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Niskayuna High School                                     June 6, 2003                                     Volume 29, Issue 28

Niskayuna debaters place at nationals   High School, where they had to compete in
by Evan Ballan
                                        five intense debate rounds with few breaks,
   Niskayuna senior Katherine Brainard  getting out at around 7:00 that evening. A
and sophomore Abby Alger placed at the  dance was held for debaters at the hotel
annual NCFL’s national forensics tourna-when they returned. Although the day
                                        was an intense one, Brainard and Alger
ment in Arlington, Virginia this past Me-
morial Day weekend, May 24 and 25. Algerhad fun. Commented Brainard, “NCFL’s
made the quarterfinals while Brainard   were an awesome experience. The com-
came close to making the octo-finals.   petitiors were challenging, intelligent, and
   The NCFL, or National Catholic Foren-polite. It was particularly exciting that
                                        Abby did so well!”
sics League, marked its 51st year of host-
ing its Grand National Tournament since    They learned later that night that Alger
its first competition in Brooklyn, New  had made it into the top thirty-two debaters,
York in 1952. This year’s tournament    and would be competing the following day in
brought 196 debaters from all around thethe final rounds. Alger made it to quarter-
country, many of whom had to go through finals, the top eight debaters, before losing
                                        a round with a split decision. The top eight
selection processes to even qualify for the
competition. Alger and Brainard partici-is a record for a Niskayuna student, and
                                        although Brainard didn’t make the cut this
pated at a qualifier on March 8th of this
year at the Academy of the Holy Names intime around, she herself will be making
Albany. The number of schools in the    Niskayuna history in just a few short weeks.                             Photo courtesy Forensics Team
                                        Katherine, the president of Forensics at
region dictated that three students could                                                   YOU WANT A PIECE?: Abby Alger contem-
be sent to nationals, and of the sixteenNiskayuna, qualified for the NFL tourna-            plates the coming debate.
that competed at Holy Names, Alger and  ment in Atlanta on the last week of school,
Brainard were among the top three that  NFL being, of course, the National Foren-           NFL Nationals in Atlanta the last week
were allowed to go.                     sics League, not the football organization.         of school, for Katherine Brainard is the
   The weekend was a grueling one for   Brainard will be the first student from             first Nisky student ever to qualify for
Alger and Brainard. After checking into Niskayuna to ever attend this competition.          that National Tournament.”
                                        Coach Christopher Chadwick couldn’t be
the Crystal City Marriott hotel on Thurs-                                                      The Forensics team encompasses both
                                        more proud of the two, as well as all the
day night, they had to quickly rest up for                                                  speech and debate participants, but Alger
                                        other talent found in the rest of Niskayuna
the opening rounds of Saturday, the bus to                                                  and Brainard stick to the latter. The
which left at 6:30 in the morning. They high school’s forensics team. “I am getting         exact type of debate they participated in
arrived shortly thereafter at Yorktown  used to our students going to NCFL Grand            is called LD, or Lincoln-Douglas debate,
                                                                    N a t i o n a l s .     named after the famous debate between
                                                                    Niskayuna has so        the two candidates in 1858. The debates
                                                                    many exceptional        follow a very specific pattern in which a
                                                                    students who must       moral resolution is debated and each
                                                                    compete to be able      participant is forced to argue for a side.
                                                                    to qualify for Na-      The debaters write their speeches be-
                                                                    tionals, that not all   forehand, then are required to defend
                                                                    will be able to         their position against the attacks of their
                                                                    qualify. I am re-       opponent. This kind of debate helps the
                                                                    ally pleased that       students’ speaking skills and aids in the
                                                                    Abby made it to the     structuring of arguments, skills that can
                                                                    elite eight in the      be particularly helpful later on in life.
                                                                    nation, the best           Hopefully, Niskayuna will return to
                                                                    any Niskayuna           the National Tournament again next
                                                                    student has fared       year, for it is quite an honor to even be
                                                                    at Nationals [so        allowed to attend. It is truly an enrich-
                                                                    far]. I am proud of     ing experience for all who are involved,
                                                                    Abby            and     and leaves the debaters wanting to come
                                                                    Katherine for rep-      back. Congratulations to the debaters
                                      Photo courtesy Forensics Team r e s e n t i n g       and coach Chadwick on a great tourna-
MY VOICE IS MY STRENGTH: Catherine Brainard grabs a quick bite      Niskayuna so well.      ment and impressive year!
before she returns to the trenches                                  I look forward to
2      News                                                 June 6, 2003                                                   The Warrior

Several faculty members to retire this year
Julia Napolitano                            doing so; as a high school student himself, was always one of his favorite areas, but
                                      NEWS Rini decided that being a math teacher was he derives enjoyment from any math-
   This year concludes with five faculty a profession he was well-suited for.                   ematical topic. “It’s really a nice feeling
retirees: math teacher Richard Rini, Physi-   “I think I was in eleventh grade, and what when you’ve worked on a lesson and sense
cal Education instructor Dom Gisotti, happened was that I wanted to get into the that the kids get it,” said Rini in describ-
custodian John Hladik, Physical Educa- same math class as a particular girl. I ing what he considers the most reward-
tion secretary Mary Lee                                                                                       ing aspect as a teacher.
Van Zweden, and guid-                                                                                            ‘I have him for homeroom;
ance secretaries Pauline                                                                                      that makes it even better,”
Jennings and Kathy                                                                                            said sophomore Lexi
Montello. Each will                                                                                           Imgruth who clearly appre-
surely be sorely missed                                                                                       ciated Rini’s sincere assis-
by students and teachers                                                                                      tance to her as his math
alike.                                                                                                        student. An anonymous
   “The first thing I plan                                                                                    student added that “being
to do is not work,” replied                                                                                   in Rini’s class is always...
Rini with a smile when                                                                                        an experience,” indicating
asked what he will do in                                                                                      his teacher’s approachable
his retirement after work-                                                                                    and humorous attitude be-
ing here since 1971. Along                                                                                    ing well-received and es-
with volunteering for the                                                                                     sential to the overall class
Peppertree Foundation                                                                                         atmosphere.
(an animal rescue orga-                                                                                          Not only has Rini proved
nization), golfing and                                                                                        his devotion as a
reading are two activities                                                                                    hardworking teacher, but
with which he says he                                                                                         is further recognized as the
will occupy his weekday                                                                                       first coach of Niskayuna
time, a departure from                                                                                        High’s girls’ soccer team,
teaching various Re-                                                                                          establishing the team in
gents- and Mastery-level                                                                                      1976 and serving as its ad-
math courses (3R and 3M                                                                                       visor until 1988. Calling it
specifically this year). A                                                    Warrior Photo/ Julia Napolitano
                                                                                                              his greatest adventure out-
new teacher has been RINI IS FINI: After teaching for over a quarter-century, Mr. Rini is retiring.           side of the classroom, he
hired to teach his classes.                                                                                   still keeps in touch with
   Rini grew up in Long Island, and moved offered to tutor her...she never did end up in players now forty years old or more.
to upstate New York to pursue his degree my class, however I realized my strength in When asked to recall a favorite story
as a certified math instructor at the Uni- explaining the subject to others,” he said. from these past thirty-two years, Rini
versity of Albany. He enjoyed living in the He had considered a career involving his- told of an evening when, upon leaving a
Capital Region and applied for a position tory or social studies, but claims to have baseball game, as he approached his
at Niskayuna, where he has since spent chosen math instead “because [he] didn’t car, he found
his entire career. He has no regrets in want to correct essays.” Algebra, he says,                  (Continued to Page 3, FACULTY)

Student officers elected for 03-04
by Jeremy Wolos
                                     NEWS                    Class Office
  After attending all of the speeches                       Class of 2004:                                Class of 2006:
made by aspiring Student Council                        President: Matt Larkin                         President: Elena Lecce
and Student Congress members the                      Vice President: Allison Sail                Vice President: Britnie Girigorie
morning of Thursday, May 29th,                        Secretary: Mary Cirincione                     Secretary: Lauren Festine
Niskayuna students had an evening                     Treasurer: Kevin O’Connor                       Treasurer: Jamie Brooks
to consider all of the possibilities                  Historian: Lauren Palmer                        Historian: Kyle Johnson
available to them, so that they could
make their final decisions and vote                        Class of 2005:                                Student Congress
the next day. The students decided                  President: Allison Sylvetsky                     President: Drew Knowlton
on their leaders for the 2003-2004                   Vice President: Ben Kelly                    Vice President: Allie Weingarten
school year. Here are the results for                Secretary: Corey Smetana                          Secretary: Tami Glaser
of all the Student Council and Stu-                  Treasurer: Andy Marshall                       Treasurer: Nate Staudinger
dent Congress elections:                            Historian: Lindsey Rosecrans                     Historian: Diana Mitsche
     The Warrior                                          June 6, 2003                                                   News         3

   NHS ranks in top national percentile
                    Niskayuna High School ranked 269th in the country’s top 4th percentile,
                  according to a recent study published in Newsweek. The study, termed the
                  Challenge Index, was devised by Jay Mathews of the Washington Post and
                  ranks all of the nation’s public high schools by a certain formula. The
                  formula consists of dividing the number of Advanced Placement tests
                  taken by the number of graduating seniors. Schools that have an equal
                  number of test takers as graduating students receive a one; the highest
                  figure was 6.3. There were 737 schools listed among the top four percent
                  as schools with the strongest AP programs. Congratulations to our AP
                  students, teachers, and administrators.
                                                                                                                                                in N
Faculty members to retire after many years                                                                                                     of A
     (Continued from page 2,        out of college in the fall of     makes the players a perma-         Jennings, part of the faculty        test ta
            SEVERAL)                1971, and today he still          nent part of the school.” This     for 24 and 10 years, respec-           the
   himself among a group of rau-    teaches with the same en-         year, Gisotti has taught life-     tively, will be leaving the coun-
cous teenagers and was nearly       thusiasm that he did thirty-      time gym class and drivers’        seling center, with the former
arrested. He laughed remem-         two years ago. He is like a big   education, as well as coach-       having earned her own posi-
bering the police officer’s sur-    brother that I see every day.     ing football, baseball, wres-      tion in an esthetics (skin care)
prise at realizing he had           I will miss him very much.”       tling, and hockey.                 practice. She remarked on
nabbed a faculty member.              As mentioned, Rini is ea-          When asked which sport          the unflagging student con-
   One of his most insightful       ger to offer assistance along     he enjoyed coaching most,          cern with education, and says
comments was “The kids here         with his wife to the Pepper-      he replied, “Probably foot-        that there is a consistently
haven’t changed. They will          tree Foundation after adopt-      ball, though I really enjoy        strong academic atmosphere.
always test the boundaries;         ing a dog through them in         baseball because of the pace         Also retiring is Mary Lee van
they did in 1971, and they do       1995 after their former dog       of the game.” Gisotti also         Zweden, a clerical assistant for
in 2003. The teachers, we are       passed away. He is glad to        commented          on        the   the physical education depart-
the ones who have changed.          help foster animals back to       community’s caring atmo-           ment. She has worked in that
We become more willing to do        health, and to know his effort    sphere. “In doing a lot of         department for 6 years, and pre-
things for our students; some-      contributes to the area’s be-     reflecting recently, I feel that   viously filled a similar position
times this is good, sometimes       ing one of the top rescue ar-     what makes Niskayuna it-           in the English Department, Me-
it’s bad.” He reflected on the      eas in the country.               self is the people; that in-       dia Center, and Iroquois Middle
passing of three decades and          Also having served thirty-      cludes the students and the        School. Previously, she worked
concluded that in no way has        two years as a Niskayuna fac-     colleagues. I have made            for an optical firm in Albany.
his job been boring; “sometimes     ulty member, Coach Dom            many                 life-long     Originally from New Jersey, she
[it’s] too exciting,” he says en-   Gisotti intends to invest his     friendships...people don’t re-     has spent the past 37 years in
thusiastically. “I’ve worked        post retirement time in his       alize what great of a thing        Niskayuna, with three children
with a lot of wonderful kids,       family’s remodeling business,     we have here.” The most            passing through the high school.
and a lot of wonderful math         continuing his occupation         rewarding thing as a teacher,      She plans to relocate after retir-
teachers.”                          here in the northeast where       he says, is to watch the stu-      ing in order to spend her winters
    One of these kids is current    he has grown up.                  dents come into their own,         in Florida.
math teacher Stephanie                “I always loved sports; one     and to see them start in their       Finally, one of school’s day
Graseck, whom having spent          of the traditions I continue      growth process. Comparing          custodians, John Hladik, is leav-
only one year as his colleague      from my time at Springfield       it to his other line of work,      ing the school after 20 years. He
will miss his outgoing, humor-      College is ‘the burning of the    “It’s not like carpentry when      plans to travel and spend time
ous personality. “He has a          shoe.’ Seniors, at their last     the finished product is ap-        with his grandchildren. When
great [reputation] with a lot of    game of the year, bring with      parent.” He looks forward to       asked about Niskayuna High
students, he is always working      them a personal belonging.        keeping in touch with his          School, he said he has “enjoyed
with them and often stays late      They share its value to them      students as they mature into       working for the time I’ve been
to help them.” Commented fel-       with the team, and then they      adults.                            here.”
low math teacher Irene Jovell,      add it to the bonfire. The           Clerical assistants Kathy         With additional reporting by
“He and I came together fresh       burned ashes in the ground        Montello and Pauline               Leanne Merrill
4   Opinion                                              June 6, 2003                                                 The Warrior

Warrior staff bids farewell The Warrior
  As the school year draws to a close and     a safe and enjoyable one, and will hope-
                                                                                                   Niskayuna High School
the summer months commence, The War-          fully provide an excess of entertainment
                                                                                                      1626 Balltown Road
rior hopes that all Niskayuna students        to prepare for the return to the not-so-
                                                                                                     Niskayuna, NY 12309
have a safe and enjoyable summer break.       exciting ritual that is high school.
                                                                                                    (518) 382-2511, Ext. 351
   This school year has been an interest-        Meanwhile, the seniors, a number of
ing one, from bomb threats galore in the      whom will be attending university in the
autumn to the intense                                     fall, have their future to look
preparation for final exams                               forward to. The Warrior                       T H E S TA F F
that has still to reach its
conclusion. And in a few
                               EDITORIAL                  wishes the best of luck to all of
                                                          those graduating and we hope
                                                                                               EDITORS -IN-CHIEF: TJ Andrews, Elspeth
short weeks, the ‘02-’03                                  they attain success in all fu-       NEWS EDITORS: Jesse Conti, Leanne
school year will be no more; freshmen,        ture endeavors. All of the seniors have             Merrill, Julia Napolitano, Jeremy
sophomores and juniors off to enjoy two       done an excellent job, and having finally           Wolos
months of sheer relaxation, a number          reached the culmination of their high            ASST. NEWS: Nate Staudinger
departing for vacation spots while oth-       school career, all have the remainder of         OPINION EDITORS : Kishori Rajan, Alec
ers participate in various pastimes.          their lives to look forward to. Whatever            Wilson
Whether you go on a vacation, attend a                                                         ASST. OPINION: Evan Ballan
                                              lies ahead, The Warrior is confident that
                                                                                               ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR : Stephanie
summer camp, or camp in front of the          it will be enjoyable. And for those stu-            Blair, Matt Larkin
television for eight weeks straight, The      dents who will be returning to school            S PORTS E DITORS: Jonathan Chow, Lisa
Warrior hopes that your summer is both        next year, we’ll see you in the fall!               D’Aniello
                                                                                               ASST. SPORTS: Peter Chalfin

The United States,’02-’03                                                                      FEATURE E DITORS: Alice Lee, Anna Yu,
                                                                                                  Kathryn Fantauzzi
                                                                                               DISTRIBUTION M ANAGER: Jackie Nguyen
by Kishori Rajan               ing out Osama bin Laden to      France sentiment. Being         B USINESS M ANAGER: Erik Donhowe
                     OPINION   Saddam Hussein was per-         a nation’s ally doesn’t         WEB SITE MANAGER: Brian Nevers
   It’s nice to believe that   haps one of the greatest me-    mean you have to blindly        ADVERTISING MANAGER: Jonas Chang
progression is time related,   dia and government ploys        support their actions; this     GRAPHICS C OORDINATOR: Evan Fenaroli,
that we mature as time goes    of our time. The evidence of    in fact would be very dan-         Brian Nevers
on, that the future is a       WMDs was hazy, and after        gerous. Before we throw         ADVISORS: James Edgar, Meghan Sweet
brighter, improved place.      the smoke has cleared, we       all our bottled Evian down
Reality, unfortunately,        still have yet to find any of   the drain, consider this
proves otherwise. From         these biological or chemical    situation: suppose France
freedom fries to censor-                                            had actually elected
ship in the mall, to                                                the strongly anti-                    EDITORIAL POLICIES
priest sex scandals and  “Has it become our                         Semitic Le Pen as              LETTERS TO THE EDITOR are wel-
Ashcroft’s immigration
policies, the 2002-2003
                         patriotic duty to                          president, who has
                                                                    also been known to ex-
                                                                                                come from all members of the
                                                                                                school community. The Warrior
school year was dyna-
mite, tragic and con-
                         turn the other way                         ercise torture on his       reserves the right to edit letters
                                                                    enemies. Would the US       for grammar and length.
troversial year in the   when our loyalties                        have stood back and             SIGNED OPINION ARTICLES AND CAR-
news, which seemed to                                              supported him, as Le         TOONS express the opinions of their
take two steps back in   conflict with our                         Pen lashed out against       creators.
every direction.                                                   Jews, Muslims, and              UNSIGNED EDITORIALS represent
   With the repercus-    conscience?”                               immigrants, just be-        the consensus of the paper’s edi-
sions of 9/11 still being                                           cause France is our po-     torial board, which may not re-
felt, our government aggres-   weapons that were the           litical ally? Has it become      flect the majority of the students’
sively fed off the hysteria.   administration’s main ar-       our patriotic duty to turn       views.
The wobbling economy, suf-     gument for war.                 the other way when our              THE OP-ED PAGES are a forum for
fering state budgets, and        The Iraq conflict and         loyalties conflict with our      students’ opinions and ideas.
other serious domestic is-     WMDs obviously dominated        conscience? And if we are
sues became secondary con-     the headlines, but it was       going to protest a nation’s
cerns as our nation turned     the lack of international       policy, could we do any           The Warrior is published each Fri-
its eye abroad, making an      support that proved to be a     better than renaming a po-     day the high school has classes (33
at best sketchy link between   major sore spot for the coun-   tato that wasn’t even          times a year).
al-Quaeda and Hussein,         try. If the France scenario     French to begin with?             For a one-year subscription, send
Bush riding in on his white    displayed anything at all, it       When the government        a check for $25 payable to Niskayuna
horse two days after the       was America’s incredible        constantly comes up with       High School to The Warrior, Attn:
very emotional and media-      immaturity. What was even       numerous fictitious, pro-      Subscriptions, 1626 Balltown Rd.,
hyped 9/11 anniversary         more amazing to see was         pagandist tales and ex-        Niskayuna, NY 12309.
back in September. The         how swept up the American          (Continued to page 5,
turn of attention from seek-   public became in the anti-              AMERICA)
Suping it up:                                            Eleven driving laws you should know
                                                   1. New laws require that drivers           or Class MJ learner permit must bring
Q&A with car fanatic                             under the age of 18 who hold a learner’s     to the road test a statement that cer-
                                                 permit to hold the permit for a mini-        tifies that the driver has enough driv-
Dave    Muldowney                                mum of six months before they may            ing experience. The statement must
by Kathryn Fantauzzi                             obtain a junior license.                     certify that the junior driver had a
                       MAGAZINE INTERVIEW                                                     minimum of 20 hours of supervised
   Dave Muldowney, a Niskayuna sopho-              2. This law also allows for a “limited     driving experience. The supervising
more, is the son of Shirley Muldowney, a         class” license, which is available to        driver must be a driver qualified by the
famous racecar driver who was named one          those under the age of 18 who pass           law to supervise a junior driver. The
of Sports Illustrated’s top 100 women ath-       their test prior to holding their learn-     parent or legal guardian of the junior
letes, and the son of Jack Muldowney, a          ers permit for at least six months.          driver must sign this statement.
mechanic and former racecar driver.
                                                    3. The new law also requires that           8. The DMV will also issue a limited-
  Q: What got you interested in cars? Did        Learner’s permit holders obtain at least     use junior license to junior driver who
your family lineage play a part in your          twenty hours of supervised driving with      passes a road test during the first six
interest?                                        an experienced driver or instructor be-      months after the learned permit was
  A: My father got me interested in cars, he     fore being eligible to take a road test to         issue. A limited-use junior license
raced cars all his life and he is a mechanic.    get a limited class or junior                          will allow the junior driver to
                                                 license.                                                   drive without supervision
 Q: Why is driving so important to you?                                                                          during specific hours
 A: It lets me get out of the house. It gives       4. On September 1,                                               of the day and
me a sense of freedom.                           2003 these new re-                                                      within specific
                                                 strictions will ex-                                                          g e o -
  Q: What if anything do you do to enhance       ist for the jun-                                                              graphi-
your car?                                        ior    license                                                                c a l
  A: I do everything. I changed my intake        once       ob-                                                                bound-
and exhaust and I put wider tires on my          tained. These                                                                aries.
car. I also changed a couple motors, be-         restrictions                                                                However,
cause I blew them up.                            include, the in-                                                            a supervis-
                                                 ability of a junior                                                        ing driver
  Q: How did you blow your motors up?            driver to operate                                                          must     be
Was speed a factor?                              a vehicle that has                                                        present at
  A: Yes, I drove too fast, it put too much      more than two pas-                                                       all     other
strain on the parts, they couldn’t handle it.    sengers who are un-                                                      times. Six
                                                 der the age of 21                                                        months after
  Q: Do you speed on a regular basis? Why?       unless a parent, a                                                      the earn per-
  A: Yes I’d say so. I speed because it’s        guardian, or a                                                         mit of that
thrilling, it gives me an adrenaline rush.       driving instructor                                                     driver was is-
                                                 also rides in the                                                    sued; the DMV
  Q: What is your favorite car?                  vehicle. However                                                   will issue a nor-
  A: My favorite car is a Mosler Mt900,          this rule does not                                               mal junior license to
which is a racing inspired car. It is as close   apply if the pas-                                              replace the limited-
to a race car as you can get for the street.     sengers are im-                                               use junior license.
                                                 mediate family.
  Q: What do you think determines the                                                                       9. A junior license will
quality of a car?                                  5. When the new law requires su-           be issued by the DMV to those who
  A: It has to be made in the USA and it         pervision of the junior driver, only         pass the road test more than six
needs to have a V8 engine, with a standard       the supervising driver can ride in the       months after receiving their permit.
transmission, and rear-wheel drive.              front seat. The supervising driver
                                                 must also be 21 years of age or older          10. A new law which affects all
  Q: Are you interested in mechanics/ ma-        and must have a valid driver license.        drivers with a learner permit requires
chinery in general of is your interest solely                                                 that a supervising driver must be 21
in cars? Why?                                      6. This law also requires that all         years of age or older. The present law
  A: I like anything mechanical. I’m inter-      passengers that ride with a junior           requires that the supervising driver
ested in how things run.                         driver must use the correct safety           must be 18 years of age or older.
                                                 restraints (seat belts or child safety         s
  Q: Has anything funny or interesting           seats).                                        11. Other laws have been put into
happened to you when you were driving?                                                        affect presently, including the lower-
  A: One time, the exhaust pipe fell off           7. Many new restrictions will exist        ing of the blood alcohol limit from .10
my car and cut the back tire, causing the        for junior drivers who get learner           to .08.
car to go up on the side wheels. It almost       permits that are issue on or after
tipped us over.                                  September 1, 2003. These restrictions        —Compiled by Kathryn Fantauzzi
                                                 include that a driver with a Class DJ                                    Source:
Student Driving Safety Survey Results
Survey of 119 student drivers finds that many are distracted, speed
In The Warrior’s
recent survey of Nisk-
ayuna students who
drive, we found that
most students consider
themselves safe
drivers. We also found
that most admit to
doing activities while
driving that could
distract them and most
admitted to speeding.
Perhaps most
disturbingly, we found                                                                                  Warrior photo / Liza Plotnikova

                          HANDS OFF: This driver, eating a burger while waiting for the light to change at the high
that five students        school exit by the Balltown Road is typical of many, who do other activities while driving.
claimed to have
operated their vehicles
while under the                                    While Driving
influence of alchohol,
                                    eaten food/drink
having checked the                                                                                                    51

box marked “other”          talked on handheld cell                                        29
and filling in the
                                    fixed appearance                      14
blank. While some
students may not have                 read something                  9

taken the survey                          fallen asleep         3
seriously—we got a
number of                                                  0        10         20        30          40            50           60

unbelievable                                       Students surveyed: 119 1 9

responses—the fact                                                              Editorial comments by Kathryn Fantauzzi and Anna Yu

that five said they
              Driving Survey:                                          Nisky students take the wheel

                                                                                                                     Although most stu-
                                                                                                                   dent drivers believe
                                                                                                                   they drive safely, a
                                                                                                                   majority of them also
                                                                                                                   report that they speed.

                                                                                                                                  Survey by Alice Lee

St. James Square parkers use illicit paths
by Anna Yu                                         To tell you the truth, I was contemplat- to park at St. James Square in the future.
                                   MAGAZINE     ing cutting across the fence when I found          Said Wetzel, “The high school is just try-
   With the advent of available parking spots   Wetzel guarding it one Friday afternoon. ing to be good neighbors to Mr. Scott so he’ll
at St. James Square, a sudden surge of high     Rather than get caught attempting to use continue to let students park there.”
school students have been taking advan-         it, I pretended that I wanted to get a             During Niska-Day, when many Niska-
tage of a section of the fence between St.      picture of him guarding the fence for a Day attendees parked at St. James Square,
James Square and the high school that           Warrior article. He declined a picture but many grandparents, adults, and young chil-
has been torn down as a short cut. Just         accepted an interview.                           dren took advantage of the break in the
this year, St. James Sqaure’s proprietor           According to Wetzel, the fence is there as fence right in front of the police and the
Reginald Scott began allowing a handful         a result of a zoning requirement the town police did nothing to stop them. It appears
of Niskayuna students to park at the old        placed when St. James Square was built. that the problem with the fence will con-
Grand Union’s parking lot. Despite this         Nobody’s quite sure who or what caused tinue until the high school or St. James
generosity, many of these students have         the fence to tear at that location. Wetzel Square physically repairs the fence.
been abusing this privilege.                    commented, ”It could have
   Assistant principal David Wetzel             been snow. It could have
said,“Mr. Scott who owns St. James Square       been students. We’ve asked
has allowed students to park there. Unfor-      to get [the fence] fixed but
tunately, if I were him, I would pull that      it keeps on getting worse
because students have been rude and abus-       and worse. It’s a constant
ing his property.”                              maintenance issue.”
   For those unfamiliar, this torn down            The high school has been
fence is located approximately across the       doing what it can to pre-
New Cafe entrance and is so thoroughly          vent a further deteriora-
used that the originally upright fence is       tion of the fence by guard-
now nearly flat on the grass. This flatness     ing it, but there is only so
allows students to easily walk over the         much the school can do. “I’ve
fence to cross over St. James Square.           been guarding [the fence]
   Before being given a parking permit at       since the snow melted.
St. James Sqaure, students must sign a          Sometimes I’m here, some-
contract. According to Wetzel, “[The con-       times Tony [Barbalace] is
tract] says that they’ll use the desig-         here,” said Wetzel. Admin-
nated walkways.” Therefore, using the           istrators are concerned that                                             Warrior photo / Jeremy Brown
fence to get the high school is in violation    if this problem continues, GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS: This section of
of the contract.                                Scott will not allow students the fence between the high school and St. James Square is down.
     The Warrior                                              June 6, 2003                                                 Opinion        5
Dreaming of a distant summer to come
by Alec Wilson                      not nearly long enough.             to cope.                            to those who have absolutely
                        OPINION        Some of us cope with this fact      To those who wrap them-          nothing to do. To those lucky
   You can feel its presence, its   better than others. On one end      selves in their academic shell:     people I wish you well in your
essence. It permeates every         of the spectrum, you have those     mellow out. Realistically,          bliss.) Those who are simply
pore of your body and every         who spend every waking mo-          maintaining your average is         not putting forth any effort re-
thought of your mind. It’sthat      ment with a textbook, and pro-      important, and doing well on        ally need to review their priori-
seemingly simple season,            long this waking moment to          many of the before mentioned        ties. While academics may not
summer. Yes, that fabled time       encompass most of the day.          tests is too, but how much is       be on the top of your list, they
close to all high schoolers’        These people are those you will     the last-minute cramming go-        are still important. They pro-
hearts, which spells freedom        occasionally                                         ing to help?       vide a basis for your future.
in so many ways.                    find freaking                                        Any gleaned        That is not to say you’re hor-
   Yet, this tangible entity lies
out of reach, blocked by ines-
                                    out at random
                                                        SMART ALEC                       knowledge
                                                                                         will only re-
                                                                                                            rible because you aren’t the best
                                                                                                            student, merely a reminder
capable end-of-the-year tests,         On the other                                      side in your       that a little effort is good. It
projects, and other miscella-       end are those who have simply       short-term memory for a day         doesn’t have to be hours on end,
neous assignments. While            given up or stopped caring, as      or two at most and then vanish      but some time and work will
some of us have maneuvered          they decide that sleep is too       shortly after.                      prove to be worthwhile.
ourselves effectively around        valuable to be neglected. This         However, those who have             Finally, we come to you guys
this fate, others have con-         appears ideal, except when that     been studying consistently all      that have everything in control
demned ourselves to SATs,           tiny, nagging voice inside your     year have a long-term memory        and know what you want and
SAT IIs, ACTs, AP tests, and        head decides to remind you that     basis, which is much more ef-       what to do. Just keep on plug-
honors classes. Not to men-         doing one’s work would be a         fective. Not to mention that        ging away. For everyone, the last
tion the regular finals and         good thing. Then there are all      depriving yourself of sleep hin-    few days of this year are just a
Regents exams, or the extra-        those that fall in between. It      ders your body’s ability to func-   few more days of your life, just as
curricular activities such as       would be nice if we could all       tion. In other words, you need      any other days are. Have some
sports (possibly state levels),     become that perfect being who       to relax, plan and manage your      fun and get ready for a great
music solos, competitions, and      manages to do all possible tasks    time, and leave it at that.         summer, because that’s the best
maybe even dance. This is           and still maintain a level of          Those who are completely         way to look at it. Before you
when one usually finds out          sanity. Since we don’t live in a    slacking off: do a little work.     know it, it will be here and gone
that a twenty-four hour day is      perfect world however, we have      (This obviously does not apply      so start savoring it early.

America should apply values domestically
          (continued from page 4,               into. Nevermind that the American               crous as saying all Germans are Nazis,
                 U.S. IN)                       troops could have calmly walked into the        or all Americans are in the KKK. (Speak-
   -ecuting covert operations, it seems         hospital and taken Lynch home with no           ing of which, why didn’t we ever try to
almost a little too Hollywoodish to take        resistance from the Iraqis, but instead         combat our own domestic terrorist
seriously. Yet when a unilateral war ef-        decided to dramatize the event by wear-         groups, if we’re really this passionate to
fort that lacks major international sup-        ing night vision goggles, and shooting          wage this war on terrorism?) Along simi-
port isn’t going too well, a little glamor-     blanks to knock down the unlocked door,         lar lines are the harsher immigration poli-
ous bravery never hurts, even if it’s made      in order to “rescue” the girl. It became        cies our country has implemented this
up. Enter Jessica Lynch, the young,             “one of the most stunning pieces of news        past year, again under Ashcroft’s hawk-
blonde, nineteen-year-old sergeant who          management yet conceived, according to          ish eye. Ashcroft promoted the idea of
became America’s modern war icon over-          one news reporter, but it doesn’t matter.       having foreign exchange students from
night. The American public watched              This was war, and Bush had a story to           specified countries being fingerprinted,
Lynch being “rescued” at night in a dar-        tell.                                           photographed, and on constant watch. This
ing and heroic raid by a troop of Ameri-          America has always prided itself on           was denounced by the ACLU and the
can soldiers, from her “evil” Iraqi cap-        being a great defender of human rights.         United Nations, who said that treating
tors. Lynch was reported to have gun            With the Bush administration, however,          them as a separate element of society not
wounds and other serious injuries, which        we’ve found ourselves increasingly com-         only violates certain civil liberties, but
were inflicted when she fought off her          promising these rights for many indi-           also is a discriminatory act.
attackers. Never mind that these sup-           viduals and groups of people. The back-            To fill the role of the world’s superpower
posedly harmful Iraqi doctors actually          lash against Arab-Americans and the             must be done responsibly. If we are to be an
fed her, took care of her, and protected        Muslim religion has been prevalent in           example to the rest of the world, we should
her from looming thugs during those             this country since 2001, strongly remi-         uphold the virtues that really matter: jus-
eight days. Never mind that when these          niscent of that against the Japanese dur-       tice, equality, and compassion. We should
doctors tried to find American troops to        ing the 1940s. John Ashcroft even sug-          show our strength not through bombs or
give Lynch back to them, they were shot         gested the same internment camps for            destruction, but through the undoubtedly
at. Never mind that Lynch’s injuries            all people of the Muslim faith. Will we         harder method of diplomacy, generosity,
weren’t really gun wounds, but more             ever learn from our mistakes? To say            and forgiveness. Then, we can really join
likely from a car accident she got herself      that all Arabs are terrorists is as ludi-       hands and sing about the land of the free.
6   Entertainment                                            June 6, 2003                                                      The Warrior

“J. Ho” reflects on radio’s low points
by Jon Horowitz                     nal wit.” This might sound “Big Yellow Taxi,” by Joni the also terrible John Mayer.
                 ENTERTAINMENT      like something I just made Mitchell, which was an amaz-                         The last reason to destroy
   I’m so sick of the radio these   up, but rest assured, I can ing song- before the Counting your local radio station is the
days. Everything about it           think of at least 5 radio shows Crows completely screwed it allowance of pre-teen girls to
vexes me beyond what mere           with this exact chemistry, and up. Isn’t the point of a cover squeal with ridiculous excite-
words can describe. I’m not         I don’t know how it hasn’t song to add something of your ment at having been “chosen”
just talking about “Fly 92” and     been previously exposed!            own style to a classic? It seems to go on the air. Humankind
“KROQ” or whatever, I’m re-            Now, we all know that                     that this guy is a far manages to impress me with
ferring to the whole AM/FM          the supposed main in-                          worse singer then Joni. its stupidity once again when
experience. I’m sure many of        tention of the ra-                              This cover disgusts me. people decide to call a radio
you are as sick of it as I am,      dio is to offer a va-                           I’m going to officially station with the sole purpose
and if you aren’t, maybe after      riety of music. Un-                              change the lyrics from, of giving a “shout out.” Hav-
reading this you’ll reconsider.     fortunately, every                               “they paved paradise ing my name heard on a radio
   The first mistake that the       radio station                                    and put up a parking wouldn’t make my day at all.
modern radio station makes          plays                                                                l o t ” In fact, now that I’m recalling
is simply stated: DJs! I mean,      only a                                                                 t o , the deficiencies of this particu-
what is the point of having         few se-                                                                      lar channel of communication,
some pompous sub-human              l e c t                                                                      if I were to hear my name in a
make bad jokes and pretend          songs                                                                        “shout out,” I’d go so far as to
to be responsible for what          over and                                                                     press charges. Who cares about
songs the station plays? I’m        over and                                                                     whoever they’re “shouting” at?
so sick of DJs that think they      over. I                                                                      I sure don’t.
are amazing regardless of           had to lis-                                                                     So basically my message is
their 100-person audience. If       ten to                                                                  i n that the radio is a massive
I have to hear another plati-       the ra-                                                                m y waste of time, money and ef-
tude prank call or one of those     dio at                                                                opin- fort. Due to its redundancy,
incredbly irritating pop-song       work                                                               i o n , poor staff, and incredible lack
parodies, my eardrums might         t o -                                                              t h e of quality in general (none of
explode. The first time I heard     day                                                                f a r the songs are even worthy of
a DJ prank-call some guy and        be-                                                               m o r e repelling bugs), the radio is
tell him to “catch his refrig-      cause                                                            s u i t - most definitely worth passing
erator.” I almost laughed, but,     some          guy             Warrior art / Andy Freidson
                                                                                                  a b l e , up. Instead of wasting my
then again, I was six. Listen-      wanted to listen to it.                                   “Hey Counting time, I’m going to smash the
ing to the same redundant jok-      Needless to say, I heard the Crows, you recorded a terrible radio, plug in my superior CD
ing style over and over, espe-      worst song ever at least 10 rehash!” Counting Crows will player, and let Metallica
cially when it’s censored, isn’t    times. This song would be “In be touring this summer with RAWK AWN!
even close to being funny.          Da Club” by 50
   Am I the only person out         Cent, which con-
there who thinks the entire         sists of lyrics such
population of DJs sounds pre-       as “Go shorty! It’s
cisely the same? I’m going to       your birthday! Go
                                                              Top five movies to rent this summer
make a guess here, and state        shorty! It’s your             1. The Sandlot - This classic movie about a group of boys and
that there are about three ge-      birthday!         Go        their adventures in baseball during the summer makes you want to
neric voices, and DJ’s aren’t       shorty! It’s your           grab a glove and hit the field
hired unless they fit into one of   birthday.” As you
those categories. The most          can probably infer,           2. American Pie 2 - A group of college students come home for
annoying is the nasal male          this is done repeat-        the summer, rent a beach house, and throw some crazy parties. Who
voice. This guy is always           edly! I also really         could ask for a better movie?
“funny” and likes to do “crazy”     liked the meta-
stunts that always get him in       phor 50 used                  3. Camp Nowhere - In this movie, a group of kids come up with
“trouble.” This DJ normally has     where “Shorty” is           a plan to get away from their parents for the summer by creating
a quirky name, such as Zeke.        the anxiety of a de-        their own summer camp.
Now, it’s bad enough we have        pressed man in a
to listen to this Zeke character,   modern world. I’m             4. Stand By Me - Kids in the 1960’s go on a search for a dead body
but to balance out the “comic”      not going to say            during the summer and wind up beginning the journey to adult-
factor of Zeke, they add a bor-     anything        else        hood. Now that’s deep.
ing character with a boring         about that song,
name. Let’s call this DJ “Todd.”    because it ails me            5. National Lampoon’s Vacation - The origin of the Vacation
Todd most likely has a deep         too much to recall          series, this movie follows a family on their trek through the west and
voice, and isn’t be terribly out-   its many short-             on their way to Wallyworld.
spoken. Therefore, he is often      comings. I also                                                               Compiled by Matt Larkin
“outsmarted” by Zeke’s “origi-      heard a cover of
     The Warrior                                                   June 6, 2003                                                   Sports                  7
Showdown tonight in powder puff game
By Colleen Donovan                        The juniors find their direction
                           SPORTS      from Chris Amiccuci and Jon
   Just as the strong sports sea-      Prian, and their guidance from
son cools down, the competition        captains Lauren Palmer and Sa-
between the seniors and the jun-       rah Stempek. The junior team is
iors is heating up. Tonght, girls      stacked with potential stars, both
from both classes will take the        offensively and defensively.
field for the annual Powder               In past years, the senior class
Puff game. The flag-football           has always beaten the junior class.
game will take place from 7 to         This year’s seniors suffered a bru-
9 pm at the high school, and           tal 21-6 defeat last year. However,
admission is $3. Proceeds from         Bisallon assured that this was a
the game will benefit the Cys-         motivating factor in saying, “The
tic Fibrosis Foundation.               seniors have a bitter taste in their
   Before any vivid images enter       mouths from their loss last year,
your head of the atrocious Illinois    and we’re expecting a victory.”
Powder Puff hazing incident that          Reflecting on last year,
has spread across the news like        Halsey looks at tonight opti-
wildfire, let it be known that this    mistically. “This year is a
Powder Puff game is nothing of         whole new story. We have a                                                                 Warrior photo / Lisa D’Aniello

the sort. For the past month, the      lot more experience and de-             PREPARING FOR VICTORY: Expert football player senior Kevin
seniors and juniors have been          sire. We are going to keep the          Jordan gives a group of senior girls some advice at a recent practice on the
                                       senior tradition alive.”                best way to pulverize the juniors.
practicing to prepare for a com-
petitive but civil showdown on            Junior Carrie Down, however,            Of course, the game wouldn’t        ment through their animated
the football field.                    looks at the tradition with a differ-   be a game without cheerleaders.        cheers and dances.
   The seniors are coached by var-     ent light. “Nobody expects us to        Seniors Rhiannah Johnson and              The phrase “powder puff” has
sity football players Jon Bisaillon,   win, which is great because it          Annabel Polanco have been work-        undoubtedly stirred up competi-
Matt Draper, Kevin Jordan, and         takes all of the pressure off. We       ing diligently to prep the senior      tion between the seniors and jun-
led by captains Alex Piedmont          have nothing to lose, so we will        guys for the big show, as have         iors throughout the past years.
and Stephanie Plis. Last year,         give all we have in order to secure     Alyssa Krol, Terri Miller, Elisse      With both classes vying for a
Auriana Halsey, Megan Hilts, and       a win.”                                 Sliwinski, and Becky Szwedo with       victory, tonight promises to e
Piedmont were key players, so the         Added Ammicucci, “We plan            the junior guys. The cheerleaders      exciting. Will the seniors pull
class is looking for another top       to be the first junior class to         will surely be a major source of       out a win, or are the juniors
performance by them.                   succeed.”                               encouragement and entertain-           going to break the tradition?

Nisky finishes successful year in sports
 (continued from pg 8, REVIEW)         hole, but they dug their way back,      year.                                  Penn Relays, where the 4 x 400
   Boys’ Basketball: The team          scoring a memorable victory over           Girls’ Lacrosse: Under the          and 4 x 100 relay teams came in
went on to earn only a 4-11 league     Bethlehem, 11-10 in a late ninth-       coaching of Pete Melito, the team      first in their heats.
record, but those numbers do not       inning rally and winning the last       earned a respectable 7-6 record.          Boys’ Tennis: Finishing with a
demonstrate the team’s overall         five of their seven games to finish     The Lady Warriors qualified for        8-4 record, the team clinched sec-
ability. Many of the losses suf-       8-11. Highlights included Matt          the Section II tournament              ond place in team Sectionals and
fered were within ten points. Se-      Simone notching two singles and         where they lost to Columbia in         sent two doubles teams to indi-
nior Kevin Rusciniski was the big-     batting a game-winning sacrifice        the first round.                       vidual Sectionals and one team
gest contributer, and scored a to-     fly and Pete Chalfin racking up            Boys’ Outdoor Track: The            to States. Chanwoo Park and
tal of 258 points throughout the       ten strikeouts in one game.             team finished with a disappoint-       Aaron Mednick got to the
season, with senior Frank Longo           Softball: The Lady Warriors          ing 2-8 record. However, it was        quarterfinals of Sectionals and
scoring 196 total points.              lacked experience but were never-       overshadowed by individual ac-         Jon Chow and Albert Alant won
   Girls’ Basketball: The girls        theless competitive in the Subur-       complishments, such as Paul John       Suburbans and Sectionals. They
saw their best season in three         ban Council, compiling a respect-       and Matt Rogers qualifying for         were upset in the semifinals of
years, finishing with a 6-16 over-     ful 4-9 record for the season. Jun-     States and the DMR team of John,       the State tournament.
all record. Nearly all of the games    ior Kathleen Gillen led the team        Rogers, Rob Pierpont, and Bill            Crew: The team went to the
were well-played, but the              and pitched four shutouts and           Curran going to Nationals in           Stotesbury Regatta and al-
competion this year was very stiff.    averged seven strikeouts/game.          North Carolina on June 14th.           though they didn’t place as well
Senior Auriana Halsey and junior          Boys’ Lacrosse: A strong force,         Girls’ Outdoor Track: Earn-         as they would have liked to, they
Colleen Donovan formed the back-       the team came within one win of         ing a strong 5-5 team record, the      still had a good time. The boys
bone of the team, scoring 222 and      qualifying for States, losing to        girls’ track team placed 3rd at the    “A” boat placed second at
176 points, respectively.              Shen 9-7 in the finals of Sectionals.   Eddy meet, won the Ballston Spa        Sectionals and Andy Millspaugh
    Baseball: The boys baseball        They finished with a 14-4 record        invitational, and came in fifth in     and Eric Betsweizer placed sixth
team started off the season in a       will remain a team to beat next         Sectionals. Also, they went to the     in a double at Nationals.
              Sports                                            June 6, 2003                                             The Warrior
The 2002-2003 athletic year in review
by Jon Chow, Lisa D’Aniello, and Pete             After getting off to a somewhat slow start,          Girls’ Ski Team: The girls’ team was
Chalfin                                           head coach Rachelle Mont and assistant            much larger this year, more than doubling
                                       SPORTS     coach Rick Mont motivated the girls enough        in membership. Eighth grader Nicole
   June is here and the final season of sports    to turn the season around.                        Bielek consistently finished in the top ten,
for the school year is coming to an end. The         Girls’ Cross-Country: The girls’ cross-        and sophomore Mallory Cooper was also a
2002-2003 year has been filled with ups and       country team, competing in the highly com-        strong asset to the team.
downs and expected and unexpected feats           petitive Suburban Council, flirted with .500         Boys’ Indoor Track: Under new head
that reflect the accomplishments of the           for the majority of the season. At the Shaker     coach, Jason DeRocco, the indoor track
Niskayuna Silver Warriors.                        Invitational, three of the top eight runners      team saw incredible performances through-
   Football: The football team ended the          were from Niskayuna, as the team finished         out the season. Highlights included the
season on a high note with a four-game            fourth out of the nine competing schools. At      Dartmouth and Yale Invitationals, and a
winning streak. The squad was motivated           the Grout Run, all of Niskayuna’s varsity         second-place finish at Class B Champion-
after failing to make the sectional playoffs      runners placed in the top half, and the           ships. Senior Paul John placed fourth in
for a second consecutive year due to three        squad finished third out of ten. Junior Caitlin   the state in the 1000 meters and junior
tough losses earlier in the season. The pin-      McTague came within eight seconds of set-         Dave Parker finished 6th in the pole vault.
nacle of the year came in a thrilling upset       ting the course record. She later finished           Girls’ Indoor Track: The girls’ Indoor
over Roundout Valley, a team ranked third         third at nationals.                               Track team enjoyed a third-place Sectional
in the state.                                        Boys’ Cross-Country: The cross-coun-           finish, thanks to strong contributersfrom
   Girls’ Tennis: The girls’ tennis team had      try team, dubbed the “Red Gremlins” by            juniors Robin Bankert, Caitlin McTague,
a very impressive season, finishing first in      themselves, had one of the best seasons           Anjana Rajan, freshman Ashlee Atwell,
the Gold Division and third overall in the        among any sports in the high school. The          and the 4 x 800 relay team. Bankert ad-
Suburban Council. They came through with          team placed an impressive third at the Sec-       vanced to States in the 600 as part of the
big wins over Shen and Burnt Hills. The           tion II championships, a major improve-           Intersectional relay, and finished second.
squad was led by senior captains Karin            ment on past seasons, thanks to seniors Rob       The girls’ distance medley relay was also
Blecher and Michelle Moone. Facing many           Pierpont and Paul John.                           very successful and placed fifth at the
of the toughest teams in the league, the             Field Hockey: Carol Baldwin took over          Eastern States Championship.
squad was very competitive, falling on both       for Lynn Connors as the new varsity field            Bowling: The bowling team, coached
sides of numerous 5-4 decisions.                  hockey coach this past fall. The team im-         by experienced bowler Joe Lamb, enjoyed
   Girls’ Swimming: The girls’ swimming           proved from the previous season, when they        much greater success this year, winning a
and diving team managed to match last             totaled only two victories all year. The          large percentage of its games on the boys’
year’s record of 7-3, losing only to Shen,        highlight of the season for the Lady War-         side while the girls worked hard in their
Saratoga, and Burnt Hills, the top three          riors was finishing second in the Gloversville    first year. Senior Brian Greppo, junior
teams of the season. Only three people made       Tournament. The team compiled impres-             Anthony Tebano, and junior Aubrey
up the diving portion, while over two dozen       sive wins over Guilderland and Scotia. Cailin     Haushalter were the team standouts.
girls swam for the team. They are hoping for      O’Meara was a leading goal-scorer for the            Ice Hockey: The Niskayuna/
an even better turnout next year, with the        team this year.                                   Schenectady ice hockey teamfinished with
addition of the new pool.                            Girls’ Soccer: The girls’ soccer team,         an overall 7-5-2 record and made it to the
   Crew: The boys’ crew team entered the          lead by head coach Bryce Colby, rebounded         semifinals of Sectionals in a double-over-
season replacing ten rowers that graduated        from a slow start to finish the season strong.    time game. Senior Eric Christy led the
last spring. The varsity girls had sixteen        After suffering through a three-game losing       team in defense and leadership, while se-
new members. Led by coaches Matt Hopkins          streak, the Lady Warriors turned things           nior Tom Gatta was a great contributer on
and Carter Jameson, the boys’ crew got off to     around and won three straight against             offense, scoring a total of 17 goals through-
a fast start, winning by over two minutes at      Mohonasen, Saratoga, and Averill Park.            out the season.
the Head of the Seneca. The Niskayuna             The defense stepped it up in the latter              Wrestling: Snatching five victories in
boys’ and girls’ First Eights won gold in their   portion of the season, with Brittany              the first six matches was a real confidence
events, with a boys’ impressive victory by        Fearnside and Lauren Cowans alternating           booster for the team as Coach Joe Bena
over two minutes. The girls’ Second Eight         in goal. Lauren Palmer sparked the offense,       finished up his last of 34 years of coaching.
finished third, while the Four brought home       leading the team in both goals and assists.       The season ended with a team title at the
the gold in their event. The boys’ Second            Boys’ Soccer: The soccer team finished         Leo J. Sammon Tournament, with help
Eight placed fourth. Both squads took ad-         with a 6-7-2 league record and 8-9-2 overall      from strong team contributers sophomore
vantage of two new boats this season.             record. Senior Zachary Kelly led the team in      Louis Kiernan and junior Stephen Johnas,
   Boys’ Volleyball: The boys’ volley-            points, with a total of ten goals and one         who scored his 100th career win.
ball finished their season 5-13 in the            assist, followed by sophomore Mark Bryan             Boys’ Swimming: In the last year as
Suburban Council, and 5-14 overall. The           with seven goals and two assists, and senior      the Niskayuna Mohonasen swim team
team was lead by head coach Darryl                Frank Longo with six goals and four assists.      before the split that will occur next
Bray. The highlight of the season was             Juniors A.J. Ipsen and Joe Asmussen were          year, the team finished with a 6-8
senior Rob Sorris winning the MVP                 the standouts on the defensive side.              record. The season culminated in an
award for the entire section.                        Boys’ Ski Team: Seniors Pat Sharkey,           eighth place Sectional finish out of 16
   Girls’ Volleyball: The girls’ volleyball       Andrew Millspaugh, and Gerry Adler led            total teams. Senior Eric Betzweiser
team had an excellent season, winning eight       the boys’ team to a third-place Sectional         made it to States, finishing 25th in the
of their thirteen games and defeating             finish, and Sharkey placed in the top 35 at       50 m and 29th in the 100 meters.
Amsterdam in the first round of Sectionals.       States in both Slalom and Giant Slalom.             (continued on page 7, SUCCESSFUL)

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