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					                                                the Board of Trustees of the Illinois Orchid
                                                Society, and is an AOS member. When
                 18 April 2004                  asked what his profession is, the reply is
                                                “visual psychophysicist.” In plain English,
                             2:00               Rich is the world’s leading authority on
           Traverse City Public                 vectography, working for the past 24 years
                                                at Stereo Optical Company in Chicago,
                 Library                        where he is in charge of R&D as well as
            610 Woodmere Avenue                 design and production of three-dimensional
                                                vision testing and training equipment for the
“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““         ophthalmology,        optometry,      clinical
Program:                                        psychology and DMV markets.
                                                May meeting:
 “The Alluring Aroma of Orchids”
        with Rich Unger                                  May 2nd – Library – TC
 Orchids have always been mysterious and        This is the first Sunday in May because of
   captivating flowers. Their scent can         Mother’s Day. There will be no “program”
 precede their visual impact and draw us to     but this is nonetheless a very important
 them, then follow us into our memories to      meeting since this will be our last official
         haunt us until our return.             meeting before our show May 29th and
This talk will cover some of the                30th. If you are on a committee, be sure to
physiological and psychological bases for       keep in touch with one another.
the allure of their aroma, but its focus will   Consider a flower arrangement that you
be on giving the audience a language for        might contribute and, of course, we need all
defining their fragrance through the use of     your blooming orchids for our display - and
non-Orchid essential oils, separately and in    possibly some greenery.        Ask Chuck
blends.                                         Dickerson what is needed.
Mr. Unger began developing his life-long        We will need clerks to help Saturday
green thumb in his grandmother’s garden.        morning to assist the judges. The show
He has directed several community and           doesn’t happen without clerks, an easy, fun
school gardens in Chicago, where he helped      job, but essential. Call or e-mail Karen to
save the greenhouse in Kilbourn Park,           save her the trouble of tracking you down!!
across the street from his home, from the
wrecking ball. The Kilbourn Park Organic        We also have a potluck supper for everyone
Greenhouse is now an award winning              setting up and helping Friday evening.
community resource that educates children       Rosemarie will be asking you to bring a dish
and adults in horticultural and environ-        to share. We should have refrigerator space
                                                available if you bring something that needs
mental awareness.        Rich has been the
                                                to be kept cold. If you haven’t signed up,
green- house’s voluntary Community Site
Coordin-ator, Master Gardener Instructor        let Rosemarie know what you can bring.
and Orchid Specialist for the past 9 years.     See Peg if you can sponsor a trophy.
When buying orchids, he chooses plants for
their fra- grance; the bulk of his 300+ plant
personal collection is composed of Encyclia          Refreshment Committee for April:
species, and Vandaceous and Cattleya                    Mary Snider       Alice Lindsay
intergeneric hybrids. He is a founding
member and First Vice President of the                                   Linda Stephenson
newly formed Encyclia Enthusiasts, sits on      ....................................
                                                 presentations in the past about these South
           UPCOMING SHOWS:                       American Lady Slippers. But, she is also
                                                 drawn to the miniature species. You will
April 9, 10, 11 - Flower & Garden Show – GT      find there are many types of Restrepia,
Civic Center - Traverse City                     Dracula, and a few Lepanthes, to name a
                                                 few of the varied orchids among her
May 23rd – Buffalo Barbecue Display - TC         collection. She has “spent the last 25 years
                                                 growing and killing plants,” trying to find
May 29 & 30 – Northwestern Michigan Orchid       the ones that fit her requirements. Her
Society, Traverse City                           favorite plant is a tough jungle-collected
                                                 Brassia cuculata that has survived and been
                                                 blossoming for her for over 25 years.
      Member Profile: Linda Stephenson
                                                 Previously to having her greenhouse, she
Linda’s been dreaming of having her own
                                                 and Phil had a light garden set up in their
greenhouse ever since she was six years old.
                                                 basement where her plants happily grew.
She had visited one with her mother and
                                                 She started buying flasks of Phrags and
remembers that she was struck by the smells
                                                 raising the seedlings to a size where they
of the damp earth, the steamy humidity, and
                                                 could be sold. Linda says she enjoys all the
all the green plants that filled the
                                                 different people she gets to know through
greenhouse. Planning for the greenhouse
                                                 her business. She has clients from Alaska
has taken a long, looongg time and Linda
                                                 and throughout the country.
and husband, Phil, used to talk about things
in terms of BG (Before Greenhouse) and           Linda is our society’s Co-Vice President.
AG (After Greenhouse). Linda’s dream             She has been responsible for arranging the
finally came true in the fall of 2001 when       monthly speakers for our meetings and she
she and Phil constructed their very own          has done a wonderful job of scheduling
greenhouse.                                      quite a varied and interesting set of
                                                 presentations. Please, be sure to thank her
She is the owner of Frog Pond Phrags,
                                                 for her efforts.                Jean Kennedy
which she started in 1998, and as you may
                                                 Member Illness:
guess from the name of her business, she
likes (loves) frogs and Phrags. You will         On March 31st Jane Norcross came face
notice a definite theme to her decorative        to face with the ugly monster called
accents in the greenhouse when you visit         “stroke.” She has been spending her days
and she warned me on one occasion to             since, at Munson Hospital, room 4017.
watch out for her two resident live frogs        Son, Peter, is here to give Jane needed
while I was looking around. She also             family support and to see to all her
relocates all Lady Bugs that invade her          wonderful plants and her beloved Pele`.
home into the greenhouse where they go to        Get well wishes have been sent on behalf of
work for her (Good Idea, Linda).                 the society; individual greetings are always
Linda has a website on the AOS site where        appreciated by someone looking at four
she has an online catalog of her available       white walls 24/7.
Phrags, as well as divisions of her Restrepias   Last minute update: Jane is doing well;
and other little tempting offerings listed. If   hopefully she’ll be back home by the time
you are interested in having your name           this newsletter arrives..
added to her e-mail notification, contact        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Linda and she will put you on her list.
                                                 Wanted: The owner of a large Peace Lily.
As you might have guessed by now, Linda is       This plant was used in the Lansing show
our very own resident Phragmipedium              and it somehow found it’s way to Linda’s
expert, and has given us informative
home. It’s potted in a black plastic pot.        .................................
Linda would like to return it to it’s owner.     .................
Contact her - 231-267-9721 or                                               Photo-Nature Tour
                                                 Mark S. Carlson will be conducting a special
                                                 photo/nature tour on Drummond Island from
Looking Ahead to the June meeting –              May 14th to May 27th.            Tuition is
Potluck PICNIC – if you have a setting –         $300.(does not include lodging, meals, etc.)
whether it be a beach or just a big yard that    The group will be visiting some great
could accommodate members and spouses            locations to see and photograph; several
for fellowship and good eats – give some         different wild- flowers. The tour presents a
consideration to hosting this meeting on         great birding opportunity as well. It’s a
June 13th.                                       nature tour extraordinaire with some photo
                                                 tips included! Contact: Mark S. Carlson,
                                                 Naturalist Photographer, P.O. Box 333,
                                                 Bath, MI 48808-0333, T/F 517-651-9078,
This is your newsletter for May as well as
April – be sure to mark your calendar for        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May 2nd.
Karen Templeton – 947-3223 –

                       Buffalo Barbecue
                    May 23rd –
        College Campus – Orchid Display

This activity takes place one weekend prior
to our show. It’s a good way to expose
“unsuspecting” public and annual returnees
to our beautiful orchids and to encourage
them to attend the show the following
We need orchids to make this happen!! Not
necessarily your “show stoppers” as we
want those for the following week – but
something that is nice, it could be toward the
end of it’s blooming cycle. We’ll also need
greenery to fill in gaps and someone to greet
the public and “guard” the orchids!