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                               Course Outline, Quarter I, 2006
Class                              Materials                                           Topic
Model I: Why We Buy: Consumer Motivation and The Science of Shopping

   1      Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service (9-504-016)               Analyzing Low Involvement
   2      Stainmaster (UVA-M-0458)                                         Analyzing High Involvement

Model II: How Marketers Think about Consumers

   3      Aqualisa Quartz: Simply a Better Shower (9-502-030)              Market Segmentation in a B2B
   4      The Black & Decker Corporation (A): Power Tools Division         Market Segmentation in a
           (9-595-057)                                                     Consumer Market
   5      GM OnStar (UVA-M-0659)                                           The Basics of Positioning

   6      Land Rover (9-596-036)                                           Developing a Positioning

Model III: Marketing Economics: Translating Marketing Decisions into Cold Hard Cash
   7      No case needed

   8      Phillips Lighting Company: The Earth Light (UVA-M-0401)          Break-even Analysis

   9      Sealed Air (9-582-103)                                           Break-even Analysis +
  10      Eastman Kodak Company: Funtime Film (9-594-111)                  Cannibalization + Strategy

  11      Customer Profitability (UVA-M-0718)                              Customer Profitability Analysis
          Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for the Very First Time (9-504-028)

Model IV: Marketing in Business-to-Business Settings
  12      Blue Mountain Resorts Ivey 9A83A025                              Basic Marketing Research
          Questionnaire Design and Development 9-590-015
  13      No case needed

  14      Conjoint Analysis                                                Conjoint Analysis

  15      Contadina Pasta (9-595-035)                                      Test Marketing

                            Course Outline, Quarter II, 2006

Class                            Materials                                          Topic

        NBC Sports: The Major League Baseball Television Rights         Marketing and the New Media
        Decision UVA-M-0691

  2     1. Four Products: Predicting Diffusion 9-502-075                Marketing and the New Media
        2. Note on Innovation Diffusion: Roger’s Five Factors 505-075

  3     Real Madrid Club de Fútbol 9-504-063                            Marketing and the New Media

  4     Progressive Insurance Pricing Exercise UVA-QA-0623              Pricing

  5     Dragon Systems, Inc. (A) UVA-M-0724                             Pricing in Auctions and
                                                                        Biddings Markets

  6     StratSim                                                        Capstone Module

  7     StratSim                                                        Capstone Module

  8     StratSim                                                        Capstone Module

  9     StratSim                                                        Capstone Module

 10     StratSim                                                        Capstone Module

 11     Milford Industries (A) 9-584-012                                Evaluating a Salesforce

 12     Snapple Beverage Corporation (A) UVA-M-0434                     Supply Chain Issues

 13     Beer Game                                                       Supply Chain Issues

 14     Polyfiber Plastics Group 9-513-144                              Constructing a Marketing Plan

 15     Cumberland Metal Industries: Engineered Products Division,      Construction a Marketing Plan
        1980 580-104