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									ESP: Modes

Selling Tips
   ESP can be disengaged by the driver, causing less ESP intervention, placing more vehicle control
   in the driver’s hands.

    SRT drivers and off-road enthusiasts may wish to partially disengage the system for more spirited
   driving or extreme maneuvers.

During Demonstration
   Explain to SRT drivers, who may want to experience more dynamic maneuvers, that ESP can be
   partially or fully disabled to allow for more driver control and spirited driving.

   For example, driving enthusiasts may want LESS ESP intervention allowing for high-performance
   maneuvers requiring additional wheel slip, such as high-speed cornering or rapid acceleration from
   a standstill.

   Explain to off-road enthusiasts that ESP can be partially or fully disabled for driving untamed roads
   or in rugged, severe situations in 4x4 settings. LESS ESP intervention may be valuable in
   situations where some wheel slip is desirable.

At Delivery
   There are three modes of activation to meet various driver needs: Fully ON, Partially OFF and Fully
   OFF. These modes vary by vehicle type. See the chart at the end of this section for more

   Explain which systems are enabled/disabled, depending on the vehicle, as explained in the
   operating instructions.

Operating Instructions
Operation varies not only by vehicle type but also by application. Review the following How It Works
section for a thorough explanation you can use with customers.

ESP: Modes(cont.)

How It Works
The availability of the Fully ON, Partially OFF and Fully OFF modes varies by vehicle type: normal,
SRT and select 4x4 vehicles.

ESP Modes: Vehicle Categories

                        Normal                            Select
                                      SRT Vehicles
                        Vehicles                       4x4 Vehicles

Fully ON                   Yes             Yes              Yes

Partially OFF              Yes             Yes              Yes

Fully OFF                  No              Yes*             Yes
*Exception: Grand Cherokee SRT8

Normal Vehicles
Normal vehicles consist of Chrysler and Dodge automobiles and 2WD SUVs. They feature two of the
modes: Fully ON… and Partially OFF. ESP Fully OFF mode would not typically be offered.

SRT Vehicles
SRT models… as well as police vehicles… feature all three Modes: Fully ON… Partially OFF… and
Fully OFF. One exception is Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT®8, which does not offer a Fully OFF ESP

Select 4x4 Vehicles
Select 4x4 vehicles also feature all three modes.

ESP: Modes(cont.)

ESP Modes: Operation

                                                Traction Control
                        Antilock Brake                     All-Speed           ESP      Electronic Roll
                           System         Low-Speed                                       Mitigation
                                                           (Engine &      (Yaw Control)
                                         (Brake Only)

Fully ON                      ON              ON               ON              ON               ON

                                                            Modified         Modified
Partially OFF                 ON              ON                                                ON
                                                           Threshold        Threshold

Fully OFF                     ON              ON            Disabled        Disabled         Disabled

Fully On
Fully engaged, active ESP means all modes — all active, , the time. This is called the Fully ON mode
and should be used for normal driving. The Fully ON mode completely activates the Antilock Brake
System, Low-Speed Traction Control, All-Speed Traction Control, ESP Yaw Control, and Electronic Roll
Mitigation. By default, whenever the vehicle is started, ESP is Fully ON or fully active.

Partially OFF
The Partially OFF mode provides less automatic control by modifying the all-speed traction controland
ESP yaw control thresholds. This will allow for limited wheel slip for high-performance driving
situations, when stuck in deep snow or driving off-road.

Fully OFF
The Fully OFF mode completely disables All-Speed Traction Control, ESP Yaw Control and Electronic
Roll Mitigation. This mode is reserved for high-performance vehicles and off-road-capable vehicles
when in four-wheel-drive mode.

Note that regardless of the mode, the antilock brake system and low-speed traction control
remain active — all the time.

ESP: Modes(cont.)

ESP Modes: Activation

                                Normal Vehicles       SRT Vehicles
                                                                            4x4 Vehicles

                                 Defaults to Fully ON when starting vehicle, or when shifting
           Fully ON
                                              the transfer case on 4x4 vehicles

           Partially OFF                       Press at any speed. [ESP OFF]

                                       Not                   Press and hold 5-14 sec.
           Fully OFF
                                    Applicable            while under 10 mph [ESP OFF]

Fully ON
Fully ON is automatically engaged, requiring no specific driver input. The system defaults to Fully ON
each time the key is turned from the “off” to the “on” position or when shifting the transfer case on 4x4
vehicles. One push of the ESP button will put ESP back into the Fully ON mode if the vehicle is already
in the Partially OFF or Fully OFF setting.

                             Partially OFF
                             To select the Partially OFF mode, a single press of the “ESP OFF” button
                             at any speed is all it takes. A warning lamp in the instrument cluster will

                             Fully OFF
       ESP Switch
                             To select the Fully OFF mode, press and hold the “ESP OFF” button for
                             at least 5 seconds but not more than 14 seconds while under 10 mph. A
                             chime will sound, a warning lamp will illuminate and a text message —
                             ESP OFF — will appear in the instrument cluster (on vehicles with EVIC).

                             When 4x4 vehicles exceed 40 miles per hour, ESP automatically
                             switches from Fully OFF to Partially-OFF. In 4x4 vehicles, added safety
                             is achieved by having all of ESP’s features active above 40 mph. This is
   ESP Warning Light         not done in SRT vehicles because these vehicles are optimized for
                             higher rates of speeds.

ESP: Modes(cont.)

Modified Vehicle ESP
A special ESP application exists for owners of 2007 Jeep®
Wranglers who wish to modify their vehicles by raising the
vehicle and adding larger wheels and tires. Modifying the
vehicle in this way may cause ESP to behave abnormally. The
Modified Vehicle ESP application will stay in Fully OFF mode
all the time, disabling all ESP functions with the exception of
ABS and low-speed traction control. ESP will not revert to “on”
with the key cycle.

Unlike the other vehicle types, ESP for a modified Jeep® Wrangler requires specific procedures by the
Service Department and customer to turn ESP Fully OFF and then Fully ON again.

Tell your customers to drive their modified vehicle before deciding to deactivate ESP. It’s important that
they see how ESP will react with the new modifications. Only then should they determine whether or
not turning off ESP would be beneficial. It’s also important to recommend that if a customer DOES
wish to turn off ESP, the customer follow the specified procedure.

SAFETY NOTE: Some customers may choose to remove the ESP fuse from the system to disable
ESP. Removing the fuse will also disable ABS and low-speed traction control. This improper
procedure may negatively affect vehicle safety and should not be done.

ESP Functions by Model

                                                                                                     Hill Start Assist
                                                     Electronic Roll

                                                                       Trailer Sway

                                                                                      Hill Descent




   Chrysler Models
   2007 300 (non-SRT8)
   2007 300 SRT8
   2007 Aspen
   2007 Crossfire
   2007 Crossfire SRT6
   2007 Pacifica
   2007 PT Cruiser                                               No ESP
   2007 Sebring Convertible
   2007 Sebring Sedan
   2007 Town & Country                                           No ESP
   2008 Town & Country

   Jeep Models
   2007 Commander 2WD
   2007 Commander 4WD
   2007 Compass 2WD & 4WD
   2007 Grand Cherokee 2WD
   2007 Grand Cherokee 4WD (non-
   2007 Grand Cherokee SRT8
   2007 Liberty
   2008 Liberty 2WD
   2008 Liberty 4WD
   2007 Patriot 2WD
   2007 Patriot 4WD
   2007 Wrangler 2WD
   2007 Wrangler 4WD

ESP Functions by Model

                                                                                                   Hill Start Assist
                                                   Electronic Roll

                                                                     Trailer Sway

                                                                                    Hill Descent




   Dodge Models
   2008 Avenger
   2007 Caliber
   2007 Caravan                                                No ESP
   2008 Grand Caravan
   2007 Charger (non-SRT8)
   2007 Charger SRT8
   2007 Charger Police Edition
   2008 Charger Police Edition
   2007 Dakota                                                 No ESP
   2007 Durango
   2007 Magnum (non-SRT8)
   2007 Magnum SRT8
   2007 Magnum Police Edition
   2008 Magnum Police Edition
   2007 Nitro
   2007 Ram 1500 2WD
   2007 Ram 1500 4WD
   2007 Ram 2500/3500                                          No ESP
   2007 Sprinter
   2007 Viper                                                  No ESP


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