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									2001 Regal GS                                                        Auto Show Script

                                    REGAL GS
                                AUTO SHOW SCRIPT

                              (BEGIN AT FRONT OF CAR)

Hello everyone!

Where does it say that a luxury car can’t be a family car too? Buick Regal’s

informal luxury perfectly matches your sophisticated style but accommodates

your kids too. Elegant and refined, there’s nothing formal or stuffy about it.

Available in GS, as shown here today, or LS trim… Regal is the no-compromise

family sedan that’s also an honest-to-goodness sports sedan too!

Fired by the highly praised 3800 Series II V6 engine that delivers a phenomenal

200 horsepower, Regal LS has ample passing and cruising power in any

circumstance. Supercharged to 240 horsepower, Regal GS’ 3800 V6 delivers

spine-tingling power to match Regal’s lightning-quick reflexes.

                              (GO TO DRIVER’S DOOR)

New for 2001 is an oil change interval increase to 10,000 miles for greater

operating economy; a trunk-entrapment handle that opens the trunk from inside;

improved trim on LS; an available Olympic appearance package; and OnStar,

standard on GS and available on LS.

TRIO Communications 9/11/99              1                         RegRev1 Draft 1.0
2001 Regal GS                                                         Auto Show Script

Regal’s power and agility make it fun to drive, but its sporty stance and

sophisticated bearing make it fun to look at too. Sparkling exterior finishes with

matching colored grille and complimenting lower-body accent colors, create an

indelible impression of sporty sophistication and practical value.

                              (MOVE TO REAR OF CAR)

A stainless steel exhaust system is corrosion resistant and adds to Regal’s

sensible nature while polished chrome outlets enhance its dashing looks.

Regal’s practical side shows in its more than ample trunk space and…

                   (RETURN TO DRIVER’S DOOR AND OPEN)

…inside, where you’ll find room for five adults, reclining front seats and split-

folding rear seat with trunk access that allows you to easily transport anything

your family might need including skis, fishing rods or even tent poles.

But driving Regal is what will really convince you of its luxurious practicality. The

feel of its leather-wrapped steering wheel and the comfort of its six-way power

driver’s seat confirm Regal’s understated elegance.

And Regal puts you in full control of its power and dexterity with instantly

obedient controls, easy-to-read analog gauges and a clear view of the road

ahead. The standard Driver Information Center also provides important

TRIO Communications 9/11/99               2                          RegRev1 Draft 1.0
2001 Regal GS                                                         Auto Show Script

information such as fuel used, miles per gallon and tire pressure.

Despite its sport-like feel and driving qualities, Regal is designed and built with

your family in mind. Its roomy interior features dual-zone ComforTemp climate

control, an air filtration system that traps pollen and dust, and safety cage

construction that surrounds you and your family in steel.

And for the ultimate audio experience…consider the power of Regal’s optional

eight-speaker 220-watt Monsoon audio system. You’ve never heard anything

like it!

One hundred and forty standard safety features grace the Regal’s design,

because with Regal, safety on the road isn’t just one thing, it’s everything.

Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes…traction control…the PassKey II theft-

deterrent system…and driver and front-passenger air bags are some of the more

important safety features. Also available is a side airbag for the driver.

                                  (CLOSE DOOR)

As you can see, Regal has it all… comfort and roominess, style and safety,

power and handling. It’s the performance luxury car that comfortably fills with

kids or your favorite clients. Drive one… and you’ll want one.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

TRIO Communications 9/11/99               3                          RegRev1 Draft 1.0
        2001 REGAL GS

Approximate Length: 3:00 minutes

           Draft 1.0
      September 11, 2000

 Prepared by TRIO Communications
     22840 Woodward Avenue
     Ferndale, Michigan 48220
           (248) 584-7810

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