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									 Fall 2007
Forty Fourth Edition
                                                                WHERE IS EVERYONE GOING?
                                                                           Touring the World
                                                                         Traveling as a Family
                                                                        Planning a Honeymoon
                             Message                       Without a travel consultant, you’re on your own
                             from the
                            Presidents                       Independent Traveler Update
                                            I have group space on the Holland            Colleen Krausmann has a group
I’m dedicating this issue to those of       America ship, Maasdam leaving May           on Royal Caribbean May 23, 2008,
you with disabilities who believe travel    4th from Ft. Lauderdale and sailing to      traveling to Alaska on Radiance of
is no longer an option. Nonsense!           Charleston, New London, Connecticut;        the Seas. Vancouver to Anchorage.
That certainly may have been true in        NewPort, Rhode Island; Bar Harbor,          Balcony cabins D1 at $ 1175.00 plus
the past, but today the obstacles and       Maine; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Sydney,        219.00 Port & Taxes. Contact
disadvantages are becoming fewer            Nova Scotia; Charlottestown, Prince         Colleen at,
and fewer. The ADA opened the door          Edward Island; Sagueuenay Fjords,           or call her at 954-966-7690
                                            Quebec City and fly back from Montreal.     Also, Colleen is considering taking a
for many of these changes. Addition-
ally, state-of-the-art technology,          -Eleanor Paoli                              group to Alaska this winter (early
                                                                                        March) for the Iditerod. Anyone
advancements in medicine and               Joann Barnard is holding group space interested? And...
medical devices/apparatus and              on the Royal Caribbean ship,
                                                                                        Colleen’s family and friends are
accessibility to skilled/knowledgeable     Independence of the Seas, July 28, 2008,
                                                                                        taking a coastal cruise in September
professionals world-wide have im-          on a 14 Night Southampton-Southampton
                                                                                        from Vancouver to Los Angeles, on
proved portability, comfort and the        cruise.                                      the Golden Princess. They will stop
ability to participate in so many                                                       at Victoria Island, Astoria, Oregon,
unique and interesting activities.         Harriet Feltman is holding group space San Francisco, and Catalina Island.
                                           on the Norwegian Sun, April 12-19, 2006,
The travel industry has stepped up to        for a 7 night R/T Western Caribbean,
                                              visiting Roatan, Hondura-Belize City,                  Gloria Bieler
the challenge by becoming more
                                           Belize-Costa Mayo, Mexico-Great Stirrup       Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rawicz are taking
informed. We are searching for and
                                               Cay, Bahamas and back to Miami.           their 3 granddaughters, ages 11-15,
seeking out wonderful travel opportu-
                                            Balconey Staterooms from $875.45 per         to Seattle for some sightseeing, and
nities throughout the world for travel-                                                  then boarding the Golden Princess
                                            person including taxes and government
ers with disabilities. Many companies,      fees. Outside staterooms from $675.45        for a 7 day cruise through the
including one in South Africa, are          per person, including taxes and govern-      Alaskan waters.
offering physically challenged indi-       ment fees. Call early to book your space.
viduals opportunities to participate on                                                  Russ and Terri Brunetto are looking
safari, while the hearing and visually                                                   forward to their trip driving through
impaired can experience the beauty                 Meet the Office                       Italy. They are taking their daughter,
                                                                                         son and daughter-in-law to visit
of sights and sounds.                                          Michele Edwards has
                                                                                         family in Sicily, and doing a lot of
                                                               joined Post Haste as
                                                                                         sightseeing as they take in the Amalfi
So, the question becomes are you up                            Sylvia Berman’s
                                                                                         coast on their way to Rome.They will
for the challenge? If yes, contact our                         assistant. She has
                                                                                         be leaving on September 15th for
professional consultants and let’s get                         almost thirty years’
you going!                                                     experience in the travel their 2 week driving adventure.
                                                                industry, including
                                           being an expert instructor for reservation
-Sylvia                                    and airline ticketing systems for over
                                           twenty years. Her travel experiences
                                                                                                 Gae and Jim Kravit
                                                                                         Jim and I are hosting a Virtuoso Voyager
                                                                                         club cruise aboard the beautiful Crystal
                                           include five trips to Europe including        Symphony, sailing from New York to
                                           England, France, Portugal, Austria, and       Montreal. We will be traveling through
  Eleanor Paoli                            Germany, as well as three tours of Alaska,    New England and Canada at the height
   and Sylvia                              many Caribbean and Mexican cruises, and       of the “fall foliage” season, in addition to
 Berman joined                             most recently (and Michele’s favorite         visiting some wonderful places like
                                                                                         Boston, Newport, Bar Harbor, Halifax,
  Dave Levene,                             destination) Egypt, with a cruise down the
                                                                                         Quebec and Montreal.
  Phil Devellier,                          Nile. In the past few years,Michele handled   In Quebec, Virtuoso has planned an
and Randall Soy                            well-known corporate accounts, including      incredible day of touring this UNESCO
from Regent Seven Sea Cruises for a        the Florida Marlins, Florida Panthers,        World Heritage city, topped off with a
preview of the Navigator and a training    Miami Dolphins, Blockbuster Video, and        sumptuous lunch at the historic Garrison
                  session.                 Boston Market. We are very happy to have      Club. This Quebec landmark has been in
                                           her here at Post Haste Travel.                operation since the 1700s.
                         Where In The World Have We Been?
                  Susan Marks and her
                                                                                                           Carolyn Halpern
                  daughter Diane spent a
                  relaxing, fun-filled 6 nights
                                                                                                  For those looking for a quick getaway
                  on the new Carnival Liberty,                                                    from the Northeast and so easily
                  out of Fort Lauderdale. The                    Gae Kravit                       accessible for a weekend, Quebec City
                  accomodations, food,            Jim and I have just returned from a             and it’s Old Town are a true delight.
                  service and amenities were      wonderful Uniworld trip to Portugal. We
 very good (the photographers were pretty         stayed in a wonderful five-star hotel in        Taking a 55 minute flight from
 good too!) They especially enjoyed their         Lisbon, followed by a seven night river         Westchester Airport, we checked into the
 daily visits to the spa and fitness center.      cruise on the Douro River in northern           Auberge St.-Antoine, nestled right in the
 “Thanks Carnival, nice surprise!”                                                                middle of the Old Town. A Relais &
                                                  Portugal. We were totally surprised by
                                                                                                  Chateaux, five star, this establishment
                                                  the beauty and grandeur of the Douro            serves as both a myriad of contemporary
   Some people influence your life more           Valley. Two days in Lisbon included a           and historic accommodations as well as
  that others. Ambrose Gachui was one             half-day sightseeing trip followed by a         part museum. The walls and floor are
  such person. He was our guide on our            free afternoon to take advantage of trips       tastefully lined with artifacts from Old
 first trip to Kenya. It was his love for his     to Sintra, Cascais and Estoril, or just         Quebec and labeled or framed with
  country and the standard of excellence          wander the different areas in Lisbon.           museum style.
    he demonstrated when he taught us             Exploring the neighborhoods and
 about the amilmals that gave Bob and I           discovering the real life of the local          Although my initial choice was to stay at
   our passion for the continent of Africa.                                                       the Chateau Frontenac, it is presently
                                                  people, not to mention wonderful local
 He brought much joy and knowledge to                                                             surrounded by scaffolding and
                                                  restaurants, filled out our time in the city.   undergoing a major renovation. Was
the families he escorted. His unfortunate,        A bus trip to the city of Porto where our       happy with my choice once we saw the
 premature death was a blow to all of us.         river ship was docked included several          extent of the work being done. But,
           He will be greatly missed.             stops in some quaint villages along the         regardless, I may very well choose the
          Abrose with Molly Busch                 way. Once boarding the Douro Queen              St.-Antoine again as it sits below the
                                                  (capacity 120 guests) our entire group of       throngs of tourists at the bottom of the
                                                  38 people were already acquainted and           Fernicular in the more quaint and quiet
                                                  forming friendships. Naturally, being in        part of the city. The five minute Fernicular
                                                                                                  is a fun and simple trip up to Quebec City.
                                                  the port wine country, we visited several
                                                  wineries, touring the facilities to see the
                                                                                                          A DAY IN ATLANTA
                                                  wine-making process as well as to
                                                  sample the various port wine varieties.                    Ted Cookson
                                                  Over the next week, our river boat went          My fiancé Barbara and I had been
                                                  through several locks including the               talking about visiting Atlanta ever
                                                                                                    since the new Georgia Aquarium
   “Turning Dreams into Reality”                  highest single lock dam in Europe.We
                                                  enjoyed the visits to 10th-12th century             opened to much hoopla in late
                                                  villages, castles,and some of the most           November 2005. Finally, on 9 May
           Gae and Jim Kravit
                                                  magnificent scenery in Europe. How the            2007 while I was on holiday in the
 I have a put together a fabulous trip for                                                        U. S., we were able to fly to Atlanta.
 about 15 of my clients. We are sailing on an
                                                  little old wine-makers could plant their
                                                  vines on terraced hills going steeply up        Barbara and I enjoyed an incredibly
 Exotic Asia itinerary on RCCL Rhapsody of
                                                  the mountain-sides is quite the wonder.            full day of sightseeing, returning
 the Seas. The ship sails from Hong Kong on
                                                  Uniworld incorporated a lunch and two            home late the same night. During a
 1/15/2008 and returns to Singapore on 1/27/
 2008. The itinerary is wonderful, with 2 days    dinners at local, well-known restaurants               long day that began in Ft.
 in port for Bangkok and 2 days in port for       and hotels. The cabins on board were             Lauderdale before dawn, we were
 Hanoi. We also stop at 3 additional ports in     small but very comfortable, with modern         able to take tours of the spectacular
 Vietnam....Ho Chi Mihn City (Saigon), Hue        bathrooms, TV, air conditioning, etc. This        Georgia Aquarium, which until the
 and Nha Trang. A stop is also made at                                                               three-story aquarium in the new
                                                  was a truly wonderful experience and we
 Sihanoukville, in Cambodia.                      would recommend it to anyone who                 Dubai Mall opens in 2008, Atlanta’s
  I have arranged a 2 night private pre-cruise                                                     Georgia Aquarium, with more than
                                                  would like to see some of the off-the-
  stay in Hong Kong for the group, plus a 2                                                           100,000 marine animals of 500
  night post cruise stay in Singapore. The pre    beaten-path places in northern Portugal.
                                                                                                     different species living in over 8
  and post cruise stays include all of our                                                         million gallons of water, is currently
  breakfasts, transfers and some touring as
                                                                                                  the largest aquarium in the world by
  well....we are even going to the Night Safari
  at the Singapore zoo.                                                                           far. In addition, we visited the CNN
                                                                                                    studio’s, Atlanta’s acclaimed High                                                                     Museum of Fine Art and ate dinner                                                                   at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, an Atlanta                                                                      institution for over 60 years.
                           POST HASTE TRAVELER GALLERY
                                     Don’t forget to visit our websites
                                       for daily and weekly specials.

   Our own Barbara Stein and her
  fiance, Ted Cookson on another
            wonderful trip
                                                                                          Bob and Bina Weisz at the
                                                                                        Maruba Jungle Resort and Spa,
                                                                                                  in Belize.
                                                                                        “Dress them in the experience.”

                                                     Marie and Sal Oliveri on
                                               Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas

                                                                                                Jill Aranow with Masaai
     Michael Brachfeld and family                                                                    women in Kenya
     on their Meditteranean cruise

                                             Norwegian Pearl Alaska...Indigo Dining Room
                                            Dan and Julie Aminoff, Pam and Gary Aminoff,
                                             Carolyn and Michael Hornblow, Marilyn Harft,
                                                      Melinda and Archie Pessin

                                                                                                     Ron Aranow at the
                                                                                                  Giraffe Center in Nairobi,
  Dana and Robert Feigenbaum
  at the Berlin Wall, during their
Star Princess 10 Day Scandanavia
        and Russia Cruise.

                                                The Fishers at the
                                                 Great Pyramids

                                             Barbara and Tony on the        Susan and Fred Matteo on an Intrav Volga
                                                     Mariner                        River Cruise in Russia

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw
off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream.Discover.”- Mark Twain
   Travelers Log
  The Calanques of Cassis, France

Cruise ships frequently call at the
port of Marseilles, for the passengers                                                                             Ebony Heritage Travel and Post
to visit such treasures as Provence                                                                                Haste Travel have teamed up with
as Arles, Les Baux, Avignin and Aix-
                                                                                                                   BrightStar Credit Union, to offer
en-Provence. This time our ship, the
                                                                                                                   great new ways to plan, book and take
Silver Wind, listed Cassis as the port
                                                                                                                   your dream vacation. Enjoy exclusive
of call. This little seaside resort
                                                                                                                   vacation packages, including Safaris,
snuggles at the foot of a very tall,
                                                                                                                   Cruises,Tours, Girfriend Getaways,
majestic cliff call Cap Canaille.
                                                                                                                   Reunions, and Celebrations,
Cassis is a wonderful place to stroll
                                                                                                                   anywhere in the world. With affordable
about with its picturesque fishing port
                                                                                                                   vacation financing from BrightStar CU,
lined with cafes and restaurants. It is
                                                                                                                   there‘s something for everyone and for
here that you find Les Calanques
                                                                                                                   every budget.
white limestone cliffs which plunge
into the Meditrreanean, and can be
                                                                                                                     1-866-338-8005 or 954-966-7690
visitied by foot or by boat. They are a
                                                                                                                            ask for Carolyn or Meredith
paradise for divers and rock climb-                                                                                     Book your travel up to one year in advance!
ers, as well as for nature lovers and
tourists, who are fascinated by the
unspoiled views and rare plants.
We discoverd the Calanques by
boat. The ten of us, the Mitchels, the    Other packages and destinations are available. Rates shown are good 3/1/07 – 10/31/07 and are based on availability. Rates do not include
                                                                                                  air tax and fuel charge.
Whitebooks,The Klodas, The
Hirschbergs and the Hochbergs              APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Vacation Loans from $500 to $7500 are available with repayment terms of up to 36 months. 8.95% APR is
                                            currently our best Vacation Loan rate. Your actual rate, terms and payments may vary, depending on your credit history, the amount you
boarded our private boat, the Atserix,        borrow and other factors. Example payment: $3000 at 8.95% APR for 36 months = $96 per month. Offer does not apply to refinancing
and took an hour and a half tour of 7     existing BrightStar CU loans or credit cards. Rates and offers are subject to end or change at any time. Conditions and credit approval apply.
                                                                                                     Ask for complete details.
Calanques. All of us are well trav-
eled, and thought that we’d “seen         By choosing to purchase from Ebony Heritage Travel , you are entering into a contract with Ebony Heritage Travel . BrightStar CU is in no
                                          way a part of this contract. If you choose to obtain a loan from BrightStar CU, you and any co-borrowers are entering into a loan agreement
everything” but we will never forget                                       with the Credit Union, which is separate from any travel contracts or purchases.
the majesty and the splendor of this
                                          Although BrightStar CU evaluated Ebony Heritage Travel and Post Haste Travel and found them to be a reputable partner, the Credit Union
very unique part of the world.            does not endorse Ebony Heritage Travel and Post Haste Travel, nor any of its travel programs in any way. As with any major purchase, the
-Marcia Hochberg                          Credit Union encourages you to make sure you fully understand the terms of your travel agreement(s) before you purchase. BrightStar CU
                                                               bears no responsibility whatsoever for travel purchased, whether or not the travel is completed.

     All of our ships are known as small or really small ships as measured against the
     growing population of monster liners towering above the sites guests are meant to
     be able to see (can you tell we don’t believe in the “really really big” boat
     concept)?Join the Balmoral’s ( formerly the Crown Odessey) Inaugural Cruise
                                                                                   From March to November, the Monarch
     Season on March 3, 2008 & March 13, 2008. Featuring the BIG BAND SOUND of
     Buddy Morrow and the Dorsey 7...Herb Oscar Anderson-Musical Emcee, Lori Hafer
                                                                                   Classic Cruises fleet sails the most
                                                                                   beautiful cruising waters of the world, the
     and the Music of your Life Quartet. Roundtrip Miami for 10 nights, visiting Grand
                                                                                   Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.
     Turk (the Turks and Caicos) Samana (Dominican Republic) Gustavia (St. Bathelmy)
     St. John’s, (Antigua), Basseterre (St. Kitts) and Road Harbor (Tortola)       Whether with the Ocean Monarch, the
                                                                                   Ocean Countess or the Blue Monarch, on a
      Call Post Haste Travel for this        Ask about the Blue Monarch Aegean 3, 4, 7 or 14 day cruise, you will enjoy visits
        and additional itineraries.          Sea and Mediterranean Itineraries for to historically and culturally significant sites
              954-966-7690                           the summer of 2008            as well as the most stunning islands of the
  Holland America Grand Africa
  Join the msPrinsendam
  March 11, 2008 to April 13, 2008
  33-days Ft. Lauderdale to Cape Town
  A Special Offer from Post Haste Travel and
  Holland America includes this portion of
  the the Grand Africa Voyage, your cruise cabin, a post
  cruise package and return flights on South African Airways.
  Choose from 3 nights in Cape Town, add 2 nights at Victoria Falls,
  or two nights on Safari.
   (****all prices subject to change and are per person double occupancy. Visa’s are required.
    All Cruise taxes and fees included) Cancellation insurance recommended.

  Three days in Cape Town    2 nights at Victoria Falls                            2 nights on safari
  Inside Cabin    $ 9,638.90     $10,938,70                                           $11,363.90
  Outside Cabin   $10,683.90     $11,938.70                                           $12,363.90
  Verandah cabin $13,683.90     $14,983.70                                            $16,363.90
  Suite:           $20,683.90    $21,938.70                                           $22,363.90
  Navigate the great continent of Africa and discover its diverse cultures, sparkling cities, incredible wildlife and stunning natural beauty.
  Journey more than 7667 nautical miles and visit 11 unique ports in 10 different countries; explore the markets of Casablanca, shop for
    diamonds in Lüderitz, Namibia. The elegance and intimacy of Holland America Line’s ms Prinsendam will make this journey an
                                                           unforgettable experience.

   Holland America Line does not discriminate against persons on the basis of disability and seeks,to the extent feasible, to accommodate guests with
      disabilities. Service animals are permitted on board Holland America Line ships. Holland America Line’s ships have TTY/TDD equipment.

  Highlights of Morocco                                                    The Amazing Israel Adventure
5 days / 4 nights...Marrakesh,Fez ... Tour Departs Daily                   15 days / 13 nights Tel Aviv,Safed,Tiberias,Jerusalem,Dead Sea
Tour Includes: •Greeting upon arrival at Marrakesh Airport•                Tour Departs on: Wednesday
Arrival and Departure -Transfers•4 Nights – Your Choice of Hotel           Tour Includes: •Professional Tour Manager•10 Days of Touring with
Accommodation•Departure - transfer from Fez to Casablanca                  Special Activities•Deluxe Hotels & Special Lodging•Arrival and
Airport• Breakfast Daily•Private Car & English-speaking Driver•            Departure Transfers•Entrance to Dan VIP Lounge at Ben Gurion Airport
Local Guides in Marrakesh and Fez as indicated                             (upon return)• Deluxe Flight Bag and Documentation Case•
Hotel Tax & Service Charges•USTOA $1 Million Travelers                     USTOA $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program•
Assistance Program Tour Dates: from April’07 - December’07                 20 Meals:• Daily Israeli Buffet Breakfast • Sushi Dinner in Tel Aviv •
                                                                           Shabbat Dinners in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem • Dinner at Bat Yaar Ranch •
Prices start at: $1130
                                                                           Argentinian Seaside Dinner • Dinner at Tiberias Hotel • Picnic Lunch •
                                                                           Middle Eastern Dinner in Jerusalem • Lunch & Dinner at the Dead Sea
                                                                           •Plus! • Rappelling or Zip-lining at Manara Cliffs • Kayaking down the
                                                                           Jordan River • Jeep Rides in the North and South • Hiking through
                                                                           Zavitan Falls & at Ein Gedi • Discover the Western Wall Tunnel • Visit
                                                                           Ancient Sataf • Travel on the “Burma Road” • Climb to David’s Waterfall
                                                                           • Authentic Bedouin Experience • Spa treatment at the Dead Sea
                                                                           Tour Dates: May ’07 - November ’08
                                                                           Prices start at: $3,270.00
                   The Best of Jordan
                   3 Days / 2 Nights Amman,Petra Tour Departs on: Sunday
                   Tour Includes: • Deluxe Hotels• Sightseeing by Microbus/Motorcoach•
                   Isram World English-speaking Guide•Transfer Jerusalem/Allenby-King
                   Hussein Bridge• All Entrance Fees • Horse Ride in Petra •
                   USTOA $1 Million Consumer Protection Plan• 7 Meals: • Buffet Breakfast,
                   Lunch & Dinner Daily Tour Dates: April 1 – December 30, 2007                                    Call us at 954-966-7690
                   Prices start at: $725                                                                                Ask for Janet
Azamara is the new, deluxe cruise experience for discerning travelers who long to reach out-of-the-ordinary destinations and indulge in
amenities and service unparalleled on the high seas.
The unique offerings of Azamara are beyond compare: butler service is provided in every stateroom; our shore excursions (we prefer to call
them shore immersions), are designed to let guests become part of the fabric of life in each destination, instead of merely being an observer;
our enrichment programs offer everything from culinary to photographic explorations; our two specialty restaurants provide the finest cuisine
at sea; live entertainment can be enjoyed nightly; and the level of service offered is unmatched.
Azamara Cruises consists of two intimate ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Each can carry 694 fortunate guests and because
they are smaller and sleeker than larger cruise ships, they can sail to ports that others simply cannot reach
                                           Unless otherwise expressly noted, all prices are per person, based on double occupancy of the stateroom and are quoted in U.S. dollars.
                                           Azamara Cruises reserves the right to increase its prices without prior notice; however, if you have confirmed your booking with a deposit, or if
                                           you have already made your final payment, your price will be protected. Azamara Cruises separately assesses airport facility charges and

                                           certain departure taxes and other taxes/fees that are implemented by various governments or quasi-governmental bodies

                     Ritz Carlton Orlando                                             JW Marriot Orlando Grande Lakes
                     End of Summer                                                        Family Weekend Packages
      September 9-12 and 21-23rd
                                                                                               September 7 - September 15 starting from $518
                                                                                               September 20 September 22 starting from $518
    Ritz Carlton Family Package starting at $618                                               September 26 - September 29 starting from $518
            (Holiday package starts at $678                                                       October 4 - October 10 starting from $558
                   including 2 rooms)                                                    JW Marriott Family Package starting at $518.00
      2 Guaranteed connecting Lakeview Rooms                                                  (Holiday package rate starting at $558
                (King to Double/Double)                                                                and includes 2 rooms)
    Children up to age 12 eat free at all Ritz Carlton                                Two guaranteed connecting Gardenview rooms (King to
       Restaurants (except Norman’s) with every                                                            Double/Double)
                adult entree ’ purchased                                            Breakfast buffet for 2 adults and 2 children (up to age 12) at
      Breakfast Buffet for 2 adults and 2 children                                                    Citron or In-Room Dining
     (up to age 12) at the Vineyard Grill or In-room                                4 Signature Drinks at Quench or 4 beverages at Starbucks.
     dining, OR Ritz Kids program for up to 2 chil-                                       Unlimited ice cream for children (up to age 12)
                           dren.                                                     Complimentary pool tubes for up to 4 guests during stay.
       Disposable camera and Ritz Carlton photo                                             25 game tokens for use at JW game room.
                          album                                                         Complimentary self-parking. JW Marriott Orlando is
     Unlimited ice cream for children, up to age 12                                       handicapped accessible. Please tell your agent
            Guaranteed 2 pm late check-out                                                                at time of booking.
    For other offers available from now through the
           end of 2007, please call our office.
              The Ritz Carlton Orlando is
       handicapped accesible. Please notify your
                agent at time of booking.
Tips for Travelers                                                                                          Set Sail 2007
   For those with varying degrees of
 physical disabilities, here is a website
                                                        Near & Far
that covers every question and country.        Sugar Free Lifestyles: Diabetic
           Make sure you visit                 Gourmet Tours of England makes                    history, myth, and legend come alive so you                         Farewell Season.
  There are guide books, accessibillity        are entertained as you travel throughout                            Fantastic Fares.
   information, country contacts, and          England. All of our English Tours start
plenty of research links on this website.      together, and visit many of the same places,   You are going to want to take advantage of
                                               but a smaller group tour will focus on themes  the incredible offers during Marco Polo’s
New regulations for traveling in the US        provided by its own personal guide. Route      Farewell Season. Book some of these exotic
can be found on the following website.         Planners are themselves disabled so they       adventures and the 2nd passenger gets up       plan your walks carefully so you get exercise, to 50% off the price. These are truly offers
        specialneeds/index.shtm                but don’t get worn out! Medical Director       you can’t refuse!
                                               corresponds with your doctor to make sure
                                               you are fit to travel. Director of Nutrition
    The U.S. Departments of State and
                                               checks all menus so you don’t have to worry
   Homeland Security announced Friday,
                                               about food. The chef in our country house
   June 8, that U.S. citizens traveling to
                                               hotel has a diabetic wife, so he makes sure
 Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or countries in
                                               our food is gourmet AND healthy for us!
 the Caribbean region, who have applied
                                               Daily tours are in small groups,ususally 12-
for, but not yet received passports, can re-
                                               18 people.Please contact your travel agent to Each Thursday and Friday Royal Caribbean
     enter the United States by air. This
                                               find out about these interesting itineraries.     offers Special Sales Event rates for
  accommodation will expire at the end of
   September, and beginning October 1,                         954-966-7690                           upcoming cruises with limited availablity.
  2007, all U.S. Citizens traveling outside                                                           A small selection of Staterooms are avail-
                                               Our weekly Supplier Presentations
    the United States will be required to      insure that our consultants are constantly updating     able for these last minute cruisedeals.
   present a valid passport to enter and       their knowledge to serve you bettter                    Ask your consultant about these great
       depart from the United States.          Recently, this included:Swain Tours,Trafalgar,           cruise deals. There is still great cruise
                                               Uniworld, Tauck Tours, Isram, Abecrombie & Kent,         Preferred Hotels of the World, Leading Hotels of the              availability for 2007.
            passport_1738.html                 World, Princess and Holland America Cruise lines.                 Call 954-966-7690

     4415 Sheridan Street
     Hollywood, FL 33021

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