Soil Cleanup                             Averill Park: A Victory for Local History,
Begins at Site                           Beauty, and ‘Doing the Right Thing’
of Former                                                                                                              By Laureen Vivian
                                                                                                                            A major restoration of the
Tank Farm                                                                                                              stream and ponds at historic Averill
                                                                                                                       Park will begin in November.
     Excavating equipment and hard                                                                                          The dedicated Quimby funds
hats have appeared as soil cleanup                                                                                     (developer-paid monies specifi-
commences at the former Kinder                                                                                         cally designated for recreation
Morgan fuel tank farm on North                                                                                         enhancements) totaling $682,000,
Gaffey Street. Kinder Morgan’s plan                                                                                    are waiting and will be sufficient to
for cleaning up contamination at the                                                                                   restore the water features, accord-
property has been approved by the                                                                                      ing to Mike Shull, superintendent
California Environmental Protec-                                                                                       of planning and construction for
tion Agency Department of Toxic                                                                                        the city’s Department of Recreation
Substances Control (DTSC).                                                                                             and Parks.
     The design document outlines                                                                                           Shull and Mark Mariscal, su-
how the de-watering, shoring, dirt                                                                                     perintendent of the department’s
disposal and testing will be imple-                                                                                    Harbor Region, presented details to
mented. In early August the de-                                                                                        the Northwest San Pedro Neighbor-
watering system was installed at                                                                                       hood Council at its general meeting
the site in preparation for cleanup                                                                                    in August. The work should begin
activities.                                                                                                            in November.
     This 11-acre site contained an                                                                                         This is a big victory for San
aboveground petroleum storage fa-        Averill Park’s landmark stream—in better days.
                                                                                                                       Pedro. In these times of belt-tighten-
cility operated by various companies                                                                                   ing, the project’s launch was made
from the mid-1940s through October
2004. The facility was primar-           City Planning Commission                                                      possible by the full support of Coun-
                                                                                                                       cilwoman Janice Hahn, consistent
ily used to store marine diesel oil,                                                                                   citizen concern and the understand-
cutter stock, and bunker fuel, but
also stored gasoline in early years.
                                         Sends Ponte Vista Back                                                        ing by Mike Shull and his team that
                                                                                                                       this project must focus on repairing

                                         to the Drawing Board
Groundwater is present at 2-7 feet                                                                                     what is there instead of redesigning
below ground. DTSC conducted soil                                                                                      the whole system.
and groundwater sampling at 120                                                                                             Earlier plans had gone so far
locations across the site. A total       By John Greenwood                                                             as to propose the removal of the
of 363 soil and 125 groundwater              All of us who are concerned                                               stream! Anything less than full
samples were collected.                  about overdevelopment at Ponte                                                rehabilitation of the water features
     Petroleum hydrocarbon im-           Vista have received good news over                                            would have been an affront to this
pacts are primarily diesel and oil       the past few months.                                                          gem of local parks, reputed to have
range (gasoline to a lesser degree).         In December, 2008, internation-                                           been laid out by the fabled firm of
Other contaminants include volatile      al bank Credit Suisse announced                                               Olmstead Brothers, who designed
organic compounds, semi-volatile         that the bank’s agreement with Bob                                            the West’s first planned commu-
organic compounds and lead, typi-        Bisno had expired and that the com-                                           nity—Palos Verdes Estates.
cal of refined petroleum products.       pany would reexamine its options                                                   There were some tense times
Methane is present in soil gas in the    and develop the property itself.                                              over the last year-and-a-half. The
northeastern portion of the site.            This was good news, since many                                            Department of Recreation and
     In order to clean up the site,      of us who tried to work with Bisno                                            Parks lost their “in-house” design
about 35,365 cubic yards (up to          believed that his stubbornness had                                            team and this and all other proj-
2,618 truckloads) of soil will be        divided the community.                 NWSPNC Board Member                    ects were moved to the Bureau of
excavated and transported off site.          In April, at a well attended       John Greenwood testifies at            Engineering.
According to the approved haul           hearing, the Planning Commission       April’s planning commission                 A whole new and detached
route, trucks will access the site via   heard and rejected the proposal for    hearing on Ponte Vista.                perspective was taken. Although
the Anaheim offramp, coming south        1,950 units and adopted its staff                                             the technical expertise was there,
on Gaffey.                               recommendations to:                   3. Disapprove the Ponte Vista spe-      the understanding of this project,
     Trucks leaving the site are to      1. Disapprove the proposed amend-     cific plan proposal.                    its community and the history of
go north on Gaffey to Channel to         ment to the General Plan to allow     4. Disapprove the proposed devel-       Averill Park was not.
access the 110 Freeway north. De-        the heavier density at the prop-      opment agreement between Ponte               Proposals went as far astray as
watering will be conducted to aid        erty.                                 Vista Partners and the City of Los      to suggest filling-in the stream with
soil excavation activities, assisting    2. Disapprove the proposed zone       Angeles.                                sand, creating bio-swales, closing
with groundwater cleanup.                change from the current R-1-1XL       5. Not certify the environmental im-    part of the stream, and relocating
     Confirmation soil samples will      (single family density) and OS-1XL    pact report and related documents.      the wildlife, etc. The creative, yet
              continued on page 4        (open space).                              While the Planning Department      highly inappropriate, brainstorming
                                                                               did not support Northwest San Pe-       went on for nearly a year!
                                                                               dro Neighborhood Council’s recom-            Then, finally, the project was
  Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood                                             mendation to preserve the current       moved back to Recreation and
                                                                               R-1 zoning, the staff report featured   Parks and sent to the planning and
  Council Service Award for 2009                                               many of the arguments put forward       construction division. Everything
  This year the Youth and Education Com-                                       by NWSPNC in our comment letter         changed again, but this time it was
  mittee was proud to award the $500 service                                   and testimony.                          a fresh voice of reason that spoke. A
  award to Lexi Manghera. Lexi is a student                                         In its report, the Department      light-handed restorative approach—
  at Harbor College, majoring in history. Her                                  pointed out that development at         the approach the neighborhood had
  goal is to become a high school teacher.                                     Ponte Vista is required by the com-     wanted all along—again was under
  The majority of her service hours were                                       munity plan to be compatible with       discussion.
  done through the San Pedro Youth Coali-                                      other development in the area. As            The “designing” stopped. A
  tion. She had very good grades both at San                                   all of us know, the homes across        professional engineering firm was
  Pedro High School as well as at Harbor                                       Western Avenue are single family,       hired to evaluate the system, make
  College.                                                                     while to the south are primarily        a proposal, and write the specifica-
  As a parent of a young child and a full-time                                 single family homes and the Gar-        tions that would then allow for get-
  student, the committee felt that she exem-                                   dens development.                       ting on with the task of fixing the
  plifies hardworking young people deal-                                            These are not compatible with      infrastructure.The project was now
  ing with the challenges of the real world     Lexi Manghera                  the dense development proposed          not only back on course, it was being
  through hard work and perseverence. The award was presented to               for Ponte Vista. The staff came to      expedited by major managers in the
  her at the July meeting.                                                     an unambiguous conclusion that          department itself.
                                                                                             continued on page 4                     continued on page 4
2                                          THe NoRTHweST NeigHBoRHooD ADVoCATe                                                             winter 2009

NoRTHweST SAN PeDRo                              My Take on It ...
638 S. Beacon Street, Box 688
San Pedro, CA 90731
                                                 DiSCoVeR SAN PeDRo!
                                                 By Laureen Vivian                                      is no real meandering/exploring possible without
(310) 732-4522
                                                      I believe that cruise ships can seriously ben-    a car. The lack of connection with Ports o’ Call                             efit this town. And really, it is our primary hope     and all that is to be built under the EIR hampers
                                                 for downtown. Western Avenue has polarized our         us. When the plans are built and there is a red
                                                 shopping experience by the nature of its location,     car or a “Rice-a-Roni” trolley or a rubber wheeled
NwSPNC BoARD MeMBeRS                             linear model and siting on the way to PCH and          red trolley- connecting points of interest, then a
                                                 Hawthorne shopping centers. Most prefer to shop        bite to eat, a walk around the shops and galleries
DAN DiXoN, President                             “uptown” near RPV because our “downtown” is            (both at Ports o’ Call and downtown), a visit to the
JoHN MAVAR, Vice President                       rather problematic on several levels. Let’s face       Maritime Museum, a boat ride on Spirit Cruises,
Chair, Issues and Qulity of Life Committee       it; the area has its share of challenges.              a stroll through the 22nd Street Park and a drink
Chair, Outreach/Communications Committee              Our reality is not Carmel. But, what we do        at the Marina Hotel, a visit to the old fisheries and
                                                 have is priceless. It is going to be our challenge     peek into the ice house , a visit to the restored SP
DiANA NAVe, Secretary                            to reconcile these extremes. It’s like Beauty and      marsh and on to our own very own Frank Gehry
Chair, Planning and Land Use Committee           the Beast. The challenge is how to bridge the gap      Aquarium will be possible.
                                                 and temper the image. How do we convey what                 And then, a step beyond to the Korean Bell,
CRAig goLDFARB, Treasurer
                                                 we know and love about this unique place?              Fort MacArthur Park, Angels Gate Park, the
Chair, Budget and Finance Committee                   We all do continue to have and create a vi-       Lighthouse and Point Fermin Park. The foregoing
MoLLie ABBATieLLo                                sion. When the EIR completed the future will           makes-up a full “day trip” based on “points of in-
                                                 certainly be brighter. But who will use this area?     terest.” A hop-on hop-off system of Red Car/trolley
DAViD ARVoNio                                    We must find solutions and clean-up our act....        mass transportation is the vehicle. The downtown
PeTeR BURMeiSTeR                                 Most of all, we must consider the integration our      Red Car Loop and an extension from Cabrillo
                                                 future guests and patrons. What kind of hosts          Beach to Gaffey with a turnaround platform at
JoHN gReeNwooD                                   will we be?                                            Pt Fermin Park Light House would be a complete
Co-chair, Planning and Land Use Committee             Major investment, rezoning and relocation         adventure linking all points of interest.
                                                 are underway. Still more in downtown is a must.             One thing that should also be given much
                                                 The Red Car to downtown and other “points of           more attention is the Frank Gehry-designed Ca-
PAULA MAZZARiNo                                  interest” is a must. Beacon House buy-out/trade-       brillo Aquarium. John Olguin had the vision to
                                                 out and conversion (to a museum or B&B or?) is         get him here in the early days! Did you know that
MeRYL MoiLoV                                     a must.                                                we also have a house by Frank Gehry in town? We
PHiLiP NiCoLAY                                        But how soon will it happen? Now, the Crown       also have a Neutra house! How about a nature
Chair, Port Committee                            Plaza is practical but, the Cabrillo Marina Hotel      center expansion by Frank Gehry? Such “name
                                                 is charming. And it is beautifully sited. It needs     brand” notoriety would spark interest citywide if
RAY H. PATRiCio                                  more emphasis on its themed Spanish architec-          not also worldwide!
                                                 ture and visibility/marketability.                          We need the cruise ships. We need to market
                                                      We will never be a Carmel. We are San Pe-         to our surroundings. We need to create a “day-trip
BARBARA SCHACH                                   dro. I see our strength in appealing to visitors       experience” as our cornerstone and that means
Chair, Youth and Education Committee             based on and highlighting what we have. Let’s          red car/red trolley transportation, cleaning-up our
                                                 sit down, directly, with the cruise ship industry      downtown streets and surrounding neighborhood,
JoHN STAMMReiCH                                  leaders and the port to forge a plan to build our      visibility of our downtown patrols and marketing
CAPT. geoRge THoMPSoN                            image as a place full of interesting things to do      ourselves well as the complex, interesting place
Chair, Elections and Bylaws Committee            and see. It is a unique place for a day trip or a      that we are. We could be a sort of mini San Fran-
                                                 little excursion or an adjunct to a cruise arrival     cisco... Mishi’s Strudel instead of G. Chocolate!
LAUReeN ViViAN                                   or departure. Imagine the revenue benefits from             Are we a “Port Town” or a “Pirate Town”
                                                 such an alliance!                                      or a “Fishing Town” or are we “San Pedro” the
                                                      Terranea is also a potential client. We need      multifaceted, multicultural, indefinable, richly
NwSPNC Committees                                to clean-up our act and market ourselves to those
                                                 visitors. It could be like staying at Pebble Beach
                                                                                                        historical and diverse, artistically inclined,
                                                                                                        rough around the edges, home of the sumptuous
Budget and Finance Committee                     and going to Carmel for the day or afternoon.          Warner Grand, picturesque hill town at the end
Recommends budget, reviews funding requests.     Those staying at Terranea could take an excur-         of the peninsula? Let’s entice them to visit and
                                                 sion to our downtown for a bite to eat, ride the       “Discover San Pedro!”
Communication and outreach Committee
                                                 red car and stroll through our galleries and shops     Laureen Vivian, M.A., is a NWSPNC board
Communicates with our stakeholders via quar-
                                                 and a visit to our points of interest. At this point   member, Central San Pedro Neighborhood
terly newsletter, speaking engagements, and
                                                 is where it all falls apart for us. Here lies our      Council stakeholder, Community Redevelopment
personal contact with various target groups
                                                 real challenge.                                        Agency Community Advisory Committee board
and gathers community concerns and feed-
                                                      We must connect the dots. Currently, there        member.
elections and Bylaws Committee                   introducing Your Newest Board Member: Paula Mazzarino
Deals with elections and bylaws matters.
                                                      The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood                  Paula has three children. Pauli is a senior
issues and Quality of Life Committee             Council welcomes its newest board member,              at San Pedro High School, Vito attends UCLA
Deals with traffic and transportation, parks,    Paula Mazzarino, appointed in August to fill the       and her daughter Giovanna is employed by Bank
community beautification, and other issues not   vacancy for the education seat.                        of America. Her husband John passed away in
covered by specific committees.                       Paula was employed by Los Angeles Unified         April 2009.
                                                 School District from 1970 to her retirement in             When asked how she became involved in
Planning and Land Use Committee
                                                 2007 as a teacher and administrator. “I’ve been        the neighborhood council, Paula indicates she
Deals with planning and land use issues.
                                                 an educator my entire adult life,” says a woman        had come to know about us through discussions
Port Committee                                   whose passion for education is clear.                  with friends and neighbors and by reading our
Deals with port-related issues and advises our        Recently she was hired as a field supervisor      newsletter, which kept her aware of issues in
representatives on Port Community Advisory       for Loyola Marymount University mentoring new          the community.
Committee.                                       teachers and supporting their classroom experi-            Paula will serve out the unexpired term until
                                                 ence. “This is my dream job!” says an enthusiastic     June, 2010, when we hope she will seek a full
Youth and education Committee
                                                 Paula.                                                 term. Welcome, Paula!
Focuses on meeting the needs of young people
in our community, including education, recre-
ation, and crime prevention.
If you are interested in being a member
                                                   City Seeks Comments on Draft Bicycle Plan
of any of these committees, please e-mail your     The city of Los Angeles has recently completed a draft Bicycle Plan. The draft plan proposes ap-
contact information to       proximately 696 miles of new bikeways and new policies related to implementation, education,
                                                   enforcement, engineering, parking, transit integration, maintenance and evaluation. A copy of
                                                   the draft plan is available at or at the San Pedro Library. The city will be
                                                   holding a workshop in San Pedro to provide the opportunity to comment on the draft
The NwSPNC governing Board
                                                   plan. The workshop is scheduled for 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 22 at
meets on the second Monday                         Peck Park. Comments on the plan should be submitted on or before November 6
of each month at 6:30 p.m.                         to the project website www.labikeplan.rg, via email to
in the Peck Park Auditorium,                       or via mail to City of Los Angeles, Department of City Planning, attn.
                                                   Jordann Turner, 200 N. Spring Street, Room 721, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
560 North western Avenue
winter 2009                                    THe NoRTHweST NeigHBoRHooD ADVoCATe                                                                               3

Here’s Some good News                                                                                          News Briefs
     Our neighborhood council spends a lot of           development proposal. As a result, the planning
                                                                                                               Navy Village
time looking at issues and attempting to under-         department recommended a significant reduction
                                                                                                               When the Navy disposed of its property along
stand and affect community issues both large            in size and the development team is reworking
                                                                                                               Palos Verdes North, one parcel, with 75 units,
and small. We also try to respond effectively to        the project.
                                                                                                               went to Volunteers of America (VOA) to house
community-based needs from schools and other                 • The new Target Store on Gaffey is settled
                                                                                                               homeless veterans. VOA has recently applied to
organizations.                                          in and seems to be a positive commercial addition
     With all that goes on, we don’t often step back    to the neighborhood. Improvements at the inter-        the city for the necessary permits to bring this
and take a look at some of the real accomplish-         section of Gaffey and Capitol advocated by the         parcel of land into conformance with city require-
ments which have resulted from our efforts and          neighborhood council have made for a relatively        ments (the military was exempt) and plans to
from working with our stakeholders.                     smooth driving experience near the store.              develop Navy Village, transitional housing for
     We’d just like to take a moment to shine a              • A substantial sponsorship of the DocsRock       veterans and their families who have been with-
positive light on some of the projects and issues       film program at San Pedro High School helped           out stable housing due to their inability to secure
that were addressed, completed or moved forward         keep this only-in-LA industry learning experience      and retain a job that provides adequate earnings.
within our “small sphere of some influence” dur-        for students alive in a year when traditional city     A resident VOA property manager will live onsite
ing 2008-2009.                                          funding was substantially cut.                         and a wide range of educational, job training,
     • More than $600,000 in Quimby funds were               • The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood            and other services will be available to respond
made available for enhancements at Averill Park.        Council joined other councils and organiza-            to family needs. More information is available
The majority will be spent to restore the historic      tions in supporting the Cabrillo Beach July 4th        on our website and will be presented at a future
stream and ponds.                                       celebration. Illegal firework displays have long       NWSPNC meeting.
     • More than $400,000 in Quimby funds were          been a problem in our neighborhood, and we have
located to improve the playing fields at Peck Park.     strongly favored encouraging the community to          i-110/SR-47 Freeway Modifications
Our thanks to John Delgado of Central San Pedro         turn to a joint celebration at an appropriate venue    The Port is working with CalTrans to make some
Neighborhood Council, who is also a founder of          such as the beach.                                     improvements and separate port truck traffic
the San Pedro Youth Sports Organization, which               • Our neighborhood council worked with the        from roadways heavily used by the general public.
spearheaded this effort.                                council office and other city departments to ad-       This program focuses on connectors to the I-110
     • The city has gone out to bid for over $4         dress concerns and problems in the community.          and SR-47 from C Street/Harry Bridges Boule-
million in improvements to Peck Park Canyon             New stop signs, red-painted curbs, and street          vard on the north to Harbor Boulevard/Front
as a result of plans our neighborhood council           repaving were among the items influenced by the        Street on the south, including the I-110/SR-47
developed and for which we advocated.                   work of the neighborhood council.                      Interchange. One lane will be added to the 47 con-
     • Beautification along North Gaffey Street              • We sponsored a community youth concert          nector to the northbound 110 and the off-ramp at
moved forward with the dedication of the section        at Peck Park.                                          John Gibson will be modified to become a 2-lane
between Westmont Drive and Gatun Street. The                 • We helped sponsor the annual teen/police        exit thus improving the intersection capacity. A
area includes a “meandering” path, generous             conference in San Pedro.                               new off-ramp will be constructed from the Vincent
grass areas, benches, drinking fountains, good               We face plenty of challenges in the coming        Thomas Bridge to Front Street and the existing
lighting, and a LOT of new trees.                       year. But it is gratifying to know that getting        on-ramp from Front Street will be relocated to
     • The community and neighborhood coun-             involved in the community can make a positive          eliminate current non-standard weaving and
cils kept a sharp eye on the huge Ponte Vista           difference for everybody.                              turning conditions. The project will help facilitate
                                                                                                               the additional traffic expected to be generated
                                                                                                               by the San Pedro Waterfront development. For
                                                                                                               more information go to www.portoflosangeles.

                                                                                   Neighborhood Profile
                                                                                   Defense Fuel Supply
                                                                                   Depot San Pedro
                                                                                       While many of the Naval and           caused by a contractor not following
                                                                                   Army facilities in the San Pedro/         proper procedures.
                                                                                   Long Beach area have departed in               When the tanks are being re-
                                                                                   recent years, at least one vital ele-     filled, vapors are emitted that have
                                                                                   ment of the military infrastructure       a diesel like smell. They are not,
ATSAC operator monitors traffic in the control center located below Los
                                                                                   remains, and is going strong.             however, explosive. The flashpoint
Angeles City Hall.
                                                                                       The Defense Fuel Supply Depot         for the fuel is 140 degrees.
                                                                                   occupies most of that large parcel of          The Defense Energy Support
ATSAC at Last!                                                                     land stretching from North Gaffey
                                                                                   Street to Western Avenue, adjacent
                                                                                                                             Center (DESC) is working on plans
                                                                                                                             to generate solar energy at the depot
                                                                                   to the Ponte Vista Property and the       with photovoltaic panels. The plan
Traffic Relief? well, it Might Help Some                                           LAPD Pistol Range.                        is to generate enough electricity to
    The city’s contractor is sched-       ern are currently at “C” and “D”             NWSPNC members met with               first cover all of the depot’s needs,
uled to begin installing the Au-          levels. This hints at the reality that   Lt. Col. Ramer at the site to learn       and then cover the needs of other
tomated Traffic Surveillance and          even with ATSAC functioning fully,       more about the operation and to           military installations in the LA
Control System (ATSAC) at 35 of           much more development along the          better understand why the federal         area. Any additional energy would
our signalized intersections in Oc-       Western corridor will push some          government will not allow a road to       go into the public energy grid.
tober. This system uses sensors to        intersections to the “F” level. This     be built across the property.                  DESC spends about $160,000
determine the amount of traffic and       possibility has been a key factor in         The facility has been in op-          per year on the Palos Verdes Blue
adjusts signals accordingly on a real     our council’s opposition to a massive    eration for 58 years. It serves the       butterfly. Happily, their population
time basis. The system is monitored       development at Ponte Vista.              entire western United States and          is increasing. Recently the first
and coordinated at the L.A. Depart-           Unfortunately, Western Avenue        holds 35-50 million gallons of jet        butterflies were released back into
ment of Transportation operations         north of Summerland is not under         fuel in underground tanks with a          the wild.
center below City Hall.                   the city’s jurisdiction and therefore    throughput of over 100 million gal-            The Department of Defense will
    In principle, coordinating sig-       will not be able to benefit from this    lons per year.                            require any development Ponte Vis-
nals can increase the flow of traffic     project. We will post the construc-          The fuel is moved by truck and        ta to maintain a minimum 10-foot
on a major artery. As our neighbor-       tion schedule on our website when        pipeline to military bases in the         “no man’s land” between the DFSC
hood council has learned, however,        we receive it.                           southwestern U. S.                        property and new structures. Ponte
congestion relief is limited by the           Additionally, contributions to an        The tanks at the corner of West-      Vista will also be obligated to notify
existing level of service at any given    ATSAC fund have been required of         ern and Palos Verdes Drive North          prospective buyers of the potential
intersection.                             developers for years as mitigation       also hold jet fuel. The depot plans to    odors from the storage tanks.
    Levels of service are graded          for increased traffic levels which       move these tanks to a more internal            The DTSP will be installing
from A to F and reflect the number        their projects bring about.              location.                                 an alarm protection system on the
of cars that can successfully pass            We have consistently said that           All tanks are constantly moni-        fence around the depot, including
through an intersection during a          when the ATSAC work on Western           tored for leaks via both internal and     the Ponte Vista property line.
single light cycle. “A” and “B” are       has been funded, which is now the        external methods. The likelihood               The DFSP recently planted
smooth flowing, “F” means not every       case. No future development should       of a leak in any tank is very low.        trees on the Western edge of their
car gets through on a single light.       be allowed to use ATSAC contribu-        There has been only one confirmed         property and is planning on planting
    Many intersections along West-        tions as mitigation for new traffic.     leak in the past five years. It was       some more.
4                                             THe NoRTHweST NeigHBoRHooD ADVoCATe                                                           winter 2009

Soil Cleanup                       continued from page 1
be collected to verify cleanup goals     taken possession), and a year of
are met. Then excavated areas will       home construction on the site. As
be backfilled with approved clean        has been the case throughout the
fill material. Once the cleanup is       process to date, these are estimated
completed, DTSC will again test the      times only.
groundwater. When DTSC certifies             If you have questions or
that cleanup is complete (via a letter   complaints about this cleanup
indicating that no further action is     process, contact Eileen Kha-
required) JCC Homes will be able to      chatourians, project manager,
begin construction.                      (714) 484-5349, EKhachat@dtsc.
     JCC remains firmly commit- or Stacey Lear, public
ted to the project, and an official      participation specialist, (714)
estimates approximately a year of        484-5354,
cleanup and certification, a year        More information is available on
of site preparation (once JCC has        our website,

                                                                                Heavy equipment tears up old tanks at the former Kinder Morgan site on
                                                                                North Gaffey Street.

                                                                                Ponte Vista                  continued from page 1
                                                                                the proposed development was           learned from this costly experience
                                                                                too large and that the layout was      and will work to develop a proposal
                                                                                incompatible with the community        that is compatible with other devel-
                                                                                plan. Planning staff recommended       opment in San Pedro and meets the
                                                                                that the appropriate density might     concerns expressed by our Neigh-
                                                                                be that of the Gardens.                borhood Council and San Pedro
                                                                                    The Planning Commission di-        residents.
                                                                                rected the new developer to work            Credit Suisse has interviewed
                                                                                with the community to create a         many community residents and is
                                                                                more acceptable proposal. At the       working on a revised plan. We fur-
                                                                                urging of Councilwoman Hahn they       ther hope that the company’s new
Peck Park Canyon Trail Restoration Plan                                         also requested a new traffic study
                                                                                and a revised EIR. Still looming is
                                                                                                                       plan will have a reduced density and
                                                                                                                       stronger traffic mitigation. Watch
    Eight years ago, the NWSPNC          The final plan includes measures to    the possible impact of State law SB    for the announcement of their new
set out to clean up and restore the      reduce erosion, restore the stream,    1818 which allows developers who       plan and voice your opinion.
trails in Peck Park Canyon.              and creates filtration fields/basins   provide senior or low-income hous-     John Greenwood is a board
    We worked with the Los An-           and bioswales to remove bacteria       ing to increase the number of units    member of NWSPNC and chaired
geles Neighborhood Initiative and        and other pollutants from the water.   by as much as 35 percent of the ap-    the Advisory Committee on Ponte
community residents to develop a         The existing trails will be restored   proved zoning.                         Vista established by Councilwoman
plan and then to secure funding.         and new trails and pedestrian bridg-       We hope that Credit Suisse has     Janice Hahn
Ultimately over $5 million was se-       es will be constructed. Educational
cured for the city to make the needed
                                         signage will be erected.
                                             Construction is slated to begin    Averill Park                    continued from page 1
    As we worked on the plan we          in February. For more information           Mike Shull then reiterated his    or replaced with simple removable
also addressed the problem of runoff,    and updates, visit our website, www.   position on the historical nature, the bollards and chains to emulate
which winds up in San Pedro Bay.                        Palos Verdes stone walls, the depth    what is already in-use throughout
                                                                                of the stream beds, the weirs, the     the park.
                                                                                mature trees and general character          If further funds are available,
                                                                                of this special place and stated that  the two existing blue 1960s-style
                                                                                they would be repaired, preserved      drinking fountains may be replaced
                                                                                and enhanced.                          with elegant historically-inspired
                                                                                     The stream will be getting two    ones that have both human and a
                                                                                new pumps to replace the old one       doggy drinking bowls.
                                                                                so that the water will move more            For the future, some of the old
                                                                                efficiently to much better flush the   wooden gazebos that once stood
                                                                                lower pools where most of the wild-    over several picnic areas could be
                                                                                life lives. The new technology will    rebuilt and some limited historical
                                                                                be much quieter; the pumps will be     lighting might benefit the park by
                                                                                placed away from the stream and        both adding security/visibility while
                                                                                camouflaged.                           accentuating selected features.
                                                                                     The old pump sitting dead at           The water lilies that graced
                                                                                the end of a lovely stream roaring     the stream and ponds will also be
                                                                                away as before will not be missed.     replanted and provide new habitat
                                                                                The new plan is a great functional     for the restoration of crawdads. But
                                                                                and aesthetic improvement. Yes,        fundraising and volunteers may
                                                                                it will be a design change but this    need to be part of that drive.
                                                                                type of approach improves this gem          Tax-deductible donations can
                                                                                of a park making it better through     be made to the restoration effort
                                                                                modern technology.                     through the San Pedro Bay Histori-
                                                                                     Soon the stream will flow again   cal Society. Please contact Laureen
                                                                                and its mechanical system will be      Vivian at (310) 831-2959 for details.
                                                                                improved for the enjoyment of gen-     Donations can be general or for spe-
                                                                                erations to come.                      cific items addressed above.
                                                                                     Budget allowing, there are        Laureen Vivian, an architect,
                                                                                also a few other items that may be     is a NWSPNC board member,
                                                                                addressed. Some of the vehicular       Community Redevelopment Agency
                                                                                access points have very unsightly      Community Advisory Committee
                                                                                industrial-looking gates. Perhaps      board member and stakeholder.
                                                                                they could be removed completely

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