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					                        The Pyramidos Experience

                                    by Frater 414

                                 1° = 10▫ A .'. A .'.

“Let not the failure and the pain turn aside the worshippers. The foundations of the
pyramid were hewn in the living rock ere sunset; did the king weep at dawn that the
crown of the pyramid was yet unquarried in the distant land?” (LXV V: 51)

“Then also the Pyramid was builded so that the Initiation might be complete.” (Liber
CCXXXI v. 20)

“And if I fail herein, may my pyramid be profaned, and the Eye be closed upon me!”
(John St. John)

                    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

   What follows herein are my notes and comments to this Holy Ritual of Initiation. The
ideas expressed are personal in that they result directly from my own relationship to this
document, and this living Magick of Thelema. First penned early in the Neophyte Period
of Frater 414, these notes have been constantly added and amended, to reflect the
increase of self-understanding and exploration (Initiation). While not necessarily relative
to all Aspirants who may encounter this ritual, I have tried to keep the notes to a general
substance, to apply to Our Work as a whole, and not simply tell the reader of my own
complexes. Excerpts were taken from various documents, and have been synthesized
with this Aspirants understanding and incorporated into this exegesis. For convenience
sake and additional reference, the works cited are appended at the end of the comments of
Frater 414.

The Ritual pertains directly to the 1=10 degree of the A.‟.A.‟., and subsequently is based
upon the Formula of the Neophyte. In the Caption to chapter VI in Magick in Theory and
Practice is, “The ceremony to endow a thing inert and impotent with balanced motion in
a given direction.”

This Formula is V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

                            LIBER DCLXXI vel PYRAMIDOS

A Ritual of Self Initiation based upon the Formula of the Neophyte.

   00. The Building of the Pyramid. The Magus with Wand.
   On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the
   Scourge, the Dagger & the Oil. In his left hand the Bell
   he taketh.

The assembling of the physical Temple. The physical preparations the Neophyte either
consciously or unconsciously undergoes to inaugurate the New Plant. A proclamation of
the Work at hand. The Weapons and Sacraments are to be used during the course of the

The man or woman is led into 1=10 by the Aspiration. According to the notes in John St.
John, the Pyramid is built before the Aspirant even enters, so this could mean that the
Universe has prepared the place for the Initiation regardless of the Aspirant‟s knowledge
of such. Indeed, given the nature of Magickal Oaths, the Initiation unfolds regardless of
the formalities. The forces involved are Life and Death, the two most obvious opposites
in our consciousness, and the motivation behind the majority of our actions. Further,
these two (seemingly) opposing principals go beyond life and death, even unto Nuit and

               Hail! Asi! hail, Hoor-Apep! Let
              The Silence speech beget!
              Two strokes on Bell.
              Banishing Spiral Dance.

Thoth, the voice of Wisdom and the Higher Self invokes Asi and Hoor/Set, the Aspirants
passion to become Neophyte. Adoration to Not-I. As Asar is Osiris, and the Feminine
Male, Asi is Isis and the Masculine Female. Asi and Hoor are the dual natures of the
manifested Universe. Apep is Apophis, and as we know that Hoor is Horus, we have the
creative and destructive forces that assist in the process of this Universe, as we have the
two aspects of Nuit and Hadit. Hoor-Apep is the Method, see my essay entitled “The
Nature of Initiation”.

Silence Speech= The planned initiatory work, rituals, astral, meditation, etc. Neophyte
work. The activity veiled in in-activity, or the way of the Tao. Thoth here declares this
speech in the silence. This is the commencement of the nature of the ritual itself. The
ritual opens in silence, through speech and verily back unto silence, and the completion
of the Neophyte Initiation. Two strokes on the bell and the banishing spiral dance= the
commencement of the Neophyte Work, the organization of the material and the „clearing
of the space‟- the banishing, as it always should precede any ritual whatever, the grade of
Neophyte in the context of Liber Pyramidos, is one elaborate ritual, as is the whole of
Existence. All things are unnecessary to the operation of Initiation are banished.

              The Words against the Sons of Night
              Tahuti speaketh in the Light.
              Knowledge & Power, twin warriors, shake
              The Invisible; they roll asunder
              The Darkness; matter shines, a snake.
              Sebek is smitten by the thunder
              The Light breaks forth from Under.

The words against the sun of night= the onset of the ordeal- depression and over-
indulgence and self-absorption. The obstacle to the Work and the realization of such.
Also the words against the Sun of Night would be the resistance of the empirical world to
my aspiration. The Son of Night is the Sun of Nuit, the Children mentioned in Liber AL
vel Legis. Tahuti (Thoth) by the Light of his Wisdom, speaks the truth about the
Aspirant, which brings about the Ordeal of the Nephesch and the Sorrow of Binah
reflected into Malkah.

The light breaks for from under= The „enlightenment‟ which provokes renewed energy to
the Work, and a resurgence of the Light. This marks a temporary triumph over the
Ordeal, and the Aspirant gains new energy to persist in the Work.

In Crowley‟s New Comment to Liber Al vel Legis, Chapter 1 verse 49, he states that,
“The Formula of the New Aeon recognizes Horus, the Child crowned and conquering, as
God. We are all members of the Body of God, the Sun; and about our System is the
Ocean of Space. This formula is then to be based upon these facts. Our „Evil‟, „Error‟,
„Darkness‟, „Illusion‟, whatever one chooses to call it, is simply a phenomenon of
accidental and temporary separateness. If you are „walking in darkness‟, do not try to
make the sun rise by self-sacrifice, but wait in confidence for the dawn, and enjoy the
pleasures of the night meanwhile.”.

The light begins to shine forth from underneath this Person who is the false “I”. The seed
planted by Thoth sprouts in the Darkness (read, Kephra, putrification) and grows into a
form of enlightenment. The snake reminds of the HGA from Liber Cordis Cincte
Serpente. The Snake is the secret Nature of Man, which is Life and Death. (Cf. Liber
Aleph) He is taken from the dark world of matter (Malkuth) towards the Divine Light

He goes to the West, in the centre of the base of the Triangle of
THOTH (Maim), ASI (Aleph), & HOOR (Shin).

              O Thou, the Apex of the Plane,
              With Ibis head & Phoenix Wand
              And Wings of Night! Whose serpents strain
              Thou in the Light & in the Night!

Here Thoth is placed in the East – this will be demonstrated later- as the
Wisdom that is the resultant of the transcendence of the Opposites. Hoor and
Asi form the base of the Triangle. Hoor and Asi are here represented as
Death and Life, respectively, and they invoke the Divine Word. These two
officers are the Light and Night, two opposites that form the World in which
Horus, the Initiator, can function. Thoth – Mem – Water and Asi –Aleph – Air.

He lays the Wand, etc., on the Altar, uses the Scourge on his buttocks,
cuts a cross with the Dagger upon his breast & tightens the Chain of
the Bell about his forehead, saying:

              The Lustral Water! Smite thy flood
              Through me, lymph, marrow & blood!

In the West, a first spiritual death, brought about by Hoor unto Asi. The Scourge is the
motivating weapon to get the animal moving, and its correlation is Alchemical Sulfur, the
Active psychic element (rajas). The Chain is the continued intellectual focus on the
Work, the Alchemical Salt (tamas) which represents the sluggish and heavy psychic
element. The Dagger is used to equilibrate the emotions and is Alchemical Mercury
(sattva), the equable and calm psychic element . The Lustral water smite thy flood. – This
is the spell to actualize the work of these weapons. This phrase has a profound alchemical
feel to it. The Lustral water is the substance by which the gross can transmute into the
fine. Through the entire being, the Candidate must use these weapons to transmute the
gross elements of Intellect, Emotion, and Body into vehicles for the aspiration, taking
them from gross hindrances to fine components of being. The Lustral water is the
spiritual cleansing and purifications of those elements to which the weapons pertain. The
Aspirant, having been symbolically slain, invokes the forces necessary to the operation of
Initiation… the Weapons. These are not discarded after this initial use, but are kept close
as they are of the utmost value. The same for the Holy Oil.

Anointing the Wounds, say

              The Fire Informing! Let the Oil
              Balance, assain, assoil!

The Fire Informing let the Oil, Balance, Assain, Assoil- this point on the map is the
physical renewal of the body and mind, after the pain of the wounds described above, as
we consider the literal term “oil” to be “ointment”. This is the manifestation of the force
of the Holy Oil, taken to mean the Spirit. Fire also to Spirit, and together with the Oil we
have an Idea of balancing the three gunas. One must contemplate this stage and allow it
to take effect. With no concrete actions to perform for this stage, one must simply allow
the Spirit of the Fire and the Oil to consecrate this rejuvenated, strong, impenetrable self
that is the result of the Weapons, but also note that the Neophyte in no sense completes
the Initiation but rather begins the process with the weapons mentioned. Further, the
Initiation is organic, and the processes started in the Neophyte Grade will unfold
throughout the Magickal Career of the Aspirant. This Silence and reception of the Spirit
will ignite the next stage of Liber Pyramidos. Note also the position of the wounds: The
Buttocks, the Breast, and the Forehead, or, the Malahdara, Anahatta, and Ajna Chakra,
symbolizing the three Colleges of the A.‟.A.‟., and Malkuth, Tiphareth, and Binah.
Furthermore, these are the three primary centers stimulated in Liber V vel Reguli, when
the Aspirant formulates the Sigil of the Grand Hierophant in the First Gesture.

The Invoking Spiral Dance.

              So Life takes Fire from Death, & runs
              Whirling amid the Suns.
              Hail, Asi! Pace the Path, bind on
              The girdle of the Starry One!

The Balance and Equilibrium established, the Aspirant transfers the Energy
(Fire) from Death to Life. In the Ordeal, much energy is spent on sorrow and
depression, and at this junction, the Aspirant takes that energy from those
things (Death) and uses it to experience joy and beauty (Life), enjoying the
Day with equal enthusiasm as with the Night. The energy wasted on Sorrow
is now directed towards cultivating the Zeal. (Note that this does not take
away from the practice of collecting positive and negative impressions
indiscriminately.) Running with Energy, dancing as a star among stars. This act
is a celebration of Life, continuing the path with force and fire, binding the self
tighter and tighter to Nuit. The picture of the last two lines gives the idea of
lassoing the Universe and pulling her closer and closer. This is also drawn in
the MS of Liber Pyramidos found in Commentaries on the Holy Books (Samuel
Wieser, 1996ev)

Sign of the Enterer: Homage to Thee, Lord of the Word!
Sign of Silence: Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee!
Repeat both Signs: Lord we adore Thee, still & stirred Beyond
Infinity. The Secret Word _____ (Blue, Orange, Yellow-Green,
Yellow, Orange, Blue)

The officers, Life and Death, salute the Word, Horus, with the 0=0 Grade Signs, which
symbolize activity and passivity, or Speech and Silence. After this homage, the Secret
Word of the Neophyte is pronounced, as it begins and ends in Silence.

              For from the Silence of the Wand
              Unto the Speaking of the Sword,
              And back again to the Beyond,
              This is the toil & the Reward.
              This is the Path of HVA- Ho!
              This is the Path of IAO!
              Hail Asi! Hail, thou Wanded Wheel!
              Alpha & Delta kissed & came
              For five that feed the Flame.

Just as the Secret Word begins in Silence, travels through Speech and
returns back to Silence, so does the work of the Initiate, and even that of the
Universe itself, arise from the Ain Soph Aur, through Existence, and back to
the Negative. The “Toil” is the hardship and Work of this existence and the
reward is the re-uniting with Nuit. Alpha is Aleph – The Fool, who is Asi, the
Silence Self, Harpocrates…this demonstrates the above comment of the
Feminine Male. Delta is Daleth – The Empress, who is Ahathor and Venus…
and here we see the Masculine Female. Note also that the Empress is often
portrayed as being pregnant, another connection to this act of Spiritual

Related to this is a comment Aleister Crowley penned in his work, Liber Aleph
vel CXI, The Book of Wisdom or Folly.

                    “DE NATURE {sigma-digamma-iota-nu-upsilon}”

"Firstly, this Sphinx is a Symbol of the Coition of Our Lady BABALON with me
THE BEAST in its Wholeness. For as I am of the Lion and the Dragon, so is
She of the Man and the Bull, in our Natures, but the Converse thereof in our

One plus four equals five, and as we know that five is Ra-Hoor-Khuit, the
active side of Horus and Motion in general, five is He, The Star. The Flame
seems to be another reference to Horus, and also to the Star Ruby and Liber
Reguli, as the Neophyte begins to form the Foundation of the Initiation.


              Hail, Hoor-Apep! thou Sword of Steel!
              Alpha & Delta & Epsilon
              Met in the Shadow of the Pylon
              And in Iota did proclaim
              That tenfold core & crown of flame.
              Hail, Hoor-Apep! Unspoken Name!

See comments above on Hoor and Apep. Here again we have Alpha, Delta and
Epsilon; 1, 4 and 5, as described above. Iota is Yod, the Hermit and
Spermatozoon, whose value is 10. In these lines, which are given to be a
salute to the forces involved in the Initiation, related to the personal
experience of the Aspirant as the assemblage powers necessary to the work.
The Fool kisses the Goddess and a Star is Born, partaking of the Creative
Seed of the Universe, Yod. In mundane experience, this is the knowledge of
the secret self and the love for the Goddess, to Nuit ultimately, with
knowledge of the powers of the Spermatozoon, the glyph for the creative and
directive energy, the true symbol of the Gate of Initiation. Also here realized is
the true nature of the Aspirant, per Liber AL, as a Star.

Thus is the Great Pyramid duly builded.

These realizations in effect complete the building of the Pyramid, wherein the
initiation can take place. The preceding section explains the mundane Human
realizing that there is something "wrong" in life, something not balanced. The
Aspiration begins to be heard and the man or woman is drawn to a spiritual
path. Essentially, the preceding section of Liber Pyramidos is the true Creation
Myth veiled in the Qabalah.

1. Initiation. The Candidate still bound and hoodwinked.

The First Pylon.

The Aspirant is bound and hoodwinked, as one knows not his or her Purpose,
Will, nor Goal. The Aspirant is unable to see and unable to act in accordance
with his or her own will when first entering this stage of Initiation. This is the
first mentioning of the Candidate being Bound and Hoodwinked, but note the
word still. This implies that the Building of the Pyramid took place also with
the Candidate Blind and Bound. Indeed, the Human who entered the Pyramid
was a blind and purposeless animal, and the First Pylon is the beginning of the
spiritual initiation.

              I know not who I am; I know not whence I came;
              I know not whither I go; I seek-- but What I do
              not know!

These lines are the active acknowledgment of the futility and fleeting nature
of the uninitiated consciousness. The Aspirant admits that the Will is not
known and that without initiation, one would be hurtling out of control,
though the universe.

              I am blind & bound; but I have heard one cry
              Ring through Eternity; Arise & follow me!

The Aspiration is heard through the clutter of the mind. This Aspiration is
what has led the Candidate to the Pyramid. (C.f. Liber VII; Prologue of the

              Asar Un-nefer! I invoke
              The four-fold Horror of the Smoke.
              Unloose the Pit! by the dread Word
              Of Power-- that Set-Typhon hath heard--
(Pronounce this backwards. But it is very dangerous. It opens up the
Gates of Hell.)

Asar Un-Nefer… My Self Made Perfect, or, perhaps more etymologically
accurate, My Beautiful Self. This represents the idea of Tiphareth, and the
Aspirants Holy Guardian Angel. Crowley describes this specific point in the
Ritual as the Aspirant confronts the “wrath of the Four Great Princes of the
Evil of the World, whose Terror is about him on every side.” These four “Evils”
could possibly be the Four Tests set by the Secret Chiefs in regards to the
Four Powers of the Sphinx. This would demonstrate a long understood quality
of the Work, that all symbols flow coherently into one another, and just
as the Qabalah is used as the universal language of Magick, these symbols
can be used to describe many processes. Set- Typhon is the inverse or
opposition of Horus- Osiris. The idea here is that the Aspirant is dealing with
very personal ordeals and subsequently his or her “shadow side”. The “Evil”
here are those things that the Aspirant fears, his or her own personal
complexes. The invocation of this “Darkness” is inaugurated by the use of a
peculiar Word of Power. The word itself equals 406 by Hebrew Gematria. In
Liber D, this number is also the value of “THOU” – as a name for God. The
text of the ritual directs the Aspirant to pronounce this backwards, and this
will open the Gates of Hell. This could be interpreted as meaning the House
of Hadit, the Khabs, one‟s innermost nature, the Star, so that by pronouncing
this word backwards, one is opening the gates of one‟s own inner nature,
which is very frightening for most people, but leads to the discovery of the
True Self.

              The Fear of Darkness & of Death
              The Fear of Water & of Fire
              The Fear of the Chasm & the Chain
              The Fear of Hell & the dead Breath.
              The Fear of Him, the Demon dire
              That on the Threshold of the Inane
              Stands with his Dragon Fear to slay
              The Pilgrim of the Way.
              Thus I pass by with Force & Care,
              Advance with Fortitude & Wit,
              In the straight Path, or else Their Snare
              Were surely Infinite.

This is the passing of the First Pylon, which constitutes the Fear of the
Aspirant, and the Courage needed to overcome. At the Threshold of the
Mysteries stands Fear, but with the virtues of Force, Care, Fortitude and
Wit, the Aspirant can pass this Dragon. Any wandering from the path will
catch the Aspirant in a snare of the Qliphoth, and a failure to triumph over
the Ordeal of the Nephesch. On a personal note, I find that the ritual is not
linear in reality; rather, it can manifest and materialize in different ways and
at different times. For instance, this position on the map can occur before one
has successfully built the Pyramid, the battling of Fear could, and probably
most often does, begin before the Aspirant finds the courage to wield the
Scourge, Dagger or Chain. Liber 231, as it is a Holy Book suited well for
Astral Exploration, presents to the Aspirant the Fear and Hell described here.

The Passing of the Second Pylon.

(Suit action to words.)

              Asar! who clutches at my throat?
              Who pins me down? Who stabs my heart?

A symbolic Death, the true Self triumphing over the lower self. The Heart is
Tiphareth, the Sephira to which the Candidate is Aspiring.

                   I am unfit to pass within this Pylon of the Hall of Maat.

Here the Aspirant still is learning more and more about his or herself. One
must admit one‟s weaknesses and work to strengthen them, and must not be
blind to one‟s potential egoity, which is a definite mark of Neophyte Initiation.
The Hall of Maat could symbolize the Aspirant‟s honesty with Self, recognizing
complexes and tendencies as opposed to denying them.

Rubric as above. (The Fear...surely Infinite.)

This rubric repeats multiple times throughout “The Initiation”, and seems to
signify an oath taken by the Candidate, an oath to overcome Fear.

              The Lustral Water! Let thy flood
              Cleanse me-- lymph, marrow, & blood!
              The Scourge, the Dagger & the Chain
              Purge body, breast & brain!
              The Fire Informing! Let the Oil
              Balance, assain, assoil!

A development of the Alchemical Process begun in the Building of the Pyramid
takes place with this verse. It symbolized again the Water and Fire, as well
as the three alchemical weapons, and the Holy Oil, purifying the Aspirant
and preparing for the advancement of Initiation. More tendencies and
complexes surface here as the student learns more about his or herself. The
wounds, as before, are anointed with the Divine Medicine, the Holy Oil, the
Spirit, as opposed to qliphotic remedies; the Spirit begins to resonate
throughout each and every cell in the body of the Aspirant.

Still in corpse-position.
             For I am come with all this pain,
             To ask admission to the Shrine.
             I do not know why-- I ask in vain--
             Unless it be that I am Thine.

             I am Mentu his truth-telling brother,
             Who was Master of Thebes from my birth:--
             O heart of me! heart of my mother!
             O heart that I had upon the earth!
             Stand not thou up against me as a witness!
             Oppose me not, judge, in my quest!
             Accuse me not now of unfitness
             Before the great God, the dread Lord of the West!

Pain is the feeling of separateness from the Universe, and the apparent pain
of earthly existence. The Candidate desires to be inaugurated into the
Mysteries of the Self, but still does not know why. The Aspirant also requests
that his heart not be weighed to heavily in the judgment. See the Egyptian
Book of the Dead for more on the weighing of the Heart. After the Alchemical
working previous, the Candidate now gains a certain level of confidence and
the Aspiration is speaking loudly on his or her behalf.

           (Change this part to your own motto. Work the scansion correctly.)

             Speak fair words for 414. May he flourish
             In the place of the weighing of hearts
             By the marsh of the dead, where the crocodiles nourish
             Their lives on the lost, where the Serpent upstarts.
             --For though I be joined to the Earth,
             In the Innermost Shrine of Heaven am I.
             I was Master of Thebes from my birth;
             Shall I die like a dog? Thou shalt not let me die,
             But my Khu that the teeth of the crocodiles sever
             Shall be mighty in heaven for ever & ever!
             Yea! but I am a fool, a flutterer!
             I am under the Shadow of the Wings!

The Magickal Motto is implanted here to signify the Aspirant to the A.‟.A.‟., and
not his or her Mundane counterpart. The weighing of the hearts is again a
reference to the Ancient Egyptian belief in the Judgment after death, where
the heart of the recently deceased is weighed against the Feather of Ma‟at.
The next lines assert that the Aspirant is indeed a partaker of both Heaven
and Earth, just as the Spirit is within the Flesh and the Khu as the Magickal
Body of the Aspirant remains even after physical death. Yet, while these
principals are true in and of themselves, the Aspirant is still wise to remain
humble. This is the beginning of the Two and Twenty Basenesses.
                    Refrain "I am under," etc., after each accusation.

              I am a liar & a sorcerer
              I am so fickle that I scorn the bridle.
              I am unchaste, voluptuous and idle.
              I am a bully & a tyrant crass,
              I am as dull & as stubborn as an ass;
              I am untrusty, cruel & insane,
              I am a fool & frivolous & vain.
              I am a weakling & a coward; I cringe,
              I am a catamite & cunnilinge.
              I am a glutton, a besotted wight;
              I am a satyr & a sodomite.
              I am as changeful & selfish as the Sea.
              I am a thing of vice & vanity.
              I am not violent & I vaccilate,
              I am a blind man & esmasculate.
              I am a raging fire of wrath-- no wiser!
              I am a blackguard, spendthrift & a miser.
              I am obscene & devious & null.
              I am ungenerous & base & dull.
              I am not marked with the white Flame of Breath.
              I am a Traitor! -- die the traitor's death!

The accusations reflect the Shadow qualities of the 22 Major Arcana of the
Book of Thoth, and are perfectly in line with the general scheme of the Ritual,
and the exposition of the Aspirants inner Hell. Each accusation is followed
by the phrase; I am under the Shadow of the Wings! Moreover, while these
accusations may or may not be true, the Candidate refutes them with the
assertion that he or she is shadowed by the Holy Guardian Angel. It is This
that will transcend and perfect these “evil” qualities.

This last raises Candidate erect.
Invoking Spiral Dance.
Rubric as before.

              I am under the Shadow of the Wings.
              Now let me pace the Path, bind on
              The girdle of the Starry One!

The last Baseness, reflecting the Universe Atu, and the assertion that follows
it, raises the Candidate from the Corpse Position. Indeed the Aspiration lifts
one up above these accusations. Here is a quote from Liber LXV, Chapter II:

   30. I saw a pale sad boy that lay upon the marble in the sunlight, and wept. By his
   side was the forgotten lute. Ah! but he wept.
    31. Then came an eagle from the abyss of glory and overshadowed him. So black was
    the shadow that he was no more visible.

    32. But I heard the lute lively discoursing through the blue still air.

    33. Ah! messenger of the beloved One, let Thy shadow be over me!

    34. Thy name is Death, it may be, or Shame, or Love. So thou bringest me tidings of
    the Beloved One, I shall not ask thy name.

Pacing the Path is the understanding that it is the work itself, and not the goal or the result
of the work, which tightens one‟s bond to the Universe.

Asar! k.t.l.

(See comments above for “Asar! Who clutches at my throat…”

In Northwest.

                Soul-- mastering Terror is thy name!
                Lord of the Gods! Dread Lord of Hell!

This presentation of Horus is consistent with His being attributed to Death in
the Triangle.

See Horus.

                I am come. I fear Thee not. Thy flame
                Is mine to weave my maiden spell!
                I know Thee, & I pass Thee by.
                For more that Thou am I!

The Aspirant overcomes the Fear of Death, and asserts that he or she has
taken the Fire from Initiation and is working one‟s Will.

Asar! k.t.l. (Rubric as usual.)
This Rubric appears often as a reminder that it is one‟s Angel, or the Aspiration
unto That, which leads the Aspirant through this course.

In Southwest. See Isis.

              Sorrow that eateth up the soul!
              Dam of the Gods! The blue sky's Queen!
              This is Thy Name. I come. Control
              And Pass! I know Thee, Lady of Teeu!
              know Thee & I pass Thee by.
              For more than Thou am I!

Isis is Asi as we know from the earlier portions of the ritual, and represents
Life, in the pantheon of this Pyramid. The Sorrow is of course the illusion of
sorrow brought about by the Spirit‟s manifestation into Nature. Also, Matter
is the dense form of energy which slows the movement of the finer energy,
and hence the metaphor of the dam. The blue sky‟s queen is Nuit, of who Isis
is but a lower manifestation. In this verse, the Aspirant asserts control over
Nature, and passes it by.

Asar! k.t.l. (Rubric as usual.)

In East.
See Thoth. Silence

The Word. The Wisdom that is above both Life and Death. And since it is from
the Supernals, must only be Silent, or be False, though by way of the Tao, even
Silence is False.

Asar! k.t.l. (Rubric as usual.)

See Nature.

              I will not look upon thee more,
              For Fatal is Thy Name. Begone!
              False Phantom, thou shalt pass before
              The frowning forehead of the Sun.
              I know Thee; & I pass thee by.
              For more that Thou am I. Formulating Hexagram:
              Now Witness YE upon the Earth,
              Spirit & Water & Red Blood!
              Witness Above, bright Babe of Birth,
              Spirit, & Father-- that are God!

More lyric explaining the passing of the shadows of Death and Life, and now
an insertion of another Triangle. Thus, the Hexagram is formed, the
Aspiration is the ascending pyramid, the descending is “The Lord hath
descended from heaven with a shout and with the Voice of the Archangel,
and the trump of God.” (John St. John) The two seemingly opposing forces
come together and give birth to the Star.

As babe in egg, being born.

              For Silence duly is begot
              And Darkness duly brought to bed;
              The Shroud is figured in my Thought,
              The Inmost Light is on my head. Unbind.
              Attack! I eat up the strong lions. I!

The babe in the egg is symbolic of a spiritual birth to be. It is the Self yet to
be born, immature and pre-pubescent. In the Book of Thoth, The Fool is one
symbol of the Babe in the Egg. The babe in literal terms is the fetus,
surrounded by the life giving womb. Spiritually, the idea is very similar. The
spiritual self still concealed, is based upon the Principal of Silence, and is
surrounded by the Mother. The Birth produces the Enlightened Man (or
Woman) and the babe has the opportunity to grow. This portion of the Self-
Initiation ritual marks the brink of attainment of Yesod and passage to Grade
of Zelator.

Sign of the Enterer:

              Fear is on Seb, on them that
              dwell therein,
              Behold the radiant Vigour of the Lord!

Sign of Silence:

              Defense! I close the mouth of Sebek, ply
              My fear on Nile, Asar that held not in!
              Behold my radiant Peace, ye things abhorred
              For see! The Gods have loosed mine hands:
              Asar unfettered stands.
              Hail, Asi, hail! Hoor-Apep cries--
              Now I the Son of Man arise
              And follow-- dead where Asar lies!

Lies down in Sign of Hanged Man.

The Aspirant has traveled the Pyramid encountering the elements of existence;
Life, Death, the Word, and the Silent Self. The equilibration of these forces
brings the Aspirant to the realization of the True Self. Asar now stands
without. But be weary lest thou assume that thou hast attained the Knowledge
and Conversation of thine Holy Guardian Angel, for this symbolic proclamation
is a divination of what is to come. Yet, also, it is a higher form of the mundane
self that rises and continues with the initiation. The sorrow and terror are for
those who remain “on Earth”, but the Adept is a partaker of Earth and Heaven
and so stands in both worlds, wielding the Wand of Double Power, which seems
to be represented by the 0=0 Grade Signs of the A.‟.A.‟.. The Aspirant now lying
in the corpse position, representing the Hanged Man Atu of the Book of Thoth,
symbolically dies to his or her higher nature. This further signifies a supreme
art of Alchemy, and the transmutation of the lesser self into the higher. This
working is shown in the following verse.

              I guild my left foot with the Light.
              I guild my Phallus with the Light.
              I guild my right knee with the Light.
              I guild my right foot with the Light.
              I guild my left knee with the Light.
              I guild my Phallus with the Light.
              I guild my elbow with the Light.
              I guild my navel with the Light.
              I guild my heart wedge with the Light.
              I guild my black throat with the Light.
              I guild my forehead with the Light.
              I guild my Phallus with the Light.

The Spiritual Light, similar to the working of the Holy Oil, illumines certain
centers on the magickal body of the aspirant. The first five lines formulate the
Cross, the remaining lines seems to illumine the charkas. Since the spiritual
nature is represented by the Sun and the Phallus, it is only apparent why the
phallus is gilded thrice. Further, there are a total of 10 different points that
are guilded, and these relate to the Qabalistic Lightening Flash, infusing each
sphere of consciousness with the Spiritual Fire.

Rising in Sign Mulier:

              Asar Un-nefer! I am Thine,
              Waiting Thy Glory in the shrine.
              Thy bride, Thy virgin! Ah, my Lord.
              Smite through the Spirit with Thy Sword!
              Asar Un-nefer! rise in me,
              The chosen catamite of Thee!
              Come! Ah, come now! I wait, I wait,
              Patient-- impatient slave of Fate,
              Bought by Thy glance-- Come now! come now!
              Touch & inform this burning brow.
              Asar Un-nefer! in the shrine,
              Make Thou me wholly Thine!
The Aspirant represents the idea of the Virgin, who yearns to give up the self
to the Lord Adonai. Asar is still a separate being, God, to whom the Virgin
Mulier beckons, as seen by the actual N.O.X. sign of Mulier. The legs spread
wide, the arms up and head back, indicate a feminine idea awaiting the
copulation with a masculine godhead. And while the Aspirants to the A.‟.A.‟.
are considered male, it is still the infernal mother of Malkuth who aspires to
rise and be seated upon the Throne of Binah. In this light, the Ritual itself
seems to be a progression of the Soul within the Sphere of Malkuth, as it is
also said that each Sephira contains within it a Tree of Its own.

Remove hoodwink.

              I am Asar-- worthy alone
              To sit upon the Double Throne.
              Attack is mine & mine defense.
              And these are one. Arise, go hence!
              For I am Master of my Fate,
              Wholly Initiate.

Here we encounter an idea that beautifully balances the previous verse. The
hoodwink removed, the Aspirant can now “see” what is the essential reality.
One now realizes that Asar is the Self, and not a separate entity, or, rather,
that the yearning for nuptial has been answered and the Prince now becomes
one with the Aspirant. Again, beware not to assume attainment of the HGA,
the verses here are a progression of initiation in the sphere of Malkuth, which
is where the Neophyte is situated, working toward Yesod. In this light, it is
noticed that the initiation of the Neophyte is but a denser form of that One
Goal of the A.'.A.'. Aspirant, the Knowledge and Conversation which is centered
in Tiphareth.

The Secret Word.

              The Words are spoken duly. The deeds are duly done.
              My soul is risen newly to greet the risen Sun.

The result is the Aspirant fully glittering with the flame of the Spirit. So, after
the spiritual death represented by Atu XII, the Holy Guardian Angel inhabits
absolutely the body of the Aspirant, though the K & C are still afar off, and
it is but the whispers of Adonai that the Neophyte hears, gleaning more
intuition into that Holy Mystery. The Holy Guardian Angel is still viewed as
an entity separate from the Aspirant; these verses must not be taken too
literally. Accomplishing the tasks of the Grade of Neophyte shall produce a
realization of the correlation between the Sun and the Son, Sol and the Soul,
and the Aspirant now awakens to the Golden Dawn.

Bell accordingly.
              One! Four! Five! Ten! All Hail!
              One! Four! Five! Ten! All Hail!

Kether, Chesed, Geburah, and Malkuth. The Point, Matter, Motion, and the manifestation
of this Will. The Magus, the Emperor, The Star, and the Hermit, if we look at the
numbers from the point of view of the Tarot.

Signs accordingly.

              I give the sign that rends the Veil.
              The sign that closes up the Veil.

The Signs of the Portal and the Dominis Liminus explains the regal nature of
the Aspirant in that he or she rules over Heaven and Earth, and partakes of
the sacraments of both.

2. The Sealing of the Pyramid.

Proceed as in the Building, unto the word "Suns."

The Banishing Spiral Dance.
            Now let mine hands unloose the sweet
            And shining girdle of Nuit!

The Adorations & the Word.

With the supreme accomplishments of the Knowledge and Conversation, the
Adept clears once again the space, and gives adoration to Nuit, which signifies
that aim of the work to be un-selfish in nature. Each Aspirant is taught to
serve those of lesser grades, and all joy and ecstasy must be ever unto Her. In
the application to the Neophyte, for which this Ritual was written, these last
verses symbolize what is to come; revealing indefinitely the Nature of

Then at the Altar.

              Behold! the Perfect One hath said
              Tried & found pure, a golden spoil.
              These are my body's elements

Act accordingly.

              Incense & Wine & Fire & Bread
              These I consume, true Sacraments,
              For the Perfection of the Oil
              For I am clothed about with flesh
              And I am the Eternal Spirit.
              I am the Lord that riseth fresh
              From Death, whose glory I inherit
              Since I partake with him. I am
              The Manifestor of the Unseen.
              Without me all the land of Khem
              Is as if it had not been.

The sacraments are consumed as spiritual energy. See the Mass of the
Phoenix for a ritual dealing directly with consuming the Solar energies. Here,
a harmonization of the four elements and the Spirit.

Proceed as in Building to end.

              Hail, Hoor! Hail, Asi! Hail, Tahuti! Hail,
              Asar Un-nefer! Through the rended Veil.
              I am Thyself, with all Thy brilliance decked--

While is seems that actual the result of the ritual is the Great Work
Accomplished, 5=6, and the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy
Guardian Angel, it is not so for the Neophyte of the A.‟.A.‟., as he or she still
has much traveling to do before arriving at that perfection. Nevertheless, the
ritual is one of self initiation, and being organic in nature, will grow within the
Aspirant into that most wonderful attainment. The practical work of the
ritual is what is important. The spiritual essence of Liber Pyramidos manifests
in the Work as Ordeals and the work of the Grade, without this work, no
magickal or mystical metaphors will have any affect upon the consciousness.
A glorious, shining Star emerges from the Ordeals, in a consistent orbit within,
and of, the Body of Nuit, a fully realized Human Being, Thou art That. The
Light of the Star is extending beyond infinity. Hadit is the originator of the
Light, which ever shines toward Nuit.

                              Love is the law, love under will.

                                        Liber Aleph:
                                    {Digamma }{delta }
                                     DE PYRAMIDE.

Now then at last art thou made ready to confront the Pyramid, if thou art established as a
Sphinx. For It also hath the foursquare Base of Law, and the Four Triangles of Light,
Life, Love and Liberty for its Sides, that meet in a Point of Perfection that is Hadith,
poised to the Kiss of Nuith. But in this Pyramid there is no Difference of Form between
the Sides, as it is in thy Sphinx, for these are wholly One, save in Direction. Thou art then
an Harmony of the Four by Right of thy Attainment of Adeptship, the Crown of thy
Manhood, but not an Identity, as in Godhead. Therefore may it be said from one Point of
Sight that thine Achievement is but a Preparation, an Adornment of the Bride for the
Temple of Hymen, and his Rite. Verily, o my Son, I deem in my Wisdom hat this whole
Work of thy Development to Sphinx-hood cometh before the Work of Theurgy, for the
Lord descendeth not upon a Temple ill-conceived, and builded wry, nor abideth in a
Shrine unworthy. Accomplish then this Task in Patience, with Assiduity, not hasting
furiously after Godliness. For this is most sure, that to the Beauty of a Maiden answereth
the Lust of her Lord, spontaneous and without Effort or Appeal of her Contriving.

                                Book Four Part 2, Chap 6:

The Magician must build all that he has into his pyramid; and if that pyramid is to touch
the stars, how broad must be the base! There is no knowledge and no power which is
useless to the Magician. One might almost say there is no scrap of material in the whole
Universe with which he can dispense. His ultimate enemy is the great Magician, the
Magician who created the whole illusion of the Universe; and to meet him in battle, so
that nothing is left either of him or of yourself, you must be exactly equal to him.

At the same time let the Magician never forget that every brick must tend to the summit
of the pyramid -- the sides must be perfectly smooth; there must be no false summits,
even in the lowest layers.

Binah, moreover, is the Moon, and the bowl of this cup is shaped like the moon.

This moon is the path of Gimel through which the influence from the Crown descends
upon the Sun of Tiphareth.

And this is based upon the pyramid of fire which symbolizes the aspiration of the student.
                                     From John St John:

I shall try and describe Ritual DCLXXI; since its nature is important to this great
ceremony of initiation. Those who understand a little about the Path of the Wise may
receive some hint of the method of operation of the L.V.X.
And I think that a description will help me to collect myself for the proper adaptation of
this Ritual to the purpose of Self- initiation. Oh, how soft is the air, and how serene the
sky, to one who has passed through the black rule of Apophis! How infinitely musical are
the voices of Nature, those that are heard and those that are not heard! What
Understanding of the Universe, what Love is the prize of him that hath performed all
things and endured all things! The first operation of Ritual DCLXXI is the preparation of
the Place.
There are two forces; that of Death and that of Natural Life. Death begins the Operation
by a knock, to which Life answers. Then Death, banishing all forces external to the
operation, declares the Speech in the Silence. Both officers go from their thrones and
form the base of a triangle whose apex is the East. They invoke the Divine Word, and
then Death slays with the knife, and embalms with the oil, his sister Life. Life, thus
prepared, invokes, at the summons of Death, {36} the forces necessary to the Operation.
The Word takes its station in the East and the officers salute it both by speech and silence
in their signs; and they pronounce the secret Word of power that riseth from the Silence
and returneth thereunto. All this they affirm; and in affirming the triangular base of the
Pyramid, find that they have mysteriously affirmed the Apex thereof whose name is
Ecstasy. This also is sealed by that secret word; for that Word containeth All. Into this
prepared Pyramid of divine Light there cometh a certain darkling wight, who knoweth
not either his own nature, or his origin or destiny, or even the name of that which he
desireth. Before he can enter the Pyramid, therefore, four ordeals are required of him. So,
bound and blinded, he stumbles forward, and passes through the wrath of the Four Great
Princes of the Evil of the World, whose Terror is about him on every side. Yet since he
has followed the voice of the Officer who has prepared him, in this part of the Ritual no
longer merely Nature, the great Mother, but Neschamah (his aspiration) and the
representative of Adonai, he may pass through all. Yea, in spite of the menace of the
Hiereus, whose function is now that of his fear and of his courage, he goes on and enters
the Pyramid. But there he is seized and thrown down by both officers as one unworthy to
enter. His aspiration purifies him with steel and fire; and there as he lies shattered by the
force of the ritual, he hears --- even as {37} a corpse that hears the voice of Israfel --- the
Hegemon that chants a solemn hymn of praise to that glory which is at the Apex, and
who invisibly rules and governs the whole Pyramid.
Now then that darkling wight is lifted by the officers and brought to the altar in the
centre; and there the Hiereus accuses him of the two and twenty Basenesses, while the
Hegemon lifting up his chained arms cries again and again against his enemy that he is
under the Shadow of the Eternal Wings of the Holy One. Yet at the end, at the supreme
accusation, the Hiereus smites him into death. The same answer avails him, and in its
strength he is uplifted by his aspiration --- and now he stands upright. Now then he makes
a journey in his new house, and perceives at stated times, each time preceded by a new
ordeal and equilibration, the forces that surround him. Death he sees, and the Life of
Nature whose name is Sorrow, and the Word that quickeneth these, and his own self ---
and when he hath recognized these four in their true nature he passes to the altar once
more and as the apex of a descending triangle is admitted to the lordship of the Double
Kingdom. Thus is he a member of the visible triad that is crossed with the invisible ---
behold the hexagram of Solomon the King! All this the Hiereus seals with a knock and at
the Hegemon's new summons he --- to his surprise --- finds himself as the Hanged Man
of the Tarot. Each point of the figure thus formed they crown with light, until he glitters
with the Flame of the Spirit. {38} Thus and not otherwise is he made a partaker of the
Mysteries, and the Lightning Flash strikes him. The Lord hath descended from heaven
with a shout and with the Voice of the Archangel, and the trump of God. He is installed
in the Throne of the Double Kingdom, and he wields the Wand of Double Power by the
sings of the grade. He is recognized an initiate, and the word of Secret Power, and the
silent administration of the Sacrament of Sword and Flame, acknowledge him. Then, the
words being duly spoken and the deeds duly done, all is symbolically sealed by the Thirty
Voices, and the Word that vibrateth from the Silence to the Speech, and from the Speech
again unto the Silence. Then the Pyramid is sealed up, even as it was opened; yet in the
sealing thereof the three men partake in a certain mystical manner of the Eucharist of the
Four Elements that are consumed for the Perfection of the Oil. Knox Om Pax.

                                From The Book of Thoth:


 [The Fool is also, evidently, an aspect of Pan; but this idea is shown in his fullest
development by Atu XV, whose letter is the semi-vowel A'ain, cognate with Aleph.]

Arriving at highly sophisticated theogony, there appears a perfectly clear and concrete
symbol of this doctrine. Harpocrates is the God of Silence; and this silence has a very
special meaning. (See attached essay, Appendix.) The first is Kether, the pure Being
invented as an aspect of pure Nothing. In his manifestation, he is not One, but Two; he is
only One because he is 0. He exists; Eheieh, his divine name, which signifies "I Am" or
"I shall Be", is merely another way of saying that he Is Not; because One leads to
nowhere, which is where it came from. So the only possible manifestation is in Two, and
that manifestation must be in silence, because the number 3, the number of Binah-
Understanding-has not yet been formulated. In other words, there is no Mother. All one
has is the impulse of this manifestation; and that must take place in silence. That is to say,
there is as yet no more than the impulse, which is unformulated; it is only when it is
interpreted that it becomes the Word, the Logos. (See Atu I.)

Now consider the traditional form of Harpocrates. He is a babe, that is to say, innocent,
and not yet arrived at puberty; a simpler form of Parsifal, he is represented as rose pink in
colour. It is dawn- the hint of light about to come, but not by any means that light; he has
a lock of black hair curling around his ear, and that is the influence of the Highest
descending upon the Brahmarandra Chakra. The ear is the vehicle of Akasha, Spirit. This
is the only salient symbol; it is the only indication that he is not merely the bald baby,
because it is the only colour in the blob of rose pink. But, on the other hand, his thumb is
either against his lower lip or in his mouth; which it is, one cannot say. There is here a
quarrel between two schools of thought; if be is pushing up his lower lip, he emphasizes
silence as silence; if his thumb is in his mouth, it emphasizes the doctrine of Eheieh: "I
shall Be". Yet in the end these doctrines are identical.

This babe is in an egg of blue, which is evidently the symbol of the Mother. This child
has, in a way, not been born; the blue is the blue of space; the egg is sitting upon a lotus,
and this lotus grows on the Nile. Now, the lotus is another symbol of the Mother, and the
Nile is also a symbol of the Father, fertilizing Egypt, the Yoni. (But also the Nile is the
home of Sebek the crocodile, who threatens Harpocrates.)

Yet Harpocrates is not always thus represented. He is shown by certain schools of
thought as standing; he is standing upon the crocodiles of the Nile. (Refer above to the
crocodile, the symbol of two exactly opposite things.) There is here an analogy. One is
reminded of Hercules-the infant Hercules-who spun the wheel in the House of Women;
of Hercules, who was a strong man, who was innocent, who was ultimately a madman,
who destroyed his wife and children. It is a cognate symbol.

Harpocrates is (in one sense) the symbol of the Dawn on the Nile, and of the
physiological phenomenon which accompanies the act of waking. One sees, at the other
end of the octave of thought, the connection of this symbol with the succession to the
royal power described above. The symbol of Harpocrates itself tends to be purely
philosophical. He is also the mystical absorption of the work of creation; the Hé final of
Tetragrammaton. Harpocrates is, in fact, the passive side of his twin, Horus. Yet at the
same time he is a very fully-fledged symbol of this idea, which is wind, which is air, the
impregnation of the Mother Goddess. He is immune from all attack because of his
innocence; for in this innocence is perfect silence, which is the essence of virility.

The egg is not only Akasha, but the original egg in the biological sense. [The Black Egg
of the element of Spirit in some Hindu schools of thought. From it the other elements Air,
Water, Earth, Fire (in that order) proceed.] This egg issues from the lotus, which is the
symbol of the Yoni.

There is an Asiatic symbol cognate with Harpocrates, and though it does not come
directly into this card it must be considered in connection with it. That symbol is the
Buddha-Rupa. He is most frequently represented sitting on a lotus, and often there is
behind him spread the hood of the Serpent; the shape of this hood is again the Yoni.
(Note the usual ornaments of this hood; phallic and fructiform.)

The crocodile of the Nile is called Sebek or Mako-the Devourer. In the official rituals, the
idea is usually that of the fisherman, who wishes protection from the assaults of his totem

There is, however, an identity between the creator and the destroyer. In Indian
mythology, Shiva fulfils both functions. In Greek mythology, the god Pan is addressed
"Pamphage, Pangenetor", all-devourer, all-begetter. (Note that the numerical value of the
word Pan is 131, as is that of Samael, the Hebrew destroying angel.)

So also, in the initiated symbolism, the act of devouring is the equivalent of initiation; as
the mystic would say, "My soul is swallowed up in God". (Compare the symbolism of
Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Whale, and others.) [Note the N of Jonah, and the
meaning of the name: a dove.]

One must constantly keep in mind the bivalence of every symbol. Insistence upon either
one or other of the contradictory attributions inherent in a symbol is simply a mark of
spiritual incapacity; and it is constantly happening, because of prejudice. It is the simplest
test of initiation that every symbol is understood instinctively to contain this
contradictory meaning in itself. Mark well the passage in The Vision and the Voice, page

"It is shown me that this heart is the heart that rejoiceth, and the serpent is the serpent of
Da'ath, for herein all the symbols are interchangeable, for each one containeth in itself its
own opposite. And this is the great Mystery of the Supernals that are beyond the Abyss.
For below the Abyss, contradiction is division; but above the Abyss, contradiction is
Unity. And there could be nothing true except by virtue of the contradiction that is
contained in itself."

It is characteristic of all high spiritual vision that the formulation of any idea is
immediately destroyed or cancelled out by the arising of the contradictory. Hegel and
Nietzsche had glimmerings of the idea, but it is described very fully and simply in the
Book of Wisdom or Folly. (See citation, below, Appendix.)

This point about the crocodile is very important, because many of the traditional forms of
"The Fool" of the Tarot show the crocodile definitely. In the commonplace interpretation
of the card, the Scholiasts say that the picture is that of a gay, careless youth, with a sack
full of follies and illusions, dancing along the edge of a precipice, unaware that the tiger
and crocodile shown in the card are about to attack him. It is the view of the Little Bethel.
But, to initiates, this crocodile helps to determine the spiritual meaning of the card as the
return to the original Qabalistic zero; it is the "He' final" process in the magical formula
of Tetragrammaton. By a flick of the wrist, she can be transmuted to reappear as the
original Yod, and repeat the whole process from the beginning.
The innocence-virility formula is again suggested by the introduction of the crocodile, for
that was one of the biological superstitions on which they founded their theogony---that
the crocodile, like the vulture, had some mysterious method of reproduction.

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