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Melissa - Swaledale Roadrunners


									SWALEDALE                                     which runs from 1st April until 31st
                                              March. Being one for statistics Eric

June 2007 Newsletter                          reports that the number of races our

   Editors: Melissa Hepburn and Matthew

   Chairman’s Report                          members have competed in compared to
   The new club year has started well         this time last year is up 30%.
   with some very strong team and
   individual performances. Following         Although considering the number of
   the first two Midweek league fixtures      races Eric does he‟s probably
   we lie in third place in the main event,   responsible for that increase himself.
   are the second ladies team (only 10pts.
   behind Ilkley) and first ladies vets.
   team. I would like to thank everyone
   who ran in the first two races and I
   hope we can turnout in similar strength
   in the next three events, if we do I‟m
   sure there will be some silverware
   coming back to Swaledale.

   Congratulations go to our ladies team
   of Erika Johnson, Tracy Hunter and
   Melissa Hepburn who emulated our
   men‟s achievement of last year in
   winning the team prize at the
   Fountains 10k. It is good to see Erika
   getting back to full fitness and she
   underlined this by finishing first lady
   at the Melmerby 10k. At the same race
   Darran Bilton ran the fastest 10k by a
   veteran in the UK for 2007 with a time
   of 30.56 to put him top of the national
   rankings for the Marathon, Half
   Marathon and 10k. At the Yorkshire         Eric adding another notch to his race
   10k illness hampered Tony Lambert’s        tally!
   attempt to retain his title at this race
   and he had to be content with second       Most of you will have no doubt seen that
   place, however new member Karen            we have the Richmond Castle 10k entry
   Hopwood had an excellent debut in          forms available. Although the race limit
   the green vest to win the ladies race.     has always been reached in recent years
   As most of you are aware Eric Nutter       it is still important we promote the race
   is again organising and compiling the      as much as possible. This year for the
   results for the Club Championship,         first time we have online entries via
                                     from which I
received entries as early as last           Minster. The start is rather bunched up,
December. If any of you are attending       which I‟d like to say acts as a brake
a race, particularly one I‟m not, it        against over enthusiasm, but the start
would be helpful if you could take          line soon clears and I, like many others
some entry forms with you to put out        got carried away with the first mile in 9
at the race HQ.                             minutes (truly, that‟s fast for me!).

A new batch of club short sleeved t-        The race skirts the back of the town
shirts and vests are due to arrive          centre, through Beverley Bar and out
anytime now, as usual these will be         onto the Westwoods. As a child I‟d
available on a first come first served      often go there for ice-cream, imagine
basis.                                      how smug I felt „running‟ through the
                                            Westwoods. That said, no-one warned
Thank you to everyone who has paid          the Pasture Master I was coming and she
their subs on time as it does make the      left the cows out to graze. I don‟t know
administration a lot easier, if you have    who was more traumatised, me or the
not yet paid can you do so as soon as       cows; they certainly didn‟t expect 1000
possible please.                            runners invading their grazing space and
Have a good month. Pete Richardson          stampeded alongside us right up to the
                                            cattle grid, which coupled with my
                                            shortage of breath due to paying too
Beverley 10k                                much attention worrying about the cows,
Sunday 13th May saw four SRR                is a hard half-mile uphill pull….. nasty!
members race the Beverley 10k, Jo
and Pete Richardson and little ol‟ me!      There is definitely an equal share of
And of course we can‟t forget Darran        countryside and town road running, with
Bilton, even though he was wearing a        plenty of encouragement dotted around
strange vest from Leeds City! We            the course. As we loop around the
joined an ever increasing field of 1000     Westwoods and head back into Beverley
runners. I had the added advantage of       and down its main street towards an
an extra hour in bed, as I spent the        impressive finish tunnel, the crowds
weekend over in Hull. As you know           grow in size to impressive welcoming
„Daddy‟ normally prepares breakfast         cheers of encouragement, not only from
for his „little princess‟, but as I‟m       spectators, but runners who finish way
struggling to enjoy the traditional         ahead and stay around to cheer for us
porridge, I have been given                 holding up the rear.
instructions on how to open the
weetabix box myself! You just can‟t         All in all, a great race, very friendly,
get the parents these days!                 very well organised with excellent
                                            changing facilities at the leisure centre.
Arriving in plenty of time at the           Darran didn‟t disappoint us and was
Beverley leisure centre, which has          first back in a time of 31.20, Melanie
ample parking and clearly marshalled        Haywood of Beverley AC was the first
by Beverley AC, I was able to watch         lady back in 36.31. Pete completed his
the start of the fun run, with so many      race in 49.43 and Jo with an impressive
budding young runners, there must be        59.34 (and with the size of her blisters I
plenty of talent out there that will come   was even more impressed). I was happy
to the forefront in years to come.          with my time of 64.50 - I can remember
The „big boy‟s‟ race commenced at           the time when I was holding up the rear,
11:15 outside the majestic Beverley
I had whole 99 runners behind me –          speed. We had now left the beach and
must be improving!                          were now on footpaths and after roughly
Will I do it again, absolutely – I‟ll be    3 miles Pat Neeson cruised up alongside
back next year. In the meantime, I          me. After an abortive attempt to talk
have my training to focus on…… did I        with me (Sorry Pat, I was in pain) I
mention I‟m running the Dublin              spent the next couple of miles watching
Marathon in October – I must have!          Pat disappear off into the horizon.
Alex Sutcliffe
                                            With a couple of miles to go I had pulled
                                            my self around. I could see the finish at
Pier To Pier                                Roker beach and with a downhill finish
You know that scene in 'Chariots of         to the seafront and a final dash across
Fire' when the runners are striding         the sand it was all finally over. Pat's
majestically across the beach, waves        time was 54:53, an improvement just
crashing in the background and that         over a minute on his 2006 time whilst
Vangelis soundtrack blaring out. That       I trotted in with 56:49. I'll definitely run
could have been the start of the Pier to    this one next year, hopefully getting a
Pier run, a scenic 7.5 miler connecting     better time and perhaps get some beach
South Shields to Sunderland piers. The      running practice in first.
course is multi-terrain with sand, grass,
road and the inevitable crunch of           David Burke
broken glass underfoot as you enter the
city of Sunderland. The weather was         Ripon 10 mile
fine, little or no wind and 650 entrants    Four members took part in the Ripon 10
was an excellent turnout.                   mile race on Sunday 13th May, Tony
                                            Lambert, Erica Johnson, Michael
Having previously lived in Sunderland       Stegman and myself. The race is the
it was a run I had always wanted to do,     second in the “Black Sheep Series” and
for some reason the beach running           a compulsory race for the “full pint “
appealed to my romantic side which          series entrants which both Erica and
was a huge blunder because after the        myself are in, so some good points to be
first mile of slogging across wet sand      had.
that god awful Vangelis tune had been
replaced by a guttural rasping sound        The day was overcast and the threat of
emanating from somewhere deep down          rain always possible for this tough, hilly
inside of me. I had started off too fast    (at least for the first half of the race)
and now I was in trouble.                   course.

When running in survival mode you do
not want to hear a couple running just
behind you in endless conversation as
if out on a mid-morning walk. So
whilst in mid-rasp I had to endure a
husband wife combo discussing, at
great length, what should go in an
authentic Coq au Vin (no mushrooms
apparently) and with morale sinking
into my socks I managed to shake off
Johnny & Fanny Craddock by letting
my pace fall to practically walking         Tony Lambert finishing the Ripon 10
Tony set of at a good pace with the         Some ladies sign up to these events as a
leaders, while me, Erica and Michael        way of regaining a level of fitness
were more or less together for the first    following their chemotherapy treatment,
couple of miles. As expected I didn‟t       some ladies still have a very long
see Tony again untill the finish line       journey ahead of them; and to the
and Erica, getting back to some good        majority of us who are just „warmed up‟
form, went out of sight at about three      at the 5k point – this race is a huge
miles, Michael was ahead of me but          achievement either during or after a
always in sight. I eventually managed       traumatic time in their life. Other ladies
to pass him at about half way but I had     run in memory of those lost to cancer
forgotten about the steep climb past the    and there are the ladies who celebrate
caravans and I tightened up and saw         the sheer joy of being alive. As John
Michael go past.                            Hunter said to me, “It makes you realise
                                            just how much we take our health for
When back on the flat, I knew it was        granted”.
more or less steadily down hill all the
way to the finish and felt really strong,   All of you were outstanding and I can‟t
I passed Michael again and felt really      thank you enough for giving up your
good all the way to the end. I finished     time to support such a worthy event.
in a time of 1.15.43, slightly better       You made a successful event even more
than last year and beat Michael for the     special with the friendliness and
first time, although he did have a good     encouragement you brought to the
excuse that he had run 10 miles the         participants. I am very proud to be a
night before. Michael finished in a         member of such a warm and friendly
time of 1.16.02. Tony had an excellent      club and honoured to be able to call you
3rd place in a time of 0.57.41 with         my friends. And in the words of Cancer
Erica 4th lady overall in a time of         Research‟s vision statement “Together,
1.13.09.                                    we will beat cancer”.

I hope I enjoy the next compulsory,
long race in the Black Sheep Series as
much as this one ….. Burn Valley ½
Marathon…..but I doubt it.
Stuart Clarkson

Race for Life – Lightwater
Tuesday 12 June saw a large
contingent of our club very kindly help
out with marshalling and volunteering
duties at the very first Race for Life
held at Lightwater Valley. The sun
shone on the righteous, and made
running/walking for the participants an
enjoyable experience. Around 1,000
ladies of varying abilities came along      The Race for Life Volunteer Team
to support the cause of Cancer
Melmerby 10k                                 miles with points awarded against
Despite being relatively close to home       finishing position. The series concludes
this was the first time I had entered this   with a handicap race at Ripon. All races
race and it was good to see a decent         finish with a supper provided by the host
turnout of club members there. For           club and prove very sociable occasions.
those unfamiliar with the course it          The races are open to runners of all
meanders down very quiet, ever so            abilities and are keenly contested
slightly undulating country lanes            between the 12 participating clubs. In
between the small villages of                recent years we have performed very
Melmerby, Sutton Howgrave and                well in the league and hope to do even
Wath. The route includes a small loop        better this year.
which means for a short distance             Thank you to everyone who has
runners come along the road in               competed so far.           Everyone is
opposite directions. It was a chance to      encouraged to come along. The next one
see Darran in full flight, on his way to     is on 27th June at Wetherby.
setting the fastest 10k time of the year
in the UK for a veteran and recording        Fixtures:
the fastest run on this course since         Wed 27th June - Wetherby
1996.                                        Tues 3rd July - Guiseley (Dragons RC)
                                             Tues 17th July - Ripon - Handicap
It was good to see Erika on her way          Details on:
back to full fitness and form, and she
confirmed this with an excellent win in
the ladies race. With her mentor
present Jo felt under pressure to put in
a good performance and achieved yet
another PB. The middle of the pack
saw a fair bit of inter club rivalry with
6 Swaledale runners finishing in under
2 minutes of each other.

Results: 1st Darran Bilton 30.56, 38th
Matt Holt 39.36, 56th & 1st Lady
Erika Johnson 41.06, Michael
Stegeman 42.01, Pete Devlin, 45.38,
David    Burke      45.49,   Melissa
Hepburn 45.51, Pete Richardson
46.29, Stuart Clarkson 46.45, John
Hunter 47.21, Dave Wardman 48.15,
Eric Nutter 49.12, Julia Spittle
54.48, Jo Richardson 58.00, Glenys
Nutter 65.25, Alex Sutcliffe 66.13
and Graham Turnbull 74.50.
Pete Richardson
                                             Rachel Parkinson at Gilling west
Midweek League
For anyone who has not taken part in         Club Member Profile
the Midweek league before there is a         New to the newsletter is the member
series of 5 races of between 5 and 6.5       profile feature. Every month hopefully
we will have a profile on one of our      Favourite Song – Born to Run – Bruce
members so that we can all get to         Springsteen, seriously
know each other better!                   Favourite Film – It‟s a Wonderful Life
Name - Stuart Clarkson                    Why do you run? - Enjoy it (most of
                                          the time), to keep fit as I‟m sat down
                                          most of the day
                                          What do you dislike about runners?-
                                          When they pass me in a race
                                          What is the furthest you have
                                          travelled for a race?- Manchester
                                          How long have you run for? -7 years
                                          What is your favourite race? – Ripon
                                          10 mile
                                          What is your least favourite race? –
                                          Burn Valley ½ marathon
                                          What are your PB’s for 5K,10K, half
                                          and full marathon? – 5k- 36.17, 10k –
                                          42.25, half – 1.36.10, no marathon done
                                          What is your best running memory ?
                                          Completing my first ½ marathon,
                                          causing me to get the bug for running
                                          Worst Running Memory? Feeling
                                          utterly cold, wet and miserable at the
                                          Haweswater 1/2 marathon this year
                                          Running Icons – Steve Prefontaine
                                          Favourite running kit – my Swaledale

                                          Race Diary
                                          A selection of race entry forms are kept
                                          in the folders at both clubhouse and
Date of Birth - 5th June 1976             many can also be downloaded from
Family - Single (open to offers)          John Schofield’s excellent website
Occupation - Accountant                   www.
Other Hobbies - Badminton, films,
socialising, most sports – watching or    17th June Castle Howard 10k
attempting, reading                       20th June Otley „Beat the Clock‟ 5k
Claims to fame - Me and my dad were       23rd June Weldrake 10k
contestants on “Todays the Day” with      24th June Rainton 10k
Martin Lewis, didn‟t get very far but     29th June Beverley 5k
lost to the eventual overall champions.   7th July  Burn Valley ½ Marathon
Most Embarrasing moment - Can‟t           8 July    Kilburn Feast 7 Thirsk
think of any, probably been a few but     22nd July Burton Leonard 10k
they usually happen when I‟ve had too     29th July James Herriott Trail Run
much to drink, so can‟t remember them
Social Diary                                 Yorkshire Runner
Post Club Supper Night – Thursday            Darran and Sarah Bilton have
19th July. Chinese or chippy, you            announced the dates of the next running
decide!                                      weekend. It is to take place on the
                                             weekend of the 21st and 22nd Sept 07 at
James Herriott Club Picnic – Sunday          their guest house, Apricot Lodge in
29th July. Post Trail Run, bring a           Pickering. Past weekends have proved
blanket and Scotch Eggs, (or bubbly          very popular with club members, the
and strawberries). All welcome,              accommodation is top class and at a
especially non-runners.                      fantastic price.
                                             See for
Social Run – Tuesday 14th August.            details.
Meet Osmotherly for a run followed by
a meal for those who want it. More
details to follow.
                                              NEXT CLUB MEETING:
Hadrians Wall Relay – More details to         Monday 6tth August
follow.                                       George and Dragon Hudswell
                                              19:30 Committee
                                              20:00 Members
New Members
We welcome new members this
month, Paul Evans, Trevor Walker,
John Elliott, Julie Sessions,David
Wardman, Melanie Hall,Tricia
O'neill, Joanne Shaw, just in time for
the Midweek League season!!!

Club Subs
Interest now being charged at
extortionate amounts on overdue subs.
Prepare to be named and shamed!
£12.00 for full members and £6 for
social members to:
West End Cottage, Ellingstring,
Masham, Ripon HG4 4PW. Cheques
payable to Swaledale Road Runners.

Darran’s tip from the top
All runners find their endurance and
speed consistently improve before it all
starts to plateau out. This is the time to
introduce something new (no, not a
new sport!)
If you never do a long weekend run,
try it. If you never do tempo or speed
work, give it a go. The change will add
a spark to your training & will shave
seconds off that elusive p.b.

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