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					    Fabspeed Motorsport September 2009 Newsletter
Contents                              Dear Customer,
     Porsche Product Updates           Fall is almost here and the temperatures are cooling off but Fabspeed is still busy improving the
                                      sound and power of your exotic vehicle. We have some great new products available and also our fall
     Ferrari Product Updates         car event is finally here, so get your car waxed and ready to come out on October 3rd for another Cars
                                      and Coffee. Details below in the events section or check for more Information. Make
     Lamborghini Product
                                      sure to check out Fabspeed’s own for Product Discussion, Company Discussion,
      Updates                         Pictures, News and Events. Have a safe and happy Labor Day.
     Maserati Product Updates
                                        You already know we’re always busy working on new projects and redesigning the old ones for more
     Bentley Product Updates         sound options. Like our new redesigned 2.75” Muffler system for the Cayenne which makes more
                                      power and a really sporty, aggressive sound. The new 2009 Porsche 987 Boxster/ Cayman Maxflo
     Kleeman Updates                 Muffler with Dual style tips are finished and in stock. Headers for the new 2009+ cars should be
     BMW Updates                     available in the next few weeks. We also have some other amazing products in stock like the new Dual
                                      Style tips for the 1999-2004 996 cars, available in both chrome and Black Chrome which look amazing.
     Gallery Additions
                                        Fabspeed has linked up with Evolution Motorsport for all performance engine software upgrades.
     Events/Media                    This allows us to do all ECU tuning in house and enables us to have a hands on mechanical and
     Contact Us                      software understanding of the latest generation high performance engines. Make sure to check out
                                      our website for updated product information and videos on the new up and coming products.

       Fabspeed Motorsport is a proud sponsor of the Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and Lamborghini Club of America

Porsche Updates
Porsche 2009 DFI 987 Boxster/ Cayman Maxflo Exhaust with Dual Style Tips
                                The new Fabspeed 2009 987 Boxster/ Cayman Maxflo Exhaust with Dual tips are finished and on the shelf.
                                The car sounds unbelievable and the new tips look great. This is a direct bolt on replacement of the factory
                                mufflers and saves weight over stock. Made from T304SS and eliminates the unnecessary 2ndary catalytic
                                converters for a 10+ Horsepower and Torque increase and enhances the sporty sound. (Order Now)

Porsche New 996 and GT3 Dual Style Tips
                                Fabspeed New Porsche 996 and GT3 Dual Style Tips are in stock and ready for shipping. Fits all 996 and GT3
                                cars 1999-2004. In addition to the new Dual tip design that looks sporty and unique, it incorporates a lost
                                wax cast stainless steel Y split for maximum flow and least restriction. The new design is available in both
                                Chrome and Black Chrome and really looks amazing on the car. (Order Now)

Porsche 2009+ 997 GT3 Maxflo Exhaust with tips, Headers and Air Intake
                                Fabspeed 2009+ 997 GT3 Maxflo Exhaust with Tips, Headers and Air Intake are in stock and ready to ship.
                                Fits all 2009+ 997 GT3 Cars. Mandrel bent primary tubes with F1 Indy car Merge collectors and 200 cell Sport
                                Cats to increase exhaust flow for optimal power. We also have our Maxflo mufflers for added power and
                                sound. Full exhaust system available for maximum power and sound. Contact one of our sales specialists or
                                visit our website for more information. (More Details) (Order Now)

Porsche 2009 DFI 997 “S” Carbon Fiber Air Intake System with Carbon Fiber HeatShields
                                The new Fabspeed 2009 Porsche DFI 997/ 997 “S” Carbon Fiber High Performance Air Intake system is in
                                stock and ready to ship for all 2009+ 997 “S” cars. Dual conical air filter attaches to a Carbon Fiber Y Pipe
                                which directs air right into the engine improving throttle response and makes a 15+ Horsepower increase.
                                This system replaces the entire factory stock Airbox for improved Dyno verified power and sound. The new
                                design is all fully Carbon Fiber and looks more sporty and aggressive. (Order Now)

Ferrari Updates
Ferrari F430 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
                                Ferrari F430 Carbon Fiber Splitter fits all Berlinettas and Spiders 2005+. The new Carbon Fiber splitter is
                                lightweight and will replace the factory fiberglass splitter which saves 2Lbs. The new piece looks more exotic
                                and sporty and gives the car a more unique appearance. Video demonstration and more information on our
                                website. (Order Now)

Ferrari 599 GTB Secondary Catbypass Pipes
                                Ferrari 599 2ndary Catbypass Pipes fit all 599 GTB Fiorano’s 2007+. These T304 Stainless Steel catbypass
                                pipes are a direct replacement for the factory secondary set of unnecessary catalytic converters. Complies
                                with emissions and the factory Ferrari Warranty. Improved exotic car sound and increases Horsepower and
                                Torque. Videos and explanations on our website. (Order Now)

Ferrari F430 Quad Slip On Tips
                                Our new redeveloped Fabspeed tips for the Ferrari F430 are in stock and ready for installation. Installation is
                                as easy as changing the air filter and you don't need to remove the rear bumper. Makes the car look more
                                sporty and exotic by replacing those ugly dull factory tips.
                                (Contact us for Details) (Order Now)

Ferrari F430 High Performance Sport Headers with Ceramic Coating
                                Ferrari F430 High Performance Headers fit all Berlinettas, Spiders and Scuderias 2005+. New T304 Stainless
                                Steel headers are a direct replacement for the factory restrictive headers. Headers use Investment cast lost
                                wax casting inlet flanges and 1 piece CNC Mandrel bent tubing that will not leak or fail. Makes +25HP DYNO
                                verified for proven power. Video demonstration and complete explanation on our website. (Order Now)

Lamborghini Updates
Lamborghini Gallardo Sport Maxflo Muffler
                                Check out the Fabspeed Lamborghini Gallardo Maxflo Muffler for all Gallardo cars 2004-2005. System is
                                made from T304SS and uses CNC Mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow and increased power. The system
                                is much lighter over the stock system so you save weight which improves handling. The system increases
                                power and has less restrictive internals to improve performance and exotic car sound. (Order Now)

Lamborghini Gallardo and Superleggera Sport Cats
                                Check out the Fabspeed Lamborghini Gallardo/Superleggera Sport Catalytic converters for all Gallardo cars
                                2004+ and the Superleggera. Made from T304SS and replaces the restrictive stock catalytic converters with
                                new High flow 200 Cell cats for more Power and sound. Complies with Emissions and the Factory warranty.
                                The system increases Horsepower and Torque and really enhances the exotic car sound. (Order Now)

Maserati Updates
Maserati Gran Turismo 200 Sport Cat Downpipes and Center Resonator Bypass
                                Fabspeed Gran Turismo system fits all Maserati Gran Turismo cars 2008+ worldwide. We use 200 Cell Tri-
                                metallic Race catalytic converter Downpipes to replace the restrictive factory cats and our 2ndary catbypass
                                pipe with X-Pipe replace the second set of unnecessary restrictive heavy cats and the stock center resonator
                                which increases flow and enhances the aggressive sound. Makes 20+ horsepower to the wheels and a
                                noticeable difference in throttle response. Complies with emissions and warranty and will not set off the
                                check engine light. This system is all T304 Stainless Steel and uses CNC Mandrel bent tubing for maximum
                                flow and makes for an easy and simple bolt on replacement. (More Details) (Order Now)

BMC Air Filters for the Maserati Coupe, Spider & Gransport Coupe/Spider
                                Fits all Maserati 4.2 Coupes, Spiders and Gransport Coupes/Spiders. It is a cylindrical filter and fits one per
                                car. Fabspeed is the largest reseller for BMC Air Filters in the US.

                                Available now for Ordering (More Details) (Order Now)

Bentley Updates
Bentley GT/GTC 2ndary Catbypass Downtubes
                                The Fabspeed Bentley GT/GTC Downtube Catbypass Pipes fit all Bentley Continental GT/GTC cars and make
                                a big sound and HP increase. It complies with emissions and warranty and will not set off the check engine
                                light. This system is all T304 Stainless Steel and uses CNC Mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow and
                                increased power but also saves 20 lbs from under the car. Available now (More Details) (Order Now)

BMW Updates
BMW E92 200 Cell Sport Cat Down Pipes
                                BMW 200 Cell Down pipe Sport Cats fit all E92 cars 2006+. Made from high quality 14-16 gauge T304
                                Stainless steel and use CNC Mandrel bent tubing with 200 Cell Sport Catalytic converters for maximum
                                power and least restriction. Complies with emissions and Warranty. The full exhaust package with ECU
                                makes an increase of 32+ HP and 17+ Ft Lbs of Torque to the wheels that you can feel. Complete
                                explanation and video on our website (Order Now)

BMW E46 Modular Sport Cats/ Catbypass Pipes
                                BMW Modular Sport Cats/Catbypass Pipes fit all E46 cars 2000-2006. Made from high quality 14-16 gauge
                                T304 Stainless steel and use CNC Mandrel bent tubes for maximum power. You can use the catbypass pipes
                                if you have the stock headers or the Sport Cats when grouped with the Fabspeed Sport Headers. Increases
                                horsepower and torque that you can feel. Complete explanation on our website.(More Details) (Order Now)

Kleeman Mercedes Updates
Mercedes E55 AMG Kleeman K2 Kit with Larger Throttle Body (Headers, Pulleys, and ECU Flash)
                                Mercedes E55 AMG High Performance Headers with 200 Cell Race cats replace the
                                factory restrictive headers. K2 Performance Upgrades for the E55 AMG engines
                                consist of a set of high-flow Header manifolds with down pipes and sports
                                catalysts, Larger And to compliment the entire exhaust upgrade we combine it
                                with the ECU Flash.
                                All AMG C63 automobiles fitted with the Kleemann K2 upgrade will make over
                                550HP peak and 485 Nm of maximum torque, but just as important, the engine
                                now has a smoother power delivery across the power band from the ECU Flash,
                                providing the driver with exciting and unmatched driving satisfaction. Check the
                                Fabspeed website for (More Details).Email with any
                                questions you have.

BMC Air Filters for all Mercedes Models
                                Fits all Mercedes Vehicles AMG 55 and 63. MERCEDES: C CLASS - CL - CLK - CLS - E CLASS - M CLASS - R CLASS
                                - S CLASS - SL. Sold as a pair and are available online now at our website.
                                 (www (Order Now)

Gallery Updates
    Just Added: Check for new photos and projects that were working on in our gallery page. We have a large
    selection of different cars that Fabspeed had modified and enhanced, so take a look.

Events and Headlines
                                At Fabspeed Motorsport, we take pleasure in the car shows and track events that we host and attend.

                                Fabspeed Presents Cars and Coffee day on October 3rd from 9:00 Am to 1:00 PM. Join us for our 5th Annual
                                Car show. It’s an opportunity for car enthusiasts to gather and converse about our passion as well as share
                                their great automobiles with other car enthusiasts. Please forward all information to your car friends and
                                encourage them to come out and have a great day with Fabspeed Motorsport.
                                Hope to see you October 3rd! Contact Jay Rothfeld for more information 215-646-4945
                                Check for updates.

                                Thanks to everyone who came out for the Fabspeed track day at Millville raceway. We will have photos
                                from the event posted on the website in the next few days, so make sure to check it out and see the cars.

                                FabSpeed Motorsports is an authorized dealer and installer for KLEEMANN products. KLEEMANN specializes
                                in engine conversions that push the performance of a Mercedes-Benz to a higher level, while at the same
                                time redefining the appearance of the car. FabSpeed’s dedication to performance and reliability, teamed
                                with KLEEMANN’s craftsmanship, provides Mercedes-Benz customers with the highest quality performance
                                products and service . (More Details) Email us with any questions you have at

                                 Visit Fabspeed on YouTube and Vimeo for HD Videos.
                                 We have been documenting installs and some fun drive bys, so check it out.

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                                               Check out Fabspeed’s own online forum Here you can read and discuss
                                               about Product Development and all products made by Fabspeed. You can also discuss about
                                               your opinions of the products and how we can make them better. Check the forum for
                                               pictures, videos, news and Headlines about what's going on at Fabspeed. See what projects
                                               we are working on and what's to come. We are looking for more user to sign up so

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 our team of dedicated employees, we strive to be the innovator in our industry.

 We look forward to hearing from you,
 Fabspeed Motorsport

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