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                                                                                             November 2009

From the opening of ATE registrations to the launch        Corroboree UK/Europe 2010
of the global Red Centre campaign – there’s so             Travel agents from the UK and Europe will come
much going on in the international marketplace at          together at Corroboree Europe 2010, an exclusive
the moment!                                                training event for qualified Aussie Specialists. The event
                                                           will be held in Melbourne from May 6 – 8 2010. Each
ATE 2010 – Registrations Now Open!                         State will host up to 43 agents on a famil program
The Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE 2010) will be         designed to showcase the diversity and quality of
held in Adelaide from 29 May – 4 June. ATE is              tourism experiences available in Australia. Following
Australia’s premier tourism trade event, providing a       this, the agents will attend a training workshop that
forum for Australian tourism businesses to showcase        provides the opportunity for participating Australian
their product, meet and network with overseas contacts     sellers to train approximately 300 Aussie Specialists
and negotiate business deals. ATE is divided into two      from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France,
modules allowing exhibitors to target the markets most     Belgium & Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark,
appropriate for their tourism product. The Eastern         Sweden, Ireland, UK and South Africa. Applications to
module targets buyers from Japan and Asia and the          attend Corroboree 2010 close Thursday November
Western module targets buyers from UK, Europe, the         26 2009. Go to for more
Americas, the Gulf Countries, South Africa, New            information or to register.
Zealand and the South Pacific. Seller registrations
close November 24 2009. For more information go to          or      contact     Global Red Centre Campaign to Reach 53 Million                                 The first phase of Tourism NT’s global 2009 Red Centre
                                                           Campaign has gone live in The Americas, Central
                     REMINDER                              Europe, Southern Europe, SE Asia, Scandinavia/Nordic
 From 2011, only accredited NT operators can attend        countries and UK/Ireland, with an anticipated reach to 53
 ATE as part of the NT Alley due to the introduction of    million consumers in key markets. A highlight of the
 Tourism NT’s accreditation policy in July 2010. Click     2009 Global Red Centre campaign is the global top-tier
here for more information about how to get accredited.     partnership with Qantas, who have provided special air
                                                           fares in the UK, German and USA markets.

Going Global: Guide to International Marketing             In addition to this, TV commercials will be aired globally
Opportunities 2009 – 2010                                  featuring the Red Centre and Qantas’ fare offers where
Tourism NT’s International Operations team has recently    applicable for a four month period with media partners
distributed the Going Global: Guide to International       National Geographic Channel, D-Max and Discovery
Marketing Opportunities 2009 – 2010. With information      Channel.
about trade and consumer events, financial support and
international office contacts The Guide provides           We are also pleased with the response from in-market
essential information about marketing opportunities to     trade partners, with over 35 wholesale and retail
enhance your tourism business’ presence in the             partners from 14 different countries getting on board to
international marketplace. Click here to download a copy   provide deals and special offers to consumers who are
of the guide.                                              exposed to the Get CeNTred message.                                                                                              1
Kakadu National Park Entry Fees – Reminder                    CENTRAL EUROPE
The issue of the reintroduction of Kakadu National Park       Upcoming Productlines
entry fees was raised at the ATEC Top End Branch              Productlines is a bi-monthly newsletter sent out to 800
AGM in early October. The discussion prompted this            NT Specialists in the German speaking markets
reminder about the $25 entry fee that will be charged to      (Germany, Austria & Switzerland). The publication is
visitors to the Park over the age of 16 as of April 1 2010.   solely dedicated to providing front-line trade with NT
The introduction of the $25 fee has obvious impacts on        destination and product information. Take this
the price structure of tours incorporating Kakadu, so it is   opportunity to talk directly with German-speaking trade
important that operators are familiar with legislation        about what’s new with your product by sending your
surrounding component pricing in the travel industry.         product        updates          and      news        to
Click here for more information.                     Please limit your
                                                              content to 100 words, and include an image and logo if
Asia-Pacific Tipped to Lead Price Surge                       possible. Content will be translated and is subject to
The Australian reported that airfares could rise by up to     editing.
7% and hotel rates by up to 6% in the Asia-Pacific
region during 2010 as the trend of travel bargains ends       Tube Advertisement in Munich
and the region leads the world with rising travel costs.      In line with the Global Red Centre Campaign, 200
                                                              banners were placed in 6 different underground train
Tourism Essentials                                            lines in Munich for a period of 3 months. A 16 day- Self
Essentials is Tourism Australia’s weekly e-newsletter,        Drive package deal was provided by trade partner
and is a great resource to find out the latest news from      Boomerang Reisen, one of the leading direct-sell tour
the Australian inbound tourism industry, including            operators for Australia in the German-speaking markets,
research, marketing opportunities you can get involved        to be featured in the ad.
in as well as what's new in Australian tourism. If you are
not already subscribed – you need to! Click here to           FRANCE
subscribe to Essentials.                                      AOT take over Pacific Spirit
                                                              It was announced in early October that Pacific Spirit
ASIA                                                          Travel has been purchased by AOT from Australie Tours
Good Morning, Vietnam!                                        making AOT the ITO for the French wholesaler.
Vietnam is an emerging market for Australia in terms of       Australie Tours is an incredibly important wholesaler for
both economic growth and travel maturity. The first ever      the Northern Territory, bringing a large portion of the
DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship)              NT’s French visitors to our doors.
Training and Product Update Vietnam event was held in
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from 12 – 16 October 2009.         INBOUND
The event marked a partnership between Tourism                Save the Date: NT Muster 2010
Australia and DIAC, with Tourism New South Wales,             Dates for the annual NT Muster road show have been
Gold Coast Convention Centre, Tourism Victoria and            set for 2010. NT Muster will be visiting the following
Tourism NT also supporting the mission. The objective         cities next year:
of the event was to provide a product update to trade
and distribution partners actively selling Australian         Adelaide:       8 February 2010
holidays in Vietnam, as well as keep them up-to-date          Melbourne:      9 February 2010
with travel regulations.                                      Sydney:         10 February 2010
                                                              Brisbane:       11 February 2010
Jetstar Codeshare Flights Now Bookable!                       Registrations are due to open late November 2009.
Jetstar’s General Manager Marketing & PR, David May,          Contact for more information.
recently announced that wholesalers can now book
Narita (Tokyo)/Cairns/Ayers Rock flight itineraries           Kuoni UK Partners with AOT
following a codeshare agreement between Qantas and            Kuoni UK has appointed AOT as its inbound partner in
Jetstar. With Jetstar the major international flight          Australia. From 1 April 2010, AOT will provide hotel,
operator from Tokyo to Cairns, the introduction of the        touring and other ground content, together with
codeshare means it will be easier for wholesale and           customer service, product advice and ancillary services,
distribution partners to book flights from Tokyo to           to all of Kuoni UK’s passengers in Australia.
Uluru/Ayers Rock.
More Air Capacity by Korean Air                               Launch of NT Microsite on
From October 25, Korean Air will increase its direct air      Tourism NT is the first STO to take advantage of an
capacity to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne by 21%.            exciting new co-operative effort with Qantas Airways in
The Korean market is growing in importance for the            Japan to create an NT-dedicated microsite within the
Northern Territory, with these progressive travellers         airline’s consumer site. Check out the NT microsite at
opting for working holiday, cultural and adventure  
experiences in the NT.                                                                                                2
JATA World Travel Fair 2009                         
                        Tourism NT attended JATA     is the world’s leading online
                        World Travel Fair 2009 under          travel agent showcasing sustainable and eco-friendly
                        the Tourism Australia banner          holidays. Tourism NT has partnered with the company
                        in Tokyo from 18 – 20                 for a six month online campaign which will highlight eco-
                        September. Over 110,000               friendly holiday options in the NT. In line with the global
                        people    including     media,        Red Centre campaign, the partnership kicked off in
                        travel                industry        September 2009 highlighting responsible holiday
                        representatives             and       choices to the Red Centre. The campaign’s focus will
                        consumers visited the three           then switch to the Top End in December as a warm-up
                        day event. Details can be             for Tourism NT’s global 2010 Kakadu campaign. Visitors
                        found on JATA's website:              to can view online articles,
                                            http://jata-      downloadable destination packages, travel deals from
                          Territory Discoveries, tour tips, news alerts and e-zines.

NEW ZEALAND                                                   Interested in becoming more eco-friendly?
OZTalk New Zealand 2010 Applications Close Soon!              Click here to go to the Going Green section of Tourism
OZTalk New Zealand 2010 is a tourism trade show that          NT’s corporate website, where you can get some great
brings Australian tourism businesses together with            tips to help you green up your business. For further
airlines, tourism wholesalers and retailers from around       assistance, contact Environmental Development
New Zealand and The Pacific. The event is organised by        Officer, Natasha Smith at
Tourism Australia and will be held in Auckland, with an
estimated 6,000 consumers and over 200 front-line retail
and wholesale staff anticipated to pass through the           UK consumer explore new Territory at RGS
gates over the three-day event.                               Hidden...Outback travel seminar
                                                              The prestigious Royal Geographic Society ran an
OZTalk 2010 Trade Expo: 19 – 20 March 2010                                                    exclusive event at its
OZTalk Consumer Travel Expo: 21 March 2010                                                    London head office
                                                                                              showcasing the NT as
Seller applications close November 17 2009. For                                               a travel destination.
more information go to                                          Hidden...Outback was
or contact Olga Kotsis, Tourism Australia Events                                              held on October 17
Coordinator at or on (02)                                       and saw high-profile
9361 1367.                                                                                    speakers from the
                                                                                              travel industry and
UNITED KINGDOM                                                                                niche markets running
Positive Outlook Beats Recession Blues                                                        a series of inspiring
Pan-European     cut-priced    online    travel  agent,                                       travel sessions. There, has coined the term ‘res-cape’ to                                               was also live satellite
describe a trend for people going on holiday to take a                                        link-up with Sab Lord
break from the credit crunch. Research conducted by                                           of Lords Arnhemland
the company has shown that Australia is the most                                              Safaris who discussed
popular res-cape destination (56%), followed by the US                                        benefits of indigenous
(27%), the Caribbean (14%) and round-the-world trips          tours and running tours within the NT. The event was
(7%). also said 19% of people who have           supported by a photographic exhibition plus Trailfinders
been made redundant in the recession are heading off          staff on hand to provide exclusive NT deals to inspire
on an extended holiday.                                       audience members to visit and experience the NT first
Discover the Other Oz – Flight Centre UK
The first phase of this years’ Discover the Other Oz          THE AMERICAS
activity with Flight Centre has just started to roll out in   Educational Travel Conference
the UK. The partnership between Tourism NT, Tourism           The Educational Travel Conference will be held on
Victoria and the South Australian Tourism Commission          February 3 – 6 2010 in Providence, Rhode Island. The
has existed for over 5 years remaining the strongest          conference attendees represent an international group
partnership between and Australian State/Territory            composed of top-level decision makers from successful
tourism boards. The September Red CeNTre activity             travel programs including alumni associations,
includes a dedicated microsite and banner advertising,        museums, non-profit organizations and special interest
advertorial in the Sunday times and an online                 travel providers from both non-profit and for-profit
competition hitting a database of 60,000 people.              sectors. Tourism NT’s North American office will
Discover the Other Oz was also the major sponsor of the       participate in the event. To learn more about this event
2009 Flight Centre Ball, launching a new award category       and to register, please visit
– The Discover the Other Oz award.                                                                                                  3
North America NPW Registrations Opening Soon                       SPAIN
The North America – NPW 2010 has been scheduled to                 New Spanish Version of
take place on March 25 – 26 2010 in Redondo Beach                  Australia is visited by 20,000 Spanish visitors each year,
California. This event provides the opportunity for a              and a large number of these travellers visit the NT.
maximum of only 30 Australian tourism operators to                 Spanish honeymooners are a target segment of
meet with key USA buyers.                                          particular interest to the NT. Travellers from Spain can
                                                                   now access in-depth travel information on the Northern
Eligible export ready sellers must meet the following              Territory following Tourism NT’s launch of the Spanish
criteria:                                                          language version of Tourism NT’s consumer website,
 Product not currently brochured in North America       , in mid-September. The
 Have not attended OZTalk in North America prior to               website launch event was held in Madrid and was
     participating in New Product Workshop                         attended by the Australian Ambassador to Spain Noel
 Have previously attended a maximum of one New                    Campbell, as well as representatives from Austrade,
     Product Workshop event                                        Tourism Australia’s in-market PR team, ITOs and trade
 Product has no North American GSA or                             and consumer media.
 Pays commission and is working with ITOs or
     wholesalers.                                                                      FAREWELLS 
                                                                        After nine years, Suzanne Morgan, Director of
Please        contact      Joy      Eggenhuizen        at             International Operations has decided to leave the if you’re interested in                    Tourism NT family to spend more time with her own.
participating in this workshop as expressions of interest                 Suzanne’s dedication, industry knowledge,
are currently being taken.                                            international insights and hard work will be sorely
                                                                      missed. Suzanne will be here at Tourism NT until
                                                                      December 11th and we wish her all the best in her
FACT SHEETS FOR INTERNATIONAL MARKETS                                                 future endeavours.
Tourism NT’s research team have put together a range
of fact sheets providing information about the main                  Louise Errington has recently successfully completed
source and growth markets of inbound international                        her graduate traineeship with Tourism NT’s
visitors to Australia and the NT.                                    International unit and has taken a marketing position
Click here to download the fact sheets.                                            in the NT tourism industry.

                                                   Important Dates
  Upcoming Trade Events                                               Upcoming Deadlines
  3 – 6 Feb 2010 – Educational Travel Conference, USA                 17 Nov 09 – Applications Close, OZTalk NZ 10
  8 – 11 Feb 2010 – NT Muster, Various locations                      24 Nov 09 – Applications Close, ATE 2010
  26 – 28 Feb 2010 – NATAS Travel Fair, Singapore                     26 Nov 09 – Applications Close, Corroboree 10
  12 – 14 Mar 2010 – MATTA Travel Fair, Kuala Lumpur                  1 Jul 10 – Tourism NT Accreditation Policy Begins
  6 – 8 May 2010 – Corroboree 2010, Melbourne                         1 April 2010 – Kakadu Entry Fees Implemented
  29 May – 4 June 2010 – ATE, Adelaide

                               Tourism NT International Markets Contacts
  For further information about activities in our key international markets, feel free to contact one of our International
  Markets team members.

  Suzanne Morgan           Director International Operations          08 8999 3823
  Danielle Thomas          Snr International Markets Coordinator      08 8999 3805
  Joy Eggenhuizen          International Markets Coordinator          08 8999 3811
  Sonia Paspaley           International Markets Admin Officer        08 8999 5121

  Richard Doyle            Director Japan, Asia, Aviation & Cruise 02 8281 9611
  Julieta Lopez            International Markets Coordinator       02 8281 9627

  Corporate Website:            International Consumer Website:                                                                                                        4

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