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									8th Conference on
Catastrophe Insurance in Asia
2 - 3 July 2009, Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
Theme: Managing The Ever Increasing Risk Exposures
as Catastrophes Hit Home Hard
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                                                                              15 June 20
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                          Official Keynote Address by
                              Dr Huang Tien-Mu
                        Director General, Insurance Bureau,
                     Financial Supervisory Commission, Taiwan

                         Industry Keynote Address by
                              Mr Takeo Inokuchi
                                 Senior Advisor,
                        Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co, Ltd

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                8th Conference on Catastrophe Insurance in Asia
                       2 - 3 July 2009, Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2   008 was one of the costliest CAT years in history: 311 CATS!
    240500 lives lost! US$269 billion insured losses!
  In Asia alone, 228,400 lives were lost to typhoons, tropical
                                                                       Who Should Attend
                                                                        •	 Reinsurers

cyclones and earthquakes. The figures are hitting home hard.            •	 General	Insurers
With the financial ‘tsunami’, having raised the cost of capital,        •	 Reinsurance	&	Insurance	Brokers	
the insurance industry is now hard placed to meet the increased         •	 Underwriters	&	Claims	Managers	
demand for CAT Covers.
                                                                        •	 Government	Officials	involved	with	
  With its greater insights into risks and risk exposures, the             Catastrophe Exposures, Environmental
industry is also expected to play the role of educating people,            Planning	&	Climate	Change
businesses and society about the ever increasing horizon of risks,      •	 Climate	Change	Experts	&	Agencies
and how to manage the risk exposures intelligently. The Swine Flu
                                                                        •	 Catastrophe	&	Seismology	Experts
is yet another wake-up call about how fast the risks can spread
                                                                        •	 Catastrophe	Modelling	Agencies
to epidemic levels and the need for insurers to be ever vigilant
about unexpected risks.                                                 •	 Risk	Managers
  How can the industry respond to these challenges on the CAT           •	 Regulators
front? Is there a demand for CAT Cover? Can the industry offer          •	 Consultants	&	Actuaries
protection? If so at what cost? Can the CAT business be written
                                                                        •	 Capital	Market	Players
with a real return? How selective must one get? When does the
                                                                        •	 Service	Providers	to	the	Insurance	
government need to step in? And how can the industry ensure its            Industry
continued sustainable survival? What are the specific and unique
threats and challenges in Asia? What urgent measures need to
be taken NOW?                                                          Key Topics
  These are some of the gripping questions to be tackled at this
                                                                        •	 A	Call	to	Bring	CAT	Cover	to	the	People	
8th Conference with the theme, “Managing The Ever Increasing               Who	Need	It	the	Most
Risk Exposures As Catastrophes Hit Home Hard”
                                                                        •	 Impact	of	Financial	Crisis
  The conference will bring together experts including scientists
and geo-scientists, underwriters, and modelling and rating agencies     •	 Spotlight	on	Climate	Change
to discuss the right responses to the current CAT market includ-
                                                                        •	 Latest	Update	on	Pandemics
ing the issue of capital adequacy, the need for preventive risk
management as well as post-disaster management practices now!           •	 Underwriting	the	CAT	Market	Today
  There is a need in Asia to achieve a solid understanding of the
                                                                        •	 Market	Responses	to	the	Current	Asian
potential vulnerability caused by such catastrophic events, and            CAT Challenges – How Each Country Is
grasp the realities and possibilities of reducing the impact through       Addressing its NAT CAT Exposure?
integrated and properly financed programs, strict underwriting
                                                                        •	 CAT	Modelling
and prudent risk management. There is also the all important
issue of the lack of insurance coverage especially in the emerging
markets of Asia that needs to be addressed.

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                A Must Attend Event in Today’s Challenging
             Environment....Learn and Network with the Experts
                 to find out how to mitigate your CAT Risks
                   8th Conference on Catastrophe Insurance in Asia
                         2 - 3 July 2009, Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

           Day One: Thursday, 2 July 2009                               Day Two: Friday, 3 July 2009
	8.00	am	    Registration	&	Coffee                                       Spotlight on Climate Change
9.00 am      Welcome Address by                              9.00 am     Understanding and Predicting Tropical
             Chairman of Conference                                      Cyclone Risks for the Asia-Pacific Region
             Malcolm C Steingold, Chief Executive Officer,               Prof Johnny Chan, Chair Professor of Applied
             Aon Benfield Asia Pacific                                   Physics (Atmospheric Science), Director,
 9.10 am     Opening Address                                             Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact
                                                                         Centre, City University of Hong Kong
             Mark Lai, Chairman,
             Taiwan Insurance Institute
                                                                              Update on Pandemics
9.30 am      Special Address
             Jack E S Tai, Standing Supervisor of the         9.45 am    Pandemics - Modelling and Managing a New
             Non-Life Insurance Association of the R.O.C.,               Catastrophic Threat
             Chairman of the Non-Life Underwriters                       David Simmons, Head of Research
             Society of the R.O.C. & Vice Chairman,                      Publications, Aon Benfield and Head of APAC
                                                                         Analytics, London
             South China Insurance Company
                                                             	10.30	am	 Tea	Break
9.45 am      Official Keynote Address
             Dr Huang Tien-Mu, Director General,
                                                                 Panel on the Ideal CAT Insurance World:
             Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory                        Is there a Quick Fix?
             Commission, Taiwan                              11.00 am What are the current weaknesses in the CAT
                                                                      Market?	What	are	the	measures	to	be	taken	to	
10.15 am     Industry Keynote Address: A Call to Bring                ensure a long-term remedy so that there will be
             CAT Cover to the Needy                                   insurers and reinsurers ready to play their part in
             Takeo Inokuchi, Senior Advisor,                          offering protection in this area?
             Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co, Ltd                        Panelists include:
10.45	am	    Tea	Break                                                Dr Mohan Sharma, Head of R&D,
                                                                      Aon Benfield Analytics, Asia Pacific
11.15 am     The Reality of the Ever Increasing CAT Risk
             Exposures in Asia                                        Peter Cheesman, Senior Vice President,
             Dr Mohan Sharma, Head of R&D,                            Instrat Asia Pacific, Guy Carpenter
             Aon Benfield Analytics, Asia Pacific                     Zifa Wang, Managing Director, RMS China
12.00 nn     Regional Initiatives in Asia to Cope with the   12.30pm	    Lunch
             CAT Challenges
             Peter Cheesman, Senior Vice President,          2.00 pm     Underwriting Issues in CAT Today
             Instrat Asia Pacific, Guy Carpenter                         Agnes Chang, Manager, Underwriting,
                                                                         Swiss Re
12.45 pm     Lunch hosted by Guy Carpenter
                                                              2.45 pm    Impact of Sea Surface Temperatures on
2.00 pm      Financial Management of Large Scale Risks
                                                                         Pacific Typhoon Activity
             in a New Era of Catastrophes – An OECD
             Perspective                                                 Helen Ye, Regional Manager, Asia,
                                                                         AIR Worldwide Corporation
             Prof Alberto Monti, University of Bocconi,
             & Consultant, OECD Financial Affairs            	3.30	pm		 Tea	Break
                                                                  Market Responses to the Current Asian
 2.45 pm     Adequate, Accurate and Available Data:               CAT Challenges – How Each Country Is
             Importance & Value in Nat Cat Insurance                Addressing Its NAT CAT Exposure?
             and Reinsurance
                                                             4.00 pm • Indonesia – Flood Risk and Microinsurance:
             Nicolas Georgy, Senior Treaty Underwriter,               Indonesia
             Swiss Re                                                 Rita Hausmann, Natural Catastrophe
	3.30	pm	    Tea	Break                                                Specialist, Geo Risks Research, Munich Re
               Special Focus on Taiwan                                   • Japan
                                                                         Prof Hirokazu Tatano, Disaster Prevention
4.00 pm      Current CAT Challenges – How Taiwan Is
                                                                         Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University
             Addressing its NAT CAT Exposure?
             Danny Yeung, Managing Director,                             • China
             Head of Taiwan Operations, Guy Carpenter                    • India
                                                                         • Korea
             CAT Modeling Practice in Taiwan –
                                                                         •	Australia
             A Case Study Of Fubon Insurance
             Peter X Lin, Senior Loss Control Engineer,       5.30 pm    Close of Conference
             Fubon Insurance
5.30 pm      Cocktail hosted by Aon Benfield
7.30 pm
                    8th Conference on Catastrophe Insurance in Asia
                            2 - 3 July 2009, Grand Formosa Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
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 Co.	Regn	no.:	199	003	818	H			•			GST	Regn	no.:	M2-009	466	93
                                                                                                    Grand Formosa Regent Taipei
PERSONAL PARTICULARS                                                                     41	Chung	Shan	N,	Rd.	Section	2,	Taipei	104,	Taiwan	ROC
Name: Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Prof	                                                                        Tel:	886-2-2523-8000	,	FAX:	886-2-2543-1643	
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Early Bird (valid till 15 Jun 2009)          Normal Registration
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Full registration fees MUST be paid before the valid dates                             ❑ From CKS Int’l Airport to the hotel per car at NT$2,400 nett
for admittance at conference.                                                          ❑ From hotel to CKS Int’l Airport per car at NT$2,400 nett
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be eligible for the discount.                                                          RESERvATION GUARANTEE
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Special Offer for Year 2009:	Register	two	delegates	from	the	same	                     Expiry Date : _______month _______year
company, and send the third delegate to attend the conference free of
charge!                                                                                Cardholder’s name:_____________________________
(Valid	only	for	delegates	from	same	company	from	same	country)	
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All meals are prepared without pork, lard and beef.                                     ___________________________________________
Special Dietary Requirements                                                           Please fax this reservation form to guarantee the
❑ I would like to have vegetarian meals during the Conference.                         reservation before 15 June 2009
                                                                                       Hotel Policy:
Closing date for registration: 26 June 2009                                             C
                                                                                       •	 heck	in	time	is	3:00	p.m.	and	check	out	time	is	12:00	a.m.
For cancellation in writing made before 15 June 2009,	50%	of	the	conference	fee	        C
                                                                                       •	 ancellations	must	be	made	at	least	48	hours	in	advance,	
will be refunded. No refunds will be made for cancellations after 15 June 2009.         otherwise one-night room charge as “no-show” charge will
PAYMENT                                                                                 be claimed from your guaranteed credit card.
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