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2010 Nominees PowerPoint - Rebec


									  Rebecca Caudill
Young Readers Award
Who Was Rebecca Caudill?

       Ms Caudill taught English and history
     from 1920-21 at Sumner County High
     School, Portland, Tennessee. She also
     taught English at Collegio Bennett, Rio de
     Janeiro, Brazil for two years. Later she
     worked as an editor for Methodist
     Publishing House in Nashville, TN. Ms.
     Caudill is also a well known author of many
     children’s books.
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by
            Wendy Mass
New York--Present Day

Twelve-year-old Jeremy Fink lives with his
mother in a New York City apartment
where he receives a mysterious package
to be opened on his thirteenth birthday.
The package turns out to be a locked
wooden box that supposedly holds the
meaning of life. What is even more
strange is that the box is a gift from his
father who was killed in a car accident
when Jeremy was eight. The keys to the
box are missing, and the box was made
so that only the correct keys can open it
without destroying what was inside.
Jeremy and his best friend Lizzy make it
their summer quest to find keys that will
open the box. Their quest takes them to
new places where they meet new people
who end up teaching them both about the
meaning of life.
Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree
        by Lauren Tarshis

Emma Jean Colleen/Kaitlin Laura Present day

Emma Jean does not have much in the way of
social graces, but is very intelligent and
studies the other 7th graders behaviors. One
day she finds Colleen in the bathroom crying
and off-handedly Colleen asks for Emma-
Jean’s help. Colleen is upset when Laura gets
Colleen's best friend Kaitlin to take her skiing
instead of Colleen. Emma-Jean writes a fake
letter to tell Laura that she is the only 7th
grader invited to dance at the Basketball
Awards Ceremony. She thinks she has fixed
the problem and starts to try to help others
without them knowing. In the case of Colleen,
she has actually created a bigger problem that
she cannot fix.
 The Mozart Question by Michael Morpurgo

Leslie (reporter) Paolo Levi (violinist) Venice Italy
Present day
Leslie is sent to interview a recluse violinist Paolo
Levi. She is instructed NOT to ask “The Mozart
Question” He ends up telling his story of his
obsessions with the violin, not accepting applause
and not playing Mozart. When Paolo was a child,
he knew that his father had been a violinist. He
gets his mom to show him his "fathers" violin.
Paolo meets a street violinist that offers to give
him lessons, so Paolo borrows the violin regularly.
Once he finally tells his parents, he introduces his
parents to the street violinist. The three had
already known each ohter during WWII when they
were forced to play Mozart at concentration
camps for the new arrivals that were going to be
sent to the gas chamber. Paolo's father asked him
to never play Mozart and never wait for the
applause of the audience.
 A Small White Scar by K.A. Nuzum

Fifteen-year-old Will has been his twin brother
Denny's caregiver since their mother's death some
years earlier. Denny has Down syndrome, and Will
dreams of the day that he can leave Denny and go
join the rodeo and find a job as a ranch hand. He is
angry about all the responsibility that he has
shouldered since their mother's death, so one night
he sneaks off and heads for the rodeo. He thinks he
has escaped Denny, but the next day, Will sees
Denny coming after him. He tries again to get Denny
to go back home but to no avail. Denny ends up
being more stubborn than Will expected, and he
also gets bitten by a rattlesnake. Will's guilt forces
him to get Denny to their father's doctor friend, but
then he leaves Denny again and gets to the rodeo.
He ties for first place but is knocked unconscious.
Their father comes to speak to Will and it is decided
that Denny will actually be the one to leave home
and work for the doctor while Will returns home to
become a hand on his father's ranch.
   The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John

England then moves to Sawubona, South Africa
Present day
At the very beginning of the book, Martine is woken
from a dream by a fire in her house. She jumps to
safety, but her parents die in the fire. She is sent to
live with her grandmother that she has never met
and didn’t know existed, in South Africa. Her
Grandmother and an old family friend Tendai run a
nature preserve for injured animals. When she
arrives in Africa, she is not greeted well by her
grandmother and feels as if something is being kept
from her. The legend of "the White Giraffe" comes
about and Martine wants to search for it. School is
not much easier for Martine. At a school field trip she
discovers that she can save animals by her touch
and is ostracized from her classmates. After that, she
discovers that the giraffe is real. The two become
"friends" and end up having to save themselves from
poachers. She learns that there is an old Zulu legend
that was written generations ago that a child that
could ride the giraffe would have power over all the
  Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham

Jane Arrowood, California
Present Day

Jane went swimming at the beach with her mom and
her brother one day in June, and that was the day
her life changed forever. A shark bit off her right arm,
and the novel is a collection of letters, phone
conversations, poems, and newspaper articles that
show how Jane is dealing with the loss of a part of
herself. She goes through the "what if's"--what if she
hadn't gone to the beach that day, what if she hadn't
been in a hurry, what if she had stopped to help that
woman who dropped her soda--in the attempt to
reconcile with her new, different life.
 Shooting the Moon by Francis O’Roark Dowell

Jamie Dexter TJ Dexter Fort Hood Texas Viet Nam

Jamie and her brother TJ are the children of
Colonel Dexter the chief of Staff for Fort Hood.
They have been raised army kids though and
through, but when TJ enlists to go to Viet Nam as
a medic instead of going to medical school, the
colonel is not happy about it. Instead of sending
letters home to Jamie, TJ continually sends rolls of
film for her to develop, which she cannot
understand why he doesn’t send regular letters.
the pictures become more and more graphic as to
what Viet Nam is really like. From the film and
soldiers she meets while volunteering at the PX,
she learns more than expected about the Viet Nam
      Kimchi and Calamari by Rose Kent

Joseph Caldereo New Jersey Present day

Joseph is growing up in a typical new Jersey Italian
household. He hears stories of his Italian parents
and grandparents form the old country. Joseph
however is Korean and adopted. This never seemed
to bother him too much until he had to write a social
studies essay that the teacher stated had to be
about "Your heritage." Joseph decides to write about
a famous Korean Olympian during WWII and say
that he is his grandfather. It is a lie he cannot live
with for long, but it does spur him into trying to find
his birth mother and how to deal with his own
identity, while writing a real essay for social studies.
 A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

Zoe Elias--Michigan

Wheeler Diggs
Zoe really wants a piano, her dad is terrible with
people and ends up with a Perfectone D-60 organ
and an offbeat organ teacher who takes her to the
Perform O Rama. Meanwhile she befriends
Wheeler Diggs who follows her home after having
some of her fathers cookies. Zoe's dad is always
taking crazy at home college classes that are
"how to make money at..." classes. He and
Wheeler end up making spectacular baked goods.
Meanwhile, Zoe is grudgingly learning to play the
organ even though she is desperate for a piano.
Her father ends up having to get her to the
Perform O Rama, where she flourishes, and
eventually gets her piano. Her father and Wheeler
end up selling their baked goods at a local bakery.
 All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn

a Ghost Story Vermont Present day

Travis and his sister Corey have to visit their
grandmother during summer vacation because they
are no longer welcome. Their grandmother's inn is
supposedly haunted, so they decide to have a little
fun by pretending they are ghosts. Unfortunately, this
awakens the real ghosts that haunt the inn. Travis
and Corey end up finding out that the inn used to be
a poor house where many of the children were killed.
To send the ghosts to their final resting place, Travis
and Corey must find the illegal ledger of the former
owner (she stole the government’s money for herself
and covered up the deaths of the kids) , create
headstones for the kids who were killed and exorcise
the ghost of the former owner.
  First Light by Rebecca Stead

Thea – Gracehope present day
Peter – NY visiting Greenland present day

Told from both Thea and Peter’s worlds. Peter has
strange headaches like his mother that he cannot
understand, but he knows they are different. Peter's
father is a glaciologist and makes regular trips to
Greenland. He goes to Greenland with parents and
finds clues to his headache and another society. Thea
lives in Gracehope and wants to find the tunnel out.
Gracehope was created generations ago because the
people of Gracehope had been persecuted and needed
a place to escape. Thea finds the tunnel out with
Mattias who gets injured, and Peter finds them. Thea
has no choice but to take him to Gracehope to save
Mattias. We find out later that Peter's mother and father
are trying to locate Gracehope because his mother is
originally from there. Gracehope is also in danger of
sliding away due to global warming.
  Freedom Walkers by Russell Freedman

Montgomery, Alabama
Rosa Parks was one of many that started the
Montgomery bus boycott. This is the non-fiction
story of the boycott against Jim Crowe’s law. The
book takes the reader through several events, some
well known, some not as well known about the
events leading up to and during the boycott. Some
of the other featured people in this book are
Claudette Colvin, who is from New Jersey. She
boarded a bus and sat in front, not knowing about
Crowe's law. Emmitt Till was killed after allegedly
looking at a white woman, and Jo AnneRobinson, a
collge professor, accidentally sat in the 10th seat.
The book has great pictures of horrible events
including pictures of people that lost their lives
because of racism.
 The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff

Present day

Georgie is a dwarf. His parents are professional
musicians, he has a best friend Andy and a
nemesis Jeanie the Meanie. For the most part,
Georgie has adapted to his life, until his world
seems to all change at once. A new kid moves in
to school, and Georgie's best friend decides that
he needs to widen his circle of friends to include
Russ. Then he finds out his mom is pregnant.
Because of a fight with Andy, Georgie ends up
having to partner with Jeanie the Meanie for a
project about presidents. Geogie wants to do the
project on George Washington (after whom he is
named) but ends up with Lincoln. Jeanie even
ends up signing him up to play Lincoln in the
school's presidents presentation, where he ends
up having to wear coffee cans on his feet to play
the part.
Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf

Czechoslovakia /Germany WWII
Milada and her family live in Czechoslovakian
occupied Germany at the beginning of WWII. There
are many hardships, but her family and friends make
do the best they can until one day the Nazi soldiers
come to take families away. The families are taken to
a waiting facilities where all of the people are given
physical exams. Those children that fit specifications
are sent to school to become proper Aryan Nazi
German Citizens while the rest are sent to "camp"
Milada is one of the girls sent to German school. Her
and the other girls are given German names and told
that their families either don’t want them anymore or
were killed in air raids. After 2 years of hard German
school, Eva is adopted by a German Family. Her
new "Vater" (father) runs a women's camp near their
home in Germany. As the war starts to turn against
the Germans, her new vater and brother must flee
and she is left with her German mother and sister to
survive. As the war ends, she is able to go back to
Czechoslovakia and finds out what was really
happening during the war.
Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs

Mexico/America Present day

Victor Flores and Rico Rivera have been like "manos”
for most of their lives. They live in a poor farming
village in Mexico. Rico has had money sent to him
from America and decides he is going use the money
to go to America illegally and leaves Victor to tell
Rico's parents. Victor ends up trying to go to America
illegally as well. The boys make it to America and
work a variety of different places. In the end, Rico,
who had been so excited about the opportunities,
cannot bear to stay and wants to go back to Mexico
with his family. The book is about the difficulties of
illegal immigrants and their families and how they will
do anything it takes to get out of the situation they are
in when living in Mexico.
   Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Fantasy--Starts in Carlieff Town, Later in King's Seat
When Creel's parents die, she and her brother Hagen are
forced to go and live with their unusual aunt. In an effort to
bring money to the family, Creel's aunt decides to have Creel
be captured by a dragon. Her aunt hopes that the Lord's son
will save Creel from the dragon and make her his wife.
Reluctantly, Creel agrees to the plan. She finds Theoradus not
to be so scary after all and leaves the lair with a pair of blue
dragon slippers not knowing how special the slippers are.
Creel then decides to travel to the King's Seat to make a living
by doing what she knows she really has a talent for-
embroidery. On the way she encounters another dragon
names Shardas and the unlikely pair become close friends.
Creel does get a job in a design shop with the help of one of
the King's sons. However, she soon makes an enemy of the
fiancé of the other prince because she refuses to give the
obnoxious girl her slippers. Eventually the slippers are stolen
and passed on to the fiancé by a co-worker of Creel's. Creel
begins to realize there is something magical about the
slippers and that they may hold the key to peace for the entire
kingdom. The responsibility for finding the slippers and saving
the kingdom rests on squarely Creel's shoulders.
  Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate

Minnesota present day

The story starts in winter as Kek is just arriving in
America having been saved from a Sudanese
refugee camp. He knows very little English but has
two family members that have already been saved.
His father and brother had been killed by the
military and his mother is missing somewhere in
Africa. He doesn't understand much of the culture
but has good ESL teachers. As he and David, the
coordinator for the new arrivals, drive to his new
home in Minnesota, Kek sees an old cow on the
side of the road. In Africa, Kek's family had many
cattle and his job was to tend to them. Kek ends up
asking for a job taking care of the cow and this
helps him try to adjust to his new country.
Throughout the book, Kek struggles with adapting
and learning the ways of America. The book looks
as if it is written in prose, but it is more written in
broken English, giving a great voice to Kek.
  Elephant Run by Roland Smith

Burma, WWII

Nick's town in England is regularly being bombed by
the Germans so his mother has decided that it may
be safer to send him to Burma to live with his father.
Nick's father tends and saves elephants in Burma.
Unfortunately, Burma is not safe from the Japanes
who take over Burma, capture Nick's father and are
set to destroy all of the elephants. Nick and his
Burmese friend Mya must find a way to save Nick's
father from the Japanese and in turn help save the
elephants. This book is not only about the war that
Japan waged in the east, but the culture of Burma
and the love of the elephants.
 The Naked Mole-Rat Letters by Mary Amato

Pepper Blossom, Indiana, present day

Dad is a widower with three children - Frankie, Skip,
and Nutter (aka Francine, Samuel, and George). He
is also a musician who makes dulcimers. One day
Frankie discovers an e-mail from "ratlady" (aka
Ayanna) to her father. It seems that Dad may be
starting a long-distance romance with Ayanna and
Frankie does not like this at all. Ayanna works in the
small mammal house at the Washington, D.C. zoo
where she cares for the naked mole-rats. Frankie
sends fake e-mails to Ayanna trying to break up the
romance. Frankie is also getting into trouble at
home with her brothers and at school, where she
didn't get the part of Annie Sullivan in the school
play. She begins hanging out with the town's bad
boy, Johnny Nye, who she hopes will teach her
more about snooping in her father's e-mail. Will
Frankie survive these problems with the help of
Ayanna and the naked mole-rats or will her family
completely disintegrate?
     The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt
Long Island New York, 1960's
It is 1967. America is in turmoil due to the war in
Vietnam. But in Long Island, New York, seventh
grader Holling Hoodhood is waging his own war--
The Wednesday Wars. On Wednesday afternoon,
most of Holling’s classmates leave school early to
go to either Hebrew School or to Catechism. So
Holling has to spend the afternoon ALONE with
Mrs. Baker, a teacher whom he knows “hates his
guts.” Holling daydreams of watching ball games at
Yankee Stadium but in reality is told by Mrs. Baker
that they are going to read Shakespeare’s plays
together. Holling’s troubles seem to be going from
bad to worse. Who would have thought that such a
simple thing as a cream puff would start Holling
and Mrs. Baker on the road to understanding each
other better? Holling learns about the Vietnam War
from Mrs. Baker’s stories about her son who is
serving in the military. Will he be able to learn
something about himself from reading the works of
the long ago author?

  Book covers taken from
  Summaries written by EMSD63
   Librarians (Ms. Nielsen, Mrs. Stone, Ms.
   O’Shea, Mrs. Douglass, Mrs. Dahl, Mrs.
   Ruck, and Ms. Bonkalski)

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