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The retail florist
 has been promoting the
 use of flowers
not just for special
Flowers add
a feeling of warmth and
 welcome to any room.
Job Types
There    are several job
 types within the floriculture
 industry    ranging     from
 design to sales.
 Working      in    retail
 work with flowers as well
 as the emotions that they
Types of flower shops
Different types of shops
 serve different groups of
 the population.
Types of Flower
A  shop should tailor its
services to the needs and
desires of the clientele in
its area.
Examples include:
Full   service – traditional
 retail shop.
 Products  and services
 available would include
 fresh flowers, blooming
 plants, balloons, novelty
 giftware, and silk and
 dried arrangements.
Afull service shop would
also offer regular and
special delivery, set-ups
for special events, charge
accounts and wire service.
Specialty shop –
targets a specific need in
 the market by specializing
 in one segment of the
Specialty shop
 These  types of shops
 would specialize in things
 such as weddings or
 potted plants. Many times
 they are located adjacent
 to a business that
Carriage Trade Shop
Caters   to an elite clientele.
Carriage Trade Shop
 May  offer the same
 services as a full service
 shop but prices are higher.
 A Carriage trade shop
 must understand the life
 styles of its clients.
Stem Shop – cash and
carry operations,
 which offer a wide variety
 of flowers by the stem or
Stem Shop
Generally  do not offer
 design services. Are often
 located in high traffic
 areas such as just inside a
 building or on the street.
Studio operation
–     concentrates    on
 specialty and party work
 for an exclusive client
Studio operation
 May  operate out of a
 warehouse without a
 storefront. Most sales are
 made by appointment or
 at the customer’s home or
Franchise shop –
 usuallypurchased from a
 parent company
 operated according to the
 rules set by the parent
Franchise shop
 Resale products may
 have to be purchased
 from the parent
Franchise shop
Franchise  price is usually
 high; the owner may pay a
 portion of gross sales to
 the parent company.
Franchise shop
Franchise  provides a
 business with instant
Mass-Market shop -
located   in a general
 merchandise chain store
 or grocery store.
Mass-Market shop
Offer fresh arrangements,
 potted plants, balloons
 and stem purchases.
 Usually do not offer
Wholesale florist
– link between the grower
 and the retail florist.
Wholesale florist

 The  wholesaler
 purchases flowers from
 growers around the world
 and supplies them to the
 local retail shops.
Wholesale florist
Wholesalers   also supply
 plants, giftware containers
Job opportunities in
the retail flower shop
Present in nearly all towns
 of any size throughout the
 United States.
Most are
individually  owned    or
 family operated employing
 fewer than ten people.
Three areas for job
Owner  manager –
 responsibilities       will
 include hiring, training,
 supervising       designer,
 salespersons, and delivery
Owner Manager
Managers   plan work
 schedules, order supplies
 and flowers, coordinate
 sales promotion and
 advertising, and supervise
 or maintain shop records.
Pricing of product
 and profit control is also a
 responsibility of the owner
 – manager.
Owner – managers must
 have a good business
Owner Manager
 They may also work as a
 designer and salesperson.
Owner Manager
Some  managers may not
take care of routine sales
but may be responsible for
pricing of weddings,
receptions and large
Designer’s Assistant
–  a person training to
 become a designer.
 Work with and observe
 the construction of a
 variety of floral designs.
Designer’s Assistant

Usually coordinate the
 designer’s orders and
 keep all needed materials
 on hand.
Designer’s Assistant
May prepare containers,
select and wire flowers,
and construct bows for
After the arrangement
is complete
the  assistant may fill out
 the card and delivery tag
 and prepared the product
 for delivery.
As the assistant gains
they  will be responsible for
 simple arrangements.
Difficulty of orders will
 increase with the amount
 of experience.
Designer –
arranges   floral and plant
 material    in an artistic
Must     also   have an
 understanding of basic
 design principles.
Knowledge   of flowers,
 their care and the needed
Arrangements include
 those    for the home,
 hospital, funeral and a
 variety or other occasions.
Most shops designate
one  person as the head
That      individual    is
 responsible for assigning
 specific work to other
The head designer
willalso be responsible for
 making sales that involve
 special work
such as weddings or large
 parties, order flowers and
The head designer
 the designer must
 estimate what materials
 are needed. If too few are
 ordered the shop will lose
 sales. Left over flowers
 are thrown away
Designers are critical
to the retail business.
 The quality of their work
 will determine customer
 satisfaction.         Happy
 customers mean repeat
Salesperson –
must   deal in telephone
 and direct face to face
Must have a thorough
 knowledge of flowers,
 flower care, plant care,
 and floral designs. Must
 be able to offer customers
 appropriate suggestions.
Effective salespersons
have   a friendly attitude.
Delivery Person –
this  is a convenience to
 the      customer.       It
 distinguishes full service
 florists from mass-market
 florists such as those in
 some grocery stores.
Duties involved
 packaging    orders and
 loading flowers into the
 delivery vehicle.
Delivery people
should be able to repair
 damaged arrangements if
Training for a job in
the retail flower shop:
On  the job training
Designer      schools and
 workshops provided by
 the state florist association
 or wholesale florists.
Necessary skills
for    a career in the
 floriculture industry include
  – artistic ability, business
   background, and a love
   for working with flowers.
Many designers
begin    training in high
 school or post secondary
 vocational       programs.
 There are many floral
 design schools throughout
 the nation.