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									                         Pirate Profile

Name: Philip Ashton
Lived: 1702 - ?
Pirate Captain: Ned Low
Location: off the coast of Nova Scotia
Became a Pirate: Philip was a fisherman. One day in 1722 when
Philip was 19 years old a strange ship approached his boat. The
ship belonged to Captain Ned Low and his gang of pirates. The
pirates captured Philip and the rest of the fishermen and forced
them onboard the pirate ship.
Famous for: Philip escaped from the pirate ship when they stopped
in the Bay of Honduras to collect fresh water. He survived on his
own on the island for nearly 3 years before he was rescued by the
“Diamond” ship from Salem.
Pirate Pet: Philip didn‟t keep a pet but he soon learned to keep
himself safe living with alligators in the island jungle.
Skills: Philip had to learn how to survive on the island. He taught
himself how to build a hut to live in, a fire to cook with and
learned how to kill tortoises and crayfish for food.
Punished by: Philip refused to sign the agreement of the pirate
ship and join Ned Low‟s gang. He was whipped, kept in chains and
threatened with death.
                         Pirate Profile

Name: Dixie Bull
Lived: Date of birth and death are unknown but Dixie‟s pirate
activities occurred in the 1630s.
Pirate Captain- Dixie was the captain of his ship.
Location: off the coast of New England
Became a pirate: Dixie was an English sea captain. In 1632 he
was sailing along the coast of Maine to sell furs when he was
attacked by a French ship. Dixie lost everything. He was so angry
that he returned to Boston and recruited his own gang of pirates.
From that day on Dixie lived the life of a pirate and attacked
many ships.
Famous for: Dixie was New England‟s first ever pirate.
Pirate Pet: Dixie did not keep a pet. The only animals that
travelled with him were dead ones as Dixie traded furs for a living
before becoming a pirate.
Skills: Dixie was very brave pirate. He became known as „the dread
pirate‟ because he would often lead his gang of pirates to attack a
town. Most pirates were not brave enough to attack a defended
town and stayed off shore targeting ships.
Punishment: legend has it that Dixie was killed in a sword fight.
                           Pirate Profile

Name: Black Sam Bellamy
Lived: 1689-1717.
Pirate Captain- Black Sam captained several ships including the „Mary
Anne‟, the „Sultana‟ and the „Whydah‟.
Location: Black Sam was born in England but moved to Massachusetts
when he was a teenager.
Became a pirate: Black Sam heard about a Spanish treasure ship that
had been wrecked in the West Indies. Black Sam went in search of the
wreck. He didn‟t find the treasure but joined a pirate crew. Within a
year Black Sam was the captain of his own pirate ship.
Famous for: Black Sam was known for showing mercy and generosity
towards the sailors he captured. He became known as „prince of pirates‟
and his crew called themselves „Robin Hood‟s Band‟. Black Sam got his
nickname because he tied his long hair back with a black ribbon.
Pirate Pet: Black Sam did not keep a pet.
Skills: Black Sam was a very successful pirate. He captured over 50
ships before he died aged 29. He was very generous and when he
captured the Whydah he gave the captain his own ship. Punishment:
Black Sam did not punish her harm his crew or prisoners. His ship, the
„Whydah‟ was swept up in a violent storm, hit a sand bar and sunk.
Black Sam and 146 pirate crew were drowned. In 1985 the wreckage of
the „Whydah‟ was discovered and it still had a huge booty‟ of gold and
ivory onboard.
                            Pirate Profile

Name: Ned Low
Lived: 1690 - 1724 .
Pirate Captain- Ned was the captain of a fleet of ships.
Location: Atlantic and Caribbean oceans
Became a pirate: When Ned‟s wife died in childbirth in 1719 he left for
a life at sea. Ned worked as a rigger and in 1722 he tried to kill his
captain for not giving him any food. Ned missed the captain and killed
another man instead. Ned was then forced to leave the boat with his
friends. They took over a small boat, killed the crew and declared „war
against the world‟.
Famous for: Ned was considered to be one of the richest pirates and
captured over 100 ships in 3 years. His murderous and brutal acts led
to military action to protect ships and the war against piracy began.
Pirate Pet: Ned did not keep a pet but one of his ships was called the
Skills: Ned was one of the first pirate captains to make his crew sign an
agreement. The agreement stated that Ned was entitled to half of all
riches and could administer punishments as he saw fit.
Punishment: Ned Low was extremely cruel. He was described as a maniac
and a brute by his own pirate crew. He once captured a whaling ship and
forced the captain to eat his own ears sprinkled with salt before killing
He also tortured his victims by tying their hands with rope and setting
their hands on fire.
                       Pirate Profile

Name: Thomas Tew
Lived: 1640 - 1695 .
Pirate Captain- Thomas was the captain of the ship „Amity‟.
Location: Red Sea and Bermuda
Became a pirate: Thomas worked as a private ship captain
and was asked by the governor of Bermuda to sail to Gambia
to protect the French holdings. Once out at sea Thomas
declared that he was going to turn to piracy. His crew
agreed and when they reached the Red Sea they ran down a
large ship and helped themselves to treasure of gold, silver,
ivory, jewels and spices.
Famous for: Thomas co-founded a mysterious pirate colony
named Libertalia.
Pirate Pet: Thomas did not keep a pet.
Skills: Thomas was an excellent navigator and pioneered the
route that became known as the „Pirate Round‟.
Punishment: Tew was killed by a cannon shot during a battle
to capture a ship in the Mandab Strait.
                            Pirate Profile

Name: William Kidd
Lived: 1645 - 1701
Pirate Captain- William was the captain of the ship „Adventure Galley`‟.
Location: Indian Ocean
Became a Pirate: William was a very rich man who sailed ships. The
Governor of Massachusetts sent William to the Indian Ocean to arrest
the pirate, Blackbeard but instead he became a pirate himself.
Famous for: William Kidd is America‟s most famous pirate because he
was a well known wealthy businessman before turning to the life of a
Pirate Pet: William did not keep a pet.
Skills: William did not have a lot of the skills a pirate needed. He had
a lot of bad luck and had to abandon a brand new ship when it started
leaking badly. He had a lot of very rich friends who were able to help
him and William took advantage of this.
Punishment: William never admitted he was a pirate but in 1701 he was
captured and sentenced to be hanged at Execution Dock. On the first
attempt to hang William, the rope broke. The Sheriff‟s men dragged him
back to the gallows and hanged him successfully. His body was painted
with tar, wrapped in chains and placed in an iron cage on the river bank.
William‟s body stayed on display for over 20 years as a warning to other
                         Pirate Profile

Name: William Fly
Lived: Died in 1726 (no record of when William Fly was born)
Pirate Captain- William killed the captain of the ship „Elizabeth‟
that he was working on. He renamed the ship „Fames Revenge‟ and
became a pirate chief.
Location: New England Coast
Became a Pirate: William was a boatswain aboard a slave ship. He
led a mutiny and killed the captain. He took over the ship and
became a pirate chief.
Famous for: William Fly was known for his fierce temper and
cursing rages. He was eventually captured and sentenced to be
hanged. During the execution William lost his temper and shouted
that the hangman didn‟t know how to do his job properly. William
took the noose in his own hands and fixed it around his own neck.
His body was then hung in chains to serve as a warning to other
sailors not to turn to piracy. This was called gibbeting.
Pirate Pet: William did not keep a pet.
Skills: William was a perfectionist. He became angry and
impatient when his crew didn‟t do things properly and preferred to
do it himself.
Punishment: William was a very cruel and brutal pirate. He often
whipped his captives with one hundred lashes.
                        Pirate Profile

Name: Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
Lived: 1680-1718
Pirate Captain-Blackbeard was the captain of many ships. His
most famous ship was the „Queen Anne‟s Revenge‟ .
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Became a Pirate: Blackbeard went to work at sea at an early age.
He served on an English ship in the Spanish War. After Britain
withdrew from the war in 1713, Blackbeard took up the life of a
Famous for: Blackbeard is one of the most famous pirates ever.
Many characters in movies, television shows, comics, books and
even Disneyland rides have been based on him. He wore a big,
feathered hat and always had a sword, knife or pistol ready to
use. He had an enormous black beard and would sometimes set it
on fire during a fight to scare the opponents.
Pirate Pet: Blackbeard did not keep a pet but often called his
crew „cowardly puppies‟.
Skills: Blackbeard was famous for burying his treasure and
drawing complex maps so that only he could find it again.
Punishment: Blackbeard was killed in a fight. He was shot five
times and stabbed more than twenty times. His head was chopped
off with a sword and his body was thrown overboard. Blackbeard‟s
head was hung on the front of a ship as a trophy.
                         Pirate Profile

Name: Jack Quelch
Lived: Died in 1704 (no record of when Jack was born)
Pirate Captain- Jack was chosen as the captain of the „Charles‟
after its captain had been dumped overboard.
Location: Coast of South America
Became a Pirate: Jack Quelch was a sailor working on „The
Charles‟. He led a mutiny and threw the captain overboard. He
then led the crew off to raid the coast of South America.
Famous for: Legend tells that Jack Quelch buried some of his
gold off the New Hampshire coast. Some gold coins were actually
found there hidden in a stone wall in the late 1800s. Every
summer, to this day treasure hunters have continued to visit the
island in search of the treasure.
Pirate Pet: Jack did not keep a pet.
Skills: Jack could lead his crew silently into a harbour during the
dark of night. He would catch his victims by surprise and attack
their ships at first light.
Punishment: Jack had bribed judges and governors to escape being
punished for his piracy. He was eventually caught and hanged in
Boston in 1704.
                         Pirate Profile

Name: Thomas Veal
Lived: Died in 1660 (no record of when Thomas Veal was born)
Pirate Captain-Thomas was not a captain. He was one of 4
pirates who hid in a place called the Pirate‟s Glen in
Location: Off the Coast of Massachusetts.
Became a Pirate: It is unknown how Thomas became a pirate but
many believe he went to sea in search of wealth with 3 of his
friends and took on the life of a pirate.
Famous for: When Thomas and his pirate mates hid in the
Pirate‟s Glen the British soldiers stationed nearby heard about
them and went to capture them. The soldiers captured and killed
three of the pirates but Thomas went deep into the woods and hid
in a cave.
Pirate Pet: Thomas did not keep a pet.
Skills: Thomas was very good at hiding and disguising himself. He
hid in the woods and lived in his cave for several years. He would
come into the town and mend shoe‟s to earn some money for food
and nobody knew who he was.
Punishment: Thomas lived in his cave until one day an earthquake
shook the area and a gigantic piece of rock fell and blocked the
entrance to his cave. Thomas was trapped and died in the cave.
His body and treasure wasn‟t found for nearly two hundred years.
                           Pirate Profile
Name: Rachel Wall
Lived: 1760 - 1789
Pirate Captain-Rachel worked with her husband George.
Location: Off the Coast of Massachusetts.
Became a Pirate: Rachel was born on a farm in Pennsylvania. She did not
like the farm and ran away to the city. She met George Wall, a
fisherman. She married him and later he suggested they become pirates.
Famous for: Rachel and George would anchor their ship near an island
during a storm. After the storm ended they acted like the ship was
about to sink. When another ship came along Rachel would scream for
help until the sailors tried to rescue them. Once the rescuers were
onboard Rachel and George would murder them, steal the valuables and
sink the ship. People would think that ship had been sunk in the storm
and wouldn‟t suspect that it had been the work of pirates.
Pirate Pet: Rachel did not keep a pet.
Skills: Rachel was an excellent actress. She could trick other sailors
into helping her. She was extremely strong willed and determined to be
Punishment: In 1782 a storm really did batter their ship and George
was drowned. Rachel was rescued and returned to the city as a maid.
She was eventually caught stealing and became the last woman to be
hung in Massachusetts.
                          Pirate Profile

Name: Henry Every
Lived: Died in 1696- no record of when Henry was born
Pirate Captain-Henry only made one voyage as a captain himself
after he led a mutiny and left his captain (Captain Gibson) on
the shore.
Location: Indian Ocean
Became a Pirate: Henry was a sailor in the Royal Navy. He
started buying and selling slaves which led to his life as a pirate.
Famous for: Even though Henry only had one voyage as a pirate
captain he managed to steal the biggest „pirate booty‟ in history.
Henry led his ship, „The Fancy‟ to attack the „Fateh Muhammed‟
and stole 50,000 pounds worth of treasure.
Pirate Pet: Henry did not keep a pet.
Skills: Henry was very devious and clever at tricking people. He
wrote a letter to British ship commanders saying that he would
never attack a British ship. He told the commanders of a signal
they could use so that he would avoid attacking their ships.
Instead, Henry would attack these ships that showed they were
Punishment: Henry eventually starved to death after being
cheated out of his riches.
                       Pirate Profile

Name: Henry Morgan
Lived: 1635-1688
Pirate Captain-Henry was a sea captain before he became a
pirate captain
Location: Caribbean
Became a Pirate: Henry was a well known sea captain. In
1667 he was asked to capture some Spanish prisoners. This
was the beginning of a life of crime and piracy for Henry.
Famous for: Henry came from an upper class family. He was
able to get away with his crimes because the king and other
important people knew him and respected him. He was
cleared of all crimes and was even knighted.
Pirate Pet: Henry did not keep a pet.
Skills: Henry was extremely brave and courageous. He was
not afraid to take a risk.
Punishment: Henry was one of the few pirates who got to
retire and enjoy his wealth. Henry lived in London and
eventually died of tuberculosis.
                       Pirate Profile

Name: Bartholomew Roberts
Lived: 1682-1722
Pirate Captain- Bartholomew first worked for Captain Davis
when his own ship was attacked by Captain Davis‟.
 Location: The coast of South America and Africa.
Became a Pirate: Bartholomew worked as a sailor from the
age of 13. When the ship he was working on was captured by
pirates he was forced to join the pirate crew.
Famous for: Captain Davis was eventually short during an
ambush. Bartholomew took over as captain. Bartholomew was
famous for raiding more ships than any other pirate. It is
estimated that he attacked over 470 vessels.
Pirate Pet: Bartholomew did not keep a pet.
Skills: Bartholomew was very skilled at planning battles. He
had a many weapons including powerful cannons.
Punishment: Bartholomew had his leg blown off by a
cannonball in a battle.
                         Pirate Profile

Name: Anne Bonny
Lived: 1705-1782
Pirate Captain- Anne left her pirate husband and went to live
and work with „Captain Calico Jack Rackham‟.
 Location: The Caribbean.
Became a Pirate: Anne came from a very rich family. She had a
bad temper and was very rebellious. When she was 16 she married
a pirate, James Bonny and went to sea with him.
Famous for: Anne disguised herself as a man so that she could
work as a pirate. She was a good fighter and once stabbed a pirate
through the heart when he discovered she was a woman.
Pirate Pet: Anne did not keep a pet.
Skills: Anne was a very loyal friend and knew how to keep a
secret. When she discovered another female pirate (Mary Read)
onboard who was pretending to be a man they became good friends
and swore to keep their secret forever.
Punishment: When Calico‟ Jack‟s ship was captured the crew
were sentenced to death. Anne and Mary confessed that they
were actually women and pleaded to be released because they
were both pregnant. Mary died in prison but Anne went onto
remarry and had 8 more children.
                        Pirate Profile

Name: Mary Read
Lived: 1690-1721
Pirate Captain- Mary went to work with „Captain Calico Jack
Rackham‟ after he attacked the ship she had been working on.
 Location: The Caribbean.
Became a Pirate: Mary‟s mother dressed her as a boy so that her
grandmother would leave money to her. As she grew up, Mary
continued to dress as a boy. She went to work at sea until the
ship she was working on was seized by Captain Calico Jack
Rackham and she became a pirate.
Famous for: Mary lived most of her life as a man and even joined
the military forces.
Pirate Pet: Anne did not keep a pet.
Skills: Mary was a very loyal friend and knew how to keep a
secret. When she discovered another female pirate (Anne Bonny)
onboard who was pretending to be a man they became good friends
and swore to keep their secret forever.
Punishment: When Calico‟ Jack‟s ship was captured the crew
were sentences to death. Anne and Mary confessed that they
were actually women and pleaded to be released because they
were both pregnant. Mary died in prison of a fever but Anne went
onto remarry and had 8 more children.
                       Pirate Profile

Name: Arouj Barbarosa
Lived: 1478-1546
Pirate Captain- Arouj and his brother Khizr came from a
family of Turkish sea captains and admirals‟.
Location: Coast of Spain, Italy France and the Barbary
Coast .
Became a Pirate: Arouj and Khizr were angry with the
Spanish and Portuguese for their attacks on North Africa.
They decided to set out to claim parts of Africa for
Famous for: The Barbarosa brothers would not allow the bells
of Christian churches to be rung while their fleet of ships
was anchored in the harbour.
Pirate Pet: Arouj did not keep a pet.
Skills: Arouj and his brother were very skilled at planning
battles. They were excellent hunters.
Punishment: Arouj lost an arm in a battle against the
                         Pirate Profile

Name: Sir Francis Drake
Lived: 1540 - 1596
Pirate Captain- Drake was an English privateer, a navigator, a
slave trader, a politician and a civil engineer. He captained the
ship the „Golden Hind‟.
Location: The Caribbean Sea.
Became a Pirate: Sir Francis Drake spent his life working at sea.
He became a British hero because of his brave and daring
adventures. Queen Elizabeth 1 even made him a knight in 1581.
The British considered him to be a legend and not a pirate.
However, the Spanish who he often attacked considered him to be
a pirate and nicknamed him „El Draque‟ which means „the Dragon‟.
Famous for: Drake was sent by the queen to conquer Spain. This
started a gruesome war against the Spanish Armada.
Drake is also famous for being the first English Sea Captain to
trade slaves.
Pirate Pet: Sir Francis Drake did not keep a pet.
Skills: Sir Francis Drake was well educated and clever at plotting
to capture ships and towns. He had excellent navigation skills and
plotted many charts and maps. Drake was also a sportsman and was
known to play bowls before going into battle
Punishment: Drake‟s brother was tortured by the Spanish who
were trying to find out information about Drake‟s voyages.
                       Pirate Profile

Name: Ching Shih
Lived: 1775-1804
Pirate Captain- Ching Shih worked with her husband to
ebcoem one of the most powerful pirate fleets in China.
When her husband died Ching Shih took over as the pirate
Location: The Yellow Sea and coast of China
Became a Pirate: Ching Shih lived a life of crime from an
early age. In 1801 she married Zheng Yi and joined his
pirate crew.
Famous for: Ching Shih was able to retire as a pirate. She
made a deal with the Chinese government and was able to
keep her loot.
Pirate Pet: Ching Shih did not keep a pet.
Skills: Ching Shih was fearless and brave. She was not
scared of taking risks and being involved in dangerous
Punishment: Ching Shih was known to order pirates to be
decapitated if they didn‟t obey her.
                          Pirate Profile
Name: Grace O‟Malley
Lived: 1530 - 1603
Pirate Captain- Grace came for a well known family of sea farers.
She married a ship‟s captain and was involved in shipping all her
Location: Ireland
Became a Pirate: Grace‟s family were very wealthy sea farers in
Ireland. They demanded that fisherman pay them taxes for using
the water on the coast of Ireland. They would often raid the
fishermen‟s ships and demand that they pay the taxes.
Famous for: When Grace was a little girl she wanted to go out to
sea with her father. He told her she couldn‟t because her long
hair would get caught in the ship‟s ropes. Grace cut all of her hair
off to teach him a lesson. This was how she got her nickname
„Granuaile‟ which means „cropped hair‟.
Pirate Pet: Grace O‟Malley kept horses and cattle.
Skills: Grace was a very skilled business woman. She managed
many aspects of her family‟s fleet of ships. Grace was very rich
and had many friends in high places. She could speak at least 4
Punishment: Grace and her family could afford a huge collection
of weapons and were very powerful; when raiding other ships.
                         Pirate Profile

Name: „Calico‟ Jack Rackham
Lived: 1682-1720
Pirate Captain- Calico Jack was the captain of his ship „the
Location: the West Indies
Became a Pirate: Calico Jack was a pirate working for another
captain. The crew disagreed with the captain and overpowered him.
They elected Calico Jack as the new captain.
Famous for: Calico Jack wore lots of brightly coloured clothes
made of calico and that‟s how he got his nick name.
He is well known for having 2 female pirates (Anne Bonny and
Mary Read) in his crew who were dressed as men.
Pirate Pet: Calico Jack did not keep a pet.
Skills: Calico Jack did not have very good navigating and pirating
skills. He was very good at finding other people who were gold at
sailing ships to work for him.
He could be sneaky and was good at keeping secrets.
Punishment: Captain Jack Calico‟s ship was captured and he was
sentenced to be hung.
                          Pirate Profile
Name: Lady Mary Killigrew
Lived: 1530-1570
Pirate Captain-Mary belonged to a family of pirates Her father
and husband were captains.
  Location: Coast of England.
Became a Pirate: While her husband was out at sea Mary decided
to do some pirating of her own. She took all the staff from her
mansion and set out to capture a German ship sheltering off the
coast of England.
Famous for: Lady Mary Killigrew belonged to a very wealthy
family in England. They lived in mansions and lived an extravagant
lifestyle. Pirate activities helped them to live this lifestyle. Queen
Elizabeth tolerated piracy (as long as she ordered the raids)
because it could be very useful during war.
Pirate Pet: Lady Mary did not keep a pet.
Skills: Mary was very clever and cunning. She would trick a
captain into leaving his ship and then send her own men onboard
to steal the ship.
Punishment: The Queen did not approve of Mary attacking the
German ship and sentence her to death. At the last minute the
Queen changed her mind and Mary was allowed to live.
                           Pirate Profile
Name: Charlotte de Berry
Lived: 1636 - 1666
Pirate Captain- Charlotte took over as captain after she killed the
ship‟s captain with a sword.
Location: The African coast.
Became a Pirate: Charlotte fell in love with a sailor. She dressed as a
man so that she could go to sea with him. She fought in 6 major battles
before the captain found out she was a woman. A fight started and
Charlotte lopped off the captain‟s head with her sword. Charlotte then
took over the ship and turned to a life of piracy.
Famous for: Charlotte eventually married a wealthy Spanish pirate and
joined his crew. A storm sank their ship and the survivors lived for 8
days on a raft. Charlotte‟s husband was killed by the other pirates on
the raft just before they were rescued by a ship. Some other pirates
attacked that ship and Charlotte fought them off before jumping in the
water to join her dead husband.
Pirate Pet: Charlotte did not keep a pet.
Skills: Charlotte was extremely skilled with swords and weapons. She was
very accurate and precise and used this skill to become an excellent
sailor and pirate.
Punishment: After she killed her own captain Charlotte gained a
reputation for being ferocious and cruel. It has been said that she once
sewed one of her captain‟s mouths shut!
                         Pirate Profile

Name: Loi Chai-san
Lived: 1920 – 1939?
Pirate Captain- Loi Chai-san inherited a Chinese junk from
another pirate. She became known as the „Queen of Macao
Location: waters around Hong Kong
Became a Pirate: When Loi Chai-san inherited her boat she went
to sea and hunted the waters around Hong Kong. She made an
enormous fortune by kidnapping and stealing from other ships.
Famous for: Loi Chai-san once took a journalist to sea with her.
The journalists paid Loi Chai-san $43 a day to travel with her
and write about her adventures.
Pirate Pet: Loi Chai-san did not keep pets but some people
called her the „Dragon lady‟.
Skills: Loi Chai-san was very good at organsing other people and
delegating tasks, She had 2 maids who went with her on her raids.
The maids would deliver messages from Loi Chai-0san to her men,
Lo Chai-san never spoke to her men herself and they were not
allowed in her cabin.
Punishment: Loi Chai-san would kidnap sailors and send ransom
messages to their families. If the family did not pay the ransom
Loi Chai-san would cut off the sailor‟s finger or ear.

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