Art History 229 / Later Renaissance Art in Italy

Fall 2009, Cummings 308, MW 11:50-1:05

Robert Baldwin
Off: Cummings 210
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 1:10-3:00
Email: rwbal@conncoll.edu

Course examines Italian Renaissance art and humanist culture between 1480 and 1580. Topics include the rise of
mythology, portraiture, history painting and landscape culture including villa, pastoral and formal gardens. Art is
examined within a larger social history exploring the political, social, and intellectual values of the court and church
elites who dominated artistic patronage at a time of the emerging nation-state and absolutist politics. Artists include
Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, Palladio, Tintoretto, Giulio Romano, Veronese, Bronzino, Cellini, and
Giambologna. Extensive readings in primary sources.

Three short papers (5 pp.). All papers must use short phrases from the primary source readings in formulating an original
historical analysis of major works of art. Since these works are discussed in class that day, no extensions are granted
except for illness or family emergencies.

Final exam. One hour exam with 20 slide identifications and one essay on an unknown work similar to a major piece
discussed in class.

Twenty-four writing assignments (WA), 1 page each, one per class except when papers are due. These are 1-2
hour class prep exercises tied to major works of art discussed in class and to readings which must be used in each
WA. Though WAs will not be graded or returned, they must be handed in on time in class or two points will be
deducted from the final grade per late WA.

Mo 7 Introduction and Leonardo Drawings

We 9 Leonardo Paintings
      Read: 1) Dante, Smiles; 2) Leonardo, Writings; 3) Homer, Mother Earth; 4) Lucretius, Mother Earth; 5)
      Paracelsus, Mother Earth
      WA: Leonardo, Mona Lisa

Mo 14 Leonardo (cont.); Architecture and Urban Planning in Rome
      Read for general background on Roman architecture revived in High Renaissance: 1) Vitruvius, On Architecture;
       Read: for WA on Bramante: 1) Baldwin, Circular Aesthetics; 2) Raphael, Report on Ancient Rome
      WA: Bramante, Tempietto

We 16 Michelangelo’s Campidoglio
     Read: 1) Martial, Sun King; 2) Statius, Equestrian Statue of Domitian; 3) Claudian, Honorius Equestrian, 4)
      Castiglione, Sun King; 5) Giles, Sermon on Julius II and Maximilian
     WA: Michelangelo’s Campidoglio

Mo 21 Madonnas in Florence and Rome
     Read for Raphael’s Madonna del Foligno: 1) Voragine, Ara Coeli; 2) Baldwin, Late Medieval Christianity,
      section 8 on Mary
     WA: Raphael’s Madonna del Foligno

We 23 Madonnas in Venice and Parma
      Read: Baldwin, Late Medieval Christianity, esp. sections 4-9
        WA: Titian, Madonna with Saints

Mo 28 No class

We 30 Images of Christ: Death and Triumph
       Read: 1) Bible, David (for Michelangelo’s David)
      Read for Pieta: 1) Bible, Song of Songs; 2) Nonnos, Ampelos; 3) skim Moschus, Lament for Bion; 4) skim
       Castiglione, Ecloque; 5):Michelangelo, Sonnets
       Review: Baldwin, Late Medieval Christianity, sections 4-9
       WA: Michelangelo’s Pietas (Rome and Florence)

Mo 5 Raphael’s Stanzas I: Stanza della Segnatura
      Read: 1) Virgil, Fourth Eclogue; 2) Eusebius, Constantine, Solar Ruler; 3) Baldwin, Humanism (esp. section I on
      “Court Humanism”
      WA: Raphael’s Parnassus

We 7 Raphael’s Stanzas II: Stanza del’ Incendio
      Read for WA: 1) Baldwin, Humanism History; 2) Ovid, Troy Rome; 3) Virgil, Rome as Golden Age; 4) skim
      Giles, Golden Age
      Read for Raphael’s Liberation of Peter: 1) Voragine, Peter in Chains
      WA: Raphael’s Fire in the Borgo

Mo 12 Raphael’s Stanzas III: Stanza del Costantino
      Read: for Raphael: Eusebius, Life of Constantine
      Review Eusebius, Constantine Solar Ruler
      WA: Raphael, Vision of Constantine

We 14 Sistine Chapel I: Michelangelo
      Read: 1) Giles, Letter to Zoccoli; 2) review Giles, Golden Age for papal history
      WA: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel

Mo 19 Sistine Chapel II: Michelangelo (cont.)
      Read: 1) Bible, Adam and Eve; 2) Philo, Adam and Eve; 3) Boccaccio, Corbaccio; 4) Knox, Image of God
      WA: Michelangelo, Adam and Eve

We 21 Sistine Chapel III: Michelangelo, Last Judgment and Raphael, Tapestry Cartoons
     Read: 1) Bible, Miraculous Draught of Fishes; 2) Bible, Feed My Sheep; 3) Bible, Death of Ananias; 4) Bible,
       Paul Preaching in Athens; 5) review Baldwin, Humanism (section 3 on Church Humanism)
     WA: Raphael’s Tapestry Cartoons.

Mo 26 Michelangelo: Tomb of Julius II and Medici Chapel / Mannerism
      Read: 1) Michelangelo, Prison of Earthly Life; 2) De Pizan, Prison of Human Life; 3) Machiavelli, Moses;
      Review: 1) Virgil, Fourth Eclogue; 2) Vasari, Pontormo & Golden Age
      WA: Michelangelo, Captives for the Tomb of Julius II / (not yet written)

We 28 Pastoral I: Giorgione, Titian, Bordone
      Read for paper: 1) Horace, Second Epode; 2) Alberti, Country vs. City; 3) Dio, Kingship; 4) review Mother
           Earth texts assigned on Jan 28
       Read for Titian, Bacchanal: 1) Philostratus, Andrians; 2) Camoens, Lusiads

Mo 2 Villa Culture: Villa Barbaro, Villa Rotunda, Villa Farnesina, Palazzo del Te
     Read: 1) Varro, Agriculture, Villa, 2) Virgil, Georgics; 3) Tacitus, Rhetoric; 4) Alberti, Architecture-Villa; 5)
      Ovid, Polyphemus and Galatea (for Villa Farnesina frescoes)
       WA: Palladio, Villa Rotunda

We 4 Renaissance Gardens: Villa d’Este at Tivoli, Villa Lante at Bagnaia, Boboli Gardens at Florence
      Read: 1) Ariosto, Pastoral 1 for Grotto at Boboli Gardens
      WA: Villa d’Este at Tivoli

Mo 9 Gardens at Pratolino, Bomarzo, Castello
     Read: 1) Tasso, Voyaging; 2) Baldwin, Cosmos (for WA)
     WA: Arcimboldo

We 11 Pastoral II:
      Read: 1) Ovid, Venus Civilizer; 2) Bembo, Pastoral; 3) Castiglione, Beauty; 4) Sanazzaro, Short; 5) Tasso,
          Golden Age;
      Reread: 1) Lucretius, Mother Earth and 2) Ovid, Venus April Spring

Mo 16 Female Beauty: Venus, Courtesans and Mistresses
     Read: 1) Firenzuola, On Beauty in Women (short); 2) Conty, Venus
     WA: Titian, Venus at the Mirror

We 18 Chastity: Mary, Catherine of Siena, Susanna, Lucretia
      Read: 1) Bible, Suzannah; 2) Livy, Lucretia
      Read for WA: 1) Plato, Love; 2) Boccaccio, Venus
      WA Lotto, Allegory

Mo 23 Penitential Beauty (Magdalen, Eve) and Dangerous Beauty (Bathsheba, Salome, Judith)
      Read: 1) Bible, Judith; 2) Bible, Salome; 3) Voragine, Magdalen; 4) Bible, Bathsheba & David
     WA: Tintoretto, Judith and Holofernes

We 25: Thanksgiving Break

Mo 30 Dangerous Beauty II: Medusa, Diana and Actaeon, Venus and Adonis
      Read for Cellini’s Perseus and Medusa: 1) Ovid, Perseus and Medusa;, 2) Bronzino, Perseus
      Read for Titian, Venus and Adonis: 1) Ovid, Venus and Adonis; 2) Poliziano, Hunting; 3) Shakespeare (edit
      down more); 4) Tasso, Pastoral Delight
      WA: Titian’s Venus and Adonis

We 2 Bronzono’s Venus, Cupid, and Time
     Review for paper: Boccaccio, Corbaccio
     Read: 1) Dio, She Monster; 2) Capellanus, Femnale Deceit; 3) Conty, Venus; 4) Boccaccio, Elegy of Lady
      Fiammetta; 5) Castiglione, Allegory; 6) Ausonius, On Blooming Roses; 7) Sannazaro, To His Mistress; 8)
      Seneca, Modern Youth; 9) Athenaus, Luxury; 10) Pontano, On Prince; 11) Aristotle, Youth

Mo 7 Homoerotic Myths and Beauty; Heroes and Damsels in Distress
     Read: 1) Hesiod, Ganymede; 2) Ovid, Ganymede; 3) Tatius, Leucippe and Clitophon; 4) Fulgentius, Ganymede;
      5) Alciati, Ganymede; 6) Michelangelo, Tommaso Cavalieri
     Read for WA: 1) Voragine, George
     WA: Bordone, St. George and the Dragon

We 9 Myth and Power I: Gods vs. Giants, Hercules, Neptune, Studiolo Francesco de’ Medici
     Read: TBA
     WA: Tintoretto, Origins of the Milky Way

Mo 14 Myth and Power II: Mythological Rape
      Read: 1 Homer, Loves of Gods; 2) Ovid, April Venus, 3) Ovid, Rape of Sabines; 4) Statius, Stella and
       Violentilla; 5) Livy, Rape of Sabines; 6) Baldwin, Politics as Gender; 7) review Tatius, Leucippe and Clitophon

We 16 Portraits and Self-Portraits
      Read: Petrarch
      WA: Bronzino’s Laura Battiferri

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