Aston Martin DB9 displays Yazaki technology by keara


									                                                 Aston Martin DB9 displays
                                                 Yazaki technology
                                                 The new Aston Martin DB9 features the          applications, the new Chevrolet Corvette
                                                 first automotive application of an ad-          and Jeep Grand Cherokee instrument
                                                 vanced display technology, called Organic      clusters will ship with OLED displays,
                                                 Light Emitting Diode (OLED), supplied by       she noted.
                                                 Yazaki Corp.                                       “The requirements for a display in a
                                                                                                vehicle are stricter than other applica-
                                                                                                tions, and since we were [working on]
                                                                                                the first [production] application of OLED
                                                                                                technology, there was a great deal of
                                                                                                learning while applying it,” said Brian
                                                                                                Dehmlow, Senior Engineer for Display
                                                                                                Technology at Yazaki North America.
                                                                                                    The material used for an OLED can be
                                                                                                thought of as being similar to paint, said
                                                                                                Dehmlow. “The OLED material can be
                                                                                                ‘painted’ as a continuous film onto a
                                                                                                piece of glass that has a pattern of ‘wires’
                                                                                                already in place. The wire pattern is used
                                                                                                to selectively light small portions of the
                                                                                                OLED film to create display pixels.” In this
                                                                                                way, OLED construction and operation is
                                                                                                somewhat similar to LCDs, he added.
                                                                                                    With the DB9, Aston Martin designers
                                                                                                wanted to pay particular attention to the
                                                                                                appearance of the driver communication
                                                                                                products, and turned to Yazaki to help
                                                                                                develop a unique instrumentation cluster.
              The instrumentation cluster of the new Aston Martin DB9 features the first
                                                                                                The WatchDial cluster face contains com-
              automotive application of OLED technology.
                                                                                                ponents that give the appearance of a
                                                                                                brushed metallic look that was created by
                                                    The OLED technology is incorporated         using in-mold metallic foil on plastic. The
                                                 into the DB9’s instrumentation cluster via     Aston Martin logo is embossed on the foil
                                                 unique WatchDial styling and into its in-      that is then applied to the dial face.
                                                 fotainment control module. The benefits             When the watch dial is lit, the tick
                                                 of using OLED technology, according to         marks appear as lit jewels. Each tick is
                                                 the supplier, include a high contrast ratio,   part of a prism with vacuum deposition
                                                 low voltage and power consumption,             of aluminum onto the surface. The end of
                                                 cold temperature operation, a near 180º        the plastic is then cut at an angle and
                                                 viewing angle, and a thin, lightweight         inserted through the openings in the out-
                                                 construction.                                  er ring. Each overall dial is floodlit from
                                                    Prior to implementation of OLEDs in         above within the cluster.
                                                 the Aston Martin, the technology had               Another element of the cluster’s de-
                                                 only been used in cell phones, video and       sign is a “one-of-a-kind” tachometer
                                                 digital cameras, and automotive after-         needle that moves counterclockwise,
                                                 market radios, said Diane Rogers, Product      while the speedometer has a traditional
                                                 Manager for Instrumentation at Yazaki          clockwise movement.
                                                 North America. In other automotive OEM                                          Ryan Gehm

48 NOVEMBER 2004   aei
Acura voice, navigation assistance from IBM, XM
Continuing their innovation on the tele-        cordings previously found in earlier            system provides a constant flow of rel-
matics front, engineers at Honda, with          Honda systems. They also produced hun-          evant information reflecting conditions
help from their supplier partners, have         dreds of additional recordings to design a      along a driver’s chosen route. It really
added better speech-recognition and             natural-sounding text-to-speech voice,          should save people a lot of time and
real-time navigation technologies to some       digitally segmenting speech and intona-         aggravation,” said Tom Elliott,
Honda and Acura luxury cars for 2005.           tions that can allow vehicles to communi-       Executive Vice President, American
   IBM jointly developed with Honda the         cate naturally with their drivers. The result   Honda Motor Co., Inc.
“natural-sounding” in-vehicle speech-           is said to be a totally new type of speech          The real-time traffic feature uses the
recognition system that is offered as stan-     synthesis that can capture human voice          XM NavTraffic service, which provides
dard equipment on the Acura RL and as           characteristics.                                freeway information in 20 major metro-
an option on the Acura MDX and Honda                In addition to the natural-sounding         politan areas including Los Angeles, New
Odyssey in the United States and Canada.        text-to-speech function, the Honda and          York, Detroit, and Chicago, with coverage
IBM’s voice-recognition technology is in-       Acura models now feature more than              slated to expand to other cities as traffic
tegrated into the car’s audio system so         700 commands and more than 1.7 mil-             information becomes available. Flow, ac-
that driving instructions can be heard          lion street and city names that are acces-      cident, and construction information is
over the speakers. Alongside its naviga-        sible by voice. Another unique feature of       aggregated by digital-map-data provider
tion functions, the system also provides        the system is nationwide dining informa-        NAVTEQ from multiple sources including
command-and-control capabilities for            tion from Zagat’s Survey, which provides        local police and transportation depart-

The speech-recognition system for Acura’s RL and MDX as well as         The 2005 Acura RL navigation system screen shows real-time traffic
Honda’s Odyssey (shown) uses IBM embedded ViaVoice software.            information courtesy of XM.

audio, DVD entertainment system                 the ability to request the names of, and        ments. It is then delivered to XM and
(Odyssey), and climate-control functions.       directions to, nearby restaurants and also      transmitted by XM’s satellites to the RL’s
   Using IBM embedded ViaVoice soft-            listen to or view restaurant reviews.           navigation system. Accident and flow
ware, Honda is the first car manufacturer            Besides its advanced speech-recogni-        information are updated continuously,
to equip automobiles with in-car naviga-        tion capabilities, the 2005 Acura RL has        allowing drivers to avoid congestion and
tion systems using advanced                     the first real-time traffic navigation sys-       pick the fastest path to their destination.
speech-recognition and text-to-speech           tem in the United States; AcuraLink,                AcuraLink delivers an assortment of
capabilities that can identify spoken street    which communicates information be-              services including maintenance reminders
and city names across the continental           tween dealers and drivers; and                  and engine diagnostic information di-
United States. This allows drivers to speak     HandsFreeLink, which uses BlueTooth             rectly to the car. It works with the RL’s
a street address and receive turn-by-turn       technology to synchronize personal cell-        HandsFreeLink wireless telephone inter-
voice guidance to their destinations. The       phone data within the car environment.          face to allow drivers to respond to these
voice-recognition system is another step            The AcuraLink real-time traffic feature      services and one-touch-dial Acura deal-
forward in automaker and supplier               offers personalized traffic information,         ers, as well as Acura Roadside Assistance
efforts to eliminate the need for drivers       relative to the driver’s current location       (TLC) assistance, using a compatible
to take their hands off the wheel and           and destination, displayed graphically on       Bluetooth phone.
eyes off the road.                              the RL’s navigation system, allowing driv-          The XM NavTraffic service will be of-
   To create the text-to-speech system,         ers to avoid congestion and minimize            fered on a subscription basis following a
IBM and Honda R&D teams digitally pro-          drive time. “Unlike radio or television         12-month free-trial period.
cessed hundreds of hours of speech re-          traffic reports, the RL’s real-time traffic                                          Kevin Jost

50 NOVEMBER 2004   aei

Discovery offers
Bosch driver
assistance                                                We’ve got everything covered.                                 SM

For drivers of SUVs, off-road driving can
be challenging. They have to be more
sensitive in the use of the accelerator and
brakes, and know how to get the best
out of the gears and the various drive-
train options. Drivers of Land Rover’s
new Discovery, known as LR3 in the
United States, are getting help from
Bosch’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP),
which offers a number of additional driv-
er-assistance functions that improve ve-
hicle operation on difficult off-road ter-
rain and significantly increase safety un-
der normal on-road driving conditions.

                                                 Seat Belts.Airbags.
                                                 Proven automotive
The Land Rover Discovery’s Bosch-supplied       Caplugs offers a comprehensive selection of products to protect your
ESP improves stability both on- and off-road.   automotive parts and equipment – from tier level to vehicle assembly. We
                                                have worked extensively with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to
    One of the driver-assistance systems        provide both stock and custom product protection solutions.Whether it’s to
on the Discovery is the patented Terrain        protect your automotive parts during the production process or for use on
Response system, which is fitted as stan-        the end product, Caplugs has exactly what you need.
dard equipment on SE and HSE models in
Europe. A rotary switch in the central          Caplugs’ vast product lines of caps, plugs, wraps, edge liners, netting
console allows the driver to select from        and tubing are all available in a wide selection of materials, sizes, colors and
one of five settings based on the type of        styles to meet your unique needs. We offer everything from
terrain. In addition to a general driving       injection-molded plastic and dip-molded vinyl to complete custom
program and one for slippery conditions,        capabilities – from design through production. For more information, call
there are settings for Mud and Ruts,            1-888-CAPLUGS or visit Whatever your application,
Sand, and Rock Crawl. Depending on the          we have it covered.
chosen setting, the system alters the be-
havior of the engine, automatic transmis-
sion, differential locks, and air suspen-                      ™        ™       ™
                                                                                             EDGE    ™         ™
sion. Key to the effectiveness of Terrain                        CAPS   PLUGS   WRAPS       LINERS   NETTING   TUBING

Response is the link to the vehicle’s brak-                     305     306     307      308             309   310
ing control systems— the Electronic
Stability Program (ESP) and its associated
antilock braking system (ABS) and the
traction control system (TCS). The basic
function of ESP is to stabilize the vehicle                                                              ®
when it starts to skid by applying differ-
ential braking force to individual wheels
and reducing engine torque. It now                1-888-CAPLUGS • E-mail: • Fax: 716-874-1680
adapts its intervention to the type of ter-

                                                                                    Circle 251                           aei   NOVEMBER 2004 51
                                                                                                  >>Concept to Reality
rain chosen, with an especially marked
variation in the operation of the TCS,
which prevents the wheels from losing
grip and spinning.
                                                 Brake Control) helps to keep the vehicle
                                                 stable when cornering by controlling
                                                 braking pressure on the individual wheels.
                                                 HBA (Hydraulic Braking Assistance) is de-
                                                                                                      CAN oe
                                                                                                            For CAN, LIN
    In addition to Terrain Response, engi-       signed to produce the shortest possible                    MOST, FlexRay

neers at Bosch and Land Rover integrated         stopping distance under emergency brak-
additional ESP functions for the Discovery.      ing. HDC (Hill Descent Control) maintains
ROM (Roll Over Mitigation) uses the exist-       a low vehicle speed on steep descents
ing ESP sensors to constantly check the          without the driver having to use the                                             New
moving vehicle’s tendency to tilt and            brakes, with ORD (Off Road Detection)                                                5.0!
counter any potential threat of it rolling       using sensors to determine whether the
over by applying differential braking and        vehicle is on- or off-road.
reducing engine torque. CBC (Cornering                                           Kevin Jost

Beru makes Audi tires safer
According to the German
Federal Office of Statistics,
tire defects led to over 1350
serious accidents in 2003 re-
sulting in personal injury. The
German automobile associa-
tion ADAC says that 6.9% of                                                                         Enterprise Wide
all accidents are due to dam-                                                                       Solution from
age to tires and wheels.
    Beru says that roughly                                                                          OEM thru Supplier
one-third of vehicles on the
road have tire pressure at                                                                            Model and Simulate
least 0.2-0.7 bar (3-10 psi)                                                                          Network Behavior
below ideal, which exacer-
bates the problem as well as      Audi’s A6 and A4 can be fitted with the Beru Tire                    Verify the Module
affects vehicle efficiency. For    Safety System.
                                                                                                      Performance (In-
example, a 0.6-bar (9-psi) tire-pressure         not recognized in time, the TSS can
deficiency results in a 4% fuel consump-          alert the driver of a 0.2-bar (3-psi)                the-Loop) Against
tion increase. Experts believe that the cor-     deviation in pressure.                               the Model
rect tire pressure would lead to savings in          In the Audi application, signals from
fuel consumption of approximately 200            the wheel’s electronic control unit are          Specific module and network
million liters per year in Germany alone.        transmitted wirelessly to the vehicle’s cen-     behavior problems are identified,
    Tire wear and service life can be short-     tral electronics. The driver receives an op-     without question, and with ease in
ened by 10% if tire pressure is about            tical and acoustic signal of pressure de-        the early build stages. Reduces cost
0.2 bar (3 psi) too low for long periods,        creases via a display in the instrument          and time delays at 'crunch time'!
according to Beru. This figure rises to           cluster that specifies the specific wheel
around 25% for 0.4 bar (6 psi) less than         involved. The warning is provided in two
ideal pressure, and almost 50% for a             stages. A pressure loss of more than 0.3
0.6-bar (9-psi) deficiency. In addition,          bar (4 psi) on one of the wheels activates
considerably more wear material is re-           a yellow warning requesting that the
leased into the air and soil, damaging           driver check tire pressure. If pressure is
the environment.                                 more than 0.5 bar (7 psi) below the ideal
    For these and other reasons, Audi has        value, or if the tire is losing pressure                          USED BY
decided to fit Beru’s Tire Safety System          quickly, the message delivered to the driv-
(TSS) to the new A4 and A6 Avant as an           er is red, urging he/she stop immediately
option. The Audi A6 sedan has been               and remedy the problem.                                          WORLDWIDE!
available with the direct-measurement                The system is able to take into account
TSS since May 2004.                              minor changes in temperature and pres-
    Beru says advantages of its system           sure caused by, for example, intense sun-
include greater safety due to automatic          shine, hot air coming from the engine, or
monitoring of the tire pressure and tem-         unusual weight distribution of the car,      
perature while parked and during driving.        thus avoiding a false alarm.                             Vector CANtech, Inc.
                                                                                                          39500 Orchard Hill Pl. Ste 550
Because roughly 85% of all burst tires are                                           Kevin Jost           Novi, MI 48375 USA
a result of gradual pressure loss that was                                                                (248) 449-9290

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