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					       Porsche 997 Carbon Fiber Center Console Install Instructions

Tools Required
      T-25 Torx bit
      T-20 Torx bit
      T-15 Torx bit
      T-10 Torx bit

      Ratchet and 10mm socket

      MAcarbon Interior Install Tools

      Flat Screwdriver
Blue Painter’s Tape
Use low-tack painter’s tape to protect interior
trim including the leather shift boot, shift knob,
and handbrake from damage.

Be sure to have a clean workbench on which to
transfer the components from the stock console to
the carbon console.

System for Tracking Fasteners
There are a number of screws and fasteners that
will come off during disassembly. A system for
identifying and tracking these screws will make
reassembly much easier!
Installation Steps
Although there are many steps to installing the carbon fiber center console, it is straightforward and
can be done by the owner with some simple tools.
Step Instructions                                            Photo
  1.   Disconnect the car’s battery using a ratchet and
       10mm socket.

 2.    Use an MAcarbon install tool to pry up the leather
       shift boot.

 3.    Once all clips around the shift boot have been pried
       up, lift up the shift boot. Some instructions say to
       remove the shift knob. The install is easier if it is
       removed. However, it is not always easy to get off! If
       precaution is taken by covering it with painters tape,
       it can be left in place.

       To remove the knob, twist the retainer ring (located
       at the bottom of the boot) clockwise. Then pull up on
       the knob. Be careful not to hit the rearview mirror
       when the knob comes off.
Step   Instructions                                             Photo
  4.   Steps 4 through 9 are for owners with a BOSE
       stereo system. If you do not have a Bose system
       skip to step 10.

       The subwoofer box in the passenger foot well needs
       to be removed. Use your fingers to pull out the
       plastic trim piece located in the center of the outlet

 5.    Use a T-20 Torx to remove the screw which holds the
       remaining sound outlet trim.

 6.    Once the screw has been removed, pull out the plastic
       trim piece. Disconnect the power outlet cord from
       the wiring harness.

 7.    Use the T-25 Torx to remove the screw holding the
       BOSE subwoofer to the car.
Step   Instructions                                             Photo
  8.   Once the screw has been removed, slide the speaker
       forward so that the clips holding the speaker to the
       center console will disengage.

 9.    When removing the speaker, also be sure to
       disconnect the wiring. This picture shows the wiring
       and the two clip assemblies that hold the speaker in

 10.   For cars without the Bose speaker system, in the
       driver foot well, use the T-25Torx to remove the
       screw that holds the small trim panel in. The screw is
       ‘hidden’ in the pile. Then slide the panel forward to
       disengage the rear clips

 11.   In the passenger’s side foot well, use the T-25Torx to
       remove the screw that holds the small trim panel in.
       The screw is also ‘hidden’ in the pile. Then slide the
       panel forward to disengage the rear clips.
Step   Instructions                                              Photo
 12.   Remove the two T-20 Torx screws that hold the side
       panel on the center stack in place. Do the same for
       the passenger side.

 13.   After the two Torx screws have been removed, gently
       pull on the side panel forward to disengage it. It will
       not come out completely – staying attached at the
       top. Repeat step 12 and 13 for the passenger side.

 14.   Once this side panels have been slid forward, there is
       easy access for prying up the forward-most clips
       holding in the center console extension trim. Use the
       interior install tool undo the clips. Note the location
       of the six clips on the diagram. Pry up. Do not
       pry left to right as you can break the
Step   Instructions                                                 Photo
 15.   Disengage the clips at the front of the extension piece
       using the interior install tool.

 16.   Lift up and remove the center console extension. Be
       sure to have taped off the shift knob. It is easier if the
       front sections of the piece are spread slightly to clear
       the storage bin. (The storage bin can not be removed
       until the extension piece is removed.)

 17.   With the extension piece out, remove the four Torx
       screws and pull out the shift boot trim surround. It is
       a tight fit to get the surround off while the shift boot
       is in place, however there is enough clearance.

 18.   Next, remove the front storage bin by unscrewing the
       two Torx screws (left and right side) that hold the bin
       in the center stack.
Step   Instructions                                           Photo

 19.   Use an install tool to press center of bin down
       slightly while removing the bin to prevent the tab
       (indicated by arrow) from catching on the trim above

 20.   The storage bin was removed from the car in order to
       give access to the center Torx screw (indicated by
       arrow). Remove this screw.
Step   Instructions                                              Photo
 21.   Unscrew the front-most Torx screw that holds the
       center console into the body of the car. Do the same
       for the driver’s side.

 22.   Open the center console compartment and remove
       the plastic mat. That exposes the four Torx screws
       that need to be removed. An interior install tool is
       handy here to lift the rear edge.

 23.   Use a T-20 Torx to remove the four screws. FYI,
       there is one hole that will seem to be missing a screw.
       Porsche intentionally left it empty.
Step   Instructions                                            Photo
 24.   Using a pry tool, lift up from the rear of the trim
       piece (the “banana”) directly under the handbrake.
       Once this piece is removed, unscrew the Torx screw
       that is exposed.

       This is the last screw holding the console in.

 25.   Going back to the passenger foot well, disconnect the
       console wiring. This plug is located right above the
       front end of the console.

 26.   Lift up on the center console starting from the rear.
       Put painters tape on the top of the handbrake and
       handbrake button (not shown in this photo) to prevent
       damage to the leather.
Step   Instructions                                            Photo
 27.   Place the console on your workbench. Remove the
       leather cover from the lid by unscrewing the 8 Torx
       screws as pictured.

 28.   Use a flat screwdriver to push out the catch belt
       retaining pin. Push into the hole towards the back of
       the console.

 29.   Once the catch belt retaining pin has been pushed
       out, pull the pin from the strap.

 30.    With a T-20 Torx screwdriver, unscrew the spring
       retaining screw from the hinge.
Step   Instructions                                               Photo
 31.   Remove the pin from the lid’s hinge. You should be
       able to push this out with simple hand pressure.

 32.   Once the pin is out, remove the lid assembly. The
       hinge spring can now be pulled up and out of its

 33.   Turn the console over. Disengage all of the plugs and
       the clips to remove the wiring from the OEM

       The two middle wire retaining clips are a bit difficult.
       Rotate them counter clockwise rather than trying to
       pull straight up.
Step   Instructions                                              Photo
 34.   Congratulations! Time to take a break. You are now
       halfway there. From this point, we will be building
       up the carbon fiber console and reinstalling it in the

 35.   Transfer the spring over to the carbon fiber console.
       Re-install the lid assembly by reversing the steps 27
       through 32.

 36.   Insert the Cabriolet top switch plug if you do not
       have a cabriolet.
 37.   Insert the plugs and use the flat end of an interior
       install tool to secure the wiring clips onto the carbon
       fiber console. Also ensure that the black electrical
       box is inserted into its compartment on the carbon
       fiber console.
Step   Instructions                                        Photo

 38.   Place the carbon fiber console into the car.

 39.   Plug the console wiring plug back into the wiring
       harness. Reconnect the battery and test the two
       power plugs and the ashtray light.
Step   Instructions                                               Photo
 40.   After the electrical testing is complete, replace all of
       the console retaining screws that were removed in
       steps 20-24

 41.   Reinstall the shift boot trim surround.
 42.   Reinstall the lower console bin.
 43.   Reinstall the front console extension.
 44.   Reattach the remaining console and carpet trim.
 45.   The result is a gorgeous carbon fiber center console that really adds a nice touch to the interior


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