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									Getting It Right!
Chicks in Charge

Author: Rhonda Nelson

YOU KNOW YOU'RE A CHICK IN CHARGE WHEN...You know what you want!April Wilson has never
been so frustrated in her life—literally! For the past year and a half she hasn't been able to climax during
sex, and she's getting desperate. At this point, she's willing to do anything to experience The Big "O"
again. Anything!You know how to get it!Photographer Ben Hayes is just the man April needs. From all
accounts, April's first love is now a legend in the bedroom, a true artist in all the right ways. If anybody
can fix her, April knows Ben can.You keep it as long as you want!It was supposed to be simple. After a
short, mutually satisfying fling, April planned to walk away, cured. Only, walking away isn't so easy.
Especially since sex with Ben turns out to be so much more than just playing doctor....
Author Bio
Rhonda Nelson
Rhonda can't remember when she hasn't had her nose buried in a book, and most likely, her husband
can't, either. Though she took several creative writing courses in college, she never considered a career in
writing until her mother pointed out—as mothers are everlastingly wont to do—that she should give it a
try. Thus, after giving up her dream of becoming an intergalactic princess or a mermaid—it was a toss-up
because both are so cool—an author was born! (Thank you, Momma.)Rhonda married her very own hero
many moons ago, and she and her family make their home in a small town in northern Alabama.
Between volunteering at her children's school (she's practicing a new word called "no") and the typical
glamorous duties of a domestic goddess (does it ever end?), she escapes into her office where it's safe to
talk to the voices in her head, to tell their stories, and hopefully to entertain her readers. If you like a little
giggle amid the sizzle, then her books just might be for you.

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