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					                 North Dakota Home Garden Variety Trials
Check off (√) the trials (up to seven) that you wish to participate in. Seed supplies are limited. You may place an
“A” next to a few alternate trials you would be willing to grow in case your first choices are not available. “A1”
may signify your first alternate, “A2” your second alternate, etc. You may also order online with your credit card
at <>. Variety descriptions and seed inventories are available at that web site.

                    VEGETABLES                               #23. Radish, Purple: Amethyst, Purple Plum
    #01. Bean, Green: Bush Blue Lake 274, Espada             #24. Spinach: Melody, Olympia
    #02. Bean, Flatpod: Greencrop, Kentucky Dreamer          #25. Squash, Romanesco: Italian Largo, Portofino
    #03. Bean, Wax: Carson, Rocdor                           #26. Squash, Scallop: Flying Saucer, Sunburst
    #04. Bean, Yardlong: Gita, Liana                         #27. Squash, Zucchini: Cashflow, Spineless Beauty
    #05. Beet: Detroit Supreme, Red Ace                      #28. Squash, Winter Acorn: Honey Bear, Table Ace
    #06. Carrot: Mokum, Nelson                               #29. Squash, Wtr. Butternut: Early Butternut, Waltham
    #07. Carrot, Purple: Dragon, Purple Haze                 #30. Squash, Winter Hubbard: Blue Ballet, Blue Magic
    #08. Cucumber, Burpless:Sweet Slice, Sweeter Yet         #31. Swiss Chard: Bright Lights, Five Color Silverbeet
    #09. Cucumber, Pickling: Calypso, Eureka                 #32. Watermelon: Mickeylee, Sugar Baby
    #10. Cucumber, Slicing: Marketmore 76, Straight 8                          CUT FLOWERS
    #11. Kohlrabi, White: Early White Vienna, Winner         #33. Cosmos: Sonata Mix, Versailles Mix
    #12. Lettuce, Green Leaf: Salad Bowl, Slobolt            #34. Cosmos, Sulphur (Red): Diablo, Red Crest
    #13. Lettuce, Red Leaf: New Red Fire, Red Sails          #35. Sunflower, Gold: Sunbeam, Sunrich Gold
    #14. Lettuce, Specialty: Buttercrunch, Nevada            #36. Sunflwr, Orange: ProCut Orange, Sunrich Orange
    #15. Melon, Cantaloupe: Goddess, Sweet „N Early          #37. Sunflower, Primrose: Buttercream, Vanilla Ice
    #16. Melon, Galia: Diplomat, Passport                    #38. Sunflower, Red: Moulin Rouge, Prado Red
    #17. Melon, Specialty: Lambkin, Earli-Dew                #39. Sweet Pea: Cuthbertson, Mammoth Choice
    #18. Okra: Annie Oakley II, Cajun Delight                #40. Zinnia, Bicolor: Candy Cane, Peppermint Stick
    #19. Pea: Dakota, Early Frosty                           #41. Zinnia, Cactus: Art Deco Mix, Giant Cactus Mix
    #20. Pumpkin, Gray: Jamboree, Jarrahdale                 #42. Zinnia, Green: Benary‟s Giant Lime, Envy
    #21. Pumpkin, Jack-O‟-Lantern: Neon, Spirit              #43. Zinnia, Semi-Dwf: Cut „N Come Again, Oklahoma
    #22. Pumpkin, Seed: Kakai, Lady Godiva                   #44. Zinnia, Tall: Benary‟s Giant Mix, State Fair Mix

              PLEASE COMPLETE                                                     PLEDGE
                                                           I promise to manage my trials in a responsible manner
 Name:                                                     and submit my results to NDSU-Extension promptly


 E-mail:                                                   Please write how you like your name(s) written on your
 (please!)                                                 certificate of recognition?

 FEES: Please pay $1.00 per trial (each trial has two varieties). Up to seven trials may be ordered. Please
 add $3 for registration/postage. Thus for seven trials (fourteen varieties), the total fee would be $10.
 Checks should be addressed to “NDSU” and mailed to NDSU Extension; Attn: Variety Trials; 3715 East
 Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501. For faster service, you may order on-line with your credit card
 at <>.