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					                                                         History Timeline
                                  Stafford Allen, a miller, and Charles May, a druggist and herb
                                  grower, join forces to produce pure drugs in an era when
                                  sawdust was a routine ingredient on the pharmacy shelf. They
                                  focus on production of essential oils, especially sandalwood oil
                                  and clove. By the 1870s the company has branched out to
                                  Africa, where it obtains almond oil, cochineal, peach, and
Stafford Allen's original staff   apricot kernels.
                                  While in his teens, William John Bush studied botany,
                                  herbalism, and chemistry. He grasped the importance of
                                  volatile constituents of herbs and spices as the basis of an
                                  essential oils industry. At age 22, he acquires a small factory in
                                  London where he begins the steam distillation of herbs, spices,
                                  and woods and the preparation of tinctures and essences. By
                                  1890, the company has opened a factory in Mili, Messina, Italy
                                  to process “Sicilian Oils.”
                                  Boake and Roberts found their company to produce brewing
                                  chemicals (originally bisulphite of lime as a preservative).
                                  Arthur Boake comes up with a product for clarifying wine,
                                  which he sells successfully in France, Italy, Switzerland,
                                  Spain, Portugal, and Hungary. In the 1890s, the association of
                                  soft drinks with brewing leads Boake, Roberts to begin the
Roberts and Boake                 manufacture of flavoring essences and the distillation of
                                  essential oils.
                                  W.J. Bush acquires Potter & Moore, a firm founded in 1749
                                  and engaged in the distillation of peppermint, lavender, and

Herb harvest
                                  Joseph Polak & Leopold Schwarz, residents of the small Dutch
                                  town of Zutphen, form their business to process concentrated
                                  fruit juices. In only seven years, they have to open a second
Polak & Schwarz factory

                                  1901–1960: Over the first 60 years of the century, the
                                  companies that would become IFF all experience globalization
                                  on a grand scale. It is a period of geographic and cultural
                                  discovery in which the business of flavors and fragrances
                                  flourishes. Every region of the world has a contribution to
                                  make and an important role to play. Perhaps more than any
Opening of Polak & Schwarz in
Jakarta, Indonesia, 1952
                                  other industry, flavors and fragrances becomes truly global and
                                  multicultural during this period of amazing growth.
                                  Geographic growth sets the stage for the coming era of
                                  scientific advances and a series of powerful mergers that create
                                  the modern IFF.

W. J. Bush trucks, 1918

                                                            History Timeline
                                      In 1917, A.L. van Ameringen immigrates to the U.S. to work
                                      for the U.S. agent of Polak & Schwarz. Shortly thereafter van
                                      Ameringen leaves the company and opens an office at 13 Gold
                                      Street in downtown Manhattan where he begins the business of
                                      importing essential oils from Holland. This small import
                                      business, which begins with just 500 square feet of office
A.L. van Ameringen                    space, goes on to become the world’s leading fragrance and
                                      flavor supplier.

                                      In 1929, van Ameringen forms a partnership with a colleague,
                                      Dr. William T. Haebler, and after acquiring an aromatic
                                      chemical plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey, van Ameringen-
                                      Haebler, Inc. is born.

                                      For the next 30 years, with van Ameringen at the helm as
Van Ameringen-Haebler, Inc.'s first   president and Haebler as treasurer, van Ameringen-Haebler
plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey        grows despite the difficulties of operating through a depression
                                      and a world war. During this phase in the company’s history,
                                      approximately 90% of van Ameringen-Haebler’s volume is in

                                      During the early 1930s, due to strict import regulations, the
                                      depression, and the use of third party sales agents, Polak &
                                      Schwarz’s sales in America are meager at best. P&S decides to
                                      send a senior manager to New York to take over operations in
                                      America—a move that leads to the founding of an official P&S
                                      branch in New York in 1935.
Excerpt from The American
Perfumer and Essential Oil Review,
September 1935

The German invasion makes it impossible for companies to have a Jewish management and
Polak & Schwarz is forced to hire an “Aryan” director. In addition, young, healthy men are
obliged to enlist in the German workforce (Arbeitseinsatz), so many employees are lost—and
many never return. P&S makes their own employee identification cards to prevent more
personnel from being conscripted, but this is considered insubordination and Adolph Schwarz,
nephew of founder Leopold, is arrested. He and his family survive the concentration camp
Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia.

                                      In 1958 a merger between the worldwide operations of Polak
                                      & Schwarz and van Ameringen-Haebler allows the company,
                                      renamed International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., to become a
                                      major supplier in the flavor and fragrance business and to grow
                                      internationally almost overnight. The irony of merging with
                                      the very same company he left over 40 years before is not lost
Original IFF logo                     on van Ameringen.

                                                            History Timeline
                                       International Flavors & Fragrances is listed on the New York
                                       Stock Exchange.

Future Chairman Henry G. Walter Jr.
(second from left), President of IFF
at the time of the NYSE listing.
                                       Stafford Allen & Sons, W.J. Bush & Company, and A. Boake,
                                       Roberts & Co. join forces to become Bush Boake Allen Ltd.

Founder A.L. van Ameringen dies. He served as president of van Ameringen-Haebler and later
IFF for 37 years, the last ten of which he was also chairman of the board.

                                       IFF opens new Research and Development center in Union
                                       Beach, New Jersey.

Large chemical reactors at R&D

                                       IFF creates breakthroughs in fermentation process technology
                                       and the development of key natural compounds. Patents are
                                       granted for unique meat, savory, and process flavor

In conjunction with the Monell Foundation, IFF establishes the Monell Chemical Senses
Center, dedicated to the research of taste and smell.

                                       Henry G. Walter, Jr. becomes chairman of IFF.

IFF creates synthetic ambergris, a substitute for the product produced by whales. This new
ingredient is an affordable, available, and sustainable alternative to the natural.

                                       In collaboration with Yale University’s Psychophysiology
                                       Department, IFF pioneers the concept of Aroma Science,
                                       studying the effect of fragrance on human emotions.

                                                          History Timeline
                                   IFF scientist Dr. Braja Mookherjee invents the Living Flower®
                                   technology. Through the use of Solid Phase Micro
                                   Extraction™, which employs a needle made of a special fiber
                                   to extract the odorous molecules from the living flower, IFF is
                                   able to capture and study the aroma components of a flower at
                                   its peak on the plant and re-create the fragrance, changing the
                                   way that perfumes are created.
                                   Eugene P. Grisanti succeeds Henry G. Walter Jr. as chairman
                                   and president of IFF.

IFF develops Mood Mapping™ techniques for identifying individual fragrance combinations
affecting specific human emotions.

IFF produces on an industrial scale, the first all-natural flavor ingredient by pure culture, sterile

                                   IFF researchers find that when two different flowers grow side
                                   by side, they produce an entirely new fragrance, not just a
                                   combination of the two, a phenomenon called Emotion of

                                   IFF launches Living Flavor® technology, capturing the aroma
                                   and flavor of fruits, vegetables, and spices. The technology
                                   wins Food Ingredients’ Best Marketing Achievement award,
                                   Food and Beverage Marketing’s Innovator of the Year award,
                                   and Food Processing’s Honors Award.

                                   IFF celebrates the opening of its 2,600 square foot, state-of-
                                   the-art, climate-controlled greenhouse, which is home to more
                                   than 750 varieties of plants from all over the world.

Union Beach Greenhouse

IFF launches Captiff, a new dry-flavor encapsulation system, globally. The new system wins
the Food Ingredients Europe “Marketing Achievement” award.

IFF develops a revolutionary new technology called Aura of Aroma®, which is used to enhance
fragrance substantivity.

                                                         History Timeline
                                  IFF scientists recreate a flower’s unique odor properties at
                                  different stages of its lifecycle. This recreation, Biorhythm of
                                  Flowers®, involves the aroma changes from bud to full bloom
                                  to faded blossom.

Lotus Blossom

                                  Using the new solid-phase microextraction (SPME) technique,
                                  IFF captures unique environmental odors such as the clear
                                  scent of a mountaintop.

Passion Flower

IFF introduces Instantiff®, a free-flowing granular flavor product for use in a variety of

                                  During the month-long expedition to Neblina, Venezuela, the
                                  IFF team analyzes new and interesting scents of various
                                  orchids, plants, woods, barks, and minerals using IFF’s
                                  proprietary Living Flower® technology. The technology
                                  enables them to collect the aromas of these living species
                                  without ever having to cut or remove them from their natural
Neblina, Venezuela                environment.

                                  IFF sends a miniature rose plant, “Overnight Scentsation,”
                                  aboard NASA’s STS-95 Discovery to determine how the
                                  flower’s scent changes in zero gravity. Using Solid Phase
                                  Micro Extraction™, Dr. Mookherjee and his team were able to
                                  extract the odorous molecules from the living flower during its
                                  shuttle flight and found that the rose’s scent radically changed
Overnight Scentsation             at zero gravity. They were then able to reproduce in the lab a
                                  variety of heavenly fragrances previously unknown to the
                                  human senses of taste and smell. IFF was able to
                                  commercialize that “heavenly” scent in Zen, the fragrance
                                  launched by Shiseido.

IFF introduces functional seasonings that provide optimal taste and texture for quick-frozen

IFF develops flavor modulators that provide tingle, mouthwarming, or cooling sensations.

IFF begins implementation of the Consumer Fragrance Thesaurus, an interactive brainstorming
tool for new fragrance ideas and fragrance personalities.

                                                          History Timeline
                                   IFF acquires Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), a leader in
                                   the creation and commercialization of natural raw materials for
                                   fragrances and flavors. The acquisition of LMR strengthens
                                   IFF's already leading position in the development and use of
                                   natural ingredients.

LMR Headquarters, Grasse, France

                                   Richard A. Goldstein succeeds Eugene P. Grisanti as
                                   Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IFF.

                                   IFF opens its new Regional Technical and Creative Center in
                                   Singapore. This state-of-the-art facility serves as the
                                   headquarters for IFF’s Asia Pacific operations, providing
                                   technical, creative, management, and sales and marketing
                                   support to the region. The new facility helps IFF achieve a
                                   number of critical goals, including establishing state-of-the-art
Asia Pacific Flavorists            manufacturing and creative facilities in strategic locations
                                   around the world and being wherever our customers need and
                                   want us to be.

                                   IFF acquires Bush Boake Allen Inc., creating the world’s
                                   largest flavor and fragrance company.

IFF introduces iPlot®, a new proprietary technology that links sensory and analytical
measurements, allowing our perfumers to create fragrances using ingredients that provide the
best performance at every stage of product utilization.

                                   IFF breaks new ground in natural products research with the
                                   addition of a hydroponic greenhouse in Union Beach, New
                                   Jersey—adding 1,300 square feet to the existing greenhouse.
                                   The facility includes state-of-the-art climate controls,
                                   including underground heat, and allows IFF to grow plants
                                   using nutrient-enriched water, instead of soil (which can
                                   contain impurities). The new greenhouse enables IFF to
                                   provide customers with fragrances and flavors that promote
                                   health and wellness.

                                   IFF opens a new Technical and Creative Center in Shanghai,
                                   China. The new 2,600-square-meter facility, which includes
                                   offices, laboratories, and a consumer research center,
                                   represents a $1 million investment for the Company. It is also
                                   the new headquarters for IFF’s Greater China operations,
                                   serving as the base of technical, creative, management, sales,
                                   and marketing support for the area.

                                                           History Timeline
                                     IFF unveils a refreshed corporate identity, including an
                                     updated logo and new advertising featuring striking photos of
                                     flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

                                     IFF is ranked among the world's best soap and cosmetic
                                     companies in Fortune magazine's 2002 Most Admired
                                     American Companies. IFF shares the honor with consumer
                                     product powerhouses Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive,
                                     and Estée Lauder.

IFF New York Headquarters

                                     In September 2002, IFF opens a Perfumery School in its New
                                     York headquarters. Under the direction of industry veteran
                                     Ron Winnegrad, the new school is part of a global program to
                                     create the legendary perfumers of tomorrow, guaranteeing that
                                     our customers will continue to collaborate with the most
                                     talented perfumers in the industry for years to come.

                                     To better serve small- to medium-sized customers, in March
                                     2003 IFF launches IFF Xpress, an online flavor and fragrance
                                     catalog offering beverage, sweet, savory, and dairy flavors, as
                                     well as home care, personal wash, toiletries and fine fragrances

                                     In April 2003, IFF opens a full-service hair salon in its global
                                     headquarters. The on-site salon serves as a testing ground for
                                     IFF's global network of hair care perfumers and evaluators,
                                     who can now experiment and get immediate feedback on how
                                     fragrance performs on wet hair, during the drying process, and
                                     after styling.
Evaluating fragrance while hair is
being washed.

                                     After years of successful use in oral care products and chewing
                                     gums, and even helping to generate a new line of breath film
                                     products, IFF expands its propriety cooling technology,
                                     CoolTek™, into the beverage market. The breakthrough
                                     technology imparts a cooling sensation without the use of mint
                                     and without the "burn," aroma, or flavor of menthol.

                                     IFF launches CapLock™, a new flavor encapsulation
                                     technology that provides premium flavor quality and stability,
                                     even after 24 months of storage. The technology is an
                                     important advancement for product developers who are
                                     looking for long flavor shelf-life in consumer products.

                                                            History Timeline
                                      IFF collaborates with fashion and art publication Visionaire on
                                      their 42nd edition, SCENT. Released in December 2003,
                                      SCENT combines 21 original fragrances created by IFF's
                                      talented perfumers with visual interpretations from top artists
                                      in a variety of fields, including Karl Lagerfeld, Mario Testino,
                                      David Bowie, Iman, Kate Moss, Stephen King, Jean-Georges
                                      Vongerichten, and Gus Van Sant. The perfumers and artists
                                      offer their interpretations of Cold, Noise, Hunger, Gigabyte,
                                      2Am, Mother, Broken Glass, Instinct, and others.

As part of its continuous effort to create winning flavors for its customers, IFF breaks ground
for a new state-of-the-art Culinary & Bakery Center in February 2004. Built at the existing
North America Regional Creative Center in South Brunswick, New Jersey, the new facility will
enable IFF to better support customers’ product development programs in the retail and
foodservice markets, expand the Company’s capabilities in the savory and bakery categories,
and provide hands-on training and product demonstrations for customers. The Culinary &
Bakery Center will also serve as the North American headquarters for the execution of IFF’s
global Culinessence™ program.

                                      IFF breaks ground for a new specialty ingredients (aroma
                                      chemical) manufacturing plant in China. The $29 million
                                      plant, located in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological
                                      Development Area (HEDA), is expected to open in late 2006
                                      and reach fully-optimized operation in 2008. It will further
                                      solidify IFF’s position in the Asian market and allow the
                                      Company to meet growing customer demands in the region
                                      and throughout the world.

In April 2005, IFF wins the fragrance industry’s highest honor, the FiFi® Award, for
“Technological Breakthrough of the Year” with its unique Sensory Perception™ technology.
The technology is a microencapsulation delivery system for textiles that allows fragrance or
active ingredients, such as aloe vera or vitamin E, to be released from clothing, sheets, or other
textiles over a period of time. The technology opens up an exciting new area of business for the
fragrance industry—the textile market—and a world of possibilities for consumers.

                                      With the opening of its new 5,000 square-meter creative
                                      center in Neuilly Sur Seine, IFF becomes the first major
                                      fragrance house in Paris to unite both fine fragrances and
                                      beauty care, including toiletries, together in one powerful unit.

IFF’s Chairman plants a tree on the
grounds of the new creative center.

                                      IFF expands its fragrance plant in Singapore, increasing its
                                      fragrance manufacturing capacity in the Asia Pacific region, a
                                      main focus of the Company’s continued growth.

                                                             History Timeline
                                       IFF opens a new creative center for fragrances and beauty care
                                       in Bombay, India. The Company’s investment in the 20,000
                                       square-feet facility reflects its long-term commitment to the
                                       Indian market and dedication to providing customers there
                                       with world-class technology, expertise, service, and products.
                                       Already a leader in the Indian flavors market, the new center
                                       provides the infrastructure for IFF to gain leadership in
The Chairman lights a typical temple   fragrance.
lamp during the opening ceremony.
                                       IFF once again collaborates with fashion and art publication
                                       Visionaire on their 47th edition, TASTE. Paintings,
                                       photographs, and conceptual images are paired with specially-
                                       created flavors by IFF’s flavorists. This is the first time that
                                       flavor has ever been used as a pure art medium, without
                                       concern for convention or application and detached from its
                                       connection to food. Some tastes are easy to identify, while
                                       others are highly abstract or conceptual. Contributors include
                                       master chefs Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adrìa; artists
                                       Bruce Weber, Yoko Ono, Vik Muniz, Jenny Holzer, Gary
                                       Hume; and surfing star Laird Hamilton.

                                       Robert M. Amen succeeds Richard A. Goldstein as Chairman
                                       and Chief Executive Officer of IFF.

                                       IFF announces new Vision, Mission and Principles, which
                                       codify the corporate focus on customers, people and
                                       innovation and support the vision of:

                                       We create unique scent & taste experiences people love.

                                       IFF partners with Constantin Films and Thierry Mugler
                                       Parfums to bring fragrances to life in the film version of
                                       Patrick Suskind's novel “Perfume.” IFF created a coffret
                                       containing 15 fragrances that explore unique emotions, poised
                                       between fantasy and reality, and revealed in atmospheres
                                       which capture history, mystery and passion.

                                       IFF reorganizes its business structure into two units to reflect
                                       its flavors and fragrance businesses. Hernan Vaisman was
                                       elected to the newly-created position of Group President,
                                       Flavors, and Nicolas Mirzayantz was elected to the newly-
                                       created position of Group President, Fragrances.

Nicolas Mirzayantz (left) and
Hernan Vaisman

                     History Timeline
IFF opens new Shanghai Creative Center, located at The North
in the Putuo district of Shanghai. The center provides an
attractive and customer-focused environment for flavor and
fragrance creation. The facility strengthens IFF’s presence in
Greater Asia and is part of an ongoing global program to
expand and modernize its facilities to capitalize on strategic
growth opportunities.

IFF opens new, state-of-the-art Flavor and Fragrance Creative
Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The location improves customer
access and interaction, while the dual flavor and fragrance
center encourages creative synergies benefiting both sides of
the business.

IFF announces the completion of a new CapLock™
production line at its European Center of Excellence for
Flavor Delivery Systems and Encapsulation in Haverhill, UK.
The addition of IFF’s advanced flavor encapsulation and
delivery system here builds upon the company’s prior
investment in a CapLock production line in the same facility.

Douglas D. Tough assumes role of Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer effective March 1, 2010.