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									Centralized Management Console                                        IronMail: The Secure Email Gateway Appliance

Consistent, Global Policy Development and Management of IronMail Appliances.
IronMail, the secure email gateway from CipherTrust protects the world’s largest
enterprises from a host of email threats, including attackers, spam, intruders,
and viruses. IronMail offers easy management and administration and provides           “The primary problem
integrated protection from threats.                                                        corporate secruity
                                                                                        specialists face today
For the most demanding enterprise environments, CipherTrust now offers the                  is managing and
IronMail Centralized Management Console (CMC). IronMail CMC allows
                                                                                       controlling consistent
administrators to manage multiple IronMail gateways from a single location,
including managing licenses, creating policies, configuring settings and deploying            security across
updates from within one console. In addition, system administrators can use               multiple systems.”
IronMail CMC to monitor individual, geographically dispersed IronMail appliances
for system status, alerts, logs and configurations. Like all IronMail products,                Network World
IronMail CMC is hardened against attacks from hackers and intruders, providing
administrators with ease-of-management through a secure connection.

What makes IronMail Anti-spam so effective?
  Deliver Consistent Policy
  • Create and propagate policies across your email gateways regardless of           Benefits
    location.                                                                        • Universal visibility
  • Hierarchical access to different IronMail CMC functions allows you to              Collated information is
    enforce control at the global, regional and local levels.                          presented through real-time
  • Eliminate policy inconsistencies by delivering a single policy to all of your      reports.
    global email gateways.
                                                                                     • Secure web-based
                                                                                       interface Single browser-
  Easy Administration                                                                  based interface with secure
  • View aggregate data of all managed IronMail gateways from a single                 user authentication.
    browser-based interface.
  • Observe policy compliance and non-compliance statistics.                         • Central enterprise-wide
  • Monitor load statistics for queues and services at multiple gateways for           administration Manage
    both high availability and scalability.                                            remote IronMail properties
                                                                                       including permissions,
  Centrally Manage Updates                                                             policies, updates, and
  • Review and customize updates from CipherTrust before deploying them                reporting.
    to IronMail gateways in the field.                                               • Historical data manage-
  • Automatically or manually provide virus, spam, threat response and email           ment Data integrity plus
    intrusion detection updates to all managed IronMail gateways, as well as           aggregated long-term data.
    software updates.

                   CMC to IronMail(s)
                    • Policies
                    • Updates
                    • Status Views

                   IronMail(s) to CMC
                     • Alerts
                     • Reports
                     • Logs
Administration    • Secure, browser-based administrator access
& Reporting       • IP-based   access control lists
                  • Optional Secure Client Authentication
                  • Comprehensive real-time reporting across all
                    functions of email throughput, intrusion
                    detection, and policy

Deployment &      • Standards compliant including SMTP, ESMTP,
Scalability         POP3, IMAP4, HTTPS, LDAP, TLS/SSL,
                  • Support for standard load balancers allows
                    easy scalability
                  • Standards-based design compliance ensures integration with other security and mail tools
                  • Management of multiple IronMail units from a single console

Technical         • Rack-mounted Intel-based server appliance with redundant components, RAID storage,
Specifications      integrated hardware and software, secure, browser-based interface

Support &          • Platinum maintenance program with full upgrades and 24/7 support
Maintenance        • Easy to use and administer through a secure browser-based interface

  The IronMail Difference
  Secure Platform > IronMail is designed from the ground up to comprehensively
  secure enterprise email systems at the gateway. It offers the most secure platform       IronMail Solutions:
  available. Built on an extremely hardened operating system, combined with our               • Anti-spam
  secure application software, the IronMail appliance eliminates vulnerabilities and          • Web mail protection
  unyieldingly protects the entire email infrastructure. With IronMail deployed in your       • Anti-virus
  network, the entire email application is hardened against spam, unwanted content,           • Secure delivery
  viruses, worms, attacks, and intruders.                                                     • Application protection
                                                                                              • Policy enforcement
  Unified Policy Enforcement > While other solutions provide a fragmented approach
  to policy management, the IronMail unified policy manager enforces policy across
  the entire email system. It applies comprehensive content filtering, monitoring and
  reporting capabilities and proactiviely manages policies across the whole mail
  system. IronMail improves productivity, reduces liabilities and saves valuable network

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