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                                      February 2010

From the Weaver’s Bench
                                                      I contacted the wool processing mill in Mora.
We have two concurrent exhibits at the present
                                                      They agreed to look at the fleece and give me an
time, the annual Harvey House Show and Sale and
                                                      estimate. I know how dirty that wool was and how
the Color Challenge at the Los Lunas Museum of
                                                      much time it would take to skirt it, pick through
Heritage and Art. If you haven't been by to see
                                                      it, wash it, rinse it and card it. I wasn't asking
them, drop everything and go! Harvey House hours
                                                      for that job! Many dollars and some months later,
are Tuesday through Sunday 1 p.m. To 3 p.m. With
                                                      I picked up 78 pounds of beautiful yarn and fiber.
the exception of Saturdays when the hours are
                                                      Our “Reserve mix” was blended with alpaca to
12:30 to 3:30 through the end of the month. The
                                                      create a knitting yarn. The roving was mixed with
Los Lunas museum hours are Tuesday through
                                                      Rambouillet to create a strong spinning yarn.
Friday 12 p.m. To 5 p.m. And Saturdays from 10 a.m.
                                                      The weaving yarn was created by mixing Lincoln
To 5 p.m. Through April.
                                                      with the “wild wool” to create a strong and easy
                                                      to handle yarn. Carla, the head of operations,
Thank you to the crews that hung both shows. Deb
                                                      created the beautiful New Mexico yarns and
Schwirtz and Don Pippenger hung the Harvey House
                                                      fibers for us.
show. The Los Lunas musuem show was hung by
Terri Greenlee, Dori Sanders, Janice Van
                                                      Then I asked two of my fellow fiber addicts
Havermaat, Diana Dow, Pamela French, and Myra.
                                                      (Diana and Terri) to join me in marketing, dyeing
                                                      and playing with the yarn and fiber. Hence,
I've just woven 5 plus yards of Jerga yardage made
                                                      Suffolk Reserve Yarn and Fiber was created. So
of New Mexico Navajo churro wool. It is my
                                                      now you know the story behind the luscious yarn
submission for the Convergence Yardage exhibit. I
                                                      and fiber. Terri says the yarn is great for
counted 185 color changes in the weft. Whew!
                                                      knitting, number 6 needles, 1 skein for a hat, 2
First hurdle down, next hurdle is to get accepted!
                                                      skeins for a scarf. I have been spinning the
It has been such fun to be in the studio lately!
                                                      roving, both natural and dyed, with good results!
Recently, a member asked about Suffolk Reserve.       Now, if we could get Deb to put her skein on a
Suffolk Reserve came into existence when I was        loom and test weave it!
given 100 pounds of Suffolk and other sheep fleece,
                                                      Keep your hands on the fiber!
raw and extremely dirty. The wool came from a
                                                      Myra Chang Thompson
grazing herd in Reserve, New Mexico. The rancher
knows a friend who mentioned, casually, that she
had a friend who was spinning and weaving. Friends!
What would we do without them?
Reminders: Volunteers needed for demonstrating at the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts on
Fridays and Saturdays. Call Diana to sign up. A working loom is set up and ready to weave (Please bring
your own weft and shuttle). A bulky spinning wheel is also available, again bring your own fiber. Feel
free to bring your own equipment or current project and talk with the public about it!

Harvey House Museum: Our demonstration and host day is on Saturday, February 20. We are
responsible for food and hosting demonstrations. Please sign up with Don, by calling 864-0116, leave a
message. Barbara Price has offered to sit and work at the exhibit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other
weekdays and weekends are available. Please call Don.

Upcoming programs:
Guild Meetings:
Unless otherwise announced, we meet the third Saturday of each month. We do not have a business
meeting or program in February due to the Harvey House show and sale.
Please remember that we are responsible for refreshments and demonstrations on Saturday, February
20 at the Harvey House Museum. Maureen asks that we serve nothing with powdered sugar! Please plan
to attend.

March 20th meeting: We will meet in the former chapel at the First Baptist Church for a slideshow and
discussion of Jergas in Colonial New Mexico. Myra Chang Thompson will be the speaker.
Jergas―The Utility Cloth of Spanish Colonial New Mexico,” a talk and slide show will be led by Myra Chang
Thompson. Myra has completed extensive research in New Mexico museums and has viewed the world's
largest collection of jergas previously owned by the Minge family. Share her fascination with this simple textile
at the March meeting.
April 17th meeting: Working session for Convergence “give aways”-- to be announced! This project
will require two working sessions.

Lace Light – from Terri Greenlee
When: Knit Night on Thursday March 25th
What you need:
      Yarn: 700 yds. or so. The pattern calls for La Bottega Yarns, “Marinella”,
          but any lace weight yarn will do. If that’s too small for you, I recommend
          using a fingering/sock weight yarn.
      Knitting needles: The pattern calls for size 3 needles. Once again, if that’s
          too small for you, a size 6 needle will make nice lace. Anything in between
          will be fine too. I recommend 24” circular knitting needles to
          accommodate the knitting as it grows.
      Pattern: The pattern is on Ravelry ( here:
 If you
          can’t get it online, let me know and I’ll have a few printed copies ready.
          This pattern is free for individual use so we can have as many as we need
          but we may not sell either the pattern or the shawls we make with it.
I will get you started on this shawl so you can get a hang of the lace stitches and the direction of the knitting. It starts at
the top center and grows out and down.
Loom for sale: practically brand new; paid $1,500.00, will sell for $1,200.00 to move it. Standard Rio
Grande Loom retails at $2,900.00 (this is the true value); 45" good for someone around 5"2-5"6. Four-
harness, four treadle, counterbalanced action; Wood is Alder a semi-hard wood; Extra reed included as
well as a warping mill (extra's for free) Video tape to show how to set it up. Call Renee at (505) 898-7848
or email to located in Corrales; Or contact Deanna Baca she
may be able to help with transport if needed.
2010 Executive Board
President        Myra Chang Thompson                864-0876
Vice President   Don Pippinger                      864-0116
Secretary        Sally Nittler                      864-8685
Treasurer        Terri Greenlee                     681-7421
Member at Large Diana Dow                           864-7097
Hospitality      B. J. Boyd                         865-0299
                 Barbara Price                      861-1558
Newsletter       Mary Curik                         865-7044
Outreach         Diana Dow                          864-7097
                 Sue Phelps                         508-7331

Note our new PO Box address - - Send all correspondence to :
Valencia County Fiber to Finish Guild
P. O. Box 1613 Belen, NM 87002-1613

FIBER TO FINISH IS ON THE WEB Check out the guild’s home on the web at .
You’ll be able to see the newsletters on line – the minutes from each month’s meeting are in the newsletter as
well. There’s also photos and notes posted from some of the classes and presentations the guild has given.

At the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts…..and fencing???
                               January 16, 2010 Fiber to Finish Guild Meeting Notes
The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by President Myra Chang –Thompson following a program by Ruth Ronan.
Show and tell: members have been busy creating; Terri Greenlee will offer a scarf class for $5 at her house with a
potluck, the date to be set.

The Fiber Arts Festival is Jan. 30 – Feb 27. Please bring your items to the Harvey House Jan. 29 between 10:00 a.m. and
noon with the inventory sheet. Our next meeting will be at the Harvey House Feb 20 at 1:00 p.m. We will provide
refreshments on that day. The opening day for the show is Jan 30.
The newly elected executive committee is:
     President: Myra Chang-Thompson
     Vice-President: Don Peppinger
     Secretary: Sally Nittler
     Treasurer: Terri Greenlee

Annual dues: The annual dues of $12 are due for 2010. Treasurer Terri Greenlee will be collecting the dues.

The show is set up at the Heritage Museum in Los Lunas. Members may sign up to present demonstrations for the
opening next Sat., Jan. 23. The museum will have refreshments and you may contribute if you wish. The show will be up
thru the end of April.

Sally announced the Belen Art Gallery is having an open house Jan. 23 and 24 to showcase their new addition. Also, their
Valentine’s Tea will be Feb. 14. The tickets are $8 and are available at the gallery. She invited anyone to join the league
and display their work at the gallery.

Myra announced a committee will meet with Maureen McMillan to set a donation fee that will be fair to all groups
showing at the Harvey House.

Barbara Price reported the youth league was progressing slowly and only had two members at the time and F2F should
hold off on writing the check for their donation.

Mary Curik reported on the weaving for children at the Peralta Elementary. The Librarian that has been in charge is
retiring and volunteers are needed to keep the program going. The children have been learning bobbin lace also known
as bobbin weaving. There are now 50 – 60 children participating.
Mary thanked all those who helped with the Bosque Fiber Fest in December.

Barbara Price announced if anyone was interested in taking a rag rug class she would give them Heidi Craig’s phone
number. Heidi is the instructor.

Terri Greenlee is working on the color challenge to be shown at Village Wools in July.

Myra talked about the Convergence International Fiber Arts Conference to be held in Albuquerque in July. She
encouraged everyone to attend. There will be many seminars, classes, workshops and fashion shows that will be
interesting and entertaining.

Mary Curik announced she would put the shoulder shapes from Ruth Ronan on the web.
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Sally Nittler

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