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									                        WITHINGTON AUCTION Inc.
                          Dolls at Auction – Extras – Day1
                           October 22, 2009 – 10:00AM
                            Holiday Inn – Nashua, NH

E001  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – Trick or Treat, The Easter Bunny, Home for
      the Holiday’s and Leprechaun
E002  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, Courthouse
      and Town Hall
E003  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – Grace SMCS, Ronald Reagan, Henry Hudson
      and Union Soldier
E004  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – Confederate Solider, Amish Wagon, First
      days of Fall and Bringing in the Hay
E005  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – I Know I Left It, First Car Wash, New Year
      Baby and Croquet
E006  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – Jimmy Fund, Cabinetmaker, Motif No. 1 and
      Log Cabin
E007  Lot of four Sebastian miniatures – First Kite, Lobster Boat and Pier, Father
      Time and One Long Arm of the Law
E008  Lot of four Sebastian Miniatures – Sebastian Plaque, White House, Collectors
      Society and Family Reading
E009  Sebastian Museum Collection, 50th Anniversary Plaque and six Sebastian lapel
E010  Pair of 17”x 21” Art Nouveau type decoupage on glass framed pictures of two
E011  Lot of two 4 inch Japanese dolls in remains of original basket and Japanese doll
      in original box with wigs
E012  Lot of assorted doll accessories, buttons and shoes
E013  Ephemera Lot – scrapbook, calendar, paper figures etc
E014  Lot of two children’s Halloween costumes circa 1920-1930 – clown suit and
      suit with crepe paper decorations
E015  Lot of elaborate doll dress, antique baby clothes, bibs, shoes, etc
E015A 5 inch Hallmark Scribbles in original box with label on base
E016  Lot of two doll chairs, rug and two all bisque dolls incised Germany
E017  13 inch R&B compo doll with extra hat
E018  Lot of paper doll and pictures by Maud Tousey Fangel by Alice Higgins
E019  19 inch hard plastic and vinyl doll by The Natural Doll Co. with original clothes
      and hang tag
E020  Lot of five pairs of embroidered silk Chinese infant slippers
E021  Lot of advertising dolls and reference books
E022  Ideal Patty Play Pal in original boxes
E023  Five Patty Play Pal outfits in original outfits
E024  Lot of wicker rocker and cradle
E025  Lot of Indian figures
E026  Box lot of doll bodies, parts, etc
E028  Lot of doll socks
E028  Lot of doll shoes

                     WITHINGTON AUCTION Inc.
                       Dolls at Auction – Extras – Day1
                        October 22, 2009 – 10:00AM
                         Holiday Inn – Nashua, NH

E029   Lot of three prints – two Hummel’s and Ribbon girl
E030   1961 Louis Marx Mechanical Flocked Dog, battery operated, “Buttons, The
       Puppy With a Brain”
E031   Schoenhut Piano
E032   Lot of two Skookum Indians, bisque Indians, Boy scout Bead craft outfit in
       original box
E033   Box lot of reference books
E034   Doll’s white three drawer cottage chest with mirror
E035   22 inch Georgine Raggedy
E036   Lot of three dolls – Miss Liberty, Super Barbie and Ideal Miss Revlon
E037   Lot of two China shoulder head dolls, one has repaired shoulder, one leg
E038   Lot of two China shoulder head dolls – Dolly Madison with repaired shoulder
       and China with damaged head
E039   19 inch bisque incised JW Nippon 605, eye chips, new body
E040   17 inch bisque shoulder head, hairlines, kid body
E041   34 inch vinyl incised Alexander 1959
E042   19 inch wood jointed Pinocchio
E043   32 inch AM 390 – hairline, new body
E044   Lot of three replica dolls
E045   Lot of two replica dolls
E046   REPLICA Fashion by Clairmaid
E047   Replica Princess Elizabeth
E048   Two story doll house
E049   Lot of all bisque doll, Dionne paper dolls, signed Eleanor Powell photo and
       wind-up rattle
E050   Lot of assorted linens
E051   Tin head doll
E052   Kaiser baby, neck repair
E053   Lot of doll stands
E054   Saucy Walker, original dress
E055   Lot of two compo dolls – F&B Patsy and unmarked compo with loop for bow in
E056   Lot of two compo dolls
E057   Horseman Baby Dimples
E058   Dream Baby, head cracked
E059   Cradle with compo doll
E060   Painted bisque AM 451
E061   Lot of two hard plastic dolls
E062   Lot of two small bisque head dolls – Ruth and AM 390
E063   Lot of two dolls – all bisque replica doll and celluloid boy
E064   Lot of re-issued vinyl Patsy and Skippy
E065   21 inch AM 390

                     WITHINGTON AUCTION Inc.
                        Dolls at Auction – Extras – Day1
                         October 22, 2009 – 10:00AM
                          Holiday Inn – Nashua, NH

E066   18 inch Patsy Ann
E067   Wood Rocking Horse with tin head baby
E068   Lot of assorted dolls – vinyl, compo and bisque
E069   Lot of doll clothes
E070   Lot of miniature furniture and furniture kits
E071   Lot of doll’s underwear
E072   Lot of doll clothes
E073   Lot of miniatures for restoration
E074   Lot of doll clothes
E075   Lot of miniature furniture
E076   Lot of assorted Teddy Bears
E077   Lot of doll house furniture
E078   Lot of doll clothes
E079   Lot of cast iron doll house cook stoves
E080   Lot of doll house kitchen accessories
E081   Lot of assorted lace, etc
E082   Lot of patterns, papers doll, etc
E083   Lot of crib and folding bed with bedding
E084   Lot of child’s toy refrigerator in original box and electric stove
E085   Lot of tea set and table wear in original box and dish drainer
E086   25 inch replica by Calli Lou
E087   25 inch replica K*R 117
E088   26 inch replica AT
E089   Box lot of clothes, shoes, hats, etc
E090   Lot of doll clothes, hats, etc
E091   Lot of three books – Automa, The Doll House Book and Steiff Book
E092   Chatty Patty by Mattel in original box
E093   24 inch American Doll and Toy Co. Doll, original dress
E094   23 inch Kissy by Ideal, original clothes
E095   Lot of doll clothes
E096   Lot of two dolls – Tiny Kissy and Poor Pitiful Pearl
E097   Lot of two Miss Revlon dolls
E098   18 inch Dollikin
E099   American Character “Chuckles”
E100   Lot of two dolls – F&B Honey and Sweet Sue
E101   Lot of two dolls – F&B Honey and Poor Pitiful Pearl
E102   34 inch unmarked vinyl doll
E103   28 inch Miss Ideal
E104   Lot of Toni and unmarked hard plastic doll with replaced wigs
E105   Lot of American Character Baby and Betsy McCall in original box
E106   Tiny Betsy McCall in McCall Case with chair, etc

                       WITHINGTON AUCTION Inc.
                         Dolls at Auction – Extras – Day1
                          October 22, 2009 – 10:00AM
                           Holiday Inn – Nashua, NH

E107   American Character Toodles
E108   24 inch hard plastic F&B with replaced wig
E109   Lot of three dolls – Tressy, Miss Revlon and American Character Toni
E110   P92 Toni and unmarked hard plastic
E111   Lot of assorted lace, trim, hankies, etc
E112   Lot of assorted linens
E113   Lot of vintage toy blocks, etc
E114   Lot of five dolls
E115   Lot of ten Big Little Books
E116   Lot of early quilt pieces
E117   Lot of bisque doll parts
E118   Lot of assorted bisque doll parts
E119   Lot of cigar box with assorted sewing items and can filled with thread
E120   Lot of assorted sewing items – scissors, button hooks, silk thread, buttons, etc
E121   Lot of sewing items, assorted crochet hooks, vintage crochet thread, buckles,
E122   Lot of assorted dolls
E123   Lot of doll house building supplies and assorted rugs, etc
E124   Lot of two dolls
E125   Lot of assorted bisque figurines and small all bisque
E126   Lot of six China dolls
E127   Lot of doll reference books
E128   Lot of four vintage boxes with ladies hats
E129   Lot of doll clothes
E130   Lot of fashion clothing
E131   Lot of assorted dolls
E132   Lot of antique quilt squares, embroidered pieces, valance, etc
E133   Lot of antique cigarette silks with flags and flannels with flags
E134   Two lots of velvet fabric and fur pieces
E135   Lot of vintage clothing
E136   Suitcase filled with vintage baby clothes
E137   Lot of antique bead work, buttons, etc
E138   Lot of assorted buttons, buckles, etc
E139   Lot of four watches – three Timex Political Watches and Young Astronauts
E140   Lot of two doll beds and doll quilt
E141   1894 bisque, not strung
E142   Lot of assorted doll shoes
E143   Black cloth doll
E144   Lot of lace wedding gown and veil
E145   Lot of lace parasol, feather fan, pocketbooks, perfume bottle, etc
E146   Lot of doll clothes, wigs, etc

                       WITHINGTON AUCTION Inc.
                          Dolls at Auction – Extras – Day1
                           October 22, 2009 – 10:00AM
                            Holiday Inn – Nashua, NH

E147   Lot of doll stands and doll books
E148   Lot of miniatures, metal carriage, etc
E149   Lot of doll underwear
E150   Lot of vintage children’s dresses
E151   Lot of doll’s underwear
E152   Lot of vintage children’s dresses
E153   Lot of doll’s underwear
E154   Lot of assorted miniatures
E155   Lot of Oriental dolls
E156   Lot of assorted miniatures
E157   Lot of assorted dolls
E158   Lot of bisque doll heads and “Half” dolls
E159   Lot of assorted dolls
E160   Lot of doll underwear
E161   Lot of assorted miniatures
E162   Lot of assorted doll hats
E163   Lot of sewing items, etc
E164   Lot of assorted metallic trim, ribbon, etc
E165   Lot of paisley pieces
E166   Lot of assorted patterns
E167   Lot of assorted miniatures
E168   Lot of wigs, etc
E169   Lot of straw for hat making
E170   Large lot of doll bedding, pillows, etc
E171   Lot of assorted dolls
E172   Lot of seven peg wooden dolls
E173   Lot of piano, hutch and round table
E174   Lot of assorted fabric netting, etc – good for stabilizing fragile antique clothing
E175   Lot of assorted miniature furniture
E176   Lot of three Oriental dolls
E177   Lot of antique lace
E178   Lot of doll socks, etc
E179   Lot of assorted dolls and miniatures
E180   Lot of miniature Roper Ranger, Maytag Washer, Refrigerator and sink
E181   Lot of assorted dolls, miniatures, etc
E182   Lot of assorted miniatures
E183   Two lots of hat making materials and feathers
E184   Lot of assorted antique ribbon
E185   Lot of assorted miniatures
E186   Lot of assorted hand crafted doll house needlepoint rugs
E187   Lot of assorted miniature building materials

                       WITHINGTON AUCTION Inc.
                         Dolls at Auction – Extras – Day1
                          October 22, 2009 – 10:00AM
                           Holiday Inn – Nashua, NH

E188   Lot of doll and animal eyes
E189   Lot assorted beads, etc
E190   Lot of white buttons on cards, pins, hat pins, etc
E191   Large wooden wagon – perfect for fall mums
E192   Lot of doll’s double swing and fainting couch
E193   Lot of bed and wagon seat
E194   Lot of four Madame Alexander dolls
E195   Lot of three beds
E196   Lot four dolls in original boxes
E197   Lot of four dolls – two in original boxes
E198   Lot of doll clothes, parasol, shoes, etc
E199   Lot of assorted miniatures
E200   Lot of eight all bisque dolls


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