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					                                       Sun Aug 22, 2004

                                       FOR FB AND BUDDHA

                                           It's not a plane...
                         Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 22, 04 | 6:03 pm | Profile

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                                              This Is Cool


This is one of those stories that show to me that things are getting better in Iraq. It gives the people
                             there hope and something to be excited about.
                             Posted by: UziQ on Aug 22, 04 | 10:45 am | Profile

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                                Yarbz Sunday Morning PhotoShop:
    Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 22, 04 | 7:19 am | Profile

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              Sat Aug 21, 2004

     Yarbz Saturday Morning PhotoShop:
                                 Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 21, 04 | 8:00 am | Profile

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                                             Fri Aug 20, 2004

                                             Regarding Robattack:

  Rob emailed me an told me he was not going to blog here any longer. He was very gracious in telling me that this
   site was not a great fit for him. I told him to feel free to come back and visit anytime. Thanks Rob for your
                      contributions and best of luck finding your right venue. -Cheers, Yarbz.
                                  Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 20, 04 | 7:11 pm | Profile

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                                             A Bear named Yarbz

  A black bear in a campground in Seattle apparently really likes Ranier beer. He liked it so much, he slammed 36
cans and then passed out in a tree. They had to lure the creature down with more Ranier! As we all know, Yarbz was
not around yesterday and he claims to have stayed home to let the TV repair dude in, but I suspect the truth is, he
                  donned a bear costume, headed to Seattle and got some free cold ones. More...
                               Posted by: FloridaBill on Aug 20, 04 | 2:56 pm | Profile
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                                 Notice to everyone:

 This blog is not about any one topic. It is a mix of things and most
 importantly, it is a place where people with diverse ideas (right or
left, right or wrong) can be creative, humorous, sophomoric, stupid,
            silly etc etc etc. Occasionally we are serious.

                  There are TWO cardinal rules:

                              1) No Porn
                         2) No personal attacks

We have never had a problem with number 1. We have in the past
 and occasionally recently had a problem with number 2. I will say
this only one time, to all Jugheads new and old, disagreement and
arguing are fine. Making it personal (i.e.: "your an idiot", "get your
  head out of you ass", blah blah blah) will ruin the recreational
                        qualities of the blog.

 Make it fun and keep it happy. Don't say "you are so stupid", say,
 "Republicans are so stupid" or "Democrats are so stupid"… You'll
have a better chance of the other person hearing what you have to

 This is not hard to do. Be kind and hug a lefty or a righty today!

                                I have spoken...

Everyone (mandatory): In the comment area below, please indicate
             "Yes I Agree" or "No you are wrong"
                     Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 20, 04 | 2:12 pm | Profile

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                                         Ted Kennedy is a terrorist

It seems that the Donk's favorite boozer is on the Airlines' "do not fly" watch list. Nothing could be more fitting.
   Since he can't drive and can't fly, perhaps retirement and silence is finally in order from this giant windbag.
                               Posted by: FloridaBill on Aug 20, 04 | 9:47 am | Profile

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                           DROWN PEOPLE BUT DON'T RACIAL PROFILE

                      Reports of suspicious activity at Bagnell Dam 'got a little out of hand'
                                           By MELINDA A. WILLIAMS
                                                   News Tribune

    Reports of suspicious activity at the Bagnell Dam have been blown out of proportion, say Lake Ozark Police
                                  Department and Missouri Water Patrol officials.

              "It just kind of got a little out of hand," said Lake Ozark Police Chief Lt. John Hasker.

According to radio and television reports, people, possibly of Middle Eastern descent, have been asking rental boat
  retailers detailed questions about the dam in recent weeks. There also was a report of a nighttime call to the
               Water Patrol about a boat with no lights on idling near a set of dam security buoys.

 Although there have been reports of visitors asking what may be considered suspicious questions about the dam,
                              Hasker says there have been no specific incidents.

        "We do get a lot of tourists who want to rent boats and who ask questions about the dam," he says.

           He also believes the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks may have created an "alarmist mentality."

          "Anyone of Mid-Eastern descent starts asking questions and red flags start going up," he says.

 Cpl. Nick Humphrey, director of public information at the Water Patrol, says he does not know which specific call
                                                sparked the fuss.

   "We have reports of people getting too close to the dam all the time," he says. "It's usually just fishermen."

Hasker says the department reported the calls to Missouri Homeland Security Director Tim Daniel, who asked that
 marina owners continue to be vigilant in their reporting of suspicious activities. Daniel could not be reached for

 According to AmerenUE spokesman Mike Cleary, "it's much ado about nothing... There's no obvious threat at the

 He speculated the boater seen by the caller could have simply been intoxicated and fled to avoid being ticketed,
  but he wanted to encourage citizens to keep an eye out for suspicious activities, regardless of the race of the
                                                 person involved.

  "People are keeping an eye out and we appreciate that, but we want them to keep an eye out for any suspicious
                          activity," he said. "We certainly don't support racial profiling."
                                   Posted by: cj on Aug 20, 04 | 9:25 am | Profile

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                                            Thu Aug 19, 2004
                                              THIS JUST IN...

Deal W. Hudson, publisher of the conservative Catholic joural Crisis, has announced his resignation as an advisor to
the Bush campaign because of an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct. Once again Bush shows us all
 that he is bent on surrounding himself with people who are turds. Nice way to uphold that moral barometer the
                                           GOP is always ranting about.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 19, 04 | 1:45 pm | Profile

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                                          FLIP FLOP OF THE DAY

 When asked by Hugh Hewitt (of The Daily Standard and WorldNet about the offensive in Najaf and a
                     possible seige on the Imam Ali shrine, Dick Cheney had this to say,

   "Well, from the standpoint of the shrine, obviously it is a sensitive area, and we are very much aware of it's

Isn't this the same guy who just made fun of Kerry for saying that we need a more sensitive approach. Why yes it
  is. I know it must cause great pain to some of my fellow Repulicans, and they will no doubt try to spin this into
                                           something else, but this is sad.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 19, 04 | 10:54 am | Profile

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                                      PRICE GOUGING IN FLORIDA

I have seen many articles in the last few days about price gouging in the wake of hurricane Charley. Now I am well
aware of the fact that there are alot of things we all disagree on here, but I think the people that are responsible
                                 for this bullshit should be beaten with tire irons.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 19, 04 | 10:39 am | Profile

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                                        OUTSTANDING WEB SITE

I have had this site bookmarked for some time now. I figured I would let all of you in on the fun (if that what you
                             want to call it). All the candidates on all the issues.

                                    Take the quiz, and see who you agree with.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 19, 04 | 10:18 am | Profile

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                                          Protest Keebler Products

 A friend asked me to tell people not to buy Keebler products. I've done what she asked, but buy them if you want
to because I like Keebler cookies. She made this request because last night at the store she came out to her car to
 find it blocked in by a Keebler cookie truck. She waited about five minutes and finally went back into the store to
   try to find him. He wasn't in the cookie aisle or at the deli. She went to the service desk and they didn't know
 where he was, but paged him. She went out the door just in time to see the Keebler cookie man driving away. She
           said the whole process of looking for the cookie man took about thirty minutes. She is still irate.

 I am really glad she told me about this. I just went to the deli and got a package of Keebler cookies and offered
her one. She turned beet red and I swear she was going to hit me with her stapler. Good thing I found out how mad
 this Keebler thing has made her. I'm going to dress like a Keebler cookie tree elf for Halloween, take cheese and
Keebler crackers to all of her parties, and send her Keebler product coupons in her mail. It will be fun watching her
                                                go completely insane.
                                    Posted by: cj on Aug 19, 04 | 10:13 am | Profile

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                                              He Left Stark Naked

Yesterday morning a friend of mine, Tom, came into my office mad as hell. He needed to talk about something that
happened that very morning. He woke up around 5:30 in the morning and was looking out his window at a bird in the
 tree when he happened to glance down and saw something sitting outside his 17-year daughter's bedroom window.
    He went out to see what was laying there and found a pair of men's tennis shoes. He immediately went to her
bedroom, kicked open the door and found his daughter and her boyfriend naked in bed. He yelled for him to get the
 hell out and the boy grabbed his clothes. Tom then realized that when he was outside he didn't see any vehicles in
 the driveway. He asked the boy where his car was and the boy said he had parked it one street over. Tom told him
 to get the hell out of his house, never come back and made him walked naked to his car! We didn't get to talk too
                   long, so I don't know if the daughter is grounded until she is 21-years old or not.
                                      Posted by: cj on Aug 19, 04 | 8:58 am | Profile

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                                            Wed Aug 18, 2004

                                    A REPULICAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH

 I guess it nice to know I'm not the only Repulican out here who thinks the war in Iraq has been a HUGE mistake.
 But I can here it now - someone is gonna say this guy is just a liberal in elephants clothes. I say he is saying what
                                           needed to be said a year ago.

                                                 Time to speak up...
                              Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 18, 04 | 6:02 pm | Profile

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                            Tim the Enchanter? King Arthur? Sir Gallahad?

          I was a Knight who says Ni, Peng and Nee-wom. What character from the Holy Grail are thou?
                                Posted by: FloridaBill on Aug 18, 04 | 12:02 pm | Profile

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                                      Solid Reading for Left and Right:

Well it was fun while ProtestWarrior was underground, a secret to discover, and we wouldn't have had it any other
 way, but the world is waking up to this new kid on the block, as PW is becoming a force. In our year and a half of
existence, we've gone from a couple of guys holding handmade signs into a bona fide movement of people who are
                         tired of a world where up is down, left is right, and black is white.

Two weeks from today we commence Operation Liberty Rising. An estimated one million people are descending onto
 New York City to denounce America and stand up for their 'principles.' They would have you think that they are
                  humanitarians who love peace and have come to denounce war and aggression.
  If that were so, then you have to ask yourself why these 'progressives' have for the last hundred years done
    nothing but support the most illiberal, war-mongering, imperialist fascist movements that are the constant
 instigators behind the state of war they so decry. We wish they would just be honest and admit that they hate
 freedom, but most of them aren't brave enough. Instead, we're supposed to become enlightened to their truth:
                                       America is no better than anyone else.
                               Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 18, 04 | 10:23 am | Profile

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                      Moore's Movie Blasted Again
This is fun - Dave Kopel, who wrote the famed piece citing 59 specific deceptions (he's so gracious to Moore
by not calling them LIES), is now reporting that there is a film out that captions the entire Moore travesty,
correcting the 'deceptions' as they play. It can be downloaded from the internet for free. If any of you do
   this, you can burn a disc for me and send it along, because I don't have the patience or the desire to
                        download for hours. That would be cool. It's a big-ass mpeg.

                               Posted by: Dirkbag on Aug 18, 04 | 7:21 am | Profile

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                                          Tue Aug 17, 2004

                                        Yarbz Evening PhotoShop:
Original images:
                                  Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 17, 04 | 8:56 pm | Profile

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                                           Kerry's Favorite Women

  Ladies Man? John Kerry (search) opens up on the topic of women in the upcoming issue of GQ magazine.

               Apparently, two of his favorite ladies are Charlize Theron and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

                         The only thing these 2 lovely ladies have in common with his wife

                      is that they were all born in other countries besides the United States.
   I see a pattern here? And does he look at Teresa and say, "what have I done?".
                                  Posted by: UziQ on Aug 17, 04 | 4:05 pm | Profile

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                                            Letter to the Wise FB

                                                       Dear FB:

 I am seeking your advice out of desperation. Our cleaning lady here at work never seems to stay out of the lady's
 restroom. Her cart blocks the door everytime I need to go tinkle. Should I just go on inside and do my thing since
  there are four stalls, or should I walk up a flight of stairs or down a flight of stairs to use another restroom? I
   have a thing about elevators and believe exercise is good for me in case you are wondering why I don't take an
elevator. Would it be appropriate to ask this lady to clean our restrooms at specific times and keep track of when I
                                      need to tinkle so her times don't coincide?
                                    Posted by: cj on Aug 17, 04 | 12:14 pm | Profile
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  I have been watching the Olympic coverage since it started Friday night. Other than the opening gala, the most
 startling thing to me has been the enormous number of empty seating. Today, someone else finally notices as well.
Do you suppose the lack of attendance is from terror fears? Just "the Greek way"? I know when the games were in
LA or Atlanta, they were not only sold out, but well attended. Last night the men's gymnastics was nearly devoid of
                               Posted by: FloridaBill on Aug 17, 04 | 11:28 am | Profile

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                                         Yarbz Morning PhotoShop:
                                 Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 17, 04 | 7:01 am | Profile

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                                           Mon Aug 16, 2004

                                     Yarbz Are You keeping a Secret

I see that Juggernuts is available for trade and the stocks are worth a thousand. Are you keeping something from
                                   Posted by: cj on Aug 16, 04 | 3:49 pm | Profile

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                                               Shame of George

First they attacked a U.S. Navy pilot shot down over North Vietnam who was imprisoned and tortured for five long
 years. Shadowy Republican groups whispered he was mentally unfit to be President of the United States because
  he had been a POW in Vietnam. They said he had a Black baby and was morally unfit to hold political office. The
   propaganda was sneaky and relentless, eventually undermining John McCain’s credibility and his bid to be the
                     Republican Party’s presidential nominee. The winner was George W. Bush.

Then they attacked a man who lost three limbs--two legs and one arm--on the battlefield in South Vietnam. First in
 Georgia and then nationally--highlighted by Ann Coulter, a volcano of hate toward veterans--they proclaimed that
  he made no sacrifices for America and should not be respected. The man lost three limbs in Vietnam! And Max
      Cleland lost his Senate seat to a tough Republican patriot who somehow missed the fighting in Vietnam.

                    (And I'm the one being silly and venomous... hisss hissss the link is below)

                                   Posted by: cj on Aug 16, 04 | 1:13 pm | Profile

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                                          RNC SPEAKER LINE-UP

                                         Republican National Convention
                                            (not televised by networks)
             John McCain -- target of vicious Bush attacks in SC in 2000, gay, er, tolerant, war hero
                    Rudy Giuliani -- serial adulturer, pro choice, gay friendly, did not serve
               Michael Bloomberg -- unpopular NYC mayor, pro choice, gay friendly, did not serve

                       Arnold Schwarzenegger -- sexual harrasser, pro choice, gay friendly
                                Rod Paige -- secretary of education, did not serve
                                                   Laura Bush

                                    Zell Miller -- GA senator, turncoat, vet
                   Dick Cheney -- War coward. Eats babies. Shouldn't he headline the evening?
                       Lynne Cheney -- author of steamy anti-men lesbian romance novels.

        George Bush -- GOP prez nominee, hid in TX ANG during Vietnam, went AWOL, falls off bicycles.
           George Pataki -- NY governor. Pro choice (at least rhetorically), gay friendly, did not serve

 Notably absent from the GOP convention (so far) -- Colin Powell, Tom DeLay and George Bush Sr. His own dad is
                                                  getting the dis!
  And notice that not a single of the GOP's cultural warriers (other than Bush himself, I suppose) have gotten a
prime-time slot. No Heather Wilson, or Rick Santorum, or any of the TV preacher set, or Marilyn Musgrave or Tom
                                   DeLay, or Alan Keyes, or Gary Bauer, etc, etc.

 And yeah, I know that Clinton was a serial adulterer as well, but Democrats don't try to impose their morality on
                                                   the rest of us.

                                   Posted by: cj on Aug 16, 04 | 12:43 pm | Profile

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                                                 Page Problems

                    Don't you hate it when you get this message while trying to follow a link?
                                   Posted by: cj on Aug 16, 04 | 12:01 pm | Profile

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                                            ETHICAL QUESTION

The subject of people buying prescription drugs from Canada has been an issue for some time now. While the FDA
says it must protect the people, shouldn't people in a free society have a choice. Recently the gov has started to
  seize drugs from Canada that were supposed to go to American people. People who made the choice to buy the
 drugs from someplace that would cost less. Lets assume for minute that at least some of the drugs are legit and

My question is - If the gov takes good drugs away from people because they didn't buy them in America and those
        people get sick and God forbid die, because they couldn't afford our prices, who is responsible?
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 16, 04 | 11:57 am | Profile

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                                       Seven Minutes is Nothing.....

President Bush has been severely criticized for waiting seven minutes after being alerted that the U.S. had
                been attacked on September 11th. Check out John Kerry's response time.


                             Hypocrite Kerry 'Couldn't Think' for 40 Minutes on 9/11

     John Kerry is getting his comeuppance for his snotty comments about President Bush's actions on 9/11.

 Here's what the Massachusetts Democrat said July 8 when Larry King asked where he was on 9/11, according to
                                          CNN's own transcript:
                                               'Nobody Could Think'

 "I was in the Capitol. We'd just had a meeting - we'd just come into a leadership meeting in Tom Daschle's office,
  looking out at the Capitol. And as I came in, Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid were standing there, and we watched
the second plane come in to the building. And we shortly thereafter sat down at the table and then we just realized
 nobody could think, and then boom, right behind us, we saw the cloud of explosion at the Pentagon. And then word
   came from the White House, they were evacuating, and we were to evacuate, and so we immediately began the

How appropriate that Kerry lumps himself in with fellow leftist do-nothing non-thinkers such as Boxer, Daschle and

Thanks to the several readers today who sent us this fascinating bit from Blog for Bush: "the second plane hit the
  World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m., and the plane hit the Pentagon at 9:43 a.m. By Kerry's own words, he and his
                  fellow senators sat there for forty minutes, realizing 'nobody could think.'"

And here's what former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told the New York Post about Kerry's latest display of

   "John Kerry must be frustrated in his campaign if he is armchair-quarterbacking based on cues from Michael

   "John Kerry is an indecisive candidate [with] an inconsistent position on the War on Terror, who voted against
funding for our troops and who cannot give a clear answer on his position concerning the decision to remove Saddam
                                  Posted by: UziQ on Aug 16, 04 | 11:51 am | Profile

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                                       JUST ONE MORE REASON...

that our government should stop being so stupid about the way it treats pot. Yes, I said it. POT. Dope, weed, ganja,
     whatever you want to call it. It is a fact that cannabis has medicinal value. It is also a fact that the radical
 rightwing nutjobs think that it is just evil. These are people who hate science to begin with, let alone science that
                                                   comes from a plant.

                                              Cannabis as medicine...

     "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb I have given you all things."
                                                      Gen 9:3
                              Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 16, 04 | 11:28 am | Profile

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                                     Soon to be former NJ Gov. Jokes

                                      Happily stolen from Bloviating Inanities:

                                             TOP 10 McGreevey jokes...

                                            10. NJ state bird -- Swallow

                                     9. NJ turnpike renamed Hershey Highway
                           8. NJ raises terror alert level to lavender

                      7. We know he didn't like Bush, but this is ridiculous

                    6. Now we know why Mcgreevey enjoyed "polling" so much

         5. What does Mcgreevey and the Isreali navy have in common? Jewish seamen.

                     4. NJ DMV to now call rear end accidents, a Mcgreevey

                         3. Gives new meaning to stuffing the ballot box

                          2. NY Post headline...Mccgreevey goes down

1. Shouldn't take him long to get out of the Governor's mansion, he's already got his shit packed.
                       Posted by: FloridaBill on Aug 16, 04 | 9:57 am | Profile

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                                Yarbz Morning PhotoShop:
    Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 16, 04 | 6:55 am | Profile

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              Sun Aug 15, 2004

               Yarbz Original Photo:
                                 Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 15, 04 | 5:02 pm | Profile

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                                  REWRITING HISTORY - W STYLE

Everyones favorite cheerleader was in rare form last week. During a speech in Annandale Virginia, he was showing
                       off his historical knowledge, and this turd flew out of his mouth,

  "As you know, we don't have any relations with Iran. I mean, that's -- ever since the late 70's we have had NO
                             contact with them, and we've totally sanctioned them."

I guess he forgot about his daddy selling them arms in the 80's (Iran_Contra, for those of you who forgot). Not to
   mention a HUGE American oil company doing buisness with them for years. That company would be Halliburton.

 Just one more in a now, far to long of a list, example of our President proving he really doesn't know much about
                                    current history, and worse, doesn't care to.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 15, 04 | 2:31 pm | Profile

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                                  W - SHOWING HIS TRUE COLORS

                            Here are a few quotes from W last week regarding taxes.

  ""You know what else I think when they say 'tax the rich'? Most rich people are able to avoid taxes, and if you
                     can't raise enough money from taxing the rich, who pays? Yes, you do."
                                       August 11, 2004, Albuquerque NM

                        "The really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes ANYWAYS."
                                            August 9, Annadale, Virginia

So there you have it, straight from the Shrubs mouth. Rich people don't have to pay taxes, because they will dodge
                 them, and he will just shift the burden onto everyone else. And he already has.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 15, 04 | 2:22 pm | Profile

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                             WATCH YOUR HEAD, CAUSE W WANTS TO

                                     This should scare this shit out of you.

              I don't know how this whole thing will play out, but the ramifications could be terrible.
                             Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 15, 04 | 2:04 pm | Profile

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                                     GOP HYPOCRITE OF THE WEEK

 In 2000, here is what Alan Keyes had to say about Hillary running for Senate in New York, "I deeply resent the
   destruction of Federalism by Hillary Clinton's willingness to go into a state where she doesn't even live, and
               pretend to represent the people there. I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T IMITATE IT."

When asked about the blatant hypocricy he countered that he wasn't being a hypocrite because he was running on
                                               behalf of God.

  I guess its nice to know that the Repulican Party is so fucked up right now that they have picked someone from
outside of my state to represent me, even after he said he would never do such a thing. Its even nicer to know that
                        he isn't doing it because he gives a fuck about the people of Illinois.

                                         Just how far has the GOP fallen?
                              Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 15, 04 | 1:49 pm | Profile

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                              A BIG THANKS YOU TO THE YARBZ CLAN

As I'm sure you guys know, I spent last weekend at the Yarbz Compound. I had a great time and drank much beer.
They were gracious hosts and cool ass folks. I just wanted to say thank s for the good time and hospitaity, and I'll
                                             see ya'll again in the fall.
                              Posted by: The Theorist on Aug 15, 04 | 1:42 pm | Profile

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                              Let's Cut to the Chase (something of a rant)

   It seems that Mr. John Kerry is relying very heavily on his Vietnam war record as his main campaign issue. Of
  course, we all know that. Here's my point. As someone who was born in 1968, I have very little real knowledge of
that period in history. I don't even remember learning about it too much in high school history. I'm aware that that
  war left a lot of folks with a lot of emotions, a lot of them negative. This is where I get sort of lost. Due to the
  fact that my knowledge is very limited, I am extremely clueless for the most part about Vietnam. So when I see
Mr. Kerry stand up and tout his war record, I am not extremely impressed. I believe that what is important is that
that was then and this is now. What, my dear sir, is your real plan for now? What kind of legacy is going to be yo urs
     in the future? The Vietnam War was nearly 40 years ago. It is now 2004....not 1968 (when you were not in
    Cambodia, by the way). If I dwelt in 1968, I would be still at the age of just a few months old. That gets me
 nowhere. Mr. Kerry, you must live in the here and now. Give us some specifics. Not that it will cause me to vote for
you, because I won't. I just get tired of hearing you spew the same old shit and nonsense. No one gets anywhere by
                                                    living in the past.
                        By the way, was Vietnam a "sensitive" war? Somehow I don't think so.
                                  Posted by: UziQ on Aug 15, 04 | 11:05 am | Profile

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                                         Yarbz Original Photograph:
                               Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 15, 04 | 8:44 am | Profile

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                                        Notice for the Newbies:

 This blogs gets very quiet during the weekends. We all usually blog
                  during the work day... Shhhhhhh!

           So, don't worry about lack of response to your posts...
                               Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 15, 04 | 8:44 am | Profile

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                                         Sat Aug 14, 2004

                                           FISHY KERRY
                                         This from ol' Robattack -

  This was written by a retired admiral and Annapolis graduate. The item offers no direct testimony about
  Kerry, but it does provide informed background useful in assessing what Kerry seems to have claimed for
                    himself. It confirms information I have received from other sources.

Our media should be demanding that Senator Kerry open his service records in the same way they demanded
                            that of President Bush regarding his NG service.

    I was in the Delta shortly after he [Kerry] left. I know that area well. I know the operations he was
involved in well. I know the tactics and the doctrine used. I know the equipment. Although I was attached to
       CTF-116 (PBRs) I spent a fair amount of time with CTF-115 (swift boats), Kerry's command.

                                    Here are my problems and suspicions:

(1) Kerry was in-country less than four months and collected, a Bronze Star, a Silver Star and three purple
   hearts. I never heard of anybody with any outfit I worked with (including SEAL One, the Sea Wolves,
Riverines and the River Patrol Force) collecting that much hardware so fast, and for such pedestrian actions.
The Swifts did a commendable job. But that duty wasn't the worst you could draw. They operated only along
the coast and in the major rivers (Bassac and Mekong). The rough stuff in the hot areas was mainly handled
                                         by the smaller, faster PBRs.

                                       [continued - - - - - -] More...
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                     THE KERRY PLAN - SPECIFICS? NOPE!
 We're going to review items from the big Kerry/Edwards plan. You can check it out for yourself, because
                                you won't believe how vague everything is.


         Now, I want to give you a few 'fer instances' from Kerry and Edwards via their website:

 John Kerry and John Edwards will expand and improve early childhood education and Head Start programs.
  As president, John Kerry will fully fund the No Child Left Behind Act and work to put a great teacher in
  every classroom so all of our children get a great education. And by offering to help pay for college and
 reining in tuition increases, he will make sure that the cost of college never stops our children from paying
                                                   for college.

          How? He doesn't say, but you can bet it's going to cost a helluva lot, so taxes will rise.

                                                CIVIL RIGHTS
      John Kerry will strongly enforce our nation's civil rights laws, support affirmative action to reduce
discrimination and expand opportunity, and strongly enforce equal justice for all victims of hate violence. He
  will also back the Fairness Act to reverse damage done to civil rights laws by right-wing judges and only
        appoint judges with a record of enforcing the nation's civil rights and anti-discrimination laws.

 What are the specifics of this ''plan?'' If he had any specific plan point, surely it would appear with this

                                                THE ECONOMY
John Kerry will cut the deficit in half during his first four years in office. He will end corporate welfare as
    we know it, roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, and impose a real cap to keep
spending in check. And when John Kerry puts forward a new idea, he'll tell you how he's going to pay for it.

     Wow, more great words with no real substance. I have more! Click below and continue ... More...
                               Posted by: Dirkbag on Aug 14, 04 | 10:28 am | Profile

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                                           Fri Aug 13, 2004
                                                 Yarbz Image"

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                                     Friday the 13th (week in review)

 It is Friday the 13th. My son received his rented saxophone yesterday and today got a music stand. I am excited
                                          for him to learn the instrument.

Julia Child died. Reportedly she loved red meat and gin. Believe this or not, she taught me a little about working in
                                                    a kitchen.

The PGA Championship is being held just up the road a piece in Kohler, WI. Apparently, the course isn't as tough
             as they thought it would be. Pete Dye must hate himself. He is a sick man anyway

The Olympics begin today. The best things to watch will be swimming (with a major event on Monday night, the 200
 meter Freestyle with the two best swimmers in the world, Thorpe and Phelps competing against each other) and
                                   gymnastics and the track and field events.

 Hurricane Clyde (I mean Charley) is about to wipe out one of my former home towns, Tampa, FL. They have told
  over two million people to evacuate. Of course, most of those people are very old, can't hear and can barely
                  evacuate their bowels, much less move to higher ground since there ain't any.

     Finally, today is Friday the Thirteenth. Enjoy the Paraskevidekatriaphobia. And have a great weekend.
Cool weather is here (in the middle of August, WTF??) and I may need to have a bonfire or three...

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                           Yarbz Morning Vacation PhotoShop:
                                                   Original Image:

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                                             Yarbz Out of office:

  I took a vacation day due to my not wanting to work and having some chores and stuff to do around the house.

                            I will be checking in and may do the PhotoShop too... Love,
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                                            Thu Aug 12, 2004

                                         Another Type of Marriage

    You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Jesus and his consecrated virgin. Reception immediately
                                   following the the ceremony. Isn't that special!!!
                                    Posted by: cj on Aug 12, 04 | 2:37 pm | Profile

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                                         OUCH!!! Seriously, OUCH!!!

  I think Dane may have been the one to mention the latest craze of suspensions. Hanging by a big hook. I wasn't
 looking for suspensions, but I found them. I am shocked! This link shows people hanging off of hooks ran through
   their knees! Are they insane?. Here is their main site that shows more painful pictures. R.R. grab your foil!
                                    Posted by: cj on Aug 12, 04 | 1:10 pm | Profile

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                               Wow, I didn't anticipate this happening...

      California Supreme Court Voids San Francisco Gay Marriages
    SAN FRANCISCO — The California Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that San Francisco's mayor
overstepped his authority by issuing same-sex marriage licenses this spring. The court also voided all the marriages
                                  of gay and lesbian couples sanctioned by the city.

The court said the city violated the law when it issued the certificates and performed the marriage ceremonies in
   a monthlong wedding march that began Feb. 12, since both legislation and a voter-approved measure defined
                                   marriage as a union between a man and woman.

                                          The Whole Story fromFoxNews

                                  Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 12, 04 | 12:45 pm | Profile

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                                     Interesting Link from RobAttack:

                                           Interesting IRS and Tax link...

I will have to take some more time and go through this. Work is busy now, but rather that leae the link buried int he
                                       comments section, I will post it here:

                                           CLICK HERE!
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                                       Stupid PETArd Beeotch on TV.

 OK, I am enamored with the reality TV show "Amish In The City". It is very revealing. The premise (a brief recap
for the unenlightened), is, we have several city kids rooming with several Amish youth on their rite of choice called
  Rumspringa . I'm impressed with the honest fun-loving Amish kids versus the superficial idiot city kids. Case in
  point: One of the "City Kids" is a pretty lass named Ariel. She is a snob and worse of all she's pro -animal rights
                             vegan vegetarian. She refers to eggs as "chicken abortions".

   The group gets treated to a trip to the local Aquarium. The kids are having a ball. The Amish have never seen
aquatic life up close and personal. They love it......except Ariel. She's pouting from square one. There's a shark pool
where you can "pet" sand sharks. One Amish girl is blown away that she touched a shark. Then Ariel corners one of
 the Aquarium workers and begins to ask him, "Are the sharks happy here in captivity?" The attendant responds,
                                            "They are well taken care of..."

                                                "But are they happy?"

                                       Here's where I get off of the Trolley.



                                                  that is all for now.
  Posted by: DaneBramage on Aug 12, 04 | 6:59 am | Profile

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              Yarbz Morning PhotoShop"

      Posted by: Yarbz on Aug 12, 04 | 6:35 am | Profile

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