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									                        CITY OF SHAWNEE
                      SHAWNEE CIVIC CENTRE
                          January 8, 2004

Committee members present: Bruce Bienhoff, Mark Boettcher, Amy Pennington, Amy
Ruo, Donna Sawyer, Cheryl Scott, Nancy Roche, and Doris Yantis. Others present: Neil
Holman, Parks and Recreation Director and Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks and Recreation


      Bruce stated on page 4 of the December 4, 2003 minutes it reads “exempt” for the
      Recreational Coordinator position. He asked if that was correct.

      Tonya stated this position is hourly, so it should be corrected to non-exempt.

      Cheryl Scott, seconded by Amy Ruo, moved to approve the minutes, as corrected.
      The motion carried 8-0.


      Donna asked who was the Vice Chairman this year.

      Neil stated that Bruce was the Vice Chairman and Brian left.

      Amy R. stated then it was her.

      Neil stated they need to pick a Vice Chairman.

      Donna stated that typically Amy R. would become the Chairman.

      Bruce asked if they need to pick a Chairman or Vice Chairman.

      Donna answered that typically the Vice Chairman has moved up, which is her

      Donna Sawyer, seconded by Cheryl Scott moved that Bruce Bienhoff continue as
      Chairman and Amy Ruo continue as the Vice Chairman for the Parks and
      Recreation Advisory Board for the 2004 term. The motion carried 8-0.


      Neil stated that at the last meeting, Amy P. asked about the distribution of the
      grants and the $400,000 that was given throughout the state and the $100,000 that
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 2

      Shawnee received. He stated when going down the list to view all the other cities,
      the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is listed a lot. He stated they
      administer the grant from the Feds, so obviously they keep some for themselves
      and their organization. He stated it turned out really good for Shawnee. He stated
      the City‟s sites are inspected and Jerry Hoover, who is the director of Kansas
      Wildlife and Parks came by and inspected the Herman Laird park project and was
      very happy with it. He stated Shawnee gets inspected every year and they either
      have Jerry or Linda Lanterman come down. He stated they really rave about the
      things Shawnee is doing.

      Bruce asked if the total of the grant was $400,000 and Shawnee got 25% of it.

      Neil answered that was correct.

      Neil stated there were 35 people who made presentations in Wichita. He stated
      that everyone stayed for everyone‟s project presentation and asked questions and
      there was a panel. He stated they rate the projects and Shawnee was very

      Amy Ruo asked how soon the department would start working with that money.

      Neil stated he wanted to show City Manager Montague this and the overall
      project is $260,000. He stated the department needed some more money to finish
      it out. He stated this money just completes the trail. He stated that in the picture,
      it showed two shelters, the playground, swings and the department was going to
      do the grubbing and get all the trees down. He stated he was going to ask for the
      excess out of the Parks and Pipes fund to finish up, instead of having to come
      back. He stated they still have to do the shelter and drive over the new trail and
      go down by the pond and put the shelter there and come back up.

      Cheryl stated it could tear things up.

      Neil stated it could, especially if they have to haul the concrete down.

      Mark asked what percent they had last year, when he was not on the committee.
      He asked if these things are normally publicized, because he believes the
      taxpayers should know these park projects are coming from grant money and
      really toot the departments horn about this.

      Neil stated they usually do not do that.

      Tonya stated the Kansas Wildlife and Parks did send out a press release about
      this. She stated they did not send one out locally.

      Mark stated people are always paying taxes and here the City got $100,000 to
      finish this up. He stated if this was a nominal amount he would not suggest that,
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                         PAGE 3

      but 25% of the entire grant money is a really big deal and wondered if there was a
      way to publicize that for the citizens.

      Neil stated he can ask to find out. He stated that last year for Listowel and
      Herman Laird, Shawnee received $110,000.

      Mark stated it probably ends up in City Council minutes, but no one reads those,
      but if it was published in the Sun, or wherever it would be most effective, would
      be a good thing. He stated Lenexa is always bragging about their city.

      Neil stated Lenexa has a marketing person and not to say Shawnee should not
      brag about this, but normally do not do a very good job in that area.

      Donna stated that when the City dedicates a park, they could also mention it in
      their dedication speech that “X” amount of the park was funded by whoever, so
      the people know it just didn‟t come out of tax dollars.

      Mark asked if that could be taken as a general suggestion, or should there be a
      motion made to direct staff to pursue this kind of thing. He stated he thinks it is

      Mark Boettcher, seconded by Donna Sawyer, moved to direct staff to pursue
      appropriate publicity of the $100,000 grant money. The motion carried 8-0.


      Neil handed out two maps. One being a bike and recreational trail. He stated the
      department did add two more this year. He stated this map is updated every two
      years before the City Council. He pointed out 55th Street and Rosehill, which is
      being constructed now and will be on-street bike lanes. He stated the second is
      the Mauer recreational trail. He stated this has been completed.

      Amy P. pointed out on the map where 55th Street ends and goes down and
      eventually intersects with Lackman, as her neighborhood. She stated she heard
      talk that they were thinking about making 55th Street go all the way to Lackman.

      Neil answered he does not know at this point. He stated that keeps getting moved
      back on the CIP. He stated on the CIP, nothing is set in stone and it is just a
      working tool. He stated it will go on down through Swarner Park, hit Johnson
      Drive, and may go over and hook into 55th Street.
      Amy P. stated 55th Street dead ends in her subdivision now, so she asked if it will
      keep on going straight.

      Neil answered that is correct.

      Amy P. stated that is going to take away their park.
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                         PAGE 4

      Nancy stated it is on the CIP, but does not mean it is ever going to be completed.

      Neil stated Lackman is on there. He stated they have a recreational trail on that
      one, so the road may go through there or it may not. He stated it comes and goes.
      He stated when this map is updated, he will get a copy to the committee.

      Amy R. asked if this could be loaded onto the website.

      Neil stated it is already on the website.

      Tonya stated that to get it into the brochure, it would have to be reduced so much
      that it would not be beneficial.

      Neil stated the department is thinking about making maps.

      Amy R. stated that would be nice, because she has a lot of friends that ride around
      on the existing trails and it would be beneficial to take those maps to the bicycle
      club meetings.

      Neil stated the share of the road is complete, but the trails are just getting there
      and the solid area is already there, but the dots are still to come.

      Donna asked how soon. She asked if that meant within 5 years.

      Neil answered whenever the roads come to be developed. He stated it may take
      20 years. He stated each year the City gets a couple roads and the big one is
      going to be 51st Street which comes in 2005. He stated in 2006 there is going to
      be Midland and 47th Street.

      Nancy asked if the Council cut a bunch of the road improvements.

      Neil answered yes, but this is the new CIP which went from 7 pages down to 2
      pages. He stated the City is still doing roads, because there is either CMAC
      funding or CARS funding. He stated the roads that are going to be done are bike
      lane roads.

      Bruce asked what CMAC was.

      Neil answered Commitigated Air Quality or something like that.
      Nancy asked what roads are actually going to be done.

      Neil stated nothing really around here, but some out west. He stated 47th Street
      from Riverview on down. He stated Mize from 71st Street to 69th Street.

      Donna asked what other streets are being done in 2004.
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 5

      Neil stated in 2006 there is Midland Drive, Shawnee Mission Parkway to I-435, a
      Nieman rehab and that is it.

      Neil continued with parks. He stated when you go out west, they are looking at
      two or three more 20-acre parks and the City will be looking pretty good. He
      stated they can then go back down to the river, possibly. He stated there are
      larger homes out there; larger lots. He stated the City did get the water tower land
      for a park. He stated he understands the City does not want pocket parks
      anymore, but this was a special situation. He stated if you take 71st Street over to
      Listowel, that is where this land is and, hopefully, the City will acquire it free of
      charge. He stated there are a lot of children in that area. He stated that the City
      really wants to stick with the 20 acre parks, but this was an exception.

      Donna stated taking into consideration all the private parks and the proposed
      areas, things are looking very good.

      Neil stated he does not know of another city that has a 1/3 of a mile that is this

      Bruce stated it is rare; expensive, but rare.

      Neil stated especially in Johnson County, where people vote for it whenever it
      comes up.

      Donna asked about the legend on the map and the part that read Vicinity for
      Possible Future Park Public Area. She asked if that was a wish list or areas the
      department was actively pursuing, or are these areas that the department just
      thinks would be a good place for a park.

      Neil stated those are gaps. With regard to the large home lot areas with horses
      and mini ranches, and looking at the land that is a possibility, they came up with

      Amy R. asked where the one is on Mauer and Shawnee Mission Parkway, by
      Home Depot.

      Neil answered there are a lot of lots, if not on the south side, down there. He
      stated it is a big farm now and it is just an opportunity.

      Donna asked about the red triangles on the map; potential parks. She asked if that
      is where they have targeted areas, but not yet approached.

      Neil stated the department would like to have those, because that would really
      close out that park nicely.
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                         PAGE 6

      Bruce stated that would be adding to an existing park.

      Neil answered that is correct. He stated one of the red triangles was taken off of
      Listowel when Mrs. Bergman died. He stated the City acquired that. He stated
      the other one is the Kuykendalls‟s, north of Old Shawnee Town.

      Donna stated these are not ones they actively pursued, but are just dreaming for.

      Neil stated they pursued them and talk constantly and the people know the interest
      is there. He stated it is almost four acres and would go all the way back to Mrs.
      Swarner‟s, the nice brick house, and take the three rentals there, but would give
      the City the whole corner and parking would be great.

      Neil continued with the signs. He stated the pictures did not do them justice.

      Everyone agreed the signs are very nice.

      Neil stated the department got the four signs finished up. He stated there are two
      at Listowel, one at Caenen, and one that says „Welcome to Shawnee, Kansas‟ at
      47th and Nieman. He stated the department is going to finish this contract out
      with Gum Springs and there will be a large sign at Garrett, which is in the
      contract, the three downtown signs, J.C. Park, Pflumm & 75th Street, which is an
      entry sign, and then Herman Laird. He stated that will finish the 2003 contract.

      Amy P. stated they are put up fairly quickly.

      Neil agreed. He stated he is going to keep the sign contractor until they get the
      other ones complete. He stated they will do Douglas Highland, Donald B.
      Gamblin, the Quivira entry sign, and they are trying to get right-of-way. He
      stated Public Works Director Freyermuth wants to go down a block and get the
      actual line on Quivira. He stated Lackman would be an entry sign and then
      Bichelmeyer Pflumm Park. He stated that will round out the City out for this
      year and more money will be put in for next year. He stated the City has a lot of
      parks that are unnamed.

      Bruce asked if as existing signs get broken or damaged, does the City put up a
      new sign, instead of fixing the old one, like on some of the old wooden signs.

      Neil answered no. He stated he would like to get the parks completed, as he does
      not like the wooden signs. He stated for entryways, if right-of-way is not needed,
      or if they can go in and there is not going to be a road project, then the City will
      put the signs in.

      Bruce stated he was talking about the park signs. He stated if a wooden park sign
      gets broken, would the City put in a new style sign.
JANUARY 8, 2004       PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                               PAGE 7

      Neil stated they would wait for the money. He stated the medium signs with the
      arm are $8,000 and the bigger signs, like at Garrett and Herman Laird, are

      Amy R. asked if there would be a sign for Old Shawnee Town and one at
      Bluejacket fountain.

      Neil answered yes. He stated they may put one at Old Shawnee Town on the
      other side. He stated at Bluejacket, the statue is there, but there will not be a sign,
      as it is part of the park.

      Tonya stated she hired a new Recreational Coordinator, Eric Ely. She stated she
      will invite him to join the meeting next month, so the committee members can
      meet him. She stated he comes to them from Leawood. She stated he has a
      degree in recreation administration from Pittsburgh State University. She stated
      he has had quite a bit of experience with Leawood and Grandview. She stated he
      has also had some experience in radio and sales. She stated he brings some really
      good qualities and background to the position and is very excited about being here
      and is ready to go. She stated he will start on Tuesday, January 20, 2004. She
      stated she thinks Eric will make a big difference as soon as he arrives. She is
      looking forward to him being here. She stated he is also working on his Masters
      in Public Administration, so depending on when his classes are, he will be invited
      to a meeting.

      Tonya stated they are getting ready to hire for the pool once again. She stated
      Darla has about 40 returning staff members already on board and she sent out a
      large selection of referrals for this year‟s pools, so those are starting to come in.
      She stated something new that Darla and Liz Oliver, from Human Resources,
      have been working on is an interactive pool application on the City‟s website.
      She stated if you go to the City‟s website, where it reads Summer Pool
      Employment, you can click on that and go to a PDF file which can be filled out on
      line and either e-mail it in or print it off, fill it out, and drop it off. She stated that
      will be a nice thing and they did redo the applications specific to pools, as
      opposed to the regular City application.

      Tonya continued with the Cinderella‟s Ball. She stated it will be on Friday,
      February 6, 2004. She stated that currently there are 62 couples signed up. She
      stated they are looking for a total of 225 couples. She stated she would like to
      request volunteers for that evening and for those who have not attended in the
      past, it is a lot of fun. She stated she needs volunteers for the coat room, pinning
      on corsages, food line stocking, and since they lost their photographer that they
      have used for the past two years, if anyone knows of one who would like to
      volunteer their services for that evening or she could hire to do, please let her
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                            PAGE 8

      Nancy stated there is a photographer over where Margarita‟s is located. She
      stated his last name is Heim and he does everything digital. She asked if the
      couples get the pictures that evening.

      Tonya answered they do not.

      Nancy stated they might contact him and see if he can help out.

      Tonya stated the event has been expanded this year to run from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00
      p.m. She stated she needs the volunteers to arrive around 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.,
      depending on what area they are working in, as some areas will finish up a little
      earlier than others. She stated the event wraps up by 9:30 p.m. She stated they
      did expand it a half an hour on both ends this year, because it is so popular and by
      the time things get going and everyone is having fun, it‟s over. She stated this
      will give everyone a little more time to dance and have fun. She stated the littler
      ones tend to leave early anyway, so this is really for the older kids who want to
      stick around.

      Bruce stated he can help with the coat room.

      Donna and Amy P. stated they will be there and just to let them know where they
      are needed.

      Doris stated she would check her calendar and let them know.

      Tonya continued with an update on classes. She stated they are going really well.
      She stated they have a belly dancing class that is already full. She stated power
      pump is another popular class. She stated the new indoor playground program
      started on Wednesday and it was a lot of fun. She stated there were 30 kids and a
      lot of littler ones, but they had a lot of fun and it was nice to get things broken in.
      She stated it has been in the paper and they are also doing a big article on it. She
      stated Merriam did an indoor playground this past fall and they are continuing to
      do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She stated Shawnee did theirs on Wednesday
      and Lenexa is adding one on Mondays. She stated the newspaper is doing a big
      story on indoor playgrounds and what they are providing for the residents. She
      stated the people who attended loved it and thought it was great. She stated the
      age range runs from around 18 months to 5 years. She stated there is a $2.00 drop
      in fee, so it will be interesting when the article comes out, because Merriam has a
      $1.00 drop in fee.

      Cheryl asked what is provided for the kids to play with.

      Tonya answered there is a really big Little Tykes indoor playground that has a
      slide, crawl tunnels, little doors, and lots of things. She stated there are push toys,
      tricycles, walking toys, another slide, a 50” ball that is bigger than all the kids.
JANUARY 8, 2004      PARKS AND RECREATION MEETING MINUTES                          PAGE 9

      She stated it is really fun and they love that. She stated they have hoppy seats,
      basketballs, bowling and it is just all over the gym. She stated the pre-school kids
      are on the other side of the curtain and they just run all around. She stated all the
      kids got along really well and played well together.

      Amy R. asked if it is weekly.

      Tonya answered it is weekly on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to noon through
      April. She stated it will probably run from October through April, if it is well
      received and she does not see any problems at this point.

      Tonya continued that Hunter Safety is doing awesome. She stated if anyone
      knows of anyone who is interested in taking Beginning Spanish, for 4th, 5th, and
      6th graders, please let them know they will start classes at the end of the month.

      Amy P. asked when it was.

      Tonya answered it is on Monday evenings, starting January 26, 2004 and runs 8
      weeks. She stated it will be from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and is a beginning
      introductory for those kids who think that once they get into junior high, they
      might be interested in learning Spanish. She stated it is really non-threatening and
      for children only. She stated it is real basic stuff.

      Tonya stated they are starting a new ice skating class on Saturday, January 10,
      2004 down at Ice the Rinks. She stated they have 11 kids participating in that.


      Bruce stated he went out to Garrett Park and it looks great.

      Neil stated the City has the trail markers and they thought of putting those along
      Blackfish recreational trail and Mauer recreational trial and take down the other
      signs. He stated it is turning out really nice, they just need the good weather.


Mark Boettcher, seconded by Amy Ruo, moved to adjourn. The motion carried 8-0. The
meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Minutes prepared by: Cindy Terrell, Recording Secretary


Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks and Recreation Director

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