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					                                     KEWAUNEE COUNTY PROMOTIONS &
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Directors Report
September 4, 2008 – October 7

General Parks
The 2008 parks season is coming to a close. We continue to maintain the lawn in all
the park areas as needed, finish up remaining projects from the summer, and begin to
winterize park amenities in the beginning of November.

Red River
With the shoreline chemically treated with herbicide we will wait till early November to
remove the excess plant material and zebra mussels with the help of the County
Highway Department.

The final race of the season was held on October 11th. Although the race season
started slow due to inclement weather it has finished strong. We also are beginning to
winterize the facility and most of the buildings have been turned over to our leases for
winter storage.

The Promotions and Recreation Committee continues the process of gathering ideas
that can be used in creating a clear vision for future developments at the County
Fairgrounds. The Promotions and Recreation Committee has held five meetings
regarding the issue. The last meeting focused on placing priorities on current and
future projects. At our next meeting we will consider ranking the projects according to
the aforementioned priorities placed on each.

Ahnapee Trail
With the assistance of the highway department we have fixed a drainage problem near
the trail in the city of Kewaunee by installing two (2) culverts, a catch basin, and also
graded the area. This should alleviate drainage problems in the spring of 2009.

Work continues on Phase II. County Highway has completed laying the limestone
screening (crusher dust) for the segment running from CTH C to the Village of
Luxemburg (Phase II). In addition, the signage is in the process of being installed by
the highway department in this segment.

We are also working with a horticulture student (Sue Crabb) from NWTC on beatifying
the trailhead area in the Village of Luxemburg. The project includes planting trees and
shrubs along the trail corridor, providing a shaded seating area, and installing signage.
Nearly all of the labor for the project is being donated by the student whom has proven
to be very energetic and knowledgeable.
Reckelberg Park
We are to the point that construction on this park can begin. We will work with the
County Highway Department on scheduling a start date. We are also in the process of
gathering bids for the restroom facility (privy) that will be located at the park.

Blahnik Park
On September 23rd, the County held an official opening ceremony with the Friends of
Blahnik Park, County Officials, the public, and other people instrumental in the
development of this park. Approximately 50 people attended the event including Paul
and Evelyn Brookhyser of Newport, Oregon whom graciously donated the property to
county in 2005. Mrs. Brookhyser, an Algoma native, saw the donation as a way to
honor her late father Wenzel Blahnik and her mother Dorothy. The property was the
site of numerous family gatherings during Evelyn Brookhyser’s childhood. The park is
taking shape and we hope to begin construction on the restroom facility this fall.

Riverview ATV Park
The Bay Lake ATV club held its’ Hare Scramble race at the park on Saturday,
September 6th. The race was a success with nearly 140 racers participating.

In addition, the Promotions and Recreation Committee held a public hearing in regards
to allowing two wheel dirt bikes at the facility on October 7, 2008 at the request of the
ATV Club. The club feels that this would provide a recreational and economic benefit
to the County and also provide more members to the club to assist on work days. In
all, 16 people attended the public hearing, all of whom were in favor of the proposal.
After much discussion, the Promotions and Recreation Committee voted unanimously
to allow the proposal on a one year trial basis starting in the spring of 2009. More
information will be available on these efforts in the coming months.

Winter Park
The Promotions and Recreation Committee has also approved the addition of 9 Disk
golf holes at the park. The department is currently working with the disk golf and
mountain bike groups to ensure no user conflicts arise.

The disk golf group will be holding an Ace Race at winter park on October 18th.
Anyone interested should contact Tim Kopacz at (920) 621-5115

Ryan Park
At their September meeting, the Promotions and Recreation Committee approved the
deconstruction of two (2) dilapidated buildings on the property. The timber salvaged
from this project will be used to construct a restroom building and park shelter at
Blahnik park. In order to ensure a safe work area for the project, the department cut
and removed numerous tress and brush from the sides of the buildings. This will allow
the contractor sufficient room for the project.

We received a supplemental maintenance grant ($5,500) for the 2007/2008 season.
The supplemental grant award covers additional cost incurred by the snowmobile
clubs due to an exceptionally long snowmobile season last year. In addition, on behalf
of the Red River Snowmobile Club, the County received a grant ($4,700) to install two
(2) culverts on CTH A in the Town of Red River. At the first snowmobile alliance
meeting on September 25th we discussed the need to re-printing the county
snowmobile trail map, as inventories are low. The last print was in 2005 and the
department is in the process of obtaining the digital files to update.
The County Highway Department has nearly completed (doing a wonderful job) on the
Porath snowmobile bridge in the town of Casco. This project was covered 100% by a
grant from the WDNR.

Revolving Loan Fund
The Revolving Loan Fund Committee offered a settlement option to the owners of
Portside II restaurant in Algoma. The Promotions and Recreation Committee reviewed
the proposal at their October meeting and have referred the issue to the County Board.
The restaurant is seven (7) months behind in payments and has decided to accept the
settlement offer to buy out the loan at fifty cents on the dollar ($15,000) if approved.

Other Projects
Most of our summer crew has finished working and most have returned to college.
They will be missed and have done an excellent job on a variety of park project this

We‘ve been involved with a group (Visit Kewaunee County Partnership) interested in
developing, branding, promoting and enhancing Kewaunee County Tourism. This
group is a new partnership of community organizations, including the Algoma
Chamber of Commerce, Community Improvement of Algoma, Kewaunee Chamber of
Commerce, Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation (KCEDC),
Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce, and UW-Extension Kewaunee County. The focus
of the group is to develop a web presence that will promote natural resources, cultural
and heritage destinations, and events, to tourists under one web/blog,

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