Our mission is to demonstrate Go by fjwuxn


									                                                                                  August 2009 Ÿ Volume 60Ÿ Issue 8

                                                             D    ear Friends,

                                                             The other day I read about a new ceremony that’s
                                                             been developed and comes complete with a
                                                             handsome certificate. The name of the ceremony is
                                                             De-Baptism and it’s designed for atheists who want
                                                             to void their baptism into the Christian faith. I found
                                                             a video of this ceremony on YouTube and shook my
                                                             head in disbelief as a running hair dryer was held
                                                             over the wet heads of both youth and adults who
                                                             came through. A little hot air and presto, you’re de-

                                                             Needless to say, it’s hard to get happy after
                                                             something like that. But it does make me wonder ….
       Andrew said, “We have found the Messiah.” John 1:41   What went wrong in the spiritual lives of the de-
                                                             baptized? Were they hurt? Rejected? Did their role
                                                             models, even their churches, set weak or ungodly
    Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love                 examples for them? Are they mad at God? Why? I
                                                             know plenty of people for whom baptism doesn’t
    by caring for all people and helping them                mean very much. You can tell by the way they live.
            to know and follow Jesus.                        But to thumb your nose at God and actually get de-
                                                             baptized? That’s another story.

                                                             As saddened as I am about all this, I must admit that
                                                             it also makes me all the more grateful for the things I
                                                             see happening at St. Andrew. More than 160 new
                                                             members have joined us since our relocation. During
                                                             the first half of this year, attendance at worship has
                                                             been the highest in the history of our congregation.
                                                             Pre-registrations for Vacation Bible School far
                                                             outpaced previous years. We’ve even introduced
                                                             Sunday lunch at Andy’s Café. And we’re also
                                                             adding a pre-school class this fall. In the meantime,
                                                             our high school youth are having a great summer.
                                                             The Great Room is under construction. Teams have
                                                             sprung up to address our call to local social ministry
                                                             and global human care. The Wellspring Summit
Youth Director, Riki Schoppert, and her “Crew”               along and other fall ministries are being planned.
 as they prepare to leave for their Mission Trip             And guess what else is showing up repeatedly on the
             to Western Maryland.                            church calendar in the weeks ahead? Baptisms!

                                                             Finally, that whole de-baptism thing leaves me
In This Issue:                                               feeling tremendously challenged to find more ways
                                                             for us to heal hurts, welcome those who feel rejected,
v   Wellspring Moves Forward                                 provide strong spiritual examples, and help hundreds
v   Special Thanks to Lory Bruckner                          and thousands more to know God’s love in Christ.
v   Common Ground Returns in September                       As richly as our ministry has been blessed, I can’t
v   SALSA Wine Tasting & Concert                             help but believe that we’ve only begun to scratch the
                                                             surface of the mission God has given us. Advancing
… Plus much more!!                                           that mission at St. Andrew will require more leaders,
                                                             more risk, more money, more passion, and more
                                                             creative ways for the Gospel to flow through our
                                ministry of word and
                                sacraments. Our leaders and                    Church Staff
                                staff are already talking about
                                some of the possibilities.                   Mark A. Hricko, Pastor
                                Others we have yet to imagine.       Robert L. Mordhorst, Assistant Pastor
                                                                   Jotham Johann Jhang, Missionary Pastor
                                  So, I encourage you to think       Kenneth G. Carlson, Visitation Pastor
about what your baptism means to you and remember that our           Greg Twombley, Director of Ministries
God loves the baptized, the un-baptized, and even the de-           Barbara Wahlbrink, Minister of Discipleship
baptized. And God has called you and me to serve Him in                 Riki Schoppert, Minister of Youth
ways that will help all of them know that love, receive it by          Lia Mai Puskar, Preschool Director
faith, and live new lives that are filled with grace, hope, and   Robyn Howland, Director of Children’s Ministries
obedience to His will. As summer turns to fall, think about        Marilee Tollefson, Faith Community Nurse
what part you will play in the work of Jesus at the church of     Rosemary Wasser, Director of Music & Bell Choir
Andrew, whose very first move after becoming a follower of          Kathy Gomez, Spiritus Youth Choir Director
Jesus was to find his brother and bring him to Jesus too. Let’s      Greg Twombley, Praise Team Leader
do that! And let’s rejoice as we serve together in a growing              Riki Schoppert, Praise Team
family of baptized children of God!                                     Jennifer Twombley, Praise Team
                                                                       Marilyn Candler, Worship Musician
Love, in Christ,                                                         Judy Downey, Office Manager
                                                                         Linda Welder, Office Assistant
                                                                      Kathy Brungardt, Creative Services
                                                                           Anne Harpster, Bookkeeper
                                                                    Bruce Poese, Director of Media Ministry
Pastor Hricko
                                                                      Paul Rognlie, Property Maintenance
                                                                      Luis Escobar, Property Maintenance
                                                                              Khiem Hua, Childcare
                                                                            Phuong Chau, Childcare

Wellspring Plans Going Forward                                           2009 Board of Directors
                                                                        Jim Farmer, Chair, 301-774-9019
Plans are moving forward for an early October meeting of                Michael Arsenault, 301-445-6858
church leaders from throughout our synod who will gather at              Don Berkheimer, 301-933-2545
St. Andrew to shape and share our vision for the Wellspring           Kimberly Gay Armour, 301-570-5335
Center for church leadership and spiritual wellness. The day-              Lynn Harty, 301-805-7009
long event will be facilitated by Kurt Bickel of Cornerstone          Sandy Nee-Jackson, 301-249-5906
Consulting, who has worked with numerous groups,                        Karen Matthiesen, 301-774-5899
gatherings, and planning sessions throughout our                           Deb Poese, 301-946-4709
denomination.                                                             Duane Taylor, 301-421-1415
The steering committee for the Wellspring Summit includes                 Auxiliary Organizations
Deaconess Sally Hiller, President Jon Diefenthaler, and Steve            Sunday School Superintendent:
Heeman of the Southeastern District LCMS along with Pastors               Debbie Stowe, 301-933-8032
Hricko and Johann and Barbara Wahlbrink from St.                               LWML President:
Andrew/CAME.                                                              Nancy Kichak, 301-384-1933
While facilities for the
center will include those to                                                 St. Andrew’s News
be developed for our lower                                                   Published monthly by
level in the future, meetings                                         The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew
and conferences are already                                               15300 New Hampshire Ave.
being scheduled to be held                                                 Silver Spring, MD 20905
at St. Andrew under the                                            Phone: 301-384-4394 l Fax: 301-384-4450
Wellspring banner. For more information about Wellspring, go          E-mail: my.standrew@verizon.net
                                                                       Website: www.mystandrew.org
to www.mystandrew.org and click on The Wellspring Center.

St. Andrew News                                         2                                              August 2009
Facility Manager Needed                                  Mark your calendar!
As St. Andrew becomes a frequent
venue for events from outside our
church family, we are in need of facility
managers who can be on duty during
                                            Common Ground Returns!
                    weddings, funerals,
                    receptions, etc. to
                                                   Wednesday evenings,
                    answer questions,
                    monitor access and
                                               September 23 - November 11
                    ensure the building
                    is left secure at

Event facility manager is a PAID
position. Ideally, we will hire and train
a pool of managers who will be able to
choose events based on their availability
and preference. Immediate help needed
- contact Kelly Nesslage at 443-386-
9303 or knesslagelcsa@yahoo.com.

  Important Reminder!
                                                     Dinner at 6:00 pm
Please remember that the first person to
arrive in the church building every
                     morning (including
                                            Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
                     Saturday) is
                     responsible for
                                                 Group Time 6:40-7:40 pm
                     disarming the alarm.
                                                     Closing at 7:45 pm
                     If you have an
                     access card, you
                     have been issued an         Offering a variety of interesting & provocative
alarm user code. Please be sure to                           new topics including ...
memorize your code and the procedures
for disarming the system so that we can                     “The Case for Christ”
avoid future false alarms and the
accompanying fines.                          A video discussion series based on the best-selling account of
                                            an attorney/journalist’s investigation to uncover evidence about
Please call Judy in the church office        the life and deity of Jesus – a journey that he expected would
(301-384-4394) with any questions.                lead him to refute Christ, but instead led him to faith!

                                            Think and pray now about who in your life might be intrigued
                                              by this topic – a great outreach opportunity - invite friends!

St. Andrew News                                   3                                                August 2009
                      SALSA                                      Grace Notes Update
St. Andrew Lutheran Social Adults (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s,       The response to the LCSA Grace Note
60’s, 70’s – Singles, Couples, whatever!)                        program has been outstanding. Thus far, in
                                                                 our first two months, the members of St.
                        September Wine Tasting and Summer        Andrew have invested $609,000. These
                        Concert at Tarara Winery, Saturday,      funds have made a significant impact on
                        September 26!                            reducing the higher-interest short-term bridge
                                                                 loan of $1,100,000. The members have
                         Enjoy the sounds of the Jack Diamond    benefited with Grace Notes yielding between
                         -Jim Steed Band and wine tasting        3.0% and 3.75%. St. Andrew has benefited
                         from 6pm-9:30 pm. Bring your lawn       by reducing its interest costs.
                         chairs and a picnic, or purchase a
dinner box or other food options available at Tarara. Cost for   The finance team would like to thank
this event is $30, including Erie Coach bus to and from the      everyone who has invested so far. But we
event (4:30 pm pickup at church, 11pm return to church).         still have a long way to go. If you are have
                                                                 not yet become involved and you want
Sign up now! Payment is due by September 12. Make your           take part in this investment, there is still
check payable to Kirk or Mary Ann Rydland and place it in        time.
their mailbox in the Commons. Contact the Rydlands at
rydland.family@comcast.net for more information.                 Special Update
                                                                 St. Andrew can now accept investment
                                                                 requests from member’s trusts.
Youth on the Move this Summer                                    Grace Notes will be issued at the beginning
                             From the 30 Hour Famine to a        of each month. All applications and checks
                             week long Mission Trip to two       received before the end of the month will be
                             great days at Kingsfest, the        issued on the first day of the month. Please
                             SALTeens (St. Andrew                leave your application in Kirk Rydland’s
                             Lutheran Teens) have been have      mailbox in the Commons.
                             been busy serving God’s people
                             and celebrating their life in       Contact Kirk at rydland.family@comcast.net
                                                                 to request an application and answer any
                             Christ. And there’s more to
come as the year goes on. For information about our High         questions you may have.
School Youth Ministry, visit Riki Schoppert our Minister of
Youth at the SALTeen Youth Lounge just across from the
Kidcentral/Preschool office!

        Andrea Hricko on Youth
          Steering Committee                                        September Newsletter Deadline
The annual Southeastern District                                           Sunday, August 9
leadership conference is being held in                                 Please email your submissions to
Richmond, Virginia early this month.                             my.standrew@verizon.net or leave a hard copy
This year’s gathering under the theme                                    in the church office. Thanks!
“Tending the Flame” will include a
high school youth component led by a
steering committee that includes St.
Andrew member Andrea Hricko. Let’s
pray for a great gathering for God’s children of all ages!

St. Andrew News                                          4                                          August 2009
                                   Care By the Numbers:
                            St. Andrew Care Team is Here for YOU!!
                  And the King will answer them,”Truly. I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least
                                    of my family, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40
Recently, a church member inquired to our staff                    These generous tasks are performed by devoted
about how folks can receive communion if they are                  Servants of the Lord, and there are many more giving
unable to get to church. That question made us                     and serving quietly, behind the scenes. Our family
                            wonder how many people                 of Christ is constantly caring and reaching out in
                            are unaware of the                     loving ways, but the family is growing and more
                            opportunities to receive               help is always needed! If you or your family are
                            and provide care that are              facing a medical crisis or need this kind of support,
                            available to members and               please reach out as soon as you can to let us know.
                            friends of our St. Andrew              And, prayerfully consider your gifts and time
                            faith community. Our                   availability to help in one of these areas if you can.
                            Faith Community Nurse,                 Contact Marilee Tollefson at
                            Marilee Tollefson, is busy             marileetollefson@gmail.com or in the church office
                            every day communicating                for more information. As our current volunteers can
with and coordinating visitation and help for our                  attest, you’ll be richly blessed through this personal
hospitalized and homebound members. Our                            experience of giving!
Visitation Pastor, Ken Carlson, regularly visits those
hospitalized, and many who are in long-term care
facilities. We have a support team of volunteers
called Helping Hands who transport members to                      Help for Mind-Body-Spirit
church regularly, and to medical and other
                                                                   To help you find a more holistically healthy life, try
appointments as needed. Our Helping Hands
                                                                   these opportunities offered through Montgomery
ministry also includes folks who prepare and deliver
                                                                   General Hospital:
meals to those recently discharged from the hospital
and those confined to home with illness or disability.             Tai Chi for Health – Learn the relaxing and health-
                                                                   building benefits of T’ai Chi, an ancient and graceful
Browse through these interesting Care Ministry                     Chinese exercise form practiced by millions, on
numbers:                                                           Mondays August 10-September 14 from 6-7:30pm,
 ; 6 team members, called pastoral assistants, are                 cost $65. This meditative exercise program will
    trained to give home communion                                 improve balance and coordination, flexibility and
 ; 40 St. Andrew members who are homebound or                      range of motion, and increase strength.
    who live in care facilities are followed, visited              Gentle Yoga – A relaxation class that will benefit
    and communed regularly                                         both those with no yoga exoerience, and intermediate
 ; 15-20 visits are made per month for home                        students. Gentle restorative poses will be introduced
    communion                                                      along with breathing, visualization and relaxation
 ; 55-60 rides are given each month to church                      techniques on Wednesday August 19 from 6-7:30pm
    functions, medical appointments and more                       for $18. Call 301-774-8778 for more information and
 ; 23 people receive rides to worship every Sunday                 registration for either class.
    they are able to attend                                        If you missed our Blood
 ; 10-12 meals per month are prepared and                          Drive, join the Olney Lions
    delivered to families with illness or need                     Club, INOVA Blood Donor
 ; 8-10 medical support items per month are                        Services and Montgomery
    donated to members and free community clinics                  General Hospital for your
    through our medical equipment loan closet                      lifesaving appointment to
 ; 40 members are involved in our Helping Hands                    donate blood on Thursday,
    transportation ministry                                        August 20. Call 301-774-
 ; 25 members are involved in our Helping Hands                    8881 to schedule.
    meals ministry

St. Andrew News                                             5                                                   August 2009
       Craft Ministry News                                          “Signs” of Generosity
                           Did you perchance show             Have you noticed the colorful new signs now
                           up at church on a                  installed at both the New Hampshire and Norwood
                           Wednesday morning                  Road entrances to our St. Andrew property?!? While
                           prepared to work and               our fledgling budget won’t yet allow for the more
                           could not find the Craft           upscale, stone-base fixtures that we hope to someday
                           Ministry volunteers and            install, these “Phase I” signs are a beautiful addition
                           supplies? I hope you               that really catch the eye of folks passing by.
                           asked around, because
                           they are now operating out                                           The signs are the
of two rooms in the Education wing, both of which                                               result of months of
need to be cleared from Thursday through Tuesday.                                               planning and
Their resumes should make them eligible for jobs in                                             coordination. While
the moving van business. Of course, the relocation is                                           the concept and high-
due to the work that is underway in the Great Room.                                             level design came
Can you imagine the celebrating that will take place                                            through a committee
when this ministry has its own dedicated space in the                                           effort, the
lower level of the church!?                                                                     congregation should
                                                              offer special thanksgiving to and for our fellow
Back in the homes of some of these workers, jelly             members Wayne & LuClare Lee from 20/20
making is in full swing. Donations of sugar, fruit            Graphics in Gaithersburg for donation of the screen
and Sur-gel are appreciated particularly at this              printing and construction that allowed us to raise
time.                                                         these signs at very little cost to the congregation.

The newest endeavor of this group is providing                Wayne & LuClare are the owners of 20/20 Graphics,
health kits for those who are served by Lutheran              and they have been faithful stewards over many years
World Relief, the same organization that receives             in providing signs and banners of all kinds for our
Craft Ministry quilts for distribution in many                church holidays, events, festivals, confirmation and
countries. This undertaking will continue                     other activities. Their daughter, Lisa Hancock, is
indefinitely, so the following items can be left in the       experienced in the sign business as well and has been
Coat Room:                                                    an invaluable resource over the years, including in
                                                              this case for the mockup, construction, and
 · Standard size packages of band-aids                        installation of our beautiful new entrance signs.
 · Hand towels and washcloths in good condition
                                                              Please take time to thank the Lee family for their
 · Toothbrushes in original packaging                         generous and faithful donations. Their “signs” of
                                                              generosity have beautified our facility and provided
 · Metal nail files or nail clippers with file attached
                                                              outreach into the community that is priceless!
 · Combs
 · Individual tubes of toothpaste, unopened
 · Bars of soap in original wrappers
 · Individual bottles of shampoo, conditioner and
   lotion, unopened

THANK YOU to those who have provided these
items already and to those who will add to the supply
in the future.

St. Andrew News                                           6                                                 August 2009
                          Thank You, Lory Bruckner!
                                             Thrift Shop Manager
The entire congregation joins all of the Thrift Shop              volunteer in the Thrift Shop before becoming its Manager
Ministry volunteers in recognizing the outstanding                in 1997. She quickly picked up the ability to
dedication of the amazing and dedicated woman who                 communicate in Spanish, which was one of many skills
                         managed the Thrift Shop during           which made this ministry so vibrant.
                         its final twelve years. This
                         newsletter article is intended to        Those skills are almost too numerous to mention:
                         show how God worked in the               sorting, pricing and displaying clothing, accessories,
                         life of Lory Bruckner to make            jewelry, shoes, toys, household goods, etc.; locating
                         her such a blessing to The               agencies which could use items that did not sell; training
                         Lutheran Church of St. Andrew.           staff, volunteers, community service students and persons
                                                                  with disabilities; translating; bookkeeping; responding to
Lory Schon was born in Brazil and is a life long                  neighborhood emergency needs; assisting with the
Lutheran. As she was growing up, both German and                  distribution of both food closet and perishable donations;
Portuguese were spoken in the home. Three of her four             giving free items to people referred by certain non-profit
sisters still live in Brazil; she had occasion to return to       agencies; discerning needs of walk-in customers who
visit them in recent years. The fourth sister lives in            were homeless or jobless; organizing “Grandma’s Attic”
Colorado and, sadly, her one brother is deceased.                 for the Craft Fair – and more.
In 1954 Lory married Szaniszlo (“Laci”) Bruckner.                 And this remarkable Sister in Christ is soon to become a
Before they moved to the United States in 1957, she               great-grandmother for the second time. Daughter Lory
worked in a German porcelain factory, moving up the               Elsa lives with her husband on the Eastern Shore of
promotion ladder to an assistant to the top Manager. At           Maryland and is the mother of grandchildren Christina
the time of the relocation to the USA, Lory knew no               and Jordan. Daughter Rose Marie is in Silver Spring and
English, but took advantage of several available classes          is the mother of Christopher and Julie. And Brady
in both language skills and business. She worked for a            Joseph is the first great-grandchild.
furniture store as a seamstress and a supervisor before
becoming a stay-at-home Mom for her two daughters,                The porcelain factory went out of business in Brazil
Lory Elsa and Rose Marie.                                         several years ago. The furniture store in D.C. went out of
                                                                  business also. Now the Thrift Shop is history. Lory is
Lory and Laci became members of The Lutheran Church               wondering if her presence is connected to this series of
of St. Andrew in 1985. Both were active in the                    events, but she is content that she can give more time to
congregation and regular worshipers at the services until         her favorite hobbies, sewing and gardening.
Laci’s untimely death in 1995. Lory served as a
                                                                  Thank you, Lory! Thank you, God!!

                                         And More Thanks!
Dear Friends in Christ,                                           To Reverend Mark & the Members of St. Andrew,
The tremendous outpouring of care and concern from                I want to thank you very much for all that you’ve
so many of you was totally uplifting and sustaining               done for Jon and Connor. As you might imagine it
during my recent hospitalizations and recovery                    has provided them with a solid foundation from
period. My family and I are so completely grateful                which they can more easily deal with the loss of Beth
for all the delicious and nourishing meals, lovely                and the challenges that now face them. Frankly I’ve
flowers and plants, and daily outpouring of beautiful             not seen such dedication aimed at helping
and loving cards! Thanks you so much for your                     parishioners through such difficult times elsewhere.
prayers, most of all, as I give Thanks to God for
                                                                  Bob & Rosemary Gatti
Health and Healing.
Love and Blessings,
Marilee Tollefson and family

St. Andrew News                                               7                                               August 2009
                         August 2009 Service Assistant Calendar
 August 2                     Aug 2                  8:00 AM                     9:30 AM                  11:00 AM
                                            Grant Graeves             Lois Blodgett              Revonda Mosher
                                            George Harris             Lew Brode                  Jack Reinhart
                                            Tricia King               David Doermann             Bonnie Sabo
 Usher                                      Robert Rathbun            Phil Haase
                                            Mark Wallen               Paul Lobien
                                                                      Bruce Nesslage
                                                                      Klaus Strebel
 Welcome Center                                                       Bonnie French              Willie Farmer
                                            Harriet Fuerlinger - F    Paul & Arlene Buck - S     Mandy Williams - F
 Greeter                                                              Deatrice Williams - F
                                                                      Sharon Helms - R
                         Lory Bruckner
 Altar Preparation
                         Evelyn Watkins
                                            Carol Petzold - First     Paul Van Akkeren - First
                                            Walter Petzold - Second   Peggy Hayeslip - Second
                                            Joshua King                                          Sarah Levin
                                            Mitch Howland                                        Stephanie Arsenault
                                            Bruce Emmel *             Kathleen Strebel *         Jeff Lohr *
                                            Evelyn Blaes              Bill Fristoe               Njeri Mwaniki
                                            Alice Scipio              Dorothy Fristoe            Tamara Arsenault
 Communion                                  Helena Jacobs             Gary Fields                Angela Green
 Assistant                                  Robie Hillhouse           Jim Norberg                Beth Victor
                                            Eddie James               Claudia Jacobsen           Nancy Choudhry
                                                                      Karen Matthiesen
                                                                      Jackie Lobien
                         Marge Schwalm
                         Sandy Goetsch
                         Peggy Gorski
                         Laurie Levin
 Altar Flower Delivery   Allene Blanchard
 Pew Communion                                                        Leslie Hollowell

 August 9                     Aug 9                  8:00 AM                     9:30 AM                  11:00 AM
 Welcome Center                                                       Mary Ann Rydland           Jamie Krauk
                                            Harriet Fuerlinger - F    Paul & Arlene Buck - S     Mandy Williams - F
 Greeter                                                              Deatrice Williams - F
                                                                      Sharon Helms - R
                         Karen Hale
 Altar Preparation
                         Trudy Wehking
                                            Andrea Pauli - First      Irma Cuellar - First
                                            George Pauli - Second     Don Becker - Second
                                            Jessie Doerman                                       Pierce Rosenvold
                                            Jon Moser                                            Sofia Taramona
                                            Ken Austin *              Marty Herrin *             Shelly Hoffman *
                                            Lucie Austin              Martha Piedrasanta         Amanda Wingo
                                            Roger Caldow              Deb Shoup                  Janet Burton
 Communion                                  Shirley Guillette         Sue Zimmerman              Judy Downey
 Assistant                                  Mark Wallen               Carol Ames                 Lisa Tipton
                                            Peggy Gorski              Irma Cuellar               Mandy Williams
                                                                      Philip Droege
                                                                      Oliver Kendrick

St. Andrew News                                             8                                           August 2009
 August 9                       Aug 9                     8:00 AM                       9:30 AM                     11:00 AM
                           Orville Hinz
                           Kirk & Mary Ann
                           Marv Wehking
 Altar Flower Delivery     Allene Blanchard
 Pew Communion                                                              Charles Kuebler

 August 16                    Aug 16                   8:00 AM                        9:30 AM                     11:00 AM
 Welcome Center                                                           Claudia Jacobson               Jennifer Backus
                                              Marie Jackson - F           David & Allene Blanchard - S   Judy Downey - F
 Greeter                                                                  Phil & Fran Gerken - F
                                                                          Lina Rashid - R
                         Karen Hale
 Altar Preparation
                         Trudy Wehking
                                              Bill Harpster - First       Mary Brundage - First
                                              Anne Harpster - Second      Sharon Helms - Second
                                              Patrick Owen                                               Mark Pfanstiehl
                                              Alex Baker                                                 Kiah Fields
                                              Leslie Hollowell *          Kathleen Strebel *             Stan Jackson *
                                              Eddie James                 Marilee Tollefson              Beth Victor
                                              Carol Petzold               Gary Fields                    Willie Farmer
                                              Walt Petzold                Jim Norberg                    Jim Farmer
                                              Brian Nockleby              Tom Polansky                   Nancy Choudhry
                                                                          Eldra Simmons
                                                                          Barbara Wahlbrink
                         Luther Tollefson
                         Marty Herrin
                         Carl Rose
                         Marv Wehking
 Altar Flower            Karen
 Delivery                Matthiesen
 Pew Communion                                                            Shirley Guillette

 August 23                    Aug 23                   8:00 AM                        9:30 AM                     11:00 AM
 Welcome Center                                                           Dorothy Fristoe                Karen Rosales
                                              Marie Jackson - F           David Blanchard - S            Judy Downey - F
 Greeter                                                                  Phil & Fran Gerken - F
                                                                          Lina Rashid - R
                         Lois Blodgett
 Altar Preparation
                         Carol Witmer
                                              Deatrice Williams - First   Jane Owen - First
                                              Ken Austin - Second         Bill Fristoe - Second
                                              Matthew Russell                                            Zachary Snyder
                                              Maddie Garcia-McConnell                                    Andrew VanderWeele
                                              Deborah Stowe *             Charles Kuebler *              Karen Adam*
                                              Alice Scipio                Martha Piedrasanta             Njeri Mwaniki
                                              Evelyn Blaes                Claudia Jacobson               David Van Norstrand
 Communion                                    Shirley Guillette           Peggy Hayeslip                 Angela Green
 Assistant                                    Ed Stowe                    Philip Droege                  Amanda Wingo
                                              Lyndi Lahl                  Karen Matthiesen               Lisa Tipton
                                                                          Lina Rashid
                                                                          Sue Zimmerman

St. Andrew News                                                    9                                              August 2009
 August 23                Aug 23               8:00 AM                     9:30 AM                    11:00 AM
                     JoAnn Aulick
                     Shelley Mitek
                     Beth Victor
                     Jack Reinhart
 Altar Flower        Karen
 Delivery            Matthiesen
 Pew Communion                                                  Dorothy Fristoe

  August 30               Aug 30               8:00 AM                     9:30 AM                     11:00 AM
 Welcome Center                                                 Karen Matthiesen              Janet Burton
                                      Janice Flug - F           Linda Yost - S                John & Karen Adam - F
 Greeter                                                        Dave & Allene Blanchard - F
                                                                Nancy Graeves - R
                      Lois Blodgett
 Altar Preparation
                      Carol Witmer
                                      Eddie James - First       Betty Johnson - First
                                      William Wooden - Second   Stephen Giles - Second
                                      Mark Rebok                                              Lili Puskar
                                      Zachary Snyder                                          Robyn Bernard
                                      Helena Jacobs *           Irma Cuellar*                 Lory Bruckner *
                                      Lucie Austin              David Blanchard               Willie Farmer
                                      Ken Austin                Allene Blanchard              Jim Farmer
 Communion                            Peggy Gorski              Robie Hillhouse               Stan Jackson
 Assistant                            Roger Caldow              Marty Herrin                  Judy Downey
                                      Mark Wallen               Deb Shoup                     Tamara Arsenault
                                                                Marilee Tollefson
                                                                Carol Ames
                      Janice Flug
                      Lew Brode
                      Pat Herrin
                      Lora Kutkat
 Altar Flower         Liz Mugge
 Pew Communion                                                  Leslie Hollowell

 Service Assistants are needed for all services:
                  Welcome Center
                  Lectors (8 and 9:30 a.m.)
                  Communion Assistants
                  Altar Flower Delivery

                          TRAINING will be provided. Please
 PLEASE consider volunteering.
 contact Judy or Linda in the church office at 301-384-4394 or
 my.standrew@verizon.net with any questions or to VOLUNTEER!

St. Andrew News                                         10                                            August 2009

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