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Gallop to
finish line
By Bill Shaw
The Facts
Published April 9, 2006

LAKE JACKSON — Houstonian
Carlo Deason surged to the lead
at the quarter-mile mark of a
gusty Gator Gallop 5K on the
campus of Brazosport College,
finishing first for the second
consecutive year in the 26th
annual contest.
        At times facing north wind
gusts of 20-25 mph, Deason
galloped the 3.1-mile race in
17:23, a 5:36 average mile pace
that stretched his lead to a
decisive 1:15 over the second-         Grant Parker of West Columbia took the lead from the start in the Gator
place finisher Grant Parker.           Gallop 1 mile and finished first in 5:43. He later ran in the 5K race and
        ”Grant was in front until      placed second overall in 18:38. Photo by Bill Shaw.
we got out to College Blvd.,”
Deason said. “I just pulled away               Parker, 24, of West              as fast as usual,” said Smith. “I
and was all by myself. I couldn’t      Columbia warmed up by running            had a good pace.”
get warmed up until the third mile,    the earlier 1-mile Gallop and                     Not to be outdone by her
and I could have run faster if I had   finishing   first  in   5:43.            husband, Wendy Parker, 28,
someone to push me.”                                                            finished second in the female
                                       ”I stayed with him (Deason) for          competition in 20:35, 1:21 behind
                                       the first third of a mile, and he took   Smith.
                                       off and kept the lead,” said Parker.              ”She (Smith) was way up
                                       “I was happy with what I ran             there,” said Parker. “Someone was
                                       today; it was good to have a             right with me until College Blvd.,
                                       decent, blood-pumping run.”              but I pulled away and held on to
                                                 Parker finished the 5K in      second.”
                                       18:38 and had a comfortable lead                  Sue Wheeler, who, missed
                                       himself over Angleton freshman           a turn in the third mile, trailed
                                       runner Evan Rogers, 15, who              Parker and came in third in the
                                       finished third overall in 19:13, just    overall female competition in
                                       seconds          behind       Parker.    24:09.
                                                 ”I was about fifth overall              Phillip Athey, 43, of Lake
                                       after the first 100 yards; the           Jackson led the tight pack of male
                                       leaders were going out too fast,”        masters runners to finish sixth
                                       said Rogers. “I pulled up to third       overall and first in the masters
                                       about 1.5 miles into the race and        (40-plus) competition. Athey held
                                       held it.”                                on at the finish to edge second-
                                                 Fourth overall and just one    place male masters runner David
                                       second on the heels of Rogers,           Alvarado, 42, of Orchard by five
                                       Brazoswood freshman Lauren               seconds.
                                       Smith, 15, finished in 19:13, a                   Athey finished in 19:14, a
                                       6:12 race pace, to garner first          6:12 mile pace; Alvarado finished
                                       place in the overall female              in 19:49.
Angleton High School senior Krystal    competition.                                      ”I was about fifth all the
Lux finished first in the Gallop 1               Like Deason, Smith took        way; I don’t think anyone passed
mile in 7:34 and first in her age      the lead early in the race and had       me after the first quarter mile,”
group in the longer 5K in 26:33.       no close challengers.
Photo by Bill Shaw.                              ”I started off fast but not      Continued on the next page
said Athey. “I knew the guy behind      K and received T-shirts and         Female 50-59
me was gaining, but he ended up         medals.
behind me.”                                     The top finishers in the
                                                                              1. Susan Lorms 28:02
          Like     Grant    Parker,     one mile for the males were Grant     2. Fermina Sutter 30:24
Alvarado ran the earlier 1-mile         Parker (5:43), David Alvarado         3. Mary Deason 36:19
Gallop. He finished second in the       (5:59) and Edwin Quarles (6:07).
shorter race in 5:59 and might          The top finishers in the one mile
                                                                            Male 60-69
have tired himself.                     for the females were Krystal Lux      1. Larry Lindeen 23:09
          ”I never got my legs going    (7:34), Kim Lopez (7:37) and          2. Roger Newcom 25:10
after I ran the one mile,” said         Adriana Castaneda (7:50).
Alvarado.                                                                     3. Bill Shaw 31:06
          Edwin Quarles, 40, of                                             Male 70 and Over
Angleton trailed Alvarado in the                                              1. Cliff Wilson 28:00
Gallop 1-mile and finished the
shorter race in 6:07 to place third.
He also had to settle for third in      5K Age-Group Winners
the male masters competition,           13-19 Male                          For complete results of
again trailing Alvarado, this time          1. Cliff Wittig 19:37
by 18 seconds in 20:07.
                                            2. David Henry 20:06
                                                                            the 1-mile and 5K
          ”I was close enough to see
him (Alvarado), and he had a good           3. Kasey Crabtree 23:52         Gator Gallop, see
pace, and I knew I didn’t have          13-19 Females             
enough to pass him,” said Quarles.
“The second loop on the running             1. Krystal Lux 26:33
trail running into the wind felt like       2. Jenny Gustin 33:47
I was running into a wall.”             Male 20-29
          In the female masters
competition, Kelly McClendon, 46,           1. Michael Richards 34:38
of Lake Jackson took advantage          Female 20-29
of initial leader Marilyn Koons, 58,        1. Christen English 35:20
of Alvin when she stopped for
water near the first mile.                  2. Belinda Ramos 35:38
          ”I caught Marilyn at the      Male 30-39
first water station when she                1. Jason Culverhouse 20:27
stopped for water and held my
position after that,” said                 2. Jorge Jimenez 24:05
McClendon.                                 3. Aaron Sanders 25:20
          McClendon finished in         Female 30-39
27:02, an 8:43 pace; Koons
finished in 27:23, an 8:50 pace.           1. Abbie Artley 24:15
Janice Moody, 45, of Freeport              2. Karen Slough 25:07
finished third in the female               3. Kim Rose 26:12
masters competition 30 seconds
behind Koons in 27:53.                  Male 40-49
          ”She was way ahead of            1. Armando Caceres Jr.
me,” said Moody. “I tried to stay       24:01
up, but I can’t compete with her.
          The weather conditions           2. Steve Hahn 24:02
might have slowed the runners in           3. Stewart Crouch 24:07
both Gallops because the top            Female 40-49
finishers were well short of contest
records.                                   1. Janneke Maas 24:57
          The top three male and           2. Robin Crouch 33:44
female finishers in the Gallop 1-          3.Jannett Hernandez 35:20
mile and the top three male and
female finishers in the overall and     Male 50-59
masters competition in the 5K              1. Paul Cooley 20:40
received trophies, as did the top          2. Lenord Burns 20:45
three male and female finishers in
seven age groups from 13-19 to             3. Ralph Corry 23:05
70-plus. Youngsters 12 and
younger participated in a non-
competitive, BASF-sponsored Kids

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