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					             September 2007, Vol. 6 No. 1

                                            Positive Changes
                                            Students who returned this fall no-
                                                                                  now a great place to
                                                                                  get together and ask
State University of New York

                                            ticed a series of changes on cam-     your friends how
                                            pus: a new logo and tag line “In-     their day is going.
                                            spiring Minds. Changing Lives,”       It’s something all
                                            welcome banners and signs, and        the students should
                                            an expansive new Agora; all           be proud of.”
                                            designed to make SUNY Delhi a
                                            great place to be.                    “I think Delhi
                                                                                  is making great
                                            “This is a huge time for Delhi,”      changes,” says            Caroline Spencer, a Liberal Arts major from Rochester, takes a moment to
                                            says Brian Wallenhorst, a sec-        Traci Upton, an           speak with fellow student Brian Wallenhorst on Delhi’s new Agora, now an
                                            ond-year student majoring in Ho-      Information Tech-
                                                                                                            expansive space for students to enjoy. The college took the opportunity to
                                            tel and Resort Management and         nology student.
                                            vice president of Student Senate.     She came back to          renovate the space as part of a major construction project that replaced
                                            “The recent rankings and the new      SUNY Delhi after          the campus steam line system.
                                            logo are the start of something       graduating with an
                                            great for this college. I can see     associate’s degree                   This year’s orientation was the   branding campaign as a basis for
                                            that the SUNY Delhi name is get-      in Business Administration and is perfect opportunity to showcase      this year’s orientation theme ‘Get
                                            ting out there. I know that we’re     now pursuing a bachelor’s degree the positive changes taking place, Inspired’,” says Osterhoudt. “It’s
                                            on top of the list for students       in Information Technology. “The      according to Lori Osterhoudt,     such an upbeat, positive message.
                                            considering this college.”            new logo is more sophisticated       Director of Counseling Services.  It just made so much sense to use
                                                                                  and the college’s tag line says that She’s led Delhi’s orientation     it.”
                                            Wallenhorst mentions that stu-        Delhi students are inspired. I think activities for over 10 years. “I
                                            dents have also taken notice of the   the yellow is a great accent color. have to give credit to Joel Smith All incoming freshmen received
                                            refurbished Agora. “I was happy       It makes the banners and signs       and Barbara Jones for coming      a t-shirt with the “Get Inspired”
                                            to see benches were added. It’s       stand out around campus.”            up with the idea of using the new                              (cont.)
                                                                                                                    message and the new colors. As a
CampusScoop                                             Q & A with…                                                 spin-off, orientation leaders and
                                                                                                                    Residence Assistants who partici-
                                                        Clark Shah-Nelson                                           pated in a combined training for
                                                                                                                    the event sported shirts that read
                                                         Occupation: Coordinator of Online Education                “I’m Inspired.”

                                                         Birthplace: Cedar Falls, Iowa                              Wallenhorst participated in orien-
                                                                                                                    tation as a Resident Assistant and
                                                          Education: A master’s degree in Instructional             has seen a change in the type of
                                                          Technology from University of Colorado, a bachelor’s      students who are coming to Delhi.
                                                          degree in German and Scandinavian Studies from            “All the new students on my floor
                                                                                                                    got along immediately. I’ve never
                                                           Luther College, Decorah, Iowa.
                                                                                                                    seen such a large group of people
                                                           What do you like most about your job?                    with many different backgrounds
                                                                                                                    get along so well.”
                                                           It’s a nice combination of technology, creativity and
                                                            working with great people in a pastoral environment.    Upton says that Delhi students are
                                                                                                                    more involved than ever. “I serve
                                                          Who do you most admire? My son, Rishi. He’s only          on the Student Programming
              five months old, so it’s hard not to sit around and admire him.                                        Board and for every event I’ve
                                                                                                                    worked at this year, all the seats
              What do you consider to be SUNY Delhi’s hidden gem? Leslie Mokay’s cinnamon rolls. I                  have been filled.” Commenting
              first tried one when the Human Resources department sold them as a fundraiser for Relay for Life.      on this involvement, orientation,
              Then Leslie made them for someone in our department, and I was completely envious. That’s when        and the atmosphere in general,
              I asked about her mastery of cinnamon rolls and she baked some for me. I had one today, actually.     she adds, “We’ve had such a great
                                                                                                                    start to the year. It can only get
              What is your greatest achievement? I think it was pretty cool that I was able to work as              better!”
              a professional actor in New York, Los Angeles, Spain and around the world. I’ve also had some
                                                                                                                    More about the Orientation Fall
              success as a professional musician and toured Europe. My recording partner and I recently released    2007 on page 9.
              a record on a New York City label. I tend to be very interested in many different things and pursue
              them with vigor.                                                                                            Share your
              If you could change jobs with someone for a day, who would that be? I would say Jack                        news with
              Black, the actor. I couldn’t compare to his talent and his looks, but I always wanted to work on a         Delhi People!
              big feature film. I think if we switched, he’d make a fine addition to SUNY Delhi. I’d like to see          Contact Kim MacLeod
                                                                                                                       Bush Hall 143 Ext. 4603
     2        what he would do with online education.
                 Learning Leadership
                                                                                                                        for the SUNY Council of Chief
CampusCurrents                                                                      Kudos                               Student Affairs Officers.
                                                                                   SUNY Delhi was ranked in the
                                                                                                                        The Deans’ Council awarded
                                                                                   Top 45 baccalaureate colleges in
                                                                                                                        Associate Professor Dave
                                                                                   the North in the 2008 U.S. News
                                                                                                                        Hultenius a professional devel-
                                                                                   and World Report’s “America’s
                                                                                                                        opment grant of $215 to attend the
                                                                                   Best Colleges.” This is the first
                                                                                                                        seminar “Challenges of Structural
                                                                                   time the college has earned this
                                                                                                                        Renovation: New York and Be-
                                                                                                                        yond” in Albany in October.
                                                                                   The college’s
                                                                                                                                  Senior Assistant Librar-
                                                                                                                                  ian Steve Dixon, In-
                                                                                                                                 structor Julee Miller, and
                                                                                   ment pro-
                                                                                                                                Instructional Support As-
                                                                                   grams were
                                                                                                                               sociate Cheryl Peletz have
                                                                                                                              been invited to select books
                                                                                                                             of their choice to be added to
                                                                                   the top
                                                                                                                            the Resnick Library collection.
                                                                                                                           This is in honor of Dixon and
                 CIO Patrick Masson graduated this summer from the SUNY                                                   Miller achieving continuing ap-
                 Leadership Program, which offers a two-year certificate through                                          pointment and Peletz for achiev-
                                                                                   ties in the nation and
                 Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations,                                         ing permanent appointment.
                                                                                   the best in New York State for
                 Management Development Program.                                   golf/turf management by TurfNet
                                                                                                                        Associate Professor José Me-
                                                                                   magazine. The college’s two-year
                                                                                                                        dina was recognized by the
                                                                                   program was ranked fifth while
                 The program is designed to meet the operational and personal                                           women’s soccer team as “Person
                                                                                   its four-year program was ranked
                 needs of a higher-level manager whose functions include identi-                                        of the Week.”
                                                                                   14th in the nation.
                 fying and communicating organizational direction, the dynamics
                 of large-group management, thinking strategically within and      A total of 144 students achieved      Promotions
                 beyond the organization, and advanced communication tech-         high honors (3.75-4.00 GPA) and
                                                                                   150 achieved honors (3.50-3.74       Stephen McKeegan has been
                                                                                   GPA) during the Spring 2007          promoted from Associate Profes-
                                                                                   semester.                            sor to Professor.
                 Pictured are Masson (left) at the graduation ceremony in Albany
                 and Brian Hutzley, Vice President for Business Affairs, (right)   Barbara Jones, Vice President        Dr. Marsha Stock has been pro-
       3         who attended on Masson’s behalf.                                  for Student Life, was elected to a   moted from Associate Professor to
                                                                                   two-year term as Vice President      Professor.
                 Floyd Vogt has been promoted         Janice Hall has been promoted
CampusCurrents   from Associate Professor to Pro-     from Keyboard Specialist I to           Hogwart Advice
                 fessor.                              Secretary I in the Learning Center.

                 Richard Golding has been pro-        Debra McLaughlin has been
                 moted from Assistant Professor to    promoted from Keyboard Special-
                 Associate Professor.                 ist I to Secretary I for University
                 Dr. Terry Hamblin has been pro-
                 moted from Assistant Professor to    Louis Reyes has been promoted
                 Associate Professor.                 from Associate EOP Counselor to
                                                      EOP Counselor.
                 Pam Peters, Director of the
                 Library, has been promoted from      Lisa Thompson has been pro-
                 Senior Assistant Librarian to As-    moted from Cleaner to Janitor.
                 sociate Librarian.
                                                      Jennifer Troxell has been pro-
                 Eric Robert has been promoted        moted from Student Activities
                 from Assistant Professor to Asso-    Associate to Assistant Director of
                 ciate Professor.                     Student Activities.
                 Joan Erickson has been pro-          Mary Wake has been promoted             Associate Professor Alan Franks, Veterinary Science Technology
                 moted from Instructor to Assistant   from Interim Judicial Coordinator       Department Chair, had the honor of giving the keynote speech at
                 Professor.                           to Assistant Director of Counsel-       this year’s convocation as the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s
                                                      ing Services.
                 David Krzyston has been pro-                                                 Award for Excellence in Teaching. Professor Franks gave a rousing
                 moted from Instructor to Assistant                                           speech that related the experiences of Delhi students to that of the
                 Professor.                            New Faces                              Jedi of Star Wars and the students of Hogwarts School of Witch-
                 Jamie Rotter has been promoted       Philip Hubbard has joined Delhi         craft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter stories.
                 from Instructor to Assistant Pro-    as the Dean of Technology. He
                 fessor.                              holds an Ed.S. in Higher Educa-       nity services at Fulton-Montgom-     Joining the Delhi family are
                                                      tion Administration from the          ery Community College.               Residence Hall Directors José
                 Joe Batchelder has been pro-
                                                      University of Missouri, Kansas                                             Sanchez, Seth Warren, Albin
                 moted from Facilities Staff As-
                                                      City, an M.S. in Human Resources      Dr. Deborah Adelman is an As-        J. Cich, and Matthew Juba.
                 sistant to Capital Construction
                                                      Management from Binghamton            sociate Professor of Nursing for     Sanchez holds a B.A. in Com-
                                                      University, and a B.S. in Market-     Delhi’s new online B.S.N. degree.    munications from SUNY New
                 Carol Bishop has been promoted       ing from Missouri State Univer-       She holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in     Paltz and is pursuing a master’s
                                                      sity. He recently served as vice      Nursing, as well as a B.S.N. from    degree in Higher Education from
       4         from Controller to Director of
                 Business Affairs.                    president for student and commu-      the University of Illinois.          Binghamton University. War-
                                                                                            New to the college’s Health          Information Services and a B.S.
CampusCurrents    A Permanent Mark                                                          Center is Maria Wesley, Key-         in Political Science from Florida
                                                                   New to this year’s       board Specialist I, and Christian    State University. She comes to
                                                                   September 11             Vesterfelt, Counselor. Wesley        Delhi from Thammasat Univer-
                                                                   Remembrance              holds a Master of Public Health      sity Bangkok, where she taught
                                                                                            from the University of Michigan      architecture. Newsome holds an
                                                                   Ceremony was the
                                                                                            and was previously employed by       M.S. in Education from the Col-
                                                                   addition of a per-       Eastern Tennessee State Univer-      lege of Saint Rose and a Bachelor
                                                                   manent plaque in         sity and Hartwick College. Vester-   of Architecture from the Univer-
                                                                   memory of those          felt holds an M.S.W. from the        sity of Florida. He recently served
                                                                   who perished on          University of South Carolina and     as a professor of architecture at
                                                                                            a B.S. in Marriage, Family and       Dutchess Community College.
                                                                   that fateful day.
                                                                                            Human Development from Bring-
                                                                   The plaque, which        ham Young University. He previ-
                                                                   simply reads “A          ously worked for the University of   Alan Smith joins the Technology
                                                                                            South Carolina’s Counseling and      Division as an Instructor of Car-
                                                                   Living Remem-
                                                                                            Human Development Center.            pentry. He holds an A.O.S. from
                                                                   brance, September                                             SUNY Delhi in Carpentry.
                                                                   11, 2001” was
                                                                                            LouAnn Matthews-Babcock
                                                                   donated by the                                                Seven new faculty members are
                                                                                            is the new Coordinator of Judicial
                                                                   Student Senate last                                           teaching in the Liberal Arts and
                                                                                            Affairs and Community Develop-
                                                                                                                                 Sciences Division. Dr. Daniel
                                                                   spring and was           ment. She holds an M.S. in Edu-
                                                                                                                                 Klossner is an Assistant Profes-
                                                                   placed at the base       cational Administration and Policy
                                                                                                                                 sor of Science. He holds a Ph.D.
                   of the Bradford Callery Pear tree, which was planted as a memo-          Studies from SUNY Albany and a
                                                                                                                                 in Biological Sciences from Bing-
                                                                                            B.A. in Communication Arts from
                   rial at SUNY Delhi’s Remembrance Ceremony in 2003.                                                            hamton University and a B.A. in
                                                                                            Utica College of Syracuse Univer-
                                                                                                                                 Biological Sciences from Elmira
                                                                                            sity. She recently served as area
                                                                                                                                 College. Dr. John Reeher is an
                 ren holds a B.A. in History from     ment and Communication Studies        coordinator for residence life at
                                                                                                                                 Assistant Professor of Science. He
                 Plymouth State University in New     from SUNY Cortland and served         SUNY Morrisville.
                                                                                                                                 holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chem-
                 Hampshire and previously served      recently as a residence hall direc-                                        istry from Iowa State University
                 as a residence hall director at      tor at SUNY Oneonta.                  Two new faculty members, Assis-      and an A.B. in Chemistry from
                 Post University in Waterbury, CT.                                          tant Professors Deborah Barrow       Thiel College, PA. He comes to
                 Cich holds a B.A. in English from    Amanda Fucci-Bartoszek is             and Paul Newsome, have been          Delhi from Finger Lakes Com-
                 SUNY Fredonia and is pursu-          the new Alumni Center Coordina-       hired to teach Architecture De-      munity College. Dr. Jack Tes-
                 ing a master’s degree in College     tor. She holds an M.B.A. from the     sign and Building. Barrow holds      sier is an Assistant Professor for
                 Student Personnel Administra-        College of Saint Rose as well as      a Master of Architecture from        the college’s new Environmental
       5         tion from Canisus College. Juba      a B.S. in Marketing and Manage-       the University of Colorado, as       Studies degree. He holds a Ph.D.
                 holds a B.A. in Sports Manage-       ment from Siena College.              well as a Master of Library and      in Environmental and Forest
                 Biology from SUNY ESF as well         an A.A. in English from Concordia
CampusCurrents   as an M.A. and B.A. in Biology
                 from SUNY Geneseo. Dr. Amber

                 Tatnall is an Assistant Professor     Five new Cleaners have joined
                 of Social Sciences. She holds a       SUNY Delhi—Deborah Bu-
                 Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational    dine, Michelle Bain, Benny
                 Psychology from Capella Uni-          Morales, and the mother and
                 versity, an M.S. in Rehabilitation    daughter team Kathleen and
                 Counseling from Syracuse Uni-         Sally Niece.
                 versity, and a B.A in Psychology
                 from Binghamton University. Dr.       Christina Viafore and Sylvia
                 Tatnall recently served as a train-   Quick have been hired to staff
                 ing consultant in California. Dr.     Delhi’s water quality testing labo-
                 Penny Pardoe is an Assistant          ratory. Lab Director Viafore holds
                 Professor in Social Sciences. She     a B.S. in Biology from SUNY
                 holds a Ph.D. in Contemporary         Geneseo and comes to Delhi from
                 Politics and History and an M.A.      DMV International. Lab Tech-            Registrar Richard Nabinger (center) received his emeriti cer-
                 in International Relations Intel-     nician Quick holds an M.A. in
                                                                                               tificate from President Candace Vancko (far left) in August. Presi-
                 ligence from Salford University,      Teaching from Binghamton Uni-
                 and a B.A. in Politics and Con-       versity and a B.S. in Biochemistry      dent Vancko and Provost Dennis Callas visited Nabinger at Fox
                 temporary History from Rivier         from SUNY Buffalo. Quick re-            Memorial for the presentation. They were joined by his wife, Pat
                 College. Dr. Pardoe has taught        cently served as a quality control      (far right).
                 previously at the University of       technician at TYCO Healthcare in
                 Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Susan          Hobart.
                 Greenwood is an Assistant                                                   ity Division. Dr. Peter Clement      Shannon Shoemaker returns as
                 Professor of Science. She holds a     Barbara Hein is the Direc-            is an Assistant Professor of Busi-   an Instructor. She holds an M.S. in
                 Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from     tor of the Center of Excellence       ness and Information Technology.     Education from SUNY Potsdam,
                 the Medical College of Geor-          in WATER. She holds a B.A. in         He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy       a B.S. in Business and Distribu-
                 gia and a B.S. in Biology from        Psychology from Rutgers Uni-          and an M.S. in Educational           tive Education, an A.A. in Busi-
                 Augusta State University. Dr.         versity and an Ed. M. in College      Leadership and Policy Analysis       ness Administration from SUNY
                 Greenwood previously taught at        Counseling and Student Person-        from the University of Wiscon-       Delhi. Shoemaker recently taught
                 Midlands Technical College and        nel Administration from SUNY          sin-Madison, an M.B.A. from          Business and Office Technology
                 Georgia Military College. Martin      Buffalo. She previously held the      Eastern New Mexico University,       at Coastal Georgia Community
                 Christiansen returns to SUNY          position of Interim Grants Officer     a B.S. in Hospitality Administra-    College. Lee Heron is an Instruc-
                 Delhi as an English Instructor. He    at SUNY Delhi.                        tion from Christelijke Hogeschool    tor for Hospitality Management.
                 holds an M.A. in English from                                               Nederland University, and a B.S.     She holds a bachelor’s degree
                 Michigan University, a B.A. in        Three new faculty members are         in Economics from Southern           in Business Administration with
       6         English and Speech/Drama, and         new to the Business and Hospital-     University and A&M College.          a specialization in Hospitality
                  Shop Talk
                                                                                          ence Technology program. With        received an associate’s degree in
CampusCurrents                                                                            over 20 years of experience in the
                                                                                          veterinary medical profession, she
                                                                                                                               HVAC from SUNY Delhi.

                                                                                          holds a Ph.D. from the University    Dr. Debra Reif is the Assistant
                                                                                          of Akron School of Law, a B.S. in    Professor/Coordinator of Inter-In-
                                                                                          Communications from Cleveland        stitutional Programs at Schenect-
                                                                                          State University, and an A.S. in     ady County Community College.
                                                                                          Veterinary Technology from St.       She holds a Ph.D. in Business
                                                                                          Petersburg College. She recently     Management from Rensselaer
                                                                                          served as a hospital administra-     Polytechnic Institute, and an
                                                                                          tor for Richfield Animal Medical      M.B.A. and M.S. in Accounting
                                                                                          Center in Ohio.                      from the University at Albany.

                                                                                          Naomi Benjamin has been
                                                                                          named Secretary I for Student
                                                                                                                                New Assignments
                                                                                          Activities.                          Rosalie Higgins, former Dean
                                                                                                                               of Business and Hospitality, has
                                                                                          James Willmott has joined the        come back from retirement to
                                                                                          Applied Sciences and Recreation      serve as liaison to SUNY Delhi’s
                    Michigan artist Mark Beltchenko (far left) visited the Delhi
                                                                                          Division as an Assistant Professor   bachelor’s programs offered at
                    campus to view the site for the installation of a sculpture he is     who will be teaching Golf Course     Schenectady County Community
                    creating for the college. As a sculptor of metal, he was interested   Management, Turf Management          College.
                    in visiting with faculty from the Welding program. Assistant Pro-     and Plant Pathology. He holds
                                                                                          an M.S. in Plant Pathology and       Instructor Donald Reynolds is
                    fessors Gerry Scheck (center) and Chris Mignier (far right)
                                                                                          Physiology from Virginia Tech        now full-time in Hospitality Man-
                    were happy to show Beltchenko the college welding facility and                                             agement.
                                                                                          and a B.S. in Plant and Soil Sci-
                    share with him some of their own techniques.                          ences, Cum Laude, from West
                                                                                                                               David Brower has moved from
                                                                                          Virginia University.
                                                                                                                               Schenectady County Community
                 Management from Bowling Green        rollment Counselor. He comes to
                                                                                                                               College to an Assistant Professor
                 State University. Currently pursu-   SUNY Delhi after serving as the     Jason Guy is a Mechanic for
                                                                                                                               in Hospitality Management on the
                 ing an M.B.A. at Tiffin University,   assistant coach at Monroe Com-      Facilities. He has received diplo-
                                                                                                                               Delhi campus.
                 she has worked for Marriott Inter-   munity College in Rochester for     mas from Ohio Technical Col-
                 national in Ohio, Florida, Georgia   the past three seasons. He holds    lege and recently served as a line   Nicole Kirby is now an Associate
                 and Washington, D.C.                 a B.A. in History from St. John     technician for Royal Chrysler of     EOP Counselor.
                                                      Fisher College.                     Oneonta. Also new to Facilities is
                 New to the Athletics Department                                          Plant Utilities Assistant Richard    Mike Buel is now extending his
                 is Robert Schoener as Head           Dr. Erika Fogle is an Assistant     Hood, and Plant Utilities Helper     technical support within CIS to
                 Men’s Basketball Coach and En-       Professor for the Veterinary Sci-   Wilford Barnhart. Barnhart           cover the Help Desk.
                 Jeff Stedman has been named          CIO Patrick Masson presented          Kathy Decker, Secretary I,
CampusCurrents   Coordinator of Academic Advise-      a paper at the 2007 SUNY Con-         retired in June after 28 years of       4 things you need to know
                 ment.                                ference on Institutional Technol-     service to SUNY Delhi.                  about   Residence Life
                                                      ogy entitled “User Designers and
                 Jamie MacNaught has moved
                 to the Hospitality Management
                                                      Other Agile and Iterative Ap-
                                                      proaches in Technology Deploy-
                                                                                            Janet Bodisco Massink, Nurse
                                                                                            I, retired this June after 21 years
                                                                                                                                    1 As a residential college,
                 department as Secretary I.           ment, Use and Management.” He         of service to SUNY Delhi.               65% of SUNY Delhi students
                                                      co-authored the paper with Dr.                                                live on campus.
                 Christina Wildenstein, Nurse         Ken Udas, Executive Director of
                 I, is now full-time in the Health
                                                      the Penn State World Campus.           In Print                               2 For students living in the
                                                                                            SUNY Delhi was featured in the          residence halls, there is at
                                                      Clark Shah-
                                                      Nelson, Coordinator of Online                      New York State Hos-        least one Resident Assis-
                   Out and About                      Learning, was the                                  pitality and Tourism       tant on each floor, creating
                                                      featured                                            Association’s July        a 30:1 student-to-staff ratio.
                 Professor Mary Jane Giarrusso-                                                            newsletter. Busi-
                                                      speaker at
                 Wilkin traveled to the Dominican
                 Republic with a group of nursing
                                                      the Spring
                                                      2007 Capi-
                                                                                                            ness and Hospital-
                                                                                                             ity Dean Mike          3 Each residential student
                 students to learn about caring for
                                                      tol District                                            Petrillose was        receives cable service,
                 diverse patients.                                                                             quoted on how        telephone service, wireless
                                                      Technology                                                the hotel indus-    internet service, free laun-
                 Annual Fund Coordinator Paul                                                                    try can work
                                                      Group Confer-                                                                 dry, use of recreational/TV
                 MacDonald’s work was selected                                                                    with colleges
                                                      ence, “Podcasts:
                 this summer for the 72nd Annual                                                                   to improve       lounges, and all halls are
                                                      What is Ev-
                 Cooperstown Art Association’s                                                                      skills for      within a short walk of all
                                                      eryone Doing?”
                 National Art Exhibition.                                                                            future ho-     campus facilities and re-
                                                      at the College
                                                      of Saint Rose in                                                teliers and   sources.
                 Director of Career Services Lou                                                                    how it can
                 Shields presented the workshop       Albany.
                 “Career Exploration: A New Age
                                                                                                       enhance present hospi-
                                                                                            tality programs.                        4 Three Living-Learning
                 Approach” to 120 high school          Retiring                                                                     Environments operate on
                 juniors at the annual Rotary Youth
                                                                                                                                    campus (Veterinary Sci-
                 Leadership Awards (RYLA)             Joyce Sen, Assistant Librarian,        Births
                 Program at Hartwick College. He                                                                                    ence Technology; Nursing;
                                                      retired in August after 10 years of
                 also presented “Delivering Career    service to SUNY Delhi.                Joan Townsend, Personnel                and Golf, Plant Sciences &
                 Services to Online Learners” at                                            Associate, welcomes grandson            Recreation) to help bridge
                 the annual SUNY Career Devel-        Richard Nabinger, Registrar,          Caelon Michael Townsend,
                                                                                                                                    academic and residential
                 opment Organization Conference       retired in August after 30 years of   born to son Eli and wife Michele
       8                                                                                                                            life.
                 in Canandaigua.                      service to SUNY Delhi.                on September 16.
CampusCurrents   Getting Inspired

                          This year’s theme to orientation was “Get Inspired” and the day wasn’t short on inspiration with the new look to the
                          campus. Images from Orientation Fall 2007 (clockwise): Delhi’s new welcome banners; Kevin Brodie of the men’s
                          soccer team who came to SUNY Delhi from Canada; President Candace Vancko (left) helped parents and students;
                          Dean of Business and Hospitality Mike Petrillose; student volunteers Jillian Anderson, Lauren Lecour-John-
                          son and Cassie Greene; Glenda Roberts, Director of Business and Community Services; students Mike Sloat
      9                   and Deanna Scott at convocation; Resident Assistant José Louis.

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