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					   Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame

                                     THE FINISH LINE
                                                VOLUME TWO – OCTOBER 2006

                                           The Director says . . .
                                           Big things are happening in Montana with the Law Enforcement Torch
                                           Run and one example is this newsletter, THE FINISH LINE, created and
                                           organized by Lt. Mike Pfau of the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office. Thanks
                                           Mike! Everywhere we look good things are going on around the state. The
                                           Ride for the Flame and Going to the Sun Motorcycle Runs completed their
                                           2nd year, with 2 more Poker Runs run in 2006. The Cruisin’ Glacier Poker
                                           Run organized by Brian Sommers and the Capital City Carry the Torch
                                           Ride organized by Karen Lynch. These events, along with the wide variety
                                           of others which have become well-established over the years, excellent hat
                                           & T-shirt sales, and record Torch Run pledges have combined to bring us
                                           past our goal for 2006! The final number is being crunched, but as of the
                                           end of our fiscal reporting year of August 31st, we have raised a grand total
                                           of, drum roll please ... more than $255,000! This quarter million dollar
                                           threshold will be key for Montana to be recognized for the Sapphire
                                           Award at the upcoming International Torch Run Conference in Buffalo,
                                           NY in November. Awards such as these are key for helping our program
                                           grow. It gives us something to hang our hat on when we approach poten-
                                           tial sponsors and when we are recruiting law enforcement to help out next
                                           year. Everyone likes being part of an award-winning successful program!
                                           We are coming up on the dates for our fall executive council meeting,
                                           which will be combined this year with the Region 8 annual meeting in Big
                                           Fork October 6th & 7th. A big thanks goes out to Grant Holle, who has or-
                                           ganized this event and has taken a strong role as the Region 8 Coordinator.
                                           There are so many hard working, capable people that make this program
                                           work and it would be impossible to recognize everyone in this short article.
                                           Suffice to say, that with record attendance at the Final Leg and Circle of
                                           Honor in Great Falls, record fundraising, and a program that is rock solid,
       LIEUTENANT JACK ALLEN               we are doing it right. Keep it up, Montana!
   GREAT FALLS POLICE DEPARTMENT           Words from the heart (Tami Winchell) . . .
STATE DIRECTOR – MONTANA TORCH RUN         My name is Tamra Winchell. I am a Trooper with the Montana Highway Patrol
                                           and have been for approximately a year and a half. My duty station is Detachment
                                           113, which is responsible for patrolling the Bitterroot Valley. I heard about Special
                                           Olympics, but I didn’t know what it was all about; not until the beginning of this
                                           year. I learned what Special Olympics is and what role law enforcement plays in
                                           promoting this exceptional movement. I became involved in my first Law En-
                                           forcement Torch Run event when I received a phone call from a Missoula County
                                           Deputy (Lt. Mike Pfau) challenging me to participate in the Super Grizzly Dip in
                                           Missoula. I will admit, at first, I was a little apprehensive knowing this fundraiser
                                           consisted of plunging into freezing water during the winter months, but I figured
                                           there was no time better than the present to submerge myself in the Special Olym-
                                           pics & Torch Run experience. Honestly, I have to say that this event opened my
                                           eyes to what Special Olympics is all about. Even though the weather was cold, a
                                           warmth blanketed my body when I witnessed the unity of so many people from
      TROOPER TAMI WINCHELL                different walks of life. Everybody was there for the same purpose; to show their
     MONTANA HIGHWAY PATROL                support and dedication for Special Olympics athletes. After my participation in
     LETR AGENCY COORDINATOR               the Dip, I felt compelled to continue my involvement with Special Olympics by
                                           raising awareness & funds. In May 2006, I had my first involvement with the
                                           Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run. I have to say it is something in my life
                                           that I will never forget. During the Bitterroot Leg, I was responsible for driving
                                           the chase car. As the Torch approached the last half-mile, the crowd began to
                                           gather. In the distance, I could see a group of athletes waiting for us. I could hear
                                           cheering and see their enthusiastic faces. They seemed very excited at our arrival.
                                           I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride when the Torch was
                                           delivered and the athletes welcomed us. It was at that moment in time, I under-
                                           stood how significant the Torch Run was for everyone involved. I had the oppor-
                                           tunity to meet some truly amazing athletes, all of whom shared little pieces of
                                           their lives. Most importantly - they shared their friendship with me. I briefly
         THE FINISH LINE sculpture         write about these occasions to illustrate how inspired I am by Special Olympics
                                           and the Torch Run. By staying involved, I know I am helping to make a positive
                                           difference in the athletes’ lives. To me there is nothing more fulfilling and reward-
                                           ing than that. Additionally, I believe Special Olympics is a model for bringing
                                           forth community awareness of sportsmanship and unity. The true meaning of in-
                                           spiration is discovered the instant one catches a glimpse of the joy and excitement
                                           on an athlete’s face when he or she enters into the “Games.” I am eagerly waiting
                                           to attend my first Circle of Honor in Great Falls in May 2007. I challenge you to
                                           be inspired . . .

                                                Comments, questions or concerns? Contact Lt. Mike Pfau at 406-258-3306 or
 Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame Guardians of the Flame

                                THE FINISH LINE
                                                     PAGE TWO

                                               VOLUME TWO – OCTOBER 2006

                                         Words from the heart (Bill Burt) . . .
                                         Earlier this year I was contacted by Jason Johnson and Mike Pfau. They wanted to know if
                                         I would be interested in participating in Special Olympics by representing Missoula County
                                         as its Leg Leader. Jason provided me with a brief description of the duties and spoke about
                                         its rewards. Being new to the Sheriff’s Office, I was looking for something to do to become
                                         more involved with the department and the community. Having worked in Butte as a po-
                                         lice officer, I was familiar with the Torch Run was and felt this would be a great opportunity
                                         to fill my desire to do something extra. Additionally, I knew this was “A Great Cause”. I
                                         accepted without hesitation. I was invited to the Kick-Off Conference in Great Falls where I
                                         learned a little more about what was expected of me. I stumbled and struggled quite a bit
                                         and constantly worried about what I was doing. Mike and Jason made themselves available
                                         to help but I still found myself stressed out because I didn’t want to be a disappointment or
                                         let anyone down. The dates finally arrived where the Torch arrived and traveled through
                                         the two legs of our county. There were a few stumbling blocks but there was good partici-
       DEPUTY BILL BURT                  pation and we raised a fair amount of money. I felt a real sense of accomplishment know-
MISSOULA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE         ing that our efforts were really helping the athletes. I felt I had some sense of what Jason
                                         was talking about when he spoke of how rewarding it is to be a part of Special Olympics.
  LETR LEG LEADER - MISSOULA             However, it was not until I attended the Final Leg events in Great Falls that I truly got to
                                         experience the rewards. The Final Leg events provided me with the opportunity to interact
                                         with the athletes and their families. I was able to see, first hand, what the Torch Run is and
                                         what it does for so many. I recently had a conversation with Jason where I told him how
                                         much I dislike running but related how wonderful it felt when we turned that final corner
                                         and were being applauded by the athletes and their families. It was at this point where the
                                         real rewards began to hit me (and the first time I ever really enjoyed running). Law En-
                                         forcement work is unique in the sense that we don’t often get to see the end result. So
                                         many other fields, construction workers for example, can look at their project when they
                                         are done and see what they have accomplished. It is not often we get to do that. We just
                                         have to know that the little things we do in our jobs will, at some point, make a difference to
                                         someone. We don’t always get to see it. Participating in the Torch Run in 2006 gave me
                                         that opportunity and I am proud and honored to have been a small part of this process.

                                         A word from the EAST (Jeff Fauque) . . .
                                         Hello out there to all my fellow Torch Runners from across the wonderful state of Montana.
                                         I am Jeff Fauque, one of your Assistant State Torch Run Directors. I am currently assigned
                                         to the Eastern area of Montana. I would first like to say congratulations to all of you on
                                         surpassing our $250,000 goal. What an outstanding achievement. I truly believe we are
                                         in for even bigger and better things in the future. We have seen some real progress and
                                         exciting things going on in the Eastern area of the state. We had a couple leg leaders raise
                                         outstanding amounts this year with their runs. Noel Durham/Cut Bank($5782), Jeff Whit-
                                         low/Plentywood($4309), Bob Barber and Levi Talkington /Lewistown($2330), Don Bros-
                                         trom/Havre($1836) and Tom Miller/Malta($1012). Good Job Guys!! Keep up the good
                                         work. We also are planning our annual Directors Tour. Currently, the plan is to visit the
                                         highline area across North Eastern Montana. You may just get a visit from us in those ar-
                                         eas. Hopefully, we will be able to establish some new "Special Events" this coming year.
                                         All types of events can be super successful (Polar Plunges, Building Sits, Truck Pulls, Bas-
                                         ketball Games, Dunking Booths). You are only limited by your imagination! Anyone inter-
  UNDERSHERIFF JEFF FAUQUE               ested in organizing or helping out with a new "Torch Run Special Event" in their town is
                                         encouraged to either contact myself or Terri Sappington in the Great Falls office. There is
GLACIER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE          still so much potential out there to increase our fundraising for Special Olympics!!! I want
LETR ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - EAST           to say “thank you” all for being inspirations to so many athletes and their families. We have
                                         been given the opportunity to change peoples’ lives. Embrace it! Excel at it! I look forward
                                         to seeing and talking to all of you in the near future.
       Premier Sponsor of the
        Montana Torch Run                ACCORDING TO TERRI SAPPINGTON . . .
                                                 The 2006 LETR Montana Budget is $235,000 (Jan 1 to Dec 31); year to
                                         date we’re at $216,341.42.        We have received $22,141.25 in pledges,
                                         $20,952.90 in t-shirt/hat sales and $28,153.41 in sponsorship dollars.
                                                 The International Torch Run's fiscal year runs from Sept 1 to Aug 31.
                                         During that time frame, the MT Torch Run raised $255,622.35! Good Job
                                                 Montana Police Protective Association has stepped up again as the Pre-
                                         mier Sponsor of the Montana Torch Run. Please recognize them at all Torch
                                         Run events. Banners are available from the state office for your special event.
                                                 Over $10,000 was raised during the poker runs. Going to the Sun –
                                         Cut Bank; Ride for the Flame – Missoula; Cruisin' Glacier - Kalispell and Carry
                                         the Torch Ride – Helena. NEXT - POLAR PLUNGES!

                                         Mark these dates in your calendar book . . .
                                         October 6th & 7th           Executive Committee mtg & Region VIII meeting -
                                                                     (Bigfork, MT)
                                         November 8th – 12th         International LETR Conference (Buffalo, NY)
                                         December 2nd                Great Falls Polar Bear Plunge
                                         December 7th                Stillwater Polar Bare Plunge – Columbus
                                         February 3, 2007            Super Grizzly Dip - Missoula
                                         March 10, 2007              Kickoff Conference & Banquet - Bozeman –
                                                                     Keynote speaker is Gordon Graham-POST credits

                                             Visit for more information regarding
                                                   the Torch Run and Special Olympics MT

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