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  Department of Defense
  Maintenance Symposium
  & Exhibition
Sustaining Weapon System Readiness
Through Reliability, Cycle Time, and
Continuous Process Improvement
Plan now to attend the most comprehensive DoD maintenance,
logistics, and materiel readiness event of 2005!

Symposium highlights include:
• Informative panels featuring senior maintainers and logisticians
• Productive breakouts, technical sessions, and workshops featuring
  government and industry perspectives
• Thought-provoking keynotes by DoD and industry leaders
• A dynamic exhibit showcasing 150+ maintenance-related companies,
  Military Service Commands, and DoD activities, along with
  state-of-the-art military equipment displays
• Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards Reception and Banquet
• The presentations of the coveted Phoenix Award and the inaugural
  Robert T. Mason Award for Depot Maintenance Excellence
• “Great Ideas” Competition
• Industrial and military tours

 October 24-27, 2005
 Sheraton Birmingham Hotel and
 Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex
 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

               Administered by SAE International for the U.S. Department of Defense
                          2005 Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium & Exhibition at a Glance
              Sunday                   Monday                         Tuesday                        Wednesday                        Thursday
             October 23               October 24                     October 25                      October 26                      October 27
                                         8:00 am                       7:00 am                          7:00 am                         7:00 am
                                       Registration                  Registration                     Registration                    Registration
                                                                 Continental Breakfast            Continental Breakfast
                              7:45-9:15 am                   8:00-11:30 am                    8:00-9:45 am                     8:00 am-11:30 am
                                 Continuous Process          Plenary Session                  CPI Special Recognition          Plenary Session with
                                 Improvement (CPI) Meeting      Chairman’s Welcome                                             Breakfast
                                                                                              Plenary Session
                                                                David V. Pauling,                                                 General Benjamin S.
                              9:30-11:00 am                     Assistant Deputy Under           From the Top—                    Griffin, Commander,
                                 Condition-Based                Secretary of Defense for         Discussions by the L&MR          Army Materiel Command
                                 Maintenance+ (CBM+)            Materiel Readiness &             Executives Panel
                                                                                                                                  Special Session

                                                                Maintenance Policy                                                Luke Gill, Executive VP,
                                Unique Identification                                          10:00-11:30 am
                                (UID)/Serialized Item           SAE Welcome                   Breakouts                           Thomas Group
                                Management (SIM)                Department of Defense           From Cradle to Grave:            Phoenix Award
                                Meeting                         Keynote                         Implementing TLCSM in the        Winner Briefing
                                                                Admiral Edmund P.               Military Services
                              11:00 am-Noon                     Giambastiani, Jr.,                                               Robert T. Mason
                                                                                                Where Were You When I            Award for Depot
                                Networking Lunch at the         Vice Chairman of the
                                                                                                Needed You?. . . Improving       Maintenance
                                Alabama Sports Hall of          Joint Chiefs of Staff
                                                                                                Parts Support                    Excellence Winner
                                Fame                            Keynote from Industry
                                                                                                Keeping Pace with Emerging       Briefing
                                                                Thomas W. Rabaut,
                                                                                                Maintenance Technologies
                                                                President, BAE Systems
                                                                Land and Armaments Group        Show Me the Data! Getting
                                                                CPI Transformation Review       Decision Makers the
                                                                Panel                           Information They Need

                              Breakouts & Technical          11:30 am-1:45 pm                 11:30 am -2:00 pm                11:45 am-1:15 pm
                              Sessions                       Lunch – Buffet in Exhibit Hall   Lunch – Buffet in Exhibit Hall   Secretary of Defense
                                                                                                                               Maintenance Award
            12:30 pm          Noon -1:30 pm               2:00-4:00 pm                        2:15-4:15 pm                     Winners’ Luncheon
            Golf Outing        RCM/CBM: Realizing         Breakouts & Technical               Plenary Session                  (by invitation)
                               Inherent Reliability at theSessions
                               Lowest Total Life-Cycle                                           Keynote
                                                             Common Logistics Operating          Robin Wohnsigl,               12:30 pm
                               Cost                                                                                            Industrial Tours
                                                             Environment (CLOE) — A              President and Chief
                               Automotive Technologies       Near-Term Application of            Operating Officer, Airbus        Anniston Army Depot
                               That Are Changing Our         CBM+                                North America Customer          Anniston Army Depot -
                               Maintenance Attitudes and                                         Services, Inc.

                                                             The Changing Face of the                                            Partnering
                               the Way We Live
                                                             DoD Depot Maintenance               Senior Logisticians’            Honda Manufacturing of
                                                             Enterprise                          Roundtable                      Alabama
                              1:45-3:15 pm
                                 Aging Systems: Choosing     Reinventing the Wheel or                                            Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.
            3:00-6:00 pm         What Goes & What            an Idea Whose Time Has           4:30-5:30 pm
                                 Stays—and How to Sustain    Come? A Look at Ideas That       Military Service Town Hall
                                 What Stays                  Are Transforming Defense         Meetings
            Registration                                     Maintenance
                                 Great Ideas Competition
                                                             Materiel Readiness:
                              3:30 pm                        Balance over Buzzwords
                              Exhibit Hall Open –            Reliability Challenges
                              Ribbon Cutting
                                                          4:00 pm
                                                          Exhibit Hall Opens
                              5:00-6:30 pm                   4:30-6:00 pm                     6:30-7:30 pm
            6:30-8:30 pm      Reception in Exhibit Hall      Reception in Exhibit Hall        Secretary of Defense
                                                                                              Maintenance Awards                 Key:

            Exhibitor Only    7:00 pm                        6:45 pm                          Reception                          Technical Session
            Reception         Exhibit Hall Closes            Exhibit Hall Closes                                                 Panel
                                                                                              7:30-9:30 pm                       Breakout Session
                                                             7:00-10:00 pm                    Secretary of Defense
                                                             Evening at Barber Vintage        Maintenance Awards Banquet         Exhibit Hall
                                                             Motorsports Museum
                                    Department of Defense
              2005                  Maintenance Symposium & Exhibition

The Symposium will explore Defense maintenance, logistics, and materiel readiness transformation. Key issues to
be presented include: process improvements across the DoD weapon systems value stream; maintenance concepts;
optimum materiel readiness; information-based logistics operating environment; the role of reliability improvements,
cycle time reduction, and expanded diagnostics and prognostics; and integrated weapon system support.

                                    CHAIRMAN'S WELCOME
Chairman’s Welcome                                              to where we should be? These are the questions that should
                                                                drive materiel readiness and sustainment activities throughout
David V. Pauling, Assistant Deputy
                                                                the Department of Defense. Within the Office of the Secretary
Under Secretary for Defense (Materiel
                                                                of Defense and the Military Services, maintenance managers
Readiness and Maintenance Policy)
                                                                and sustainment leaders are making a concerted effort to
All of us in the DoD weapon system                              address these questions so that they may implement the
maintenance community in particular,                            management actions and process improvements needed to
as part of the overall weapon system                            consistently deliver required readiness outcomes with optimum
acquisition and support community in                            use of input resources. All maintainers appreciate the extent
general, are dedicated to achieving                             to which equipment reliability and repair/replacement cycle
and sustaining required materiel capability and readiness       time drive materiel readiness; we’re working to make sure
efficiently and effectively. But there are crucial questions     that maintenance processes are integrated and aligned with
we need to be asking: what is the quantifiable outcome that      the other cross-functional processes within the end-to-end
clearly defines acceptable materiel readiness performance?       sustainment value stream to support a common objective and
What is the requirement? What should the materiel readiness     shared expectations. Our goal at this Maintenance Symposium
of an operating unit be? What should the readiness of an        will be to focus our attention on the challenges of materiel
inventory of materiel be? And, most importantly, how does       readiness requirements determination, balanced cross-
each of our responsibilities contribute in that end-to-end      functional value chain performance, and optimized readiness
materiel readiness value chain, where are we relative to that   outcomes (at optimum cost). I look forward to an energetic and
requirement, and what must we do to get from where we are       exciting exchange of ideas and experiences!

 Who Should Attend:                                             • Engineers performing maintenance engineering, in-service
                                                                  engineering, and process/industrial engineering
  • Government and industry maintenance managers of all
    ranks and levels                                            • Researchers and product development representatives
  • Defense logistics and resource managers                     • Commercial maintainers, product support providers, and
                                                                  original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Military and civilian maintainers, including executives,
    technicians, and international counterparts                 • Professionals who contribute to effective DoD
                                                                  maintenance operations
  • Production, process, and information systems specialists
                                                                • Those in the Defense community concerned with materiel
  • Program managers involved in weapon systems life cycle
                                                                  readiness and sustainment issues
    support and product support

                                      PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                              Plenary Session Panels
Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Transformation                 present and discuss current initiatives and challenges that
Review                                                              are redefining logistics support and readiness requirements
Hear first-hand the results of this ground-breaking review!          for today’s warfighter. Issues explored will include supply
Dr. Alex Miller, Dean, Center for Executive Education, College      chain management, distribution cycle time, sustained materiel
     of Business Administration, University of Tennessee            readiness, information systems, total life cycle management,
Jay Kappmeier, General Manager, Advanced Logistics                  and performance-based logistics.
     Services, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
Plus other executives and subject matter experts involved in        Senior Logisticians’ Roundtable
this transformation review                                          Moderator: Dave Pauling, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for
Currently underway by the Office of the Assistant Deputy               Defense (Materiel Readiness and Maintenance Policy)
Under Secretary of Defense (Materiel Readiness and                  Panelists:
Maintenance Policy) is an intensive Continuous Process                VADM Keith Lippert, USN, Director, Defense Logistics Agency
Improvement (CPI) Transformation Review, examining selected           VADM Justin McCarthy, USN, Director for Material Readiness
weapon system sustainment value streams from end to                      and Logistics, N4, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
end. Led by industry executives and conducted by a multi-             Lt Gen Donald Wetekam, USAF, Deputy Chief of Staff for
disciplinary team of leading industry CPI experts, the review            Installations and Logistics
will result in the development of a strategic approach for            LTG Claude Christianson, USA, Director, Logistics, the Joint
achieving and sustaining optimal materiel readiness for the              Staff
warfighter by exploiting key leverage points within weapon             MajGen Richard Kramlich, USMC, Deputy Commandant for
system value streams and applying CPI concepts and tools                 Installations and Logistics
throughout the DoD logistics enterprise. At the symposium, this       RADM Clifford I. Pearson, USCG, Commander, Maintenance
session will reveal the results of this ground breaking review           and Logistics Command Atlantic
and highlight valuable insights about far-reaching materiel         This interactive forum features a panel of the most senior flag/
readiness issues, emphasizing the key elements of reliability,      general logistics officers from each of the Military Services,
cycle time, and cost.                                               Defense Logistics Agency, and U.S. Coast Guard. The panel
                                                                    will field questions directly from the audience and is always
From the Top—Discussions by the Office of the Deputy                 one of the Symposium highlights.
Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel
Readiness Executives
Moderator: Dave Pauling, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for
  Defense (Materiel Readiness & Maintenance Policy)
  Alan Estevez, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Defense
     (Supply Chain Integration)
  Earl Boyanton, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Defense
     (Transportation Policy)
  Paul Brinkley, Special Assistant, Business Transformation,
     Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology and
  Louis Kratz, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Defense
     (Logistics Plans & Programs)
Warfighter support is the heart and soul of today’s Defense
logistics effort. To get that support where and when it’s needed
and sustain it takes a concerted effort from the entire logistics
community. This panel of Defense logistics executives will
                                    PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                 Breakout Sessions
From Cradle to Grave: Implementing Total Life Cycle             Aging Systems: Choosing What Goes and What Stays—
Systems Management in the Military Services                     and How to Sustain What Stays
Moderator: Louis Kratz, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for    Moderator: Lt Col (s) Theresa Ainsworth, USAF, Chief, Force
  Defense (Logistics Plans & Programs)                            Development, Headquarters USAF, Installations and Logistics
Panelists:                                                      Panelists:
   Nicholas Kunesh, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy         Francis Crowley, Director of the Air Force Fleet Viability
     (Logistics), Department of the Navy                             Board, Headquarters USAF, Installations and Logistics
   Wimpy Pybus, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army             Terry Mitchell, Principal Investigator for Aging Aircraft
     (Integrated Logistics Support), Office of the Assistant          Research, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
     Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and             Daniel Frey, PARTS Team Lead Engineer, US Army Research
     Technology)                                                     Development and Engineering Command
   Allen Beckett, Deputy Director of Maintenance,                  Robert Ernst, Aging Aircraft Lead, Naval Air Systems
     Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Logistics,          Command
     Headquarters U.S. Air Force                                Service programs and commercial activities continue to
   Kathy Cutler, Executive Director, Logistics Operations,      develop and adopt unique maintenance applications to sustain
     Acquisition, Technical, and Supply Directorate, Defense    fielded platforms. As these platforms age, special emphasis
     Logistics Agency                                           and specific programs become necessary to ensure weapon
What effect will planning and management decisions have         system reliability and maintainability—which is particularly
on the operational effectiveness and logistics affordability    challenging in a fiscally constrained environment. A panel of
of various DoD weapon systems? As the planning and              military and industry experts on aging weapon systems will
management tool of the entire acquisition life cycle of a DoD   discuss topics such as how systems are selected for continued
system, the Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM)         service, overall strategies for aging systems, and specific
system considers nearly all systems development decisions       initiatives to help sustain aging systems.
in context of that question. This panel of Defense and
Service executives will review recent DoD TLCSM policies
and programs and discuss TLCSM implementation within
the Services, including Life Cycle Management Evolution,
Integrated Logistics Assessments, and Performance-Based
Logistics implementation.

                                      PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                   Breakout Sessions

Where Were You When I Needed You?. . . Improving                    The Changing Face of the DoD Depot Maintenance
Parts Support                                                       Enterprise
Moderator: Alan Estevez, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for       Moderator: Debby Walker, Deputy Director of Resources,
   Defense (Supply Chain Integration)                                 Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Logistics,
Panelists:                                                            Headquarters U.S. Air Force
  Robert E. Luby, Jr., Vice President, SCM Public Sector Leader,    Panelists:
     IBM                                                               MajGen Willie J. Williams, USMC, Commanding General,
  CAPT Kevin Gannon, USN, Commander, Southwest Regional                  Marine Corps Logistics Command
     Maintenance Command                                               Brig Gen Gary McCoy, USAF, Director, Logistics and
  Dan Bowman, Chief, Supplier Management Division, Air                   Sustainment, Air Force Materiel Command
     Force Materiel Command                                            Gary Motsek, Deputy G-3 for Support Operations,
  John Murphy, Senior Logistics Systems Analyst, SAIC                    Headquarters, Army Materiel Command
  Jim Morganstern, Vice President, Blue Agave Software, Inc.           CAPT Fred Cleveland, USN, Executive Officer, Naval Aviation
Innovations in supply chain management are designed to                   Depot North Island
get parts to warfighters when they need them. This panel of          The push by DoD’s policy makers to link repair activity directly
military supply chain managers and executives will explore the      to a readiness-related outcome and the drive to reduce life-
use of information technology, including RFID and predictive        cycle costs have begun to impact organic depot maintenance
modeling, to ensure smoothly flowing maintenance activities;         workloads, work forces, and infrastructures. As the acquisition
changes in the retrograde process to ensure a reliable supply       and sustainment worlds adapt to shrinking budgets and
of depot level repairables (DLRs) and carcasses; better working     requirements brought on by the Global War on Terrorism, there
relationships with suppliers of logistics services and parts        is an increasing need for collaboration and joint support. In
to improve reliability and cut lead times; and methods to           this session, a panel of senior Service representatives from
streamline the flow of materiel to the work center.                  the Joint Group on Depot Maintenance (JG-DM) will explore
Keeping Pace with Emerging Maintenance                              the issues and successes associated with industrial base
Technologies                                                        rationalization, continuous process improvement, partnering,
Moderator: Dr. Charles Ryan, Vice President, Technology,            and interservicing as DoD’s organic depots evolve to meet the
   National Center for Manufacturing Sciences                       demands of today’s warfighters and the operating requirements
Panelists:                                                          of a changing business environment.
   Tom Badders, Director, Wireless Networking Solutions, Telos
   William Ross, Deputy Program Manager for Automatic Test
     Systems, Naval Air Systems Command
   Deborah Bailey, Chief Engineer, B-2 Systems Group,
     Aeronautical Systems Center, Air Force Materiel Command
The Military Services leverage emerging maintenance
technologies to improve readiness and reliability of weapon
systems, and to support increasingly sophisticated weapon
systems and equipment. Technology can be used to solve
process challenges and to enhance weapon system performance,
reliability and maintainability. This session will provide a
forum to explore a variety of new technologies and processes,
including low observable repairs, test equipment innovations,
production processes, and repair techniques. A panel of Military,
Government and Industry experts will share their perspectives
in this rapidly changing field of maintenance technologies.
4                                                                   materiel readiness
                                        PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                    Breakout Sessions
    Materiel Readiness: Balance over Buzzwords                       Reinventing the Wheel or An Idea Whose Time Has
    Moderator: Dr. Nicholas Avdellas, Research Fellow, LMI           Come? A Look at Ideas that are Transforming Defense
    Panelists:                                                       Maintenance
      CAPT C. J. Jaynes, USN, F/A-18 Deputy Program Manager,         Moderator: Stuart Paul, Deputy Director, NAVAIR Fleet
         Naval Air Systems Command                                     Readiness Center Transformation Team
      Col John Bryant, USMC, Program Manager, Light Armored          Panelists:
         Vehicle, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments              COL Gerry Bates, USA, Chief, Maintenance Management,
         Command                                                          Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3 (Support Operation)
      Lt Col Christopher Burke, USAF, Chief, Policy Team,              Plus other leading experts in the field of innovative
         SECAF-CSAF Executive Action Group                             maintenance concepts
      Steven Karl, Logistics Staff Officer, Headquarters Department   This informative panel will be an examination of Service
         of the Army, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for         innovative approaches to performing intermediate (I) and
         Logistics, Maintenance Policy Division                      depot (D) level maintenance functions and the process
    Delivering the right level of materiel readiness to the          and organizational changes being accomplished to gain
    warfighter is the most challenging and important goal of the      effectiveness and efficiencies. Naval Aviation will present
    DoD sustainment value chain. To meet that goal, DoD must         the Fleet Readiness Center concept, a molding of I and D level
    achieve balance within and among its key decision-making         activities into single composite I and D level maintenance
    and resource processes. This panel, which includes experts       activities. Likewise, Surface Navy representatives will
    and senior personnel from the logistics, comptroller, materiel   discuss their successful integration of shipyard I and D level
    readiness policy, program management, and warfighter              activities, as well as discuss the challenges and benefits of
    communities will discuss policies and tools that stress that     that construct. Air Force representatives will present their
    effective materiel readiness management involves a focus         Consolidated Intermediate Repair Facilities adjustments,
    upon balance in several dimensions: within the end-to-end        and Army representatives will discuss the National
    sustainment value chain, between the demand for materiel         Maintenance plan.
    readiness and the supply of it, and between the resources
    required and those that are available. This panel will explore
    the promise and difficulties of viewing material readiness
    improvements from this perspective.

s                                                                                                                                   5
                                      PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                   Breakout Sessions

Common Logistics Operating Environment (CLOE) – A                  Show Me the Data! Getting Decision Makers the
Near-term Application of CBM+                                      Information They Need
Moderator: Dr. Miranda Keeney, Acting Chief, Logistics             Moderator: Greg Kilchenstein, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of
  Assessment Division and Program Director, CLOE, U.S. Army          the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Materiel
  Logistics Transformation Agency                                    Readiness and Maintenance Policy)
Panelists:                                                         Panelists:
  Dr. William Lewis, Director, Aviation Engineering, Aviation        RDML Stephen Heilman, USN (Ret.), Senior Fellow, LMI
     and Missile Research, Development and Engineering               Terry Boyce, Investigative Analyst, Aviation Engineering
     Center, Redstone Arsenal                                          Industrial Support Division, U.S. Coast Guard Aircraft
  Robert Brown, AMCOM Condition Based Maintenance Lead,                Repair and Supply Center
     U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command                          Craig MacDougall, STANDARD Missile Analyst, Naval
  Brian Sabourin, Deputy Program Manager, Aviation Systems,            Surface Warfare Center
     Program Executive Office Aviation, Redstone Arsenal            Maintenance managers and weapon system maintainers at
The Army’s Common Logistics Operating Environment (CLOE)           every level make hundreds of professional decisions each day.
program is working with Army Aviation to demonstrate a first        Many of these decisions are straightforward, but many others
instance of CBM+ in calendar year 2006. The concept enables        are accompanied by the thought: “If I just knew more about....”
helicopters with embedded health management capabilities.          Whether it’s troubleshooting an elusive hardware failure, or
Information from the on-board systems will be transmitted to       seeking to optimally balance the end-to-end weapon system
a database and applied to CBM+ functions. This workshop will       sustainment value chain, knowing more about what’s really
feature panelists from each of the functional layers involved in   happening, in relation to what should be happening,
the concept, describing their roles and data applications.         empowers the decision maker and leads to better decisions.
                                                                   Creating this knowledge requires data. This panel of functional
                                                                   experts will critically examine our Maintenance Data Collection
                                                                   Systems and Decision Support Systems, and explore the
                                                                   question: “What does it mean to seek knowledge-enabled
                                                                   maintenance in support of network-centric combat, and how
                                                                   do we get there?”

                                                                   For Symposium registration or for more information:
                                                                   Phone: 1-877-606-7323 (US & Canada) or 1-724-776-4970
                                                                   Fax: 1-724-776-0790

6                                                                                       logistics
                                       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                   Technical Sessions
Reliability Centered Maintenance/Condition-Based                Reliability Challenges
Maintenance: Realizing Inherent Reliability at the              Moderator: Karron E. Small, Aviation Engineering Division
Lowest Total Life-Cycle Cost                                      Chief, Defense Supply Center Richmond
Moderator: Dr. David J. Gorsich, Associate Director,            Panelists:
  Modeling and Simulation, National Automotive Center,            Thomas Carroll, Director of Reliability Engineering,
  Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering              NetJets, Inc.
  Center                                                          Douglas Felker, Aviation Team Leader, RAM Engineering
Panelists:                                                           and Test Division, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile
  Kenneth Jacobs, Director of Maintenance Engineering,               Command
     Naval Sea Systems Command                                    Timothy L. Dues, Director of Propulsion, Oklahoma City Air
  Yvonne Romero, Maintenance Engineer/Project Manager                Logistics Center
     Reliability Centered Maintenance, Marine Corps               Robert J. Kuper, Executive for Reliability, U.S. Army
     Systems Command                                                 Research, Development and Engineering Command
  Eric Linton, Maintenance Branch Chief, Engineering            The Department of Defense demands high levels of weapon
     Logistics Center Baltimore, U.S. Coast Guard               system reliability. The reliability challenge is to identify
Analyses of timed-based maintenance practices have              the optimum candidates, collect and analyze appropriate
shown that such practices are not cost effective, are           data, and formulate cost effective solutions. This panel
poor utilization of valuable manpower, and are often the        will explore the new technologies and methods that are
cause of failures on otherwise operational equipment.           extending the life and improving the performance and
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Condition-           reliability of weapon systems and equipment. This is an
Based Maintenance (CBM) change the way we think about           interactive session that will offer successful reliability
and respond to maintenance requirements – assessing             approaches and tools that can make a positive impact
equipment conditions, diagnosing and predicting failures,       on your system’s deployability.
and applying comprehensive decision-making processes
to our maintenance environments. This panel of leading          Automotive Technologies that are Changing our
Military and Industry RCM/CBM practitioners will explore        Maintenance Attitudes and the Way We Live!
the nuts and bolts of equipment monitoring, operating           Moderator: Dave Porreca, Director, Strategic Partnerships
parameters, performance indicators and other aspects that         and Business Development, SAE International
enable equipment to retain inherent reliability at the lowest   Presenters include:
total life-cycle cost.                                            George Baker, OnStar Public Policy Manager, General
                                                                     Motors Corporation
                                                                  Gerry McCann, Ride & Handling Technology Manager,
                                                                     Dana Commercial Vehicle Systems
                                                                OnStar, hybrid, and prognostics are words that have
                                                                become increasingly common in today’s technology-
                                                                driven world. This informative session will explore the
                                                                technologies behind some of the latest advances in
                                                                automobile safety, security, efficiency, and maintenance
                                                                programs—programs that enhance our ability to monitor
                                                                and react almost instantaneously with critical logistical
                                                                support. George Baker will discuss OnStar technologies and
                                                                their maintenance applications in passenger vehicles, and
                                                                Gerry McCann will present on the upfront integration of
                                                                diagnostics with functional elements at all system levels in
                                                                commercial vehicle applications.

                                            PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
            Monday Morning Meetings                                                             Special Events
    Continuous Process Improvement                                         Great Ideas Competition
    Presenting Continuous Process Improvement best practices and           Promising new technologies, processes, or business practices
    lessons learned – gathered from throughout DoD. This is the event      are the focus of this interactive session. Six representatives from
    to explore current CPI initiatives – an open forum with plenty of      government and industry – maintainers, operators, practitioners, or
    opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.                         part of maintenance-related academia – will each have 15 minutes to
                                                                           present ideas that could revolutionize the way we think and conduct
    Condition-Based Maintenance+ (CBM+)                                    maintenance. Presentations will be technical in nature – focused on
    Hear and exchange the latest information on CBM+ initiatives and       current or potential maintenance operations or management. Come and
    programs in the Department of Defense in this informal forum           be a part of the audience that will determine the “Great Ideas” winner!
    designed for discussion and information sharing.
                                                                           Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards Banquet
    Unique Identification (UID)/Serialized Item Management (SIM)            Keynote Speaker: Lieutenant General Claude Christianson, Director
    This meeting is an opportunity for UID Integrated Product Team (IPT)     for Logistics, the Joint Staff, Washington, DC
    members and interested stakeholders in town for the Symposium
    to get together and compare notes. We’ll review the latest policy      Annually, the Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards honors the
    changes coming out of OSD and assess Service implementation            “best of the best” within the maintenance community. A team of
    progress.                                                              senior maintenance leaders from across the Services selects the top
                                                                           six field-level military maintenance organizations from active and
                                                                           reserve units worldwide. Of the six winning units, one is selected
                                                                           as the top maintenance unit for the year and receives DoD’s highest
                                                                           field-level maintenance award, the Phoenix Trophy. Also awarded
                                                                           as the pinnacle of depot maintenance achievement and recognition
                                                                           will be the inaugural presentation of the Robert T. Mason Award for
                                                                           Depot Maintenance Excellence!

                                                                            NEW for     Monday Networking Lunch at the Alabama Sports
                                                                                        Hall of Fame
                                                                           Mingle with some of the brightest minds and innovators in Defense
                                                                           maintenance! This networking lunch provides an opportunity to
                                                                           share ideas on an informal basis – or share business cards and plans
                                                                           to meet at later dates to pour over new and exciting opportunities,
                                                                           successful methodologies, or state-of-the-art technologies!

                                                                           Tuesday Evening Reception at the Barber Vintage Motorsports
                                                                           If it’s a motorcycle, it’s probably here! With over 500 motorcycles on
                                                                           display at any given time – and over 900 in the entire collection – the
                                                                           Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum houses the largest collection
                                                                           in North America and possibly the world. Ranging from 1904 to
                                                                           current-year production, these bikes are from 16 countries and 143
                                                                           different manufacturers. One-of-a-kind bikes as well as the common
                                                                           street bike are showcased in this magnificent collection, preserving
                                                                           motorcycle history from around the world. This is the fabulous
                                                                           backdrop for our Tuesday evening coffee and dessert reception
                                                                           where you can mingle with friends and colleagues amid some of the
                                                                           finest historically-significant machinery ever assembled! For more
                                                                           information on the Museum, visit its website at www.barbermuseum.
                                                                           org. Continuous bus shuttles will run from the Sheraton to the
                                                                           museum from 6:45 – 10:00 pm.

                                     PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                  Featured Speakers
Tuesday Morning Department of Defense Keynote                      Pacific Fleet; director of the Submarine Warfare Division on the
Speaker                                                            staff of the Chief of Naval Operations; deputy Chief of Naval
  Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr., Vice Chairman of the        Operations for Resources, Requirements, and Assessments
  Joint Chiefs of Staff                                            (OPNAV N8); and as the senior military assistant to Secretary
Admiral Giambastiani is the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs      of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld.
of Staff. Prior to his current appointment, he served as NATO’s    Admiral Giambastiani graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy
Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and the             with leadership distinction in 1970.
commander, U. S. Joint Forces Command (CDRUSJFCOM).
As one of two NATO strategic commanders, Admiral                   Tuesday Morning Industry Keynote Speaker
Giambastiani led the transformation of NATO military                 Thomas Rabaut, President, BAE Systems Land and
structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines to improve the        Armaments Group
military effectiveness of the Alliance. As CDRUSJFCOM,             Tom Rabaut is President of the BAE Systems Land and
Admiral Giambastiani was responsible for maximizing future         Armaments Group, a global leader in the design, development,
and present military capabilities of the United States by          and production of combat vehicles, artillery systems, naval
leading the transformation of joint forces through enhanced        guns, and missile launchers with nearly 11,000 employees
joint concept development and experimentation, identifying         at 13 primary locations in the U.S. and locations in the UK,
joint requirements, advancing interoperability, conducting         Sweden and South Africa. It stands at the forefront of research,
joint training and providing ready U.S. forces and capabilities    development and design technologies for a wide variety of
— all in support of U.S. combatant commanders around the           technological solutions for survivability, lethality and mobility.
world. Admiral Giambastiani exercised combatant command
of approximately 1.1 million personnel through his Army, Navy,     The L&A group was formed in June 2005. Prior to Mr. Rabaut’s
Air Force, and Marine Corps service components.                    appointment as the first president of the new operating group,
                                                                   he served as Chief Executive Officer and President of United
Admiral Giambastiani’s assignments have included                   Defense Industries since January 28, 1994. During his tenure
several in which he was responsible for development of             he led the company through two significant acquisitions, 94
new technologies and experimental processes. Early sea             percent growth and an initial public offering.
assignments included USS Puffer (SSN 652) and USS Francis
Scott Key (SSBN 657). He commanded Submarine NR-1, the             Mr. Rabaut joined FMC in 1977 and worked in a variety of
Navy’s only nuclear powered deep diving ocean engineering          positions in the Power Transmission Group, the Fluid Control
and research submarine, and USS Richard B. Russell (SSN            Division serving the petroleum equipment industry, and finally
687). Admiral Giambastiani also led Submarine Development          FMC’s defense business. Within the FMC defense business, he
Squadron Twelve, an attack submarine squadron that serves          served as General Manager of the company’s Steel Products
as the Navy’s Warfare Center of Excellence for submarine           Division, Operations Director of FMC’s Ground Systems
doctrine and tactics. He also served as the first director of       Division, and later as Vice President and General Manager of
strategy and concepts at the Naval Doctrine Command, as well       Ground Systems Division. In 1993, Mr. Rabaut assumed the
as commander, Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet; commander,           position of General Manager of FMC’s Defense Systems Group,
Submarines Allied Command Atlantic; and commander, Anti-           overseeing operations in the U.S., Turkey, and Sweden, serving
Submarine and Reconnaissance Forces Atlantic in Norfolk, Va.       U.S. and allied armies, navies, and marines. In 1994, he was
                                                                   elected a Vice President of FMC Corporation. In January
Admiral Giambastiani’s other shore and staff assignments           1994, the FMC Defense Systems Group was combined with
include duties as an enlisted program manager on the staff         HARSCO’s defense group to form United Defense.
of the Navy Recruiting Command Headquarters, Washington,
D.C.; special assistant to the deputy director for intelligence,   Mr. Rabaut graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree
Central Intelligence Agency; and, a one-year fellowship with       from the U.S. Military Academy and a Masters in Business
the Chief of Naval Operations’ Strategic Studies Group. He has     Administration from the Harvard Business School. During his
also served as the deputy chief of staff for resources, Warfare    five years as an Army officer, he served in company- and
Requirements and Assessments for the commander, U.S.                                                               continued on p. 10
                                       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                   Featured Speakers
continued from p. 9
battalion-level positions with the 1st and 4th Armored Divisions     Thursday Morning Breakfast Speaker
and the 66th Military Intelligence Group. Mr. Rabaut is chairman       General Benjamin S. Griffin, Commander, Army Materiel
or board member of numerous associations that support the              Command
Defense industry, including Chairman of Bofors Defence, board        General Benjamin S. Griffin assumed the duties of Commanding
member of United Defense Industries, and member of the AUSA          General, U.S. Army Materiel Command on November 5,
Council of Trustees and the National Infantry Board.                 2004. For more than 35 years, General Griffin has served with
                                                                     distinction in a wide variety of positions in the U.S. Army.
Wednesday Afternoon Plenary Session Keynote Speaker                  General Griffin began his career as an Infantry officer in July
 Robin Wohnsigl, President and Chief Operating Officer,               1970 following graduation from Officer Candidate School,
 Airbus Customer Services, Inc.                                      Fort Benning, Georgia. Early assignments included two tours
Robin Wohnsigl was named President and Chief Operating               at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in the 82nd Airborne Division
Officer of Airbus North America Customer Services in April            where he served at various times as a Rifle Platoon Leader,
2004. In his position at Airbus, Mr. Wohnsigl is responsible         Company Executive Officer, Company Commander, and an S-3
for providing staff and strategic leadership, operational and        Air (Operations) Officer. General Griffin’s overseas assignments
financial control and policy implementation for functions             included a tour in Korea as a Company Commander and Brigade
related to the support of Airbus customer airlines in the            S-2 and two tours in Germany as Secretary of the General Staff
United States and Canada. In addition to leading the Customer        and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Executive Officer and also
Services team based at Airbus North America headquarters in          Battalion Commander.
Herndon, Virginia, Mr. Wohnsigl oversees the Airbus Training         His later assignments included: Special Assistant to the
Center in Miami; Airbus Spares Center in Ashburn, Virginia; and      Chief of Staff of the Army in Washington, D.C., and Brigade
the extensive network of Airbus field service personnel based         Commander in Alaska. In August 1994, he served as Executive
at customer airlines across North America.                           Officer to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Forces
Mr. Wohnsigl came to Airbus from a consultant position with          Command, Fort McPherson, Georgia. Following his assignment
Virgin USA (now Virgin America) in New York. He retired in           in Georgia, General Griffin took command of Joint Task Force
the summer of 2003 after six years with Air Canada, where            6, Fort Bliss, Texas. He then served as the Assistant Division
most recently he served as president of the airline’s Technical      Commander (Support), 1st Cavalry Division in Fort Hood, Texas.
Services group. While there, Mr. Wohnsigl was largely credited       In July 1997, he became the Director of Force Programs,
for the airline’s reception of the “World’s Safest Airline” award.   Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
Prior to his tenure at Air Canada, Mr. Wohnsigl held leadership      in Washington, D.C. General Griffin returned to Fort Hood
roles in maintenance, engineering and operations areas at            from June 1999 to October 2001 to command the 4th Infantry
US Airways and Northwest Airlines. Before that, two years at         Division. Prior to his current assignment, he served as the
Control Data Corporation followed a 24-year career with the          Department of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8.
U.S. Air Force, from which he retired as Colonel in 1988.
                                                                     General Griffin received a Bachelor’s degree in Business
Among his awards and recognitions, in 2003 Mr. Wohnsigl              Management from Old Dominion University in 1969 and a
received the Air Transport Association’s coveted “Nuts and           Master’s degree in Business Administration from Mercer
Bolts” Award for sustained contributions to the betterment of        University in 1981.
the air transport industry.
Mr. Wohnsigl holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical
Engineering from New York University and a Masters Degree
in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force Institute of

                                     PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                 Featured Speakers

Thursday Morning Special Session Speaker
  Luke J. Gill, Executive Vice President, Thomas Group
Luke J. Gill has been Executive Vice President, Thomas Group,
since March 2005. Before joining Thomas Group, Mr. Gill held a
number of positions at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, including
Vice President, Joint Strike Fighter Global Sustainment; Vice
President, JSF Autonomic Logistics; and Vice President, Product
Prior to working at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Mr. Gill served
as Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering at Southwest
Airlines. His airline career also included senior maintenance
and logistics management positions at Continental Airlines and
Northwest Airlines.
Mr. Gill completed a distinguished 25-year career in the U.S.
Air Force as a maintenance and logistics officer in various line
and staff positions. His assignments included command of
three aircraft maintenance squadrons and deputy commander
for maintenance in a fighter wing. He served remote tours
in Vietnam and Korea and performed HQ USAF duties at the
Pentagon and at the USAF Personnel Center in San Antonio. His
final assignment was at Kelly AFB, Texas where he served as the
director of maintenance for the San Antonio Air Logistics Center.
He retired in January 1990 with the rank of Colonel.
Mr. Gill attained a Master of Arts in Business Administration and
Personnel Management from Webster University of St. Louis,
Missouri, and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a frequent speaker at
Aerospace and Defense Industry Forums and serves as a member
of numerous professional advisory boards.

       The Knuckle Busters Cyber Café
     The Knuckle Busters Cyber Café is the place to come
     check your web mail and access other web sites
     using IBM computers. IBM is providing computers
                                                                    For Symposium registration or for more information:
     for the cafe and a Wi-Fi access point for attendees
     with their own wireless enabled devices. The                   Phone: 1-877-606-7323 (US & Canada) or 1-724-776-4970
     computers will have Microsoft Word, PowerPoint,                Fax: 1-724-776-0790
     and Excel on them as well as a variety of standard
     based web browsers and other applications.                     Web:

                                       PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                      Industrial Tours
Anniston Army Depot                                              Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA)
Thursday, October 27, 2005, 12:30 – 5:00 pm                      Thursday, October 27, 2005, 12:30 – 5:00 pm
Recognized as the “Tank Rebuild Center of the World,”            Experience a bird’s eye view of the production lines of Honda’s
Anniston Army Depot has been rebuilding tanks from the           2.8 million square feet state-of-the-art vehicle and engine
M48 Tank of the 1950’s to the M1 Series Battle Tank of today.    production facility! Producing the Odyssey minivans, Pilot
Although most frequently noted for its heavy combat vehicle      sport utility vehicles, and V-6 engines, HMA adopts Honda’s
expertise, Anniston is a multi-mission installation with the     New Manufacturing System technologies for both vehicle
capacity and capability to completely overhaul any combat        and engine production to realize more efficient and flexible
vehicle. Participants on this tour will witness the complex      manufacturing. Frame and engine assembly takes place under
process involved in completely disassembling a battle-           the same roof in a synchronous manner, reducing engine
damaged or worn vehicle, repairing or replacing any or all       inventory. HMA’s combined production of two assembly lines
components, and reassembling the vehicle to a new condition      totals more than 1,000 vehicles per day. At full capacity, HMA
– a critical process that provides the warfighter the highest     will produce approximately 300,000 vehicles and engines
quality equipment available!                                     each year. On March 1, 2005, HMA celebrated the roll-off of
                                                                 the 500,000th Alabama-built Honda vehicle, just 39 months
Anniston Army Depot (Partnering)                                 after the start of production on Nov. 14, 2001. This tour will
Thursday, October 27, 2005, 12:30 – 5:00 pm                      highlight HMA’s technologies and systems that enable it to
Creating win/win opportunities for both the public and private   meet market demand while providing a superior automotive
sectors has made Anniston an established leader in public-       product.
private partnering. With over 30 partnerships and teaming
arrangements, Anniston’s partnership experts have discovered     Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.
the key to capitalizing on the strengths and efficiencies of      Thursday, October 27, 2005, 12:30 – 5:00 pm
each sector. This tour is designed for Defense partnership       For more than three decades, Pemco has performed
practitioners and will include a hands-on look at how the        programmed depot maintenance (PDM) on more than 5,000
Anniston experts have created and sustain their dynamic          KC-135 air refueling and C-130 cargo aircraft. With a unique
partnership program.                                             physical plant dedicated to aircraft maintenance, Pemco
                                                                 has ten aircraft bays, each measuring 160 feet wide by 750
                                                                 feet long by 40 feet high – more than 120,000 square feet of
                                                                 workspace available in each bay, totaling well over 1 million
                                                                 square feet under one roof! This gigantic facility can support
                                                                 one KC-135 or equivalent size aircraft in each of the ten bays!
                                                                 Tour participants will see first-hand how Pemco has adopted
                                                                 lean processes to manage its oversized facility and equipment
                                                                 and – at the same time – remained a leader in the PDM field.

                                     PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                    Military Displays
Army – STRYKER: The Next Generation Fighting Vehicle                with real-time information from Marine Air Ground Task
Modern urban warfare requires different machinery,                  Force platforms. Also highlighted are enablers such as Global
technology, and tactics than those used in previous battles.        Combat Service Support - Marine Corps, Reliability Centered
Designed to meet these new challenges is the STRYKER                Maintenance, Autonomic Logistics, Electronic Maintenance
Family of Vehicles, a group of armored wheeled vehicles that        Support System, and Condition-Based Maintenance+.
maneuver easily in a close urban environment while providing
protection in open terrain. The STRYKER, at 19 tons, can            Defense Logistics Agency – Supporting the Warfighter
travel in excess of 60 miles per hour, transporting its STRYKER     Any Time, Any Place
Brigade Combat Team with greater speed and safety than other        The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is DoD’s largest Combat
vehicles in the Army’s inventory. This display will highlight       Support Agency, providing worldwide logistics support during
STRYKER’s Embedded Diagnostics/Embedded Prognostics                 peacetime and wartime. As an enterprise, in terms of scope
capabilities with on-board sensors that provide real time           of business, DLA ranks number 54 on the Fortune 500 list. In
transmission to the Tactical Operations Center. Get a close-up      FY04, DLA, in terms of sales and services, raised $28 billion
look at the ground vehicle that combines firepower, mobility,        and sales/services are projected to exceed $31 billion in FY05.
and survivability with reduced logistics requirements for           This display features information on the products and services
increased operational and tactical flexibility.                      that keep the warfighter equipped and ready. DLA experts
                                                                    will be on hand to explain how to get the best service from
Air Force – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Global Hawk and                DLA, and highlights include demonstrations of DLA kitting
Predator: Meeting Warfighter Needs at Any Time, Any                  operations and the DoD Electronic Mall (EMALL).
View the technology that flies at high/medium altitude,              Defense Logistics Agency Industrial Plant Equipment
is controlled from the ground, and provides surveillance,           Services – Repaired and Rebuilt Equipment at a Fraction
reconnaissance, and combat capability for commanders and            of the Cost!
joint forces. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) give us the           The Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) Industrial Plant
capability to engage from anywhere within enemy territory, day      Equipment Services Office offers money saving opportunities
or night, regardless of weather, as the needs of the warfighter      to all Federal Agencies. Our Repair/Rebuild services are
dictate. Surveillance imagery from synthetic aperture radar,        offered by DSCR Project Managers and executed by our group
video cameras and a forward looking infrared radar adds to          of expert mechanics, machinists, and electronics specialists
our capability by distributing real-time information to both the    in the rebuild, retrofit, and repair of industrial machinery at
front line soldier and to the operational commander via satellite   a fraction of the cost of new machinery. Rebuilds average
communication links. This display will show attendees how the       from 60% - 80% of a new machine replacement cost. We
UAVs work, and Air Force maintenance experts will be there to       relocate machinery worldwide or around the corner with
detail how the aircraft systems are maintained and kept reliable.   guaranteed accuracies upon installation. One example of these
                                                                    phenomenal savings is the rebuild of a Lucas HBM (horizontal
Marine Corps – Linking Stakeholders at All Levels of the            boring mill) for 50% of the $750,000 new machine cost. Our
Enterprise                                                          new machine acquisition service delivers the right machine to
Improving operational availability and effectiveness is the goal    our customers for the best price—less cost to the customer
of the Marine Corps implementation of Sense and Respond             than buying in-house or by a contractor. The one contact for all
Logistics. Sensed information triggers decisions across the         industrial equipment needs: DSCR.
entire value chain of a weapon system and enables both the
Total Life Cycle Systems Manager and Enterprise Logistics            For Symposium registration or for more information:
Chain to converge to achieve the goal of increased operational       Phone: 1-877-606-7323 (US & Canada) or 1-724-776-4970
availability. This display will showcase the Marine Corps            Fax: 1-724-776-0790
approach for implementing Sense and Respond Logistics,               E-mail:
which links the stakeholders at all levels of the enterprise
                                     PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                   Military Displays
Coast Guard – Port Security Units Protect Our Waterways
and Naval Assets
Port Security Units (PSUs) are deployable Coast Guard units
designed to protect against waterborne and overseas threats
to our nation’s naval assets. These units can deploy anywhere
in the world within 96 hours and be operational within 24
hours thereafter. Providing port and harbor security, these units
can counter surface and sub-surface threats, whether in the
form of terrorists, mines, or submersible craft. This display
features a 25-foot Boston Whaler boat from PSU-308, Gulfport,
Mississippi, and is outfitted with machine guns, grenade
launchers, and other lethal firepower designed to protect
against any waterborne threats that might arise. Expert Coast
Guard maintainers will be able to answer any questions about
this critical element of our nation’s security.

Navy – Providing Sustained and Stealthy Forward
Deployed Capability to the Fleet
The OHIO Class SSGN Program converts four ballistic missile
submarines to launch Tomahawk land attack missiles and
deploy special operations forces. Leveraging existing assets,
this transformational effort moved from concept to conversion
in only two years. This display will showcase a 1/96th scale
model OHIO Class SSGN and include program information on the
transformation effort.

                                     PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                     The Exhibit Hall and Sponsorships

The Exhibit Hall                                               Exhibiting Companies (as of 8/22/05)
Now more than ever, maintenance of DoD weapon systems          3M Co                                Lockheed Martin
and equipment is critical. The 2005 DoD Maintenance            76th Maintenance Wing - OC-ALC       LOGIS-TECH Inc.
                                                                  - Maint. Directorate              Loud Engineering
Symposium and Exhibition is the one event you can’t            AB Connectors Ltd                    MacSema Inc.
afford to miss if you’re involved in military and commercial   Aerowing Inc.                        Marine Corps Logistics Command
maintenance technology, information systems, and               Air Force Engineering & Technical    Marine Corps Systems Command
                                                                  Srv.                              PM TMDE
management processes. This year’s Symposium will again         Air Force Logistics Transformation   Mecco Marking & Traceability
bring together key government and industry representatives     Air Force Materiel Command-          Microvision
whose primary mission is to execute maintenance programs          Depot Maintenance                 MILTOPE CORPORATION
                                                                  Transformation                    Monode Marking Products Inc.
and improve maintenance practices and procedures. As           Air Warfare Battlelab                Moog Inc-Aircraft Group
an exhibitor, you will interact with approximately 1,200       Arnco                                National Defense Industrial
attendees. These are the people who shape the current          AT&T Government Solutions               Association
and future state of maintenance – the people you want          Bearing Inspection Inc.              NAVSEA Naval Shipyard
                                                               Boeing Co.                           NAVSUP Logistics R&D
to see. For full details on exhibit space, sponsorships, and   Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.             New Dimension Solutions
advertising opportunities, please visit       Chelton Microwave Corp.                 Enterprise Asset Management
                                                               Chemfree Corporation                    514
                                                               Cherokee Information Services Inc.   NGRAIN Corporation
                                                               Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc.   Nord-Lock Inc.
                                                               Clockwork Solutions Inc.             Northrop Grumman Corp.
Submit your contract today to guarantee your                   Corpus Christi Army Depot            Orison Marketing LLC
                                                               Crestwood Technology Group           Pangborn Co-Pang Born
spot on the show floor!                                         Data Systems & Solutions             Pratt & Whitney-Chemical
                                                               Dayton T. Brown, Inc.                   Technologies & Services
To exhibit, sponsor, or advertise, contact Jim Browne          Defense Acquisition University       Praxair Surface Technologies Inc.
                                                               Defense Supply Center Richmond-      PulseTech Products Corporation
Phone: 1-724-772-7116                                             Industry Machinery Division       Raytheon Technical Services Co.
Fax: 1-724-776-0213                                            DiagnoSYS Systems, Inc.              Reef Industries Inc.
                                                               DLA Acquisition Staff Directorate-   Right Hemisphere
E-mail:                                         DES-ACC                           RLW Inc.
                                                               DoD Corrosion Exchange /             SAIC
                                                                  ManTech                           Savi Technology
                                                               Dynamic Instruments Inc.             Serial Number Tracking (SNT)
                                                               Eagle Support Services Corp.            NAVSUP
Sponsorship opportunities are still available! Call            Fastening Systems Intl. Inc.         Sohar Inc.
for details on sponsorship of lanyards, luncheons,             Fatigue Technology Inc.              Standard Aero
                                                               Federal Prison Industries            Tobyhanna Army Depot
receptions, and event guide advertising.                       GasTOPS Inc.                         Tools for Decision Group (TFDG)
                                                               General Services Administration      Triumph Aftermarket Services Group
                                                               George Group                         TYX Corporation
  Exhibit Hours                                                Hot Flush LLC                        U.S. Dynamics Corp.
                                                               I Levy & Associates                  University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  Monday, October 24:    3:30 pm - 7:00 pm                     Intermec Technologies                   Center for Executive Education
                                                               Intl. Management Sys. Marketing      US Air Force OO-ALC/XPXP
  Tuesday, October 25:   11:30 am - 1:45 pm and                   Inc.                              US Air Force WR-ALC Maint.
                         4:00 pm - 6:45 pm                     Inventory Locator Service Inc.          Directorate
                                                               Joint Depot Maintenance Activities   US Army AMRDEC
  Wednesday, October 26: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm                       Group                             US Army Materiel Systems
                                                               Kamatics Corporation                 Analysis Activity
                                                               Kardex Systems Inc.                  US Army-Maintenance Policy
                                                               Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.           Division
                                                               L3 Communications                    US Coast Guard
                                                               Letterkenny Army Depot               WhereNet
                                                               Linpac Materials Handling            Wyle Laboratories, Inc.-Aerospace
                                                               LMI                                     Division/Jacksonville

                                                           PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
                                                                             Hotel Information
     A special hotel sleeping room block has been reserved                                     The Sheraton Birmingham Hotel is Alabama’s premier
     for Symposium attendees and exhibitors at The Sheraton                                    convention hotel located in the heart of the downtown area
     Birmingham Hotel. The Government room rate is $77                                         with direct access to the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention
     single/$97 double per night plus applicable taxes and                                     Complex, which also houses Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.
     requires proper identification. The standard room rate is                                  The hotel is easily accessible from the airport, only four
     $112 per night single or double occupancy plus applicable                                 miles away.
     taxes. All reservation requests must be made through SAE’s                                Birmingham is a multifaceted metropolitan area that still
     housing provider, the Housing Connection, by Monday,                                      retains a small-town, Southern feeling. It offers arts, culture
     October 10, 2005. Reserve your room online at                                             and fine cuisine along with smooth golf courses and quaint or call                                           shops. On the historical side, Birmingham honors important
     1-888-221-9425. Reservations at the discounted rate will                                  landmarks such as the Civil Rights Movement.
     not be accepted by The Sheraton Birmingham Hotel.

Golf Outing                                                                                    Attire Guidelines
A golf outing is being planned at the Highland Park Golf Course                                Civilians: Business attire is appropriate for both the
for Sunday, October 23, 2005. Space is limited. For details,                                   Symposium sessions and the Secretary of Defense
please contact Diane Applegate (e-mail:;                                        Maintenance Awards Reception and Banquet.
phone: 1-724-772-7115). For golf course information, please                                    Military: Please refer to the following table for appropriate
visit                                                                military attire.

                                                                                                                                     Secretary of Defense
           100 — !
   Save b$October 14th                                                                          Service       Symposium              Maintenance Awards
         r                        Registration Fees                                                                                  Reception and Banquet
                                                    Until                    After              Army          Class “B”              Class “A”
                                               October 14, 2005         October 14, 2005
                                                                          and onsite
                                                                                                              Service Khaki
                                                                                                Navy                                 Service Dress Blues
 *Government Employee,
                                                    $500                      $600
                                                                                                              E1-E6: Winter Blue
 Military O-4 and above, Academia
                                                                                                              Service “B” (service
                                                                                                Marine                               Service “A” (ribbons and
 *Military O-1 to O-3 and E-1 to E-9                $250                      $350                            sweater or tanker
                                                                                                Corps                                badges)
 *Industry Registrant (includes free                                                                          jacket optional)
                                                    $680                      $780
 first year SAE membership)                                                                                   Blue shirt
 *Industry Registrant –                                                                         Air Force                            Service Dress
                                                    $580                      $680                            combination
 Current SAE Member

 **Student (ID required)                             $25                      $25
                                                                                                Coast Guard   Tropical Blue Long     Service Dress Blue “B”

 **Media (credentials required)                      Free                     Free

Registration fee includes:
* Conference registration; breaks; lunches; Monday and Tuesday evening receptions; Secretary
  of Defense Maintenance Awards Reception and Banquet; Tuesday reception at the Barber
  Vintage Motorsports Museum; Thursday seated breakfast.
** Conference registration; breaks; lunches.

                                                  For Symposium registration or for more information:
                                                  Phone: 1-877-606-7323 (US & Canada) or 1-724-776-4970
                                                  Fax: 1-724-776-0790
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SOURCE CODE 050545
     DOD Maintenance Symposium and Exhibition - October 24-27, 2005 - Sheraton Birmingham Hotel & Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, Birmingham, AL

     *Denotes Required Information                                                                                                      *CHECK THE APPROPRIATE REGISTRATION CATEGORY:
     ATTENDEE INFORMATION:                                                                                                                                                                                                         BY OCT 14            AFTER OCT 14             TOTAL
     The address provided below is my: ❑ Business (based on your employer’s policy)                ❑ Home          ❑ School             (1) ❑ Government Employees, ❑ Military 0-4 & Above, & ❑ Academia $500                                                $600                 $_____
                                                                                                                                        (2) ❑ Military 0-1 to 0-3 & E-1 to E-9 _____________________                   $250                                  $350                 $_____
     *First/Given Name __________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                        (3) ❑ Industry Registrant (includes free first-year membership in SAE)         $680                                  $780                 $_____
     *Last/Family Name _________________________________________________________________________                                        (4) ❑ Industry Registrant -
                                                                                                                                              current SAE Member No. ___________________________ $580                                                        $680                 $_____
     Nickname for Badge _________________________________________________________________________                                       (5) ❑ Exhibitor Registration: ID# required ____________________
     *Job Title ________________________________________________________________________________                                              ❑Free Full Conference Registration (limit 2 per 10’ x 10’ exhibit space) FREE                                                       FREE
                                                                                                                                              ❑Reduced Rate Registration (limit 2 per exhibiting company)              $520                                                       $_____
     Military Rank ______________________________________________________________________________                                             ❑Full Conference Rate (if allotments above are exceeded)                 $680                                                       $_____
                                                                                                                                        (6) ❑ Student (ID required) ____________________________                       $25                                   $25                  $_____
     Military Service ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                        (7) ❑ Media (Credentials required) _______________________                     FREE                                  FREE                 FREE
     *Company/School Name/Military Unit ____________________________________________________________                                       *Government and Academia fee applies only to the active, guard, and reserve military, civil service
     Div./Dept./Military Base ______________________________________________________________________                                        personnel, and employees of academic institutions. (PROPER IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED).
     *Mail Stop (if applicable) _____________________________________________________________________                                   Categories 1-5 includes conference registration, breaks, lunches, Monday & Tuesday
     *Address _________________________________________________________________________________                                         evening receptions, Secretary of Defense Maintenence Awards Reception and Banquet, the
                                                                                                                                        Tuesday off-site reception at Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, and the Thursday seated breakfast.
     *City ________________________________________________ *State/Province _______________________                                     Categories 6-7 includes conference registration, breaks, and lunches.
     *Zip+4/Postal Code _____________________________________ *Country (if not USA) ___________________                                 Wednesday Evening Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards Banquet -                                                                     ONE FREE
                                                                                                                                        6:00 PM, October 26, 2005
     *Phone No. ___________________________________________ Fax No. _____________________________                                       Purchase ____ additional ticket(s) - $60.00 each
     *E-Mail __________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                        Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 12:30 PM - Optional Tours:
                                                                                                                                        ❑ Anniston Army Depot
             SAE will do what is feasible to make its events reasonably accessible to attendees. If you have special accom-
                                                                                                                                        ❑ Honda Manufacturing of Alabama
             modation needs, please let us know in advance by checking the box below and attaching a brief description of               ❑ PEMCO AEROPLEX, Inc. (Please include Date of Birth, and country of citizenship, if different
             how we can serve you better. Accommodations requested on site will be provided only if possible for us to do                    from address information ___________________________ )
             so on short notice.                                                                                                        ❑ Anniston Army Depot (emphasis on partnering)
             ❑ YES, I require special assistance.                                                                                       Please reserve _____ tour ticket(s) - Transportation fee $15.00 per ticket -
                                                                                                                                        Tours run concurrently - select only one.                                                                                                 $_____

      *Please complete these important registration questions.                                                                                                                                                                        TOTAL ENCLOSED                              $_____
      My industry is
      (check ALL that apply):                                         My primary job function is (check ONE):
       ❑ Aerospace                   ❑ Heavy Duty                       ❑   Maintenance, Repair     ❑ Quality Assurance
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2005                                                                   Sponsors
Department of Defense
Maintenance Symposium                                AIT
& Exhibition                                          III

Sustaining Weapon System Readiness
Through Reliability, Cycle Time, and
Continuous Process Improvement

October 24-27, 2005
Sheraton Birmingham Hotel and
Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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