th floor                        Fax: (973) 642-2218                              (Credit card payment required)
Newark, New Jersey 07102                           (Credit card payment required)
Please make sure we have your current email address so we can send you our monthly “e-Bloom” newsletter.


Address                                                  City                               State                                Zip

email Address                                                                 Telephone

School/Organization Name                                                      Grade

Selected Program Names:                               Fees, if applicable             Selected Program Names:                          Fees, if applicable

1)                                                                                    4)

2)                                                                                    5)

3)                                                                                    6)

Total # of Programs:                                                                                               Total Fees: $

Flower Barrel Request:                                                Payment Options:
I    Deliver Saturday, April 10                                       (All programs must be pre-paid.)
I    Deliver Saturday, May 22                                         I Check Enclosed I Money Order Enclosed
I    Deliver Saturday, June 5
                                                                      (Make checks and money orders payable to Greater Newark Conservancy)
                                                                      I Please charge my credit card:    I Visa   I MasterCard
     Deliver Saturday, July 10
Pick-ups at Outdoor Learning Center
                                                                      Credit Card #                                        Exp. Date
Pick-up Tuesdays, 3–6 pm
I April 6 I April 13 I April 20          I April 27                   Signature
I May 4 I May 11 I May 18                I May 25
I June 1 I June 8 I June 15
                                                                      I Please add my name to the mailing list
Deduct $5 per barrel if picking up. (No Flowers/Soil)                 I Please remove my name from the mailing list
# of $35 Plastic Barrels                                              I Please send future program brochure via email to
# of $35 Wooden Oak Barrels                                           Upon registration Greater Newark Conservancy reserves the right to use your
Total Barrel cost: $                                                  photo for publicity purposes.

                                                                                                Greater Newark Conservancy Spring/Summer 2010 Programs
                                                                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                          NEWARK, NJ
                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 531
Greater Newark Conservancy
  972 Broad Street, 8th floor
      Newark, NJ 07102

    G R E AT E R N E WA R K C O N S E R VA N C Y ’ S
                                                                          SAVE THE DATE
   SPRING BLOCK PARTY                                                         Greater Newark Conservancy's
          SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010
                          10am to 1pm

                                                                                May 26, 2010
              Celebrate Spring in Our Garden
                  in the Heart of Newark

                   FREE ENTERTAINMENT
                   FREE FOOD SAMPLES
                                                                                 At Nanina’s in the Park—Belleville, NJ
     • Free Kid Crafts, Free Face Painting, Free Warbler Whistles             Supporting The Conservancy’s Environmental Education
                                                                                            and Job Training Programs
         • Story Time for Tots – Free Program in Our Garden
           • Children Garden Safari – a hunt for treasures                                        David Grant
                                                                               President and CEO, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
   • Hourly Raffles for Free Plants, Decorative Pots, & Garden Tools
                                                                                                Stefan Pryor
       • Vendor Booths, Plant Sale, Gardening Demonstrations                         Deputy Mayor for Economic Development
                                                                                               City of Newark
                                                                                      Waters, McPherson, McNeill P.C.
                                                                                              Attorneys at Law
                                                                                        E. Neal Zimmermann, Partner
                                                                                        Garden Club of Morristown
                                                                                                 Tree-Tech, Inc.
                                                                                                James L. Bellis, Jr.

 Pass this brochure on to a friend or recycle it, please.              For more information call (973) 642-4646 or email


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