SIX FIGURE PAYOUT FOR INJURED WORKER In January Berrigan Doube by iamdmx


									     SIX FIGURE PAYOUT FOR                    Within 4 months, the VWA accepted
        INJURED WORKER                        that the injury was a ‘serious injury’
                                              and a month later after some heavy
In January 2007, Berrigan Doube               negotiations, Berrigan Doube Lawyers
Lawyers successfully negotiated a lump        secured a $120,000.00 lump sum
sum compensation payout for a client          compensation payout for our client for
who suffered a back injury at work.           pain and suffering.

After a period of rehabilitation our client   Our client’s rights to lump sum
was able to re-enter the workforce,           compensation for loss of earnings were
however, the workplace accident left our      also preserved should he be unable to
client with a permanent injury and he         continue his current work due to the
was unable to resume his pre-injury           workplace injury.

Our client initially engaged a large
national law firm to handle his claim but
he did not receive the service he had
expected and so came to Berrigan Doube

The WorkCover insurer accepted our
client’s claim, but assessed his injury
at 5% impairment and offered our
client no compensation.

We obtained information about our
client’s medical history under freedom
of information laws and arranged
appropriate medical examinations for
our client to attend.

We then made a claim against the
Victorian Workcover Authority that our
client’s injury was a ‘serious injury’ as
defined under section 134AB(37)
Accident Compensation Act 1985 and
that he was entitled to lump sum

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