COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES OF MAY 14, 2008
I.     Call to Order
       Rick Hitchcock called the May 14, 2008 Naperville Riverwalk Commission Meeting to
       order at 7:30 a.m. The meeting was held in the Lunch Room of the Naperville
       Municipal Center located at 400 S. Eagle Street, Naperville, Illinois.

II.    Roll Call
       Present: Steve Albert; Jonathan Croll; Bart Darfler; Ron Gibson; Jeff Havel(arrived
       7:42); Rick Hitchcock; Kristen Jungles; Bill Novack; Chuck Papanos; Annmarie
       Siwik; M.D. Skeet; and Dennis Ulrey
       Absent: Grant Wehrli
       Also Present: Rod Beadle, ERA; and Gary Weber, Gary R. Weber & Associates

III.   Approval of Minutes
       A. April 9, 2008
          A motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Novack, seconded by

IV.    Reports
       A. Chairman – Rick Hitchcock
          Hitchcock reported that he was pleased to see that the pump in the Phase I
          construction area was working properly and the coffer dam was dry.
       B. Finance – Bill Novack
          1. The monthly Finance Report was distributed. Novack gave a brief summary of
              the attached report.
          2. The City allows a 15 day grace period at year end consequently not all of the
              expenses are reflected in this month’s report.
          3. On the CIP budget, PA022 was only 54% spent. The railings in Section 4 were
              due to be replaced this year but due to their better than anticipated condition, it
              was unnecessary.
       C. Park District – Chuck Papanos
          1. The Park District’s annual bulb sale will take place on Friday, May 16, 2008 at
              8:00 a.m. in the Administration Building parking lot. Through this sale, the
              Park District is able to recoup about half the cost of their annual bulb
          2. The first flower delivery will be made on Wednesday, May 14, 2008 with the
              second half coming next week. No flowers will be planted in Segment 1 until
              the construction is finished. At that time the Park District will assess the
              situation and determine the proper plant material.
Minutes of Riverwalk Commission – May 14, 2008                                  Page 2
          D. Foundation – Jeff Havel
             The Foundation has not met. The next meeting is Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 7:30
             a.m., in Meeting Room A, at the Municipal Center.
          E. Donor Recognition – Jan Erickson
             1. Exchange Club has sold 519 commemorative bricks and 38 granite stones. The
                 Club is planning an ad campaign that will incorporate three display ads in the
                 Naperville Sun at the end of May focusing on commemorative bricks as
                 wedding and graduation gifts. Three additional ads will run near the end of
                 June promoting the sale of Riverwalk bricks at Ribfest. They are hoping to
                 reach their goal of 600 bricks and 40 granite stones by October.
             2. The current order of commemorative bricks at Fredenhagen Park will be
                 installed on Tuesday, May 20.
          F. Public Relations – Annmarie Siwik
             1. A donor recognition and community information meeting was held on Friday,
                April 25, 2008 at the Municipal Center in Meeting Rooms A, B and C.
                Approximately 90 people attended and a continental breakfast was served. The
                Skeet Family generously sponsored the event. Darfler was master of
                ceremonies for the event while Hitchcock was key note speaker presenting
                information about the construction of the Phase I Rehabilitation project.
                Several folks who had made donations to the original Riverwalk project in 1981
                were present. The 3” and 4” medallions had been removed from their locations,
                cleaned up and were made available to the donors. Packets were distributed
                with information regarding the Phase I Rehab as well as future donor
                opportunities. The attendees were very engaged in the presentation and asked
                many good questions. The feedback about the event was exceptional.
             2. Several articles regarding the Segment 1 construction have been published in
                the Daily Herald and Naperville Sun newspapers.
          G. Commissioner Development – Jonathan Croll
             No report.
          H. Carillon – Bart Darfler
             1. The Moser Tower opened on May 3 for the season which will conclude at the
                end of October. Moser Tower and the Visitors Center will be open from 10:00
                a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. From Memorial Day weekend
                through Labor Day weekend Friday hours will added to the schedule.
             2. Tim Sleep, City Carillonneur was the accompanist at the April 25, 2008
                Riverwalk Donor Breakfast.
             3. A few minor tremors were felt in the Naperville area from the earthquake that
                occurred downstate on April 18, 2008. As a safe guard, a licensed structural
                engineer inspected the tower on April 23, 2008. His professional opinion was
                that the tower did not suffer any damage.
             4. The next MCF meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 5, 2008.
          I.   Planning, Design and Construction – Steve Albert
               1. Park District Items:
                   a.   Fredenhagen Park experienced vandalism in the men’s lavatory during
                        this last month. The baby changing table was damaged and the room was
                        spray painted. The changing table will not be replaced. The fixtures are
                        prison grade.
Minutes of Riverwalk Commission – May 14, 2008                                   Page 3
                 b.    Overgrown plant material was removed from several areas in
                       Fredenhagen Park. The result looks much more open and inviting. Rita
                       Fredenhagen Harvard has expressed her gratitude.
                 c.    The Park Police are staging their bicycles from Fredenhagen Park. Per
                       the Riverwalk Maintenance Agreement, they will be monitoring the east
                       extension as a part of their responsibilities.
                 d.    The light on the Fredenhagen sculpture is currently pointing straight down
                       and does not illuminate the sculpture.
              2. At the April 9, 2008, Riverwalk Commission meeting it was suggested that a
                 concrete stamp be developed to discourage patrons from feeding the wildlife.
                 The stamp would be used along the low flow walkway. At the PDC committee
                 GRWA submitted a draft of the stamp. The draft was approved with a change
                 to the size of the font. The stamp will be used every 100 feet along the lower
                 walkway in addition to well traveled areas.
              3. The other Planning, Design and Construction topics are addressed in Old

  V.     Old Business
         A. Phase I Rehab – Rick Hitchcock
            Segment 1:
            1. Robin Bellot and Jason Souden, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.,
               presented the details and justification for the redesign of the bulkhead wall after
               the bedrock was found to be lower than it was expected. Please reference the
               attached exhibit. They stated that the revised design is as effective and sound
               as the original design.
             2. Ken Copenhaver, the general contractor, explained that the wall formliner
                manufacturer delivered the wrong product to the site. The situation has been
                rectified and the project is moving forward. The lower wall concrete work
                should be completed soon. Copenhaver feels they are back on schedule and the
                project should be completed in early August.
             3. All of the original 3” and 4” commemorative medallion inscriptions, including
                those on the west side of Eagle Street, will be engraved on 4”x8” brick pavers.
                They will be placed in the soldier course of the new pathway. The
                commemorative bricks will be divided into two groups. Half will be installed
                along the pathway in Segment 1 and half will be installed in Segment 2.
             4. The three flagpoles will be reinstalled adjacent to the new Veteran’s Plaza. The
                United States flagpole with the eagle top will be set a foot higher and placed in
                the center.
             5. The three Bradford pear trees that were removed from the site still need to be
                planted. The Park District will find a location for them near the Grand Pavilion
                and Copenhaver will have them replanted. Three replacement trees (type
                selected by Signature Design Group) will be purchased and planted in place of
                the Bradford pears in Segment 1.
             6. The new Veterans Plaza was redesigned to be in compliance with the
                stormwater permit. Renderings of the redesigned plaza were distributed.
Minutes of Riverwalk Commission – May 14, 2008                                   Page 4
             Segment 2:
             1. Following the DuPage County variance approval last month, a public hearing
                was scheduled for Tuesday, May 6 during the regularly scheduled City Council
                meeting. The variance was accepted without public comment. The City
                Attorney will write up the ordinance.
             2. DuPage County had originally told ERA that their submittal should have a 45
                day review cycle. Their comments should have been back to ERA by April 15.
                ERA is hoping to get the review soon.
             3. Several weeks ago a Naperville resident spoke at the PDC meeting regarding
                her concern about accessibility on the Phase I rehab. ERA took the opportunity
                to modify the design plans of the east pathway leading to the Labyrinth and
                Millennium Wall area. Use of a 5% grade will make this path ADA compliant.
                The west path will continue to have its existing 9% grade as only one point of
                access to public areas as required by the Illinois Accessibility Code. Signage
                will alert visitors that the west path is not ADA accessible. The changes will be
                included in the second submittal to DuPage County. The next steps were
             4. As a consequence of making this change to the east pathway, an existing
                concrete retaining wall will be removed and the landscaping will be modified.
                This change will also require revisions to the lighting and irrigation systems.
         B. Sign Graphics – Gary Weber
            Architectural Graphics Inc. has submitted shop drawings with an unacceptable
            revision to the bid plans for the sign bases. Beadle, Weber, Erickson and Theresa
            Dobersztyn, from the City’s purchasing department, held a conference call with
            representatives from AGI, Jim Raynor and Susan Perkins, to discuss the bases. In
            addition, they discussed that it was the responsibility of AGI to provide the final
            artwork for each sign.
            GRWA has returned the shop drawings and their related submittals with the
            rejections clearly marked. AGI must respond that they are in compliance or they
            will be a non-responsive bidder and the next higher bidder will be contacted.
         C. Mileage Markers – Steve Albert
            A final 8”x16” engraved marker sample was presented to the Committee. The
            committee approved the sample and directed staff to order the remaining markers.
         D. Gregory Gazebo/Sesquicentennial Overlook – Rod Beadle
            Engineering Resource Associates is continuing their work on the project.
         E. Intergovernmental Agreement – Bill Novack
            Several Riverwalk Commissioners met with a few Park District officials and staff to
            review both agreements.
             The Riverwalk Maintenance Agreement and the Carillon Agreement were approved
             at the May 8, 2008 Park Board meeting. Both agreements had previously been
             approved by the City Council at their March18, 2008 meeting. The Carillon
             Agreement has been given to Millennium Carillon Foundation for approval.
Minutes of Riverwalk Commission – May 14, 2008                                   Page 5

  VI.    New Business
         A. Riverwalk Guidelines
            Hitchcock noted that in the new Maintenance Agreement it states that the Reserve
            Study should be updated after the Phase I Rehabilitation and Water Street Projects
            are complete. The Commission discussed the possibility of updating the Riverwalk
            Guidelines before the Reserve Study. It was noted that the current Guidelines are
            nearly five years old and that it may be wise to review and update them. A
            committee will be formed to look at the current document, keeping those projects
            that are still viable and deleting those that have been completed or are no longer
            needed. The committee would also look at some of the potential ideas that have
            been brought to the attention of the Commission as possible future projects. Ulrey
            has agreed to be the new committee chair.
          B. Riverwalk Safety
             Erickson and Novack have talked with a concerned citizen regarding the safety of
             the Riverwalk lower walkway. The citizen expressed his fear of someone falling
             into the river and questioned whether a railing would be appropriate. Erickson
             explained to the citizen that the decision to allow anything such as a railing in the
             floodway was the responsibility of DuPage County. The citizen requested contact
             information at the County which he was supplied with. The committee discussed
             possible safety solutions but felt that by widening the walkway to five feet they had
             come up with the most feasible answer. The Riverwalk Commission will always
             consider safety when considering a design change in the future.
          C. Riverwalk Accessibility
             A resident came to the March 10, 2008 PDC meeting to talk about accessibility
             along Phase I of the Riverwalk. The committee listened to her thoughts and
             considered ways of accommodating her ideas.

             GRWA presented a draft of a design for a possible ADA accessible ramp to be built
             at the location of the compensatory storage area on the northwest side of the Eagle
             Street Bridge. The Commission discussed the possibility of including the project in
             the Guideline revisions and ultimately as a future CIP project.

  VII.   Upcoming Meetings
         A. Riverwalk Foundation
            Tuesday, May 20, 2008, 7:30 a.m., Meeting Room A
            Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., Naperville, IL
         B. Riverwalk Planning, Design & Construction Committee
            Monday, June 2, 2008, 3:30 p.m., TED Large Conference Room #247
            Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., Naperville, IL
         C. Riverwalk Commission
            Wednesday, June 11, 2008, 7:30 a.m., Lunch Room
            Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St., Naperville, IL

   VIII. Adjournment
           Motion to adjourn was made by Albert, seconded by Darfler. MOTION WAS
           UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 a.m.
                                           Respectfully submitted,
                                           Janette Erickson, Riverwalk Administrator

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