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                                 ADMISSION TO:
                     MBA (MORNING/EVENING),
                     M.Sc (APPLIED ECONOMICS),
                     MASTER IN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES,
                     M.Sc (COMPUTER SCIENCE),
                     M.Sc (FINANCE) &
                     MBA (BANKING AND FINANCE)

                     SCHEDULE FOR ADMISSION
1. Last Date for submission of Admission Forms – Tuesday, 20 October 2009 (Latest by 4p.m.)

2. Written Admission Test - Sunday 01 November 2009 at 10-00 A.M.

3. List of the Candidates to Appear for Interview - Monday, 02 November 2009 at
   12:00 Noon.

4. Interviews shall be conducted in the Office of the Deputy Director IMS, Tuesday, 03
   November 2009 and onward.

5. The list of Candidates Selected for Admission in different programmes of IMS shall be
   displayed on Thursday 19th November 2008.

   MBA (Morning/Evening) , M.Sc (Development Studies), M.Sc (Finance)
                 & MBA (BANKING AND FINANCE)

Admission to M.Sc (Applied Economics), MBA (Morning/Evening), MPA, M.Sc(Development
Studies), M.Sc (Finance) & MBA (BANKING AND FINANCE) shall be on Merit basis. The basic
requirement for getting Admission is at least second division in B.A, B.Sc. or equivalent. Merit of
the Candidates shall be determined on the basis of following criteria: -

     S.No                               ITEM                          WEIGHTAGE IN
      1          Marks in B.A, B.Sc. or Equivalent                             50
      2          Written Test                                                  40
      3          Interview                                                     10
      Note: -    Special Credit of thirty points each, to the maximum of sixty shall be given
                 only to the candidates applying for MPA, MBA and MBA (Banking and
                 Finance) program for relevant subjects including: -
      A.       Economics, Psychology, Computer Sciences
      B.       Statistics Provided it is in combination with any one of aforementioned
               three subjects.
      C.       The points shall be added to the marks obtained at bachelor or equivalent.

                             ADMISSION CRITERIA FOR
                           M.Sc (Computer Sciences)
Admission to M.Sc (Computer Sciences) shall be on Merit basis. The basic requirement
for getting Admission is at least second division in B.Sc with Mathematics or equivalent.
Merit of the Candidates shall be determined on the basis of following criteria: -


    S.No                              ITEM                               WEIGHTAGE IN
      1        Marks in B.A, B.Sc. with Mathematics or Equivalent             50
      2        Written Test                                                   40
      3        Interview                                                      10

                                        Im|sciences                  Im|sciences    Total
  Programmes of Studies
                                 Partial Scholarship Seats          Regular Seats
 MBA (Morning)                                30                        105         135
 MBA (Evening)                                 -                         90          90
 MBA (Banking & Finance)                       -                        45          45
 M.Sc (Applied Economics)                      -                        45          45
 MPA                                          10                         35          45
 M.SC (DS)                                     -                         45          45
 M.Sc (Computer Sciences)                      -                         45          45
 M.Sc (Finance)                                -                         30          30
              Grand Total                     40                        225         480

General Instructions
1. Appearance and Qualifying of the written Test and Interview (separately) are
   compulsory requirements for Admission.
2. Only those students who qualify the written test shall be eligible to appear for the

3. The List of the candidates to appear for the Interview shall be displayed on the
   Institute’s Notice Board.

4. The Candidates can apply for MBA and MBA (Banking and Finance) on separate
   Admission Forms.
5. The Candidates need not to apply for MPA, M.Sc (Finance), M.SC (DS), M.Sc
   (Computer Sciences), M.Sc (Applied Economics), MBA (Morning) and MBA (Evening)
   on separate Admission Forms.

6. Entrance Slip will be provided to all the Candidates appearing in the Test. No one will
   be allowed to enter the Examination Hall/Premises without the Entrance Slip. The
   Candidates will receive their Entrance slips on the 29th & 30th October 2009.

7. Take Care of your entrance slip. In case you misplace your entrance slip, you can get
   its duplicate copy from the office of IMS on payment of Rs.500/.

8. All Original Documents shall be verified at the time of Admission. Students are
   required only to attach their B.Sc., BA or equivalent qualification DMCs and two
   passport size photographs. Please write your name and father’s name at the back of

9. The Documents once submitted with Admission forms shall not be returned.

10. No separate call letters are issued to the candidates for Test and Interview in (Master
    Progamme). All Information regarding Admission shall be displayed on the Institute’s
    Notice Board.

11. Admission to MBA (Banking and Finance) is on all Pakistan basis. The Candidate
    applying for Admission to the said programme will be kept well informed about the
    admission schedule in time.

12. Prospectus along with application forms and sample question papers for the entry test
    can be obtained from the office of IMS on payment of Rs.500/- if obtained personally
    and Rs.700/, if ordered by post on a Bank Draft in favour of the Director IMS towards
    the cost of Prospectus, Application Forms, Sample Test Paper, Test Administration,
    Grading and Application processing etc.

13. Hostel accommodation may be provided to the candidates, subject to the availability of

   1. The marking of the examination will be conducted through computer based
      checking. Students should read these instructions carefully because errors in filling
      out the question paper cannot be later on corrected. The Educational Testing and
      Evaluation Authority NWFP will conduct the marking of the test.

   2. The following areas of the answer sheet are to be filled by the students. (Also fill the
      corresponding squares under each character)

       I.D. Number: This is the number allotted to you by the IMS for this test. This
                    number consists of four digits and you should be very careful in
                    marking it on your answer sheet.
     Name:         Name has to be written in the following format: (Last name
                   first) e.g. Khan Jamal Ahmad if the actual name is Ahmad Jamal
                   Khan. e.g Bibi Saadia if the actual name is Saadia Bibi.

                   If your name consists of three words, like Shahab Ahmed Khan
                   then you would write it in the following manner:
                   Khan Shahab A, that is last name first, first name second and
                   the middle name is represented with an initial, A for Ahmed.

     Example: -    Suppose the name of the candidate is Jamal Ahmad Khan and his
                   I.D. Number is 0196 He will write and mark his name and I.D.
                   Number on the answer sheet in the following way (see sample answer
                   sheet attached at the end of this document)
                   The squares on the answer sheet have to be marked very carefully.
                   The correct way of marking these is illustrated below:

     A B C D                Wrong

     A B C D                Wrong

     A          C D         Wrong

     A B C                  Correct

     All the boxes have to be filled in carefully, the candidate must take care that while
     filling in one of the answer boxes he or she should not put stray marks in the other
     boxes, otherwise the computer will read it as two answers and will mark it wrong.

3.   Use a thin tip black marker, or a black ball point pen to mark your entries on
     the answer sheet.
4.   Be sure of your answer before you mark it, because once you have made a mark, it
     can not be changed.
5.   Do not write on the back of the answer sheet.
6.   Pass Marks for qualifying the Written Test are 40%.
7.   In order to conduct the test smoothly, we need your cooperation in the form of
     carefully following the instructions given here and by the Instructors conducting
     the Test.
8.   The paper will be self-explanatory and we believe that you have studied and
     understood the instructions given here, therefore no question will be entertained.
9.   During the test, do not talk, whisper, or turn your eyes or head away from your
     own paper. Any evidence of cheating or non-compliance with Instructions will
     disqualify you from the Test.
10.   During the test, choose the correct answer by filling in the appropriate letter i.e. a,
      b.c..... In case you fill in more then one letter for the same item, your answer will be
      treated as wrong.
11.   The test will be objective type and you will solve your paper on the answer sheet
      provided to you. Extra Sheet is not allowed.
12.   The test is divided into 5 parts. The Instructions for each part is given on the
      question paper. Please follow the Instructions carefully and take care of time.
13.   There will be No NEGATIVE MARKING in any part of the test.
14.   Total duration of the test is ONE HOUR. The Candidates must stop writing and
      hand over their papers as soon as the announcement is made to this effect.
15.   All the questions in the Entry Test are multiple-choice objectives and they are
      checked thoroughly. However if someone is interested in rechecking, they will have
      to apply for the same within three days of the declaration of the test result with the
      Educational Testing and Evaluation Authority NWFP. The fee for rechecking of
      the paper is Rs.300 made payable to the concerned agency.
16.   The Entry Test Paper will be tilted towards Business, Commerce, Industry and
17.   The result of the Entry Test will be available on the following Web Sites on 02nd
      November 2009 (Late in Evening) on the following website

                                 Instructions for PART 1
                                   General Knowledge

Marks 40

Select the correct answer by filling in the appropriate answer box i.e. A, B, C, D. The
correct method of filling in the answers is demonstrated on the Answer Sheet attached.

1.    ---- is a social science devoted to studying the production, distribution and
      consumption of wealth.

      A.     Economics
      B.     Political Science
      C.     Sociology
      D.     History

Answer: -    A

2.    --- is the act of trading one currency for another based on a specified rate of

      A.     Free Trade Zone
      B.     Foreign Exchange
      C.     Exchange Rate Mechanism
      D.     Exchange Rate

Answer: -    B

3.    ---- is a place set up for the buying and selling of securities such as stocks, shares
      and bonds.

      A.     Finance Ministry
      B.     Stock Exchange
      C.     Prime Minister Secretariat
      D.     Stock Exchange
Answer: -    B

4.    When exports exceed imports, the balance of trade is said to be

     A.      Favourable
     B.      Unfavourable
     C.      Both A and B
     D.      None of the above
Answer: -    A

5.    --- is the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

      A.     Justice Javaid Iqbal
      B.     Shaukat Aziz
      C.     Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry
      D.     Justice Tariq Pervez

Answer:-     A

6.    Pakistan has a …….

      A.     Pure Command Economy
      B.     Pure Market Economy
      C.     Mixed Economy

Answer: -    C

7.    --- is the new Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board.

      A.     Ijaz Butt
      B.     Naseem Ashraf
      C.     Waseem Akram
      D.     Imran Khan

Answer: -    A
                                   Instructions for
                                        PART 2
                                  English Vocabulary
Marks: 20
Fill in the lettered word or phrase that is most similar in meaning to the word in capital

     a.      Policy
     b.      Rich
     c.      Goal
     d.      Power
Answer: - C
9.   Fill in the lettered option in the answer sheet the word that best completes each
     He is holding the ------- charge of his own post as president and that of Foreign

      a.     Duel
      b.     Dual

Answer: -    B

10.   Select the correct sentence by filling in the lettered option in the answer sheet

      a.     We sell cars and rent.
      b.     We rent and sell cars.

Answer: -    B

11.   Fill in the blanks by filling in the lettered option in the answer sheet

      Whatever _______ takes, you must do to accomplish your task.

      a.     May
      b.     Can
      c.     Do
      d.     It

Answer: -    D

12.   Fill in the lettered word or phrase that is most dissimilar in meaning to the word in
      capital letters.

           a.   confused
           b.   humane
           c.   honest
           d.   clear

Answer: -          D
                                         Instructions for
                                             PART 3
                                       Quantitative Analysis
You are required to solve each problem and indicate the answer by filling in the answer sheet the
appropriate letter i.e. A,B,C........

Note: -Use of Calculator is not allowed.


13.        If the average of 2 & x is 7, find value of x.

           A.      9
           B.      18
           C.      12
           D.      14
           E.      16

Answer: -          C
                                     Instructions for PART 4
                                     Reading Comprehension
Marks: -10
      You are required to read a passage followed by questions based on its content. Read the
      questions carefully and choose the best answer by filling in the answer sheet the
      appropriate letter i.e. A, B, C...
Managers work in organizations. Therefore we can identify who managers are, it is important to
clarify what we mean by an organization. An organization is a systematic arrangement of people
to accomplish some specific purposes. Your college or university is an organization. So are the
government agencies, churches, Microsoft Corporation, a grocery store, the Sierra Club, the
Pakistan Cricket Team and the Agha Khan Hospital.

14.        According to the passage Organizations vary in size.

      A.   True
      B.   False
      C.   Both A and B.
      D.   None of the above

Answer: -          A
                                        Instructions for
                                            PART 5
Marks 10

       The objective of this part is to test your intelligence, quickness and aptitude.

Examples: -
       Read the following Newspaper items and choose the correct answer by filling in the
answer sheet the appropriate letter A, B, C...

                               FELIX VALLOTTON (1865-1925)
Paintings, watercolors,
drawings and woodcuts by a
founder member of the
Nabis Group which included
Bonnard and Vuillard
among its members.
JPL Galleries
26 Davies Street
Sydney 2001.

15.    This announcement is about...

       A.      a political meeting
       B.      a film show
       C.      an art exhibition
       D.      a musical show

Answer: -      C

DOBERMAN Pups, 6 week old, chocolate
Brown and black parents, imported pedigree
documents for buyers, selling today going
cheap. Contact 420, 240

16.    The suitable heading for the above mentioned advertisement is

       A.              Miscellaneous For Sale
       B.              Public Notice
       C.              Astrology
       D.              Pets And Kennels

Answer: -      D
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